The Name Game: Middle Ground

10/16/2009 at 01:30 PM ET

Many expectant parents love the look and sound of an exotic name for their baby-on-the-way, but can’t quite pull the trigger when it’s time to sign the birth certificate. If this sounds like you, co-founder Pamela Redmond-Satran says that you can have your cake and eat it too.

“Middle names used to be either placeholders — the Anns and Lynns and Lees of the 50s and 60s — or a way to honor Great-Uncle Philip (in hopes that he’d leave you all his money),” she explains. “Today, middle names are often a place to use a wilder name than parents might want to use in first place, and one that may have ethnic or other individual significance.”

Heidi Klum and Seal did just that one week ago today, when they welcomed daughter Lou Sulola. An African name, Sulola honors Seal’s heritage just as the couple’s sons Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo have done with their own middle names. Likewise, Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa paid homage to dad’s Hawaiian roots with son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakacha.

Ione Skye and Ben Lee paid tribute to India with Goldie Priya; Pronounced pree-ah, the name is Sanskrit for beloved and means an individual type of beauty. Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio went a similar route with Luka Bodhi, with Bodhi being Sanskrit for “awakening” and a Buddhist term that means an escape from the cycle of birth, karma, and death. Spirituality has factored into the middle name selections of other celebrities, like Golden Brooks and D.B. Woodside‘s daughter Dakota Tao.

 alt= Michael Caulfield/WireImage; LuMar Jr/AFF-USA

Click below to learn which celebrity baby middle name Pamela feels is “the most head-turning” in recent history.

There are other approaches to selecting a middle name, of course.Β  Bronx Mowgli — son of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz — was named after the hero of Disney’s The Jungle Book and “has one of the most head-turning middle names in recent celebrity baby naming history,” Pamela notes. Color names are also increasingly popular, as evidenced by Soleil Moon Frye‘s daughter Jagger Joseph Blue and Kelly Preston and John Travolta‘s daughter Ella Bleu.

Other noteworthy celebrity baby middle names include Sparrow James Midnight, son of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden; William Wolf, son of Sarah Shahi; Ezekiel Czar, son of Tisha Campbell-Martin; and Petal Blossom Rainbow, daughter of Jamie Oliver.

In addition to her work with, Pamela has co-authored ten baby-naming books with Linda Rosenkrantz. Their newest title, Beyond Ava & Aiden, is available now.

— Missy

What is the most exotic middle name you’ve ever heard? Did you or would you give your own child an exotic middle name?


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JM on

i think it’s fine to go for something more unusual for a middle name because if your child really doesn’t like it they never have to tell anyone. my oldest son’s middle name is Wilde after Oscar Wilde my favourite author. i couldn’t quite pluck up the courage to give him the first name Wilde and wasn’t crazy about the name Oscar, so instead used it as a middle name and i think it’s lovely and we always get compliments on the choice.

ER on

A friend of mine in high schools parents were biology professors. His middle name was Ondatra Zibethicus, the genus and speices of muskrat.

finais on

My daughter has a very normal middle name, but my pre-marriage middle name was a long, Greek surname. It wasn’t the type of surname that sounded good as a first or middle name.

Allie-Rose on

Growing up in France, the weirdest middle name I heard was “Brindille” which means “twig.” While I’m not a fan of some of American celebrity baby names, I’m afraid us continental Europeans are less creative in the baby naming department.

H on

well said Allie-Rose, i live in France too and although i would never name my kid Brindille, i think that we miss a lot on not giving our children “new” names. I’m not saying that we should name them EtΓ© or Printemps, but it kind of seems like most kid here are named Pierre or Paul.

Tina. on

i think its all right to have middle names that are kind of out there because no one really has to know them. like Rain India or Bronx Mowgli

Blackrose on

May i ask a question?.. Why do u guys give middle names?.. whats the reason for that?.. i come from Jordan and we dont have such a thing here its just 1st name , fathers name ,grandfathers name and then family name..thank u

Tina. on

i dont know what we have middle names- we just do. idk lol πŸ™‚

Lou on

I love French names. My daughter is called Giselle. Love that name so much.

dawn on

My daughter’s middle name is Lyric, and I have gotten alot of compliments on it (and a lot of funny looks, too)

daze on

a tradition in France is to honor the godfather and the godmother by giving their name as middle names for the new baby. (some people also choose grandparents’ name).
and i must admit…. it gives awful things because you end up with a modern name as first name and a name of the older generation as middle name.
but we only use the first name and almost never mention the others. the middle names are just for administration!

that’s why i find it curious that you mention middle name a lot here! for exemple britney’s kid are always called by their full name while others like the Jolie-Pitt kids are only mention by their first name. why???? lol

Micheley on

My sister in law chose the last names of people she admired for her childrens middle names, four girls and a boy; Monroe, Jolie, Kennedy, Davis, and King.

