Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reveals Nip Slip on Her View Return

10/19/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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Two and a half months after giving birth to her third child, Elisabeth Hasselbeck waded right back into the gaggle of gab on The View Monday, even letting loose with an embarrassing revelation of her own.

First she shared a picture of her 10-week-old son and related how tame it was compared to another photo she recently shared with her family. So how did a picture of Isaiah Timothy‘s first smile, which she sent out to her family e-mail list, cause such a stir?

“You know when your baby smiles for the first time … I reach for the iPhone — I had just been feeding him — and I took the photo,” she said. “He had this huge smile. Immediately I forward it to everyone on my family distribution list — my mom, my dad, my brother, Tim [Hasselbeck]’s dad, his brother, his mom, his other brother and I send it to myself. So I get home and open up the photo … Yeah, no wonder why he is smiling — because my nipple is in the photo!”

“It’s worse than drunk dialing, to forward pictures postpartum,” she said of inadvertently flashing her entire family. “It’s embarrassing.”

During her maternity leave, Elisabeth was temporarily replaced by headline-winning guests hosts including Kate Gosselin, who was in the middle of her ugly divorce, and Meghan McCain, who recently got into a scrape with fans and the media over a supposedly inappropriate Twitter photo.

“I’m the one who just forwarded a photo with my own nipple,” Elisabeth joked.

— Michael Y. Park

Click below to watch a video featuring a photo of Isaiah.

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Micheley on

I love Elizabeth. She seems so real, which is why I also love Sherri.
Im glad she is back!

finais on

I really enjoy these women. I like Elisabeth a lot, she seems very normal. Cute story, and cute little baby!

Brandi on

I had something similar happen to me two Thanksgivings ago. I was nursing my younger son while my older son danced in front of me and my mother in law snapped a photo of him. Just him, we thought. Well, she uploaded all the photos to an online gallery and sent the extended family the link. My husband was actually the one who noticed it when he was looking through the pictures and of course it was brought up during the holidays!! So embarassing but I tried to have a sense of humor about it and now it’s a family joke.

Me on

I hope that she’s got a loyal family and we’re not going to see the pic on the internet!

Ashley on

Does anyone know what was wrong with Elisabeth’s baby? She has now said twice he was sick and had to go back in the hospital and that is why she isn’t nursing anymore. I am not knocking her not nursing, just curious.

Mrs. R. on

her little guy was born the day after my son, and it strikes a chord with me that she is back at work this week.
I would have been too, had I not been laid off, and in retrospect, it’s been the best layoff ever – as I have as much time with my son as I want now.
I can’t imagine being back at work today.

Stephany on

Isaiah is adorable! I love the story, too funny!

meghan on

That’s too funny!

Mary on

boy, Elisabeth doesn’t seem to have strong genes, cause all the kids look like Tim lol!

JMO on

Ashley this is all that has been said when Elisabeth called into the show:

What Elisabeth Hasselbeck has lacked in onair camera time, she’s apparently attempting to make up for with offscreen drama.
The new—and seemingly amped-up—mama made a brief telephonic return to The View this morning to check in with her fellow cohosts during the final weeks of her maternity leave from the show.
Speaking of her newest born, Isaiah, Hasselbeck said that while it’s smooth sailing now, his entrance into the world wasn’t exactly without hitches.
“He’s great. We had a little bit of a hiccup,” she said, adding that he was “in the hospital for a couple of weeks more than we thought.”

While she didn’t elaborate on what caused the extended stay, she said that now “everybody is safe and home and healthy.”
And maybe a little smelly.
“I haven’t showered in about a week. Be thankful that it’s via phone.”
And never one to shy away from a potential controversy, Hasselbeck said that she was no longer breast-feeding the babe.
“I was and then given Isaiah’s health situation, he seemed to be doing better on the formula, so I’m sure the milk mafia will be creating a statement right after the show,” the clearly over-it mother said.
As for her “yummy” and “cute little bundle,” it won’t be long until Hasselbeck takes leave of her maternity leave. She’s due to return to the show in mid-October.
“This Republican will be back giving you trouble in no time,” she said.

