Chad Lowe Says Daughter Mabel Is 'Beloved'

10/19/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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There hasn’t been a girl born to Rob and Chad Lowe’s family in almost four generations, but that all changed with the birth of Chad’s 5-month-old daughter Mabel in May.

“You can imagine the position she’s in,” Chad told PEOPLE at Saturday’s Children’s Institute Hosts Poker for a Cause in Commerce, Calif. “She is the only girl. It is the first Lowe girl born in 72 years. She’s got a lot of doting uncles and cousins. She is beloved.”

As for older brother Rob as an uncle? “He’s great. The cousins are great, his boys [John, 13, and Matthew, 16],” Chad adds.

As a first-time dad, Chad, an Emmy winner for the show Life Goes On, enjoys coparenting with his fiancée Kim Painter, a film producer.

“I get up for feedings and try to experience a little bit of what mommies have to go through, which is the sleepless nights,” he notes. “It is the hardest job you will ever love. I love it more than anything.”

Chad, who is directing episodes of Brothers & Sisters and Bones this year, in addition to guest-starring on The Ghost Whisperer, gives kudos to Mabel’s mom.

“Kim is extraordinary with the baby. I can’t believe my good fortune to have a partner that is as committed, loving, tolerant and present as she is. She is the best mom I could ever imagine.”

Of his own take on parenthood, Chad, 41, says, “As any parent can say, it just changes your life. It changes your perspective. It has been the greatest gift and joy I could ever possibly imagine.”

— Nicholas White

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christina on

How sweet! I hope we get to see a picture of Mabel sometime. I’m sure she is gorgeous.

Lisa on

Good for Chad! I’m so happy he found a good woman after what HS did to him.

Ann on

Lisa, what did HS “do” to him?

and, pray tell, what is a “good woman”?

Liliana on

He seems to be so in love with his fiancee and little girl. I wish them all the best of luck.

Lauren on

I believe Lisa’s referring to the Vanity Fair article about three years ago where Hilary talked about Chad’s abuse of drugs and alcohol and how it affected their marriage. I’ve had a huge amount of respect for Hilary and been a fan for years, but like I said in the post last week about her behavior with her stepson, her biggest downfall is the fact that she’s such an open book with little thought as to how her statements come off. I was very taken aback when she talked about Chad’s problems so publicly like that, just like I was last week when she talked about her relationship with her boyfriend’s child.

Anyway, sad as it is that he and Hilary didn’t last, the one thing they both always agreed on was how Chad wanted kids, and it sounds like he’s as happy as he thought he’d be and then some. Glad he finally got his wish.

Ann on

@Lauren, thanks.

There’s still no need to break out the two-dimensional, misogynist labeling of a “good woman.”

urbanadventurertales on

I was sad to see him and Hillary break up cause they seemed to down to earth and I thought they were a hollywood couple that might really make it for the long-haul. I hope they are both happy in their new relationships.

Joy on

I am so happy for him and his fiancee. Babies are blessings! Can’t wait to see a picture of her! That’s sweet how he wakes up at night with her. Wish my husband had felt the same way!!

CelebBabyLover on

Ann- I agree! The fact is, when it comes to “good” people and “bad” people, things are rarely black and white (and this is coming from someone who tends to be a very black and white thinker herself!).

For example, Hillary’s statements about Chad (and about her stepson) do not mean that she’s not “a good woman”.

Rye on

sounds like they really love that baby! 72 years and she is the first girl in the family!? That is wild! I think they chose a name that was probably pretty popular 72 years ago too.

g!na on

aaw! cute story!

pinkrockstar on

very cute!!!

eternalcanadian on

After the way you know who dissed Chad and his addictions, and kind of not being supportive and trying to work with him through recovery, it is so good to see some happiness in Chad’s life. I think he got the better deal out of that messy stuff with you know who. I can imagine how beloved Mabel is, to be the first girl born in the family in 72 years! So cool. 🙂

Tina. on

Ann, Lauren was telling her opinion k shes entitled. yay chad! 🙂

Ellen Smith on

It probably would have been better for Hillary to keep her mouth shut about Chad’s problems, but perhaps she went through her own personal “hell” and just wanted to get it off her chest. This does not make her a “bad” woman, just an immature one. Let’s hope for Mabel’s sake that he’s worked through his problems and is living a clean and sober life.

steph on

My dd is also named Mabel. I think it’s cute that he says she is “beloved” because Mabel means lovable which was part of what drew us to the name. Our Mabel has 3 older brothers so she also has a lot of doting men and boys in her life!

Ann on

@Tina, where did I attempt to silence her opinion?

freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism.

Cece on

So happy for Chad. I wonder if he wanted children and Hillary Swank didn’t. I saw her on Live with Kelley and Regis, and she seemed to imply that her movies are most important in her life.

Tina. on

Ann, you were telling her not to say the situation. :@

Candy on

On a different note…. while I love the “granny” names like Mabel, I wonder if thought was given to the combination with their last name. It sounds alot like “May Blow”, a lot of potential teasing for her later on.

lily on

Uh, maybe if chad Lowe couldn’t have been a drug addict (his issue), his former wife (Hilary) could’ve said they ‘just grew apart’ (you know, the typical ‘safe’ explanation). Maybe Hilary wasn’t an enabler. Maybe she wasn’t co-dependent. Maybe she doesn’t believe it keeping a sham marriage…and maybe she’s into responding truthfully when people ask her questions.

Sorry, but in my opinion, drug addicts don’t deserve to be protected or put on a pedestal. It was her life and her marriage too. It’s not bad-mouthing Chad, it’s saying what she felt about HER life. Remember, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Her deciding to get out of something toxic doesn’t make her a bad person. If this new ‘good woman’ who may be all the things Hilary isn’t, makes Chad happy, good for him. Let’s just hope he can keep his substance abuse issues in check so that he can actually be a good role model to his new daughter and not harm yet another female in his life who loved him.

lily on

By the way, let’s put the ’step-son’ issue in it’s correct light. Marie Claire asked HS what she slept in. She said she tossed and turned too much at night, that pajamas get tangled so she sleeps in the nude. She said she was thinking that one over though, because her boyfriend’s 6 yr-old son walks into the bedroom so, maybe it’s not something she’ll be doing much longer. It’s not like she’s flashing the boy for kicks. When the time comes I think she WILL be a wonderful mother.


Question: What of the idea that your career is more important to you than having a family?

Hillary Swank: “For me, my career is like, for lack of a better word, a baby. I always knew that I wanted to act, since I was 7 years old. But also from that age, I’ve been thinking about the day that I would have kids. When the time is right, I’ll know. I am aware that next week, I turn 35. But I am also aware that the timing has to be right”.

Dee on

Your past doesn’t define who you are, so the fact that he was an addict (still is because the lure of the addiction is never fully gone) doesn’t mean that people cant come on here and say something nice.

Is it so hard to say Congrats or Happy for him and his family. Take a stock people and remember that if you live in glass houses you sure as heck have no right to throw stones.

I am happy that his life is back on track but that’s not even the point of the article so, Congratulations Chad I’m sure you are a wonderful father who appreciates waking up each day to see your beautiful daughter’s face 🙂