Satyana Denisof: Curious Cutie!

10/19/2009 at 08:30 AM ET
Gaz Shirley/Pacific Coast News

Love the red hair! Satyana Denisof twists around to take a peek at the paparazzi while out for a walk with mom Alyson Hannigan in their Brentwood, Calif. neighborhood on Friday.

Satyana, 7 months, is the first child for Alyson and husband Alexis Denisof.

The How I Met Your Mother actress recently told David Letterman about Satyana’s first flight — thankfully, it went well!

Satyana wears little gPants in Molly Pink ($17).

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Jen on

I think she looks like Daddy

urbanadventurertales on

Wow! She’s changed so much! I love her red hair!

Ella on

awe she’s getting so big!
adorable 🙂

Jenn on

It looks like she’s gonna have Alyson’s hair, but her face looks exactly like Alexis to me. What a cutie she is!

Megan on

I agree with Jenn…she is the spitting image of her father with her mom’s coloring. Adorable

Jennifer on

I think she looks like her Daddy, but she definitely has Mom’s red hair and skin tone. What a cutie!

Melissa on

She is adorable! I agree she looks just like her dad but with her mom’s hair color 🙂

Scarlett Willow on

I wonder where she is getting the red hair, Alyson’s natural hair color is dark brown.

Lisa on

So cool that she uses cloth diapers. Satyana is a cutie!!

Hea on

She is so cute! Is that a cloth diaper I see? Great, if so!

Daisy on

Wow does she ever look just like her dad, such a cutie!!

facingdawn on

So precious! I agree with the earlier comments. The hair and skin are Aly (and what beautiful skin!!) but that face is pure Alexis!

Forever Moore on

She is a perfect mix of Mom and Dad…precious!

finais on

My baby’s birthday buddy!

meghan on

Alyson is a redhead. She may color it to make it a more intense red at times but she is a natural redhead.

Tammy on

I was thinking the exact same thing about the red hair…that is not Alyson’s natural hair colour…so where is she getting the colour from?

Adorable…Alyson looks so happy.

Suze on

wow!! what an absolute sweetie!

Scarlett Willow on

Actually she herself has said at a number of interviews that she is a natural brunette which is why I’m curious..

cassie on

so adorable!

meghan on

I’m a brunette with redheads in my family, specifically my great grandfather. They must have it somewhere in the gene pool.

Caroline on

Everyone has the red headed gene, its just a recessive gene. She is adorable!

Stephany on

She’s adorable and looks just like Daddy!

canyr12 on

Red hair is a recessive mutation, so it’s possible for people to carry the red hair gene without having it. You just need tow parents with the gene to have red haired kids. Neither of my parents have read hair, but both my brother and I do.

actualsize on

She’s adorable! I’ll echo all the comments above and say she is the spitting image of her dad. So happy we get to see these little glimpses of her, and that Alyson looks so happy!

JMO on

So cute!

I have to say though whenever I see a picture of Alyson I still can’t get the “this one time at band camp” line out of my head! LOL

Sabrina Williamson on

It’s not a fully cloth diaper, it’s a hybrid! They are awesome, so glad she’s using “g diapers”!!!!

Chicki on

The baby’s hair could also turn out like Jerry Seinfeld’s daughter Sasha’s hair — it was red until early childhood and it eventually turned dark brown. I wish I could think of a few more examples, but I’ve actually seen that happen quite a few times with celebrities of Jewish or in this case, Russian descent. Don’t know why, I guess it’s just genetic! 🙂

Patricia on

I am so excited to see the CELEBRITY BABIES were GDIAPERS…. what wonderful parents trying to save the world one diaper at a time!!!!

Marie on

Hannigan is an Irish name, so you can imagine where the red hair gene comes from…

nikki on

The mum is a natural red head. Not actually sure why people are so adamant to prove she isnt.

actualsize on

Haha JMO, every time I see Satyana I think of Wesley taking baby Connor in ‘Angel’. It’s funny how much some roles can stick to the actor who plays them.

Scarlett Willow on

I think it’s so cute that Alyson has played characters with red hair and now Satyana has that same hair, that little girl is adorable!! I have been waiting for those two to have a baby for years…

Nanny-Emma on

Gorgeous! Love the diaper.

holden on

nikki – no, she isn’t. she’s said it in interviews, and there are pics & movies of her as a child with dark hair. :S

Satyana looks so cute here! In other pics you can see that her hair is actually a light brown and only reddens in sunlight, but still it’s adorable to see her red hair here, especially now that Alyson has dyed hers red too. The baby is the spitting image of Alexis Denisof!

kyotoyoshi on

nikki – Because she isn’t? Why are you so insistent that she is when people (who have heard her say that she isn’t) say otherwise?