Coronation Street's Samia Smith Welcomes Daughter Freya

10/20/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Eamonn McCormack/WireImage

It’s a girl for Coronation Street star Samia Smith and husband Matt Smith.

In a statement released by the UK soap, it was revealed that the 27-year-old actress delivered daughter Freya on Monday, October 19th. Baby girl weighed in at 7 lbs., 2 oz, and is reportedly doing well. The statement adds,

“Everyone at Corrie is thrilled at the latest arrival to the Corrie family.”

Freya is the first child for the couple, who wed in 2005. The pregnancy was announced in April.

Source: BBC

— Missy

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Kezzy on

Congratulations I love the name

skipsie on

I absolutely love the name Freya
its a beautifully normal and uncommon name.

Philippa on

I really love the name Freya!

Rachel-Jane on

Freya’s becoming more and more popular I see, my cousin gave birth to one last month. Still, it’s a lovely name, and Samia has always struck me as being lovely, so congratulations!

Electra on

I like the name freya as well, theres a frequent poster here who has that name, i think.

Jessicad on

I don’t know who she is but I love the name Freya, and Samia too, both unique! Congrats to them!

Shelly on

I have four nieces named Ella, Mia, Lily and Freya. At the time of their births soooo many people commented on how unusual the names were, some comments were not so nice. Now these four names are EVERYWHERE! I bet my sis is kicking herself hehe!:-)

Christine on

Congrats to her!
I have a friend who has a Freya! Beautiful name!

Bumbles on

Shelly, my mum did the same thing as your sister our names are Spencer, Elliot, Bradley and Bethany – in the 70s and early 80s these weren’t common in the UK but now they are everywhere!!
Really plased for Samia she comes across as being very normal and after losing her dad just before she publically announced her pregnancy it must be good for the family to have a new life to celebrate. Really love the name too!

Shelly on

Bumbles wow those are beautiful names my confirmation name is Bethany. Your mum was really ahead of her time 🙂

Congrats to Samia and Matt, if shes as fab as my little Freya then she will be splendid 🙂

T. on

I SOOOOO love that name!

Sam and Freya's mum on

Yay, another Freya, that made my morning! Obviously biased as that’s our 21 mth old’s name, but glad to see someone from a soap I watch name her daughter. Being an old Nordic name I think it’s more popular in Europe/UK etc – I first saw the name (even though we don’t have Nordic ancestry ourselves, just liked the ring of it and that it wasn’t ‘made up’ or overly used!) and got the idea while reading a UK mag called Hello, but being far from Europe we personally don’t know too many here downunder but think it’s slowly being more popular/used. Congrats to the new parents/’Maria’ from Coro!

Tina. on

its kinda weird to me, but yay for them! 🙂

Natasha on

How is Freya pronounced? I would assume the most obvious way (Fray-uh), but I’m curious!

Rachel-Jane on

Natasha, yes, it’s pronounced Fray-uh. Freya (or Freyja) was the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

Sam and Freya's mum on

I’m biased of course!, but I don’t think Freya is a weird name compared to say Blakesley, it’s just that ‘Freya”s not heard of often really compared to Ella, Madison, Addison, Mia/Maya etc (which is also partly why we chose it, more unique we figure, & more original but not way-out?!), so may seem pretty different. Have a feeling it’s more known in UK as I posted earlier, with Scandi countries such as Norway, Denmark etc at their doorstep, than say the US.

Growing up think I’d prefer it to say Moxie, Apple, Pixie, Peaches etc (last two singer bob geldolf’s 2 girls’ names!), lol…Obviously not just me as nice to see positive comments on the name, as it grows in popularity I guess. I have a friend who’s never heard the name a few years ago (as not used often here compared to Ella, Mia, Olivia etc) and now knows 4 Freyas, including our cheeky girl, and she also likes it.

Freya on

Ohhhh man – When I was born (a mere 18 years ago) there was NO-ONE called Freya… and now it’s getting sooo common! I hope little Freya is happier with her name that I was.

Sam and Freya's mum on

Freya, can I be cheeky and ask – were you teased about it, or just didn’t like it…? We like the name but always a parents wish to not lumber their child with a name they’re not keen on as they grow up. In our Freya’s case, she has Isabelle as a middle name, so that can be her backup if need be, but hopefully she doesn’t dislike it too much, lol.`

Bec on

my little girl FREYA is 7 years old and everytime someone asks me her name they all love it.
Samia i hope your litle is as fabulous as mine – Congratulations

Sam and Freya's mum on

Same here, Bec, we don’t tend to get negative feedback, thankfully@! A lot of people will say it’s a beautiful name that they hadn’t heard before or something along those lines…

Jessi on


Love the name Freya!