Kristin on

Daze, they mention the middle names of the kids on almost every post on this website. In general, though, I think Sean Preston’s middle name is mentioned so often because they call him Preston.

Mary on

Every single female I know has a middle name of Marie. Even my sister named her daughter’s middle name Marie and I begged her , “why??? are you doing this!!” Insane.

Allie-Rose on

Blackrose – I don’t know about other cultures, but apparently in France, beside honouring a grandparent, like Daze said, it seems to be for amnesia purposes. Weird, I know, but apparently the reasoning used to be that if someone ever happened to suffer from amnesia someday and not remember their first name, then hopefully they’d remember their middle name and the authorities would be able to find their identity. But that was a few centuries ago and middle names never were compulsory.

H – the situation is even “sadder” is Greece where children are pretty much systematically given their grandparents’ name. I find it sad in the sense that everyone’s named the same and they have to use their fathers’ names on official papers to tell some apart. So even though all the Pierre’s and Paul’s are boring, at least we have regional names to play with (Breton names are my personal favourites)

Debra on

I have a friend whose child was born in New Zealand. Her middle name is phonetically because I have no idea of what the spelling is, Puh -oo- wee –ahh — wuh — tay – uh, which means “Child of the Long White Cloud.” I think it’s lovely.

ladyJ on

My middle name is Nicole. Very common but it works with my 1st name

Lynnie on

My son’s middle name is Elvis, after Elvis Costelleo.
In the UK we have to go in to the local registry office to register our children and get a birth certificate.
I felt a bit silly telling the woman the middle name we chose (he has a very normal first name), but she just asked for the spelling and never even blinked an eye.

Vanessa on

Working in a hospital in the records department, I come across many names. I’ve come across some beauties in my years there, but the most recent ones that stick out are Giggles and Songbird.

Erika on

lol at giggles!! That’s too funny!

I think Ann and Marie are too common, and so boring. Out of my 6 girl cousin, 4 have one of those two middle names. Everyone I know is ‘Sarah Marie’ or ‘Kaitlyn Ann’. I like middle names that are a little more uncommon but not too weird.

M on

Dump it in the middle and the kid never has to tell anyone? Why bestow a name that is possibly so heinous the kid would keep it a secret?

I didn’t change my last name when I married, and we did NOT want to hyphenate the kids’ last names, so we gave them my last as middles. My last name flows nicely with my hub’s, can’t complain.

Oddest middle I’ve heard in my circle is Light, and that’s nowhere near as odd as it could be.

marfmom on

My son’s middle name is Blue. My father was an artist whose work was themed around the color blue, and he had his middle name changed to Blue because of it. He passed away a few years ago so we gave my son his middle name to honor him. We have gotten some odd looks, but many people have said they like it.

emma on

Growing up, all of the girls I knew seemed to have the middle names Anne, Jane, Louise or Marie. My middle name is Louise & my two sisters are Jane & Anne. Nowadays, my friends children (and my childrens’ friends) seem to have a much wider variety of names, both first & middle. However, it’s not necessarily a new thing as I work in a retirement home & some of our elderly residents also have very interesting middle names! Personally, my boys are Jack Michael (Jack was my grandfather, Michael was my dad) and Thomas Joseph (my husband’s grandfathers) so we just seem to settle on family names πŸ™‚

Sophia on

My middle name is May, and my sisters/stepsisters have Rose, Grace, Queen, Frances and Plum. The most unusual lot of middle names I’ve heard is 88 Berry Lullaby on a little girl. First name Rocket.

Micheley on

I think the most common middle names I know are Marie, Ann, Lee/Leigh, and Nicole. I know many many people with these middle names.

B on

My daughter’s middle name is Zayne. We thought it would go great with her first name Lylah.

hermowninny on

My daughter’s middle name is Aisling, pronounced Ashleen. It is gaelic for vision or dream. Our heritage is Irish. I get no strange looks when I tell people what it is, but all I get are strange looks when they see it written.

Gertie on

My daughter’s name is Sabine, we thought it was beautiful!!