Momof3girls on

Though I thought her “nipple” story was funny I don’t really care for how nonchalant she is about having a third child. She pretended to not be sure how old he is, how his name is spelled and didn’t even share a recent pic. It would be nice if she would share what issues her son had or has, they certainly must have been serious for him to stay in the hospital for a few weeks after birth, I think she should relate what a terrifying experience that is. At first, her little routine was cute, by the end of the show I was getting annoyed with all her whining about being so exhausted, like she doesn’t have help!!! And yes three kids are a handful but there’s this little thing called birth control……………

gianna on

I wonder what isaiah’s health issues are. she didn’t bring him out on the show like she did the other two kids or talk much about him. she also breastfed the other two childreb for 6 months, and stopped with him because of his issues. he looks just like tim, just with darker hair than the other children. all her kids favor tim. At the end of the show she said she is tired and joy said remember after grace you said you wanted 5 kids, and eisabeth said well I was wrong. She said we adore him, but we are using good birth control from now on and he will be our last. I think having 3 kids within 4 yrs and a baby with health issues, has made her stop at 3.

SH on

he might not have “health issues”. when my baby was born earlier this year she got RSV and was hospitalized – it was an ordeal that lasted a few weeks. he could have had a bad case of that for all we know.

Micheley on

Momof3girls- I don’t see why Elisabeth should share Isaiah’s health issues if she doesn’t want to. That is no ones business but hers and you (or anyone else) has no right to demand to know. I am curious as well, but its up to Elisabeth what she shares with the public and what she does not. Also I didn’t find her “complaining” annoying, I found it realistic, she is a new mom she is exhausted. Thats life. And last but not least, you have no idea if and how much help she has, so you have no room to decide whether she should be complaining or not. I know that when my mom visits me at the holidays and I have that extra hand, it doesn’t always mean my day goes any smoother.

Ply on

Oh come on! She was just joking about not knowing his age, etc. Seriously! And she does NOT owe us a picture of him. She should NOT be criticized for keeping Isaiah’s health issues private. That is Isaiah’s personal business, not ours.

Momof3girls on

This is what I love about Celebrity Baby Blog……if you don’t share other people’s opinions, you get blasted for sharing yours!!!!! How did I “demand” to know her child’s health issues??

Ashley on

Micheley Says:
Momof3girls- I don’t see why Elisabeth should share Isaiah’s health issues if she doesn’t want to. That is no ones business but hers and you (or anyone else) has no right to demand to know.

WOW! I didn’t see anyone demanding to know. I think people, myself included, are curious because we are hoping & praying it is nothing serious.

m on

Momof3girls ,

You may not have demanded to know the health issues, but your post sure as heck came off as snotty and entitled. You don’t like her (or her disposition or her attitude or politics or whatever) that’s fine–but you were being unfair and snotty in how critical you were of her appearance on the show. IMO. Go ahead and blast that 😉

jacquie729 on

What a great way to get her name back in the headlines. The girl’s not stupid!

J on

M, no she wasn’t. If anything you were a little snotty yourself with how critical you were toward momof3. The sarcastic smiley face at the end seals that deal.

Shelly on

I can see how she would do this with an iphone..if you hold the phone sideways and take a picture then look at the picture and hold it normally you can see a little bit more on each side then when you’re holding it the other way. lol, hilarious.

Nicola on

My husband inadvertently did this after our son’s birth. We lived far away from both sides of the family, so he rushed home from snapping photos of our newborn in the hospital to email a few off to my parents, sister, his brother, parents, etc. Of course, my mom told me on the phone the next day that he’d sent a photo of the new baby and MY ENTIRE BREAST which was sticking out there waiting for baby to nurse. Not just a nipple, the whole ugly boob. And an adorable new baby. Embarrassing.