Celebs Love Smartipants Reusable Cloth Diapers!

10/20/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

Cloth diapers are back — and cuter than ever! Smartipants (a recently launched collection of reusable diapers) has taken over the diaper scene much to the delight of style savvy moms and tots.

But these diapers don’t just look great; they really work. Each one consists of a colored waterproof outer layer and a super absorbent, removable “Smart Sleeve” insert complete with leak guard technology — which keeps all moisture in. They’re also made of breathable fibers that are chemical and irritant free.

One-size-fits-all, each Smartipants comes with adjustable snaps to accommodate babies up to 35 lbs — so they’ll grow with your little one up to the toddler stage.ย Available in six colors, you can buy them in packs of 3 ($39.99) or individually ($14.95). You can also stock up on the inserts.ย A pack of 10 retails for $9.99.

Smartipants are also easy to clean (just throw them in the wash) — and environmentally friendly. Using multi-use diapers helps cuts down on the roughly 3.4 million of tons of disposable diaper waste that our country contributes to landfills each year. You’ll even end up saving money, especially if you use them for multiple kids. It’s no wonder celeb fans like Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani have already snapped them up!

— Nancy

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Selena on

I am so glad celebs and CBB are speaking up about using cloth diapers! There are so many choices now, no matter what your style or lifestyle there is a diapering system out there for you. We have exclusively cloth diapered both of our kids, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

M on


mc on

I loved cloth diapers. They were economical, easy to use, environmentally friendly and saved me from endless diaper rash. They were this good back when my almost 7 year old was a baby. I am glad to see them getting some press.

finais on

These sound really great! I love that they’re one-size fits all.

Elby on

I blinkin’ love cloth nappies. I’ve used them ever since my twin girls were born 3 years ago and couldn’t live without them. They are so much better in every single way and I’m really glad to see them getting some good press.

Rebecca on

Diaperpin.com rates these diapers very high (it’s a scale of 1-5 and they have a 4.29, which is fantastic!)

Audrey on

I love that they have a snap closure–if only my BumGenius’s had snaps…

I want to try one!

Niamh on

I *LOVE* cloth diapering! ๐Ÿ˜€ Been using cloth ever since my son was 2 weeks old… and now he’s almost three years old and almost fully potty trained. We’re expecting our second child, and she’ll be in cloth too. ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re so easy to use (especially with today’s super easy goes-on-like-disposables cloth diapers!), easy to wash (I only spend at most 10 minutes a WEEK of any actual “work” on our cloth), healthier for the baby, better for the environment, saves money in the long run, and are SUPER cute! ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m glad cloth is becoming more mainstream and getting more press! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ameya on

I love SmartiPants! When i first started looking into cloth diapers a few months ago, they were the first ones I bought! I have tons of different kinds now, but i have 6 SmartiPants waiting in my top changing table drawer, waiting for this baby to be born!

Thanks for sharing the cloth love, CBB! ๐Ÿ˜€

Michelle on

Yay for cloth! I’m so glad the word about cloth is expanding…we just switched to cloth a few months ago and love it!

Alzaetia on

SmartiPants have no leg gussets. Leg gussets are essential.
I prefer bamboo diapers with ImseVimse covers.

Brianne on

We didn’t use them with our first and she is potty training now (21 months). We hope to start TTC #2 in the next few months and I plan to use cloth with the next baby – I can’t wait!!

Erika on

I don’t have kids yet, so I’m pretty uneducated on all diapers, but these look so cute. I’m assuming they are better for skin right? I have always had very sensitive skin, so if my furture (long time away) children do too, these would probably be a good option.

steph on

I haven’t tried these but they look really economical, especially being one sized, but it is a pocket diaper, right? I actually prefer all in ones, and my favorite is the BumGenius organic one size with snaps. I also love prefolds or Baby Bee Hinds hemp one size fitteds with Thirsties, Bummis super brites, or wool covers. LOVE cloth diapering! My daughter’s skin is super sensitive and breaks out over every little thing so this was the way to go for us. Also we have only had one major blowout and a couple of very small poo or pee leaks in her 3 1/2 months, and I would attribute those to user error or diaper being too big. In the three days we had to paper diaper, we had multiple big blowouts and smaller leaks, so that is another cloth diaper plus!

