Katherine Heigl and Naleigh: Rockabye Baby

10/20/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Katherine Heigl happily cradles daughter Naleigh, 10 ½ months, during a sunny afternoon outing with Josh Kelley and mom Nancy in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress, 30, and her singer/songwriter husband adopted their baby girl last month.

Naleigh wears Juicy Couture’s Doggy Print Mini Waffle Top and Leggings Set in Dusty Magenta ($78).

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mims on

How cute is she?! and I love the little baby feet : )

Lynn on

She’s such a cute little girl. I wonder if she’s met Stella Ivory yet?

Elizabeth on

Oooohhh she is SO CUTE!! Darling and lucky little girl. I wonder at that age though can she still bond with Josh and Katherine?

christina on

Elizabeth — of COURSE she can! Absolutely, 100% she can and will (and undoubtedly has) bonded with them.

finais on

What a cutie! Personally, I don’t think there is an age limit when it comes to bonding. I think you can bond with a child at any age.

urbanadventurertales on

Elizabeth- children from Korea are taken care of in a foster home (usually) prior to being adopted. They usually have a very good rate of bonding and attaching to their adoptive family b/c the ability to form trusting relationships was instilled through the foster family. Though it can be very traumatic to leave the country of origin (ie language, customs, sights, smells, etc) and their foster family, they usually do quite well with learning to bond.

Valerie on

The way she is resting in Katherine’s arms indicates a bond and trust already formed between the two. I see a connection between the parents and this baby through the pictures- it was meant to be that she is their daughter! How lukcy that they found one another.

Lady on

It’s so hard picturing Katherine as a mother…because of the “diva” persona that follows her…she looks very happy though and Naleigh is such a cutie!

k on

Naleigh is absolutely adorable. And Katherine looks so peaceful and happy – beautiful!

french gigi on

they are absolutely perfect together….i LOVE this photo!

I♥CBB on

Naleigh is super ADORABLE!!!Katherine seems like such a good mom. I know through adoption you might not have the amount of time to prepare that a pregnant woman might have but they seem so bonded and soo in love. I hope we continue to see more pictures of this beautiful family!!

Hea on

They look so natural together. It was meant to be for them all.

E's Mommy on

Yep, you absolutely can bond with an older child. My daughter came home from Korea at 8.5 months, and I have a friend who has adopted teenagers. It takes time, and can’t be pushed, but when it happens, it is as real as anything 🙂

Julie on

Such a beautiful little girl! It’s wonderful to see her holding a baby instead of a cigarette.

Liliana on

She’s adorable!

Naleigh is absolutely able to bond with her parents. Children much older than her have been adopted and accomplished the same. My cousin, who is now 26, was adopted by my aunt when he was eight. They bonded almost instantly and are still close to this day.

Mandy on

There is no doubt they have bonded. You could see that just in the first photos that were released. She was all full of smiles and so loved. Even here, Naleigh looks so calm and relaxed and secure. That’s the biggest thing for babies, security and love.

Brianne on

She really is such a beautiful baby!

Mary on

Does anyone know Naleigh’s disability? It was reported she has a disability but never mentioned. Anyone know?

Ply on

Elizabeth, you can bond at any age. Most of us met our spouses as adults and we bonded with them, so there’s no reason a parent can’t bond with their child at any age.

And to whoever said adoptive parents don’t have as much time to prepare as pregnant woman, that is sometimes true, but in many cases the adoptive parents have more time to prepare. Sometimes it takes much longer than nine months to bring home your child through adoption.

Mandy on


I don’t think its ever been mentioned anywhere. I don’t think Katherine has said anything either.

Leah on

Love it – Katherine looks like she’s adapted to mommyhood well (gotta love the mommy ponytail..its been a staple in this house for years!)..and I’d say Naleigh looks very bonded w/ her mama!

Megan on

I heard somewhere that she has a heart condition.

Megan on

I wanted to add that they said it is fixable, she needs an operation when she gets a bit older. They usually wait until a baby is 12-18 months to do major surgury.

Shannon on

I thought I read that she already had an operation at about 2-3 months, and may need another in the future.

She is such a sweet baby girl!! So happy for Katherine and Josh.

Denise on

I read on another site that Naleigh was born with two holes in her heart and underwent surgery at 2/3 months.

She is so cute, I love her Naleigh’s hair.

I don’t get peoples’ comments about how she looks/seems like a good mom, how do you get that from photos? Because she is smiling or she is holding the baby? Because she doesn’t have a cigarette in one hand and the baby in the other? I’m not saying she isn’t a good mother what I am saying is those kind of comments are my pet peeve. We don’t know these people personally so how can we say they are good/bad moms/dads?

kmb on

aw so cute! i love this picture!

CTBmom on

Love this picture! Naleigh is beautiful, and I am so happy for Katherine.

Bancie1031 on

Adorable picture of Katherine and Naleigh …..

mp on

Naleigh’s feet will get cold! She needs socks.

Amanda on

Too much cute!

daniela on

Denise – I totally agree with you!

