Emily Mortimer Says Son 'Mocks' Her English Accent

10/17/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Scott Kirkland/INF

Even though Emily Mortimer has immigrated to the United States, her accent provides a constant reminder of her native England — much to the chagrin of her 6-year-old son Samuel John!

“[He] mocks me every time I open my mouth,” the 37-year-old actress tells the UK’s Psychologies magazine. “He talks with an American accent, which I don’t mind, but I do resent him taking the piss out of mine!”

When she’s in need of a reminder of her late father, however, Emily says that she need look no further than Sam himself. She explains,

“If someone is boring him he’ll give this little look, exactly like Dad. It’s very comforting. I wish they could have had longer than five years together.”

In the interview, Emily — due in January with her second child — recalls her labor and delivery with Sam.

Even though she’d “never been averse to any kind of medication,” Emily says she was “brainwashed” into believing that “you have to go natural in order to be a real woman.”

With that mindset in place, she started reading books on natural childbirth, taking a yoga class, hired a doula and purchased a water tank — but her efforts were all in vain. “[I] struggled on for 24 hours — and then I had an epidural,” she reveals.

“I can remember saying to the anaesthetist, ‘Oh, I love you, thank you so much. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ve always loved drugs. I’ve never been known to turn a drug down!'”

Sam is Emily’s son with husband Alessandro Nivola.

Source: Psychologies

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Mandy on

How did I miss this pregnancy announcement? Was this previously announced? lol. Anyways, super congrats to Emily and family! I loved her in the Pink Panther movies and Dear Frankie oh and Match Point.

marfmom on

Mandy, the baby hasn’t been born yet. Or did you mean pregnancy announcement?

crimpe on

I love her bracelets. But the first thing I noticed was that this is not a flattering photo! The angle, the shadow, plus the wrap/shawl thing make her look crazy huge, in an abnormal way. I had to look close to see what was going on. Isn’t there a better shot? She is so pretty, and quite elegant.

Susan on

That is so cute. 🙂

Amanda on

How cute! My aunt’s son is exactly the same as Emily’s son. He lives with his parents in Switzerland. His dad is Austalian and his mother is English and he thinks their accents are the funniest things in the world!

Mandy on

Yes, I meant a pregnancy announcement.

Lilly on

Marfmom, Mandy did say pregnancy announcement 😉

baroquebabies on

Our kids are bilingual (we live in germany) and I’m just waiting for the day when our 4-year old starts making fun of my accent when I speak german! (and Papa’s when he speaks english…..)

Mariasha on

lol, these bilingual comments make me crack up a little. Because British English and American English are not exactly different languages.

And yes I know where you are coming from with the dialects and such, but still. 😀

Sofia on

My family is bilingual (my dad is russian and my mum is french) and we used to think that our mums accent was so funny when she spoke russian 🙂

From Russia with love

marfmom on

wow. whoops! somehow i read that as “birth announcement” 3 different times! must be the lack of sleep, haha.

jessie on

my friend’s kid does this to her all the time since he was born here and she speaks with a very thick spanish accent

All Women Stalker on

Haha this was a funny story. It’s sweet what she said about her dad and her son. 🙂


SA girl on

@ Mariasha: i believe the bilingual comment from baroquebabies was in reference to the German and English languages.

Mia on

Actually British English and American English are quite different, there are many different examples of words for the same thing and different pronounciations, even without taking regional dialects into account.