Robyn on

Like the post stated, we used the “honoring a grandparent” middle name. My daughter’s first name is Ariel and middle name is Irene, after my grandmother who died when I was 10 and basically raised me until she died. I think “Ariel Irene” flows quite well, too.

Angelika on

My son’s middle name is my mother’s maiden name. I am of the mindset that middle names should “mean” something – whether family names or whatever. But that’s just me. I wish I was wild and crazy enough to pick an “out there” name, but I am not. I have kind of an “out there” name in the sense that no one can ever say it right, and I was terrified to do that to my own child. Lol πŸ™‚

dee on

It seems the ‘go to’ middle name of late for little girls atleast is Grace. It’s the new Marie I guess.

Saoradh on

in response to hermowninny’s post, Aisling is actually pronounced Ash-ling. The ‘ling’ part is spoken exactly as its spelt.

I’m all for spelling names originally, or pronouncing names like ‘Elysia’ differently than other people. But when people butcher Irish names by mispronouncing them it just makes me sad, and very frustrated.

cait5 on

the new middle names are “grace” and “rose”. every little girl i meet is ava grace or leila rose or charlotte grace or isabella/anabella grace.

maybe that is just australia though.

i like the idea of out-there middle names. the names you would give your child if a) you didn’t have to tell the grandparents and b) you weren’t terrified they would sound ridiculous in 5 years.

Rebecca on

My middle name is Maria so really very common as middle names go but it flows ok with Rebecca and I’ve never minded it. I gave my daughter Alyssa, Jenna as a middle name, after my Grandma Jean. Then followed by Rose.
I like the idea of naming after special people in the family or in your life; but on the other side I quite like the idea of giving a more unusual name as a middle, certainly for a boy who I would probably name something quite traditional as first name.
My own feeling on middle names is that they create more of a special unique-ness about a name of a person. And if someone is named a more popular name and then finds there are loads of others with the same, they can use the middle name aswell, or by itself. Or similarly if they really don’t like their first name!
I just feel that a middle name or names makes a name a bit more special and a bit more individual to the person, it’s really their own that way.

Allie-Rose on

Saoradh – I have a question: how do you pronounce the name Eirlys? I know, it’s Welsh (it means snowdrop) and I was told it’s pronounced Ayr-lis

Shannon on

When I named my 2 girls, I was very insistent on having traditional, classic first name and less common middles names. They’re not anything really out there, just not something you hear every day. I don’t know if you could consider them “exotic” though! My first is Abigail Celeste, and the younger is Kathryn Lorelei. My son’s entire namecame from family though, and he still has an unusual middle name! Terry Winstanley, Terry after his dad’s father, and Winstanley is his great-grandmother’s maiden name and his dad’s middle name.

Jay on

In my family our son got a traditional Middle name. His name is Declan Christopher (My husband is Christopher, and his middle name is after his dad and so on and so on for like 13 generations or something. )

My daughter we went a little traditional. Her name is Abrielle Cairan (pronounced Karen) Jay (After my nickname) We usually call her Abi CJ.

Evelyn on

my middle name is Elizabeth after both of my aunts who have the same first name.

Saoradh on

Hi Allie-Rose, I’m no Welsh speaker (I’m Irish and speak fluent Gaeilge) but I believe that is the right way to pronounce it. Pretty name

Jennifer on

I like middle names as a means of honouring someone special in your life. I don’t restrict it to grandparents, but I limit it to closest friends and relatives.

I also live in France (so many of us here!!) and–dare I say it–really hate a lot of French names. I struggle with naming my children here…then being able to have it pronouncable (is this a word?) in French. No “H” names, that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰

Rachel-Jane on

My siblings and I all have names that are nice simple names on their own, but also honours relatives (Jane, Anne, Grace and James). I plan on doing something similar, particularly I plan on giving my eldest daughter the middle name Jane – as it is my middle name, my mother is Janie, her gran was Jane, her mum was Jane, her gran was Jane….

I’d also like to use my dad’s name, Paul, for a middle name, as well as James and (Patrick) Francis for my grandfathers.

But then I quite like the idea of something a bit quirky, like Blue or Gray, for a middle name. We’ll see, not planning on having kids for a few years yet.

Rachel-Jane on

Or I might incorporate my surname as a middle name, as it’s not only a surname but also now a very popular boys name, so wouldn’t seem strange.