Sarah on

We love Rumparooz cloth diapers as they fit our little one from the very beginning. The others that we like and that fit young are bumGenius Organics and regular and Rocky Mountain Diapers. So far the SmartiPants don’t fit, but we’re hoping they will soon!

Kim Rosas on

I really like Smartipants, and I have tried virtually every type and brand of diaper out there since that is what I do on my cloth diaper video review site. Another option if you want a one size diaper without a snap down rise would be Softbums. I like that Smartipants have a smart sleeve and you don’t have to remove a dirty insert for washing.

I would love to see cloth diapers on babies in movies and on tv. That would make my year! I always keep an eye out but if a diaper is visible you can tell that they thin paper stuff is sticking out of the back. Or, I watch to see what is in the diaper bag and it is always a massive stack of disposables. Just because that many fit doesn’t mean you should pack 100. Where are you going, the moon? 4-6 cloth diapers fit nicely in a large bag :p You won’t need more than that in a day!

Rebecca on

I love my smartipants diapers, they were the first brand I bought for my son when I decided to try cloth diapering. So easy to use and so cute. I love cloth diapering.

Molly on

We do cloth diapering half half cause the baby gets wet really quickly and she hates being wet, plus if she has it for a nap it wakes her up. Its a small struggle. I love doing it though and are trying hard wherever we can !

We use babyland and koolababy, one size, pocket diapers. They are very cheap on ebay and i have written few reviewes on my blog

Sarah on

Again, yay for cloth diapers getting mainstream press! They have come a LONG way from what our grandmothers used. We use BumGenius and love them! We have another baby on the way and I would love to try out the Smartipants – these look great!

sara on

i have never heard of this brand. we mostly use good mama diapers. I love her ones for my toddler.

Selena on

I haven’t tried SmartiPants yet, but I will say in response to comment #11 that leg gussets are NOT essential. We use a variety of natural fiber diapers (most without gussets) and we never have a problem. DD #2 is a heavy wetter, and still no issue. It’s really a matter of preference. We do love the Imse Vimse covers though! Those and the Baby BeeHinds PUL wraps are the only PUL covers we use (mainly when we are traveling)- otherwise it’s wool, wool, wool for us.

Love reading your comments and reviews Kim Rosas!

Danielle on

I loved hearing about this. Cloth diapers are not just economical and earth friendly they are super fun and cute too! Of course hollywood will catch on there are so many great styles to choose from and modern cloth diapers are really easy to use now. Will have to try out some smartipants.

Michelle on

OMG I love these!! I have them!!

JeLisa.Galen on

Plan to start TTC next year, and cloth diapers like these are already on my (mental) list!

Marly on

We’ve made the switch from disposables to Gro Baby system and so far love it! I bought our first pack online and then found them in our local Whole Foods. It is nice to be able to find them locally and not pay shipping. I love the fun colors and cute prints, so much better than our plain old white sposies….I’m constantly telling our friends in our local play group.

Reusable Nappies on

Yay for cloth nappies, and double yay for Smartipants! Good job CBB for helping to bring real nappies into the mainstream!

Cloth Diaper Mom on

We love cloth diapers, and I am so glad to see them getting more good press, but this brand just never fit our little girl. It pays to research cloth diaper brands so you can find one that will work for your family.

There really is a wonderful cloth diaper solution for every baby – and we find cloth diapers to be more convenient and leakproof than disposables. In fact, my customers keep telling me the same thing. Fewer leaks with cloth diapers!

owlmother on

Glad to see celebs cloth diapering, but don’t be fooled. Smartipants are made of the same NON-biodegradable synthetic materials as most other so-called “cloth” diapers. If you really want to be kind to the environment, stay away from this sort of material and use cotton + wool instead.

Helen on

Smartipants are amazing diapers and its fantastic to see that celebs love them too! We have been using ours for the past 18 months and they still look brand new! They are affordable, simple and have saved me so much money, I dont understand why every mom doesn’t use them!

Helen on

Oh and Owlmother- sorry to disappoint you but wool isn’t oh so friendly. It is an agricultural product and it is well documented (including by the United Nations) that agriculture is the single largest contributor to our green house gas emmissions. Not the mention the wasted resources of land, water, and feed. Animal farming is certainly NOT economical in any of these terms. You should also consider the enormous amount of pesticides and antibiotics that are given to these animals.