JM on

beautiful little girl.

denise i tend to agree with you. sometimes i think people do interpret way too much from these photos, it is almost like we are projecting our own hopes and wishes on to them and your comment was very astute. you can’t really tell that much from a picture and i think we do analyse them too much.

Kailee on

What a beautiful baby girl!

Leah on

MP – do you have kids. Mine is 12 months and won’t keep socks (or robeez) on to save her life..just a guess that maybe that’s the case for Naleigh too. Unless you want to tape them onto their feet…not much you can do to keep them on!

Erin on

I LOVE THIS COUPLE! And what a cute little girl! I hope I live to see the day when no one calls a child “adopted”. They were born to the wrong mother, that’s the greatest way I can explain it. That mother couldn’t take care of the baby, so she loved it enough to give it to someone who could. I cannot stand hateful comments – they’re beyond ignorant. Adoption is a serious and wonderful thing that no one takes lightly. A couple that chooses adoption really wants a child. You know that all adopted kids are wanted and that’s a beautiful thing.

eva on

Thank you Denise!I’ve been trying to voice that opinion for as long as I’ve visited this blog but didn’t know how or where.Yes!It’s a huge pet peeve for me as well.

On another note,I hope her baby continues to grow healthy and strong,whatever her disability might be.It’s great that she has a forever family now.

Sarah K. on

Erin, I sorta disagree. Adoption is not a dirty word. Referring to someone as adopted shouldn’t be shameful. Like you said, it is a beautiful thing- so it should be openly accepted, not hidden like some dark secret. Also, I wouldn’t say that adopted children were born to the “wrong mother.” I don’t think that’s fair to the birth mother who likely agonized over what was best for her child. I prefer to think of it as them having two mothers, who both love them.

Also, Naleigh is soooo chubby and cute! The three of them look really happy!

Emily on

Denise, I sort of agree but mostly (respectfully) disagree with your comment. You do make a good point, and while I think interpretation can go too far sometimes, I would suggest that peoples’ comments regarding ‘being a good mum’ (or whatever) would be more based on seeing the body language, the expressions, etc. Sometimes a photo is more ambiguous, yes, but in other cases it’s not. It’s not a definitive way to tell, but if you see a mum like Katherine smiling as she cradles her baby as she is in this photo, one could rightfully say, “She looks like she is a good mum [with the unspoken meaning probably being: because she looks like she adores Naleigh, they seem close, she appears to be nurturing her, etc etc].” There’s isn’t much wrong in saying that. Of course, if you say “She is a good mum”, then that’s silly because nobody knows. Overall, however, I don’t think there’s much wrong with saying that if somebody interprets a photo in that way. JMO.

JM on

erin, whilst i appreciate your sentiment i think it is a bit much to say that one shouldn’t use the word adopted. i mean, i agree it doesn’t need to brought up in every post (for example it really doesn’t need to be mentioned in brad and angelina posts that half their children are adopted as it is obvious and irrelevant). but i don’t think there is anything wrong in general in using the word adopted. it’s not as if it is derogatory or in anyway insinuates a distance between parent and child. that’s like saying the terms stepson or stepdaughter shouldn’t be used. it is an accurate description of what someone is to someone else and if used in the right context can be helpful for semantic reasons.

but in posts here it need not be mentioned, because in heigl’s case it is also obvious that her daughter must be adopted.

I♥CBB on

Denise-it’s more about body language than anything else. That why people use the word “seems” because we don’t actually know what kind of mom she is because most likely the people on this board don’t know her. You are making a mountain over a molehill.

Erin on

The term “wrong mother” doesn’t mean what some take it to mean. My dad was adopted and his mom – my grandma – is the woman who raised him. That’s his mom, that’s what I mean. I know women agonize over the decision and it’s the hardest decision they’ll ever make – I applaud them for making it! And “adoption” is not an ugly word, but it’s brought up every single time I see anything about an actor’s child that they did not give birth to and it’s aggrivating.

noam on

erin-i understand where you’re coming from. it drives me crazy when some magazines talk about a celeb’s “adopted children”, as though those children are somehow not their own. i actually know a woman who, for a writeup about her in the local magazine, was asked about her adopted son. she just sat there as the reporter asked the question a few times, before admending it to just be about her son, leaving out the word adopted. she went on to answer the question, then explained that she feels no need for distinction. when one of her children come in the door crying, or when they skin their knee, or when they go through a breakup, or when they score the winning touchdown, her reaction isn’t determined by a label like biological or adopted or step. it’s determined by love, which is equal for them all.

FC on

Such a doll! I really just want to pinch her round cheeks!:)

Mary-Helen on

Aw…how sweet! They look so happy together and Naleigh looks so chill and calm. I bet she has an easygoing temperment.

CelebBabyLover on

Liliana- I agree! I mean, Pax Jolie-Pitt was 3 1/2 years old when he was adopted…and it’s pretty obvious that he has bonded with his parents and siblings just fine! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Naleigh is adorable! 🙂