Allie-Rose on

Saoradh – Thank you for your help πŸ™‚ I quite like Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, Breton names (I guess you could say Celtic names). I find them quirky and meaningful without being far-out

Jennifer – While I’m not an English native and don’t have children, I can understand where you’re coming from. Giving your child a name that’s different yet pronounceable in several languages, such as French, isn’t easy. I’m half Greek and while Greek people can somehow pronounce my name correctly (they say Ah-lee-nah instead of Ah-leen), English speaking people always mispronounce it. British people pronounce it Aileen, Americans pronounce it A-line. My sister’s, EloΓ―se (without the H πŸ˜‰ ), is unpronounceable in most languages unfortunately

JM on

i agree that it’s nice to give middle names after family members. whilst we went for something more unusual with our eldest son, as i mentioned before, Wilde. we went with my Holly – a name we just liked as a middle name for our eldest daughter our twins middle names Kathleen and Patrick are after my grandparents. and my youngest son’s middle name Michael is after my husband’s father and a very common name in my family tree because my family is Irish.

marfmom on

Shannon, I love your daughets’ middle names!

KJ on

My own middle name is Jean, after my mom’s favorite aunt. Both my brothers were given the middle name Arvid, a family tradition.
My daughters are Gwendolyn Marlyss, Aislinn Patricia Rose, and Emma Isabelle Karenna. My eldest was named after my favorite dancer, Gwen Verdon, and Marlyss was a compromise by her father and I on our desire middle names Mary ( his choice) and Alyssa ( my choice). It ended up being perfect for her, unique and ultra feminine. Aislinn was born shortly after the death of my mom, so we honored her by giving Ais her name, Patricia. Rose just made the name flow better with our last name. Emma is named after three of my four great grandmothers, but I wanted Karenna as opposed to Karen because it seemed to once again work better that way with our last name.

Lea on

Eirlys is indeed like air-liss, quite similar to Alice. I love Welsh names but I live in Wales so a lot of them are really common, especially Megan and Rhiannon.

My daughter’s middle name is Marlowe, for Philip and Christopher. I like the idea of her having a more gender-neutral middle because her first is very feminine. My middle name is really boring and at least half the girls my age I know share it so I wanted her to have something more unusual.

Stacia on

I think that middle names are a great way for parents to honour something of importance in their lives. My kids’ middle names are locations dear to my husband and I, as well as our parents. Our son Weston’s middle name is Chatham – his grandmother’s birthplace. Same with his sister’s middle name – Kimberley is a small town dear to me, my mother grew up there.

We’re expecting a baby girl this March, and my husband is standing by Cambie as a middle name. A little different, yes, but as is Chatham.. and I just adore that name. My hubby and I had a lot of dates on and around Cambie Street back in the day… so it’s like the essential nostalgic name for us; it’s what we’re going for! πŸ™‚

But, I also think middle names can really just tie a name together. Just because it sounds nice.. Because who doesn’t want a name that just sounds wonderful?

Colleen on

My sister in law named her son Raymond Aloysius. It was her Father in law’s middle name or something. At first I thought it was terrible, but then I sort of grew to like it. However, my 10 yr. old nephew can’t stand it. I fell in love with the book “Angela’s Ashes” and my fav. character in the book was not Frank McCourt, but his brother Malachy. I def. want to use that name if I ever have another son…but my husband is not having it. I think they forget that we get our hands on the birth certificate first. LOL

Amy on

My husband and I both have middle names honoring family members. When we had our son, we wanted to have a little fun while trying not to scare older family, so we went with 2 middle names: Michael Danger. Now, everyone calls him Danger and he loves it. Plus, when he’s older, he can tell the ladies “Danger is my middle name”, and he can prove it! How cute!

Allie-Rose on

Thank you Lea πŸ˜‰

Rachel on

My parents gave me an interesting middle hame, Zouri, which was my great-grandmother’s first name. I hated it as a kid but now I love it.

sam and freya's mum on

Some great (and unusual!) middle names on here. Our son’s middle names are William & Allen after both grandfathers. Preferred William (but not enough to be his first name) so that came first, bit of a mouthful but as he has Sam as first name and our surname’s fairly normal/common and only 5 letters long it’s ok, and we tend to just say first name anyhow of course. Had a delivery surprise & as we’d been sure it was a girl, and have mostly girls in our family decided to include family names for our son, in case we didn’t have any more boys – and we didn’t/won’t!! My middle name is the common Anne, thought of giving her my middle name as it would’ve flowed ok and isn’t the worst, but chose a name we preferred over Anne (nice to choose a name you like and unfortunately no nice names first or middle with her grandmothers to honour them like our son – they don’t like their names themselves, so didn’t blame us – so decided to give her own middle name instead, Isabelle – prefer the ‘lle’ spelling & figured she can use that if she prefers, or Izzy. We just thought it flowed well, Freya Isabelle. Very girlie for me considering I was a tomboy and still not hugely ‘girlie’, lol. Love some of the Celtic names too. Cait5, same here in NZ, Rose/Grace very common, wanted a middle name ending in an ‘e’ for the flow, but decided against either of these two for that very reason. Aisling is a lovely name, although here about two weeks ago a little 2 year old went missing, found drowned a week later down a drain, very sad, so I know think of that sweet little girl, she was a cutie.

Alexandra on

I’m sorry but if you are on here and saying your child’s name and then you have to write out how it is pronounced is ridiculous. If you can’t tell how to pronounce it by looking at it your child is going to have to go through years at school with teachers not knowing how to pronounce it.

sam and freya's mum on

…meant to add the little girl who died was called Aisling! (her dad is Irish, mum a New Zealander), pronounced as mentioned in other posts.

Summer on

Oddest middle name i’ve heard is rock but mine and my brother’s are pretty weird too mine is gao (chinese) and my brother’s is guilian also chinese

Skylar on

Sam and Freya’s mum,

obviously if you live in the country of origin of the name everyone will know how to pronounce it, there are always at least 3 Aislings in school classes here.

Also many countries/people would have difficulty knowing how to pronounce Freya!!

Alice on

I love posts about names on CBB because everyone gives examples from their family/aquaintances and I always learn new beautiful names. I love Eirlys!!
Middle names are great to use something a bit different or honour friends or family memebers. My parents wanted to honour my grandmother in my middle name but instead of giving me her name they asked her to choose a name for me. It’s a nice way of doing it without necessarily using the same name over and over… (not that there’s anything wrong with that either, it’s just different).

K on

Middle names, in days of old when there was not a terrible lot of first names to choose from and most oldest sons were named after the father and most oldest daughters were named after the mother (a fact that it seems most women conveniently forget when wanting to bash men for the practice of juniors as “sexist”), were to distinguish the difference between family members. For example, the parents might be named Henry and Sarah, and their children Henry Paul and Sarah Jane. The children would be called by their full names or a nickname to make it clear that they were being addressed. Naming children after BOTH parents is still a common practice in the South, where I live (incidentally and humorously usually the target of the “sexist” junior comments, yet our women have daughters named after themselves more often than anywhere I’ve ever heard of.)

autumn michelle on

I named my son Elijah Scott- Scott is his daddy’s middle name (Elijah is obviously biblical) and my daughter is named Natalee Alesandra. The Lee is for my mother and grandfather (their middle names) and Alesandra was the main character in one of my favorite books. πŸ™‚ I just had fun with it, but at the same time I wanted it to be meaningful.

H on

K, i think that Jamie Lynn Spears was nammed after her father James and her mother Lynn.. personnaly i think they could have come up with something better… And Britney Spears’s son is Jayden…James!

Benigna Marko on

benigna marko

Jenni on

My son has a long middle name, but the first one is Aseara, which was picked out by my great-grandmother… if I remember right she said it meant Last Night…

Cyndi on

My middle name is Grace, which is after my moms best friend who is like a grandmother to me. My first name is Cynthia. I think Cynthia Grace flows well.

Shannon Marie on

I went a different approach for my daughter. She has a fairly popular first name and her middle name is simple but spelled differently. Her name is Hailey Rachil, substituting the i for the e in Rachel.

Linell on

My middle names are “Victoria” my Saint name to honour my paternal grandfather Roman Catholic traditions and the other one is “Linell” its a mixture of “Lionel” and “Nell”…it has a funny story behind it my Daddy gave me that name after he read it in Jet magazine, they found out that they were pregnant with me. The girl at the time, just graduated from law school and was valedictorian.

I have no children as yet, but if I have a son, his middle name is “Struddy” to honour my maternal grandfather and if I have a daughter I am going to work in “Agatha” to honour my maternal grandmother.

I love the tradition of “Saint” names.

Lauren on

I have four children, and their middle names are just basics, because my hubby and I wanted all of our middle names to start with J, like ours. (Jacob and Jean) Our sons middle name is Joseph, and our girls are Jane, Janelle, and Jade.

ProudMama on

My daughter’s name is Belle Ida Frances with Belle Ida being her first name and Frances being her middle name. We gave her Frances after my baby sister who died upon birth. She was strangled by her cord, so I really wanted to honor the sister I never knew but always loved. My second daughter is Allegra Joy. Allegra means joy so we just gave her the meaning of her first name for her middle name and she is definitely extremely joyful! My youngest daughter is Elizabeth Sophie Graziella. Elizabeth Sophie is her first name and Graziella is her middle name. Graziella is Grace is spanish and since my husband is from Spain, we wanted to honor that and also do something a little different since Grace is the new Marie/Nicole/Ann lol. My boys are Jacob Michael, with Michael for my baby brother, their uncle and Malachi Luke with Luke being biblical. I’m Nigerian and was named after my Grandmother, so I really wanted my kids to have their own names although I absolutely LOVE my name and I’m so happy my father named me after his mom as she has recently passed.

Katy on

I, like many of my cousins, have Diven as my middle name after my mother’s family. I’m not crazy about it, but everyone who hears it seems to love it.

Suppose it’s better than my brother who got a first name after my father, but then his middle name is the one he uses. Confuses the heck out of people. He’s debated legally reversing them for years. My best friend from HS did that. Her name originally was Hsiang Naomi (she’s Taiwanese). In the states, though, she decided to go with the more English-sounding name.

NewMommyB on

I am all for using the middle name as a tribute to a family member; I am named after my aunt and it does get a bit confusing when the whoel family is together so a middle name would have been a lot easier to deal with.
I had a very close relationship with my material grandparents but neither my husband or I liked my grandfather’s name. I spent a lot of time up at their place in Northern Michigan and as an honor to both of them gave my son the middle name Traverse (our place is right on Grand Traverse Bay). Everyone loves it and I thought it was a creative way to pay tribute to someone I love very much without doing the direct name thing.

amber leigh on

My sister and I chose places to for our kids names. My son’s name is Kodiak Kade, after the Kodiak Island in Alaska and the bear. He goes by his middle name but thinks his first name rocks. It suits him he is definitely a bear! My daughter’s name is Kordelia Kansas, which is obvious. She goes by Kordie which again suits her and her uniqueness! My sisters girls are Bosten Blu and Joey Joplen. Bosten is the perfect name! Joplen is the name of a town we found while looking at an atlas. Joey after our brother that passed away.

irina on

i think rose is way too common for a girl and thomas for boy is also overused.
im from russia, and we all had our father’s names as middle names.
my daughter’s name is Jasmine Leila. it was hard for us to pick a middle name for Jasmine because nothing sounded right with our long last name.

laliche on

i just love sanskrit!!!!! it can be hard to pronounce at times but every single word in sanskrit can be used as a name. you can experiment with random words and mix them together to get a whole new unique word with a different meaning.
i’m from india and we dont have a tradition of middle name. in north india, the names follow the pattern of first name, father’s name and surname. in south india, mostly it is like surname, family name(usually the name of a god they believe in) and a really long first name (which is usually a bunch of names honoring ancestors, grandparents, friends,etc. and, of course, their own name). many people have complicated first names and choose the easiest of the names as their official first name and usually the family name becomes the middle name if required.
though there is a large choice for choosing a name, there are many who usually end up being named sneha(meaning friendly), hima(meaning snow; himalaya = temple/adobe of snow), bindhu(drop or as hima-bindu = snow flake) and priya/priyanka. every second girl is named priya. some times in combinations like hima-priya, devi-priya(beloved of the godess) and so on. this is the case of girls. i am maned lalitha chetana… lalitha meaning grace or beauty and chetana meaning full of life, together beautiful life or something like that……
boys usually end up with common names like karthik(meaning undeniable), aditya(number one), abhishek(the honored), abhilash, and whatever that you can team up with abhi. i have a cousin named karthik bhargav meaning respected by every one.

Ali on

My first two children inadvertantly were named for capital cities, Austin and Madison. When it came time for the third child the big joke was which capital he would be, unwilling to stick him with a name like Dallas or Lansing, I was on the search for something unique. A good friend insisted he be named Slade, I tossed the name around for several months, but ended up feeling the name was just too punk rock for me. He ended up being Brayden Lucas, but I almost regret not giving him Slade as a middle name. I think that unique names are great, Austin and Madison are both names I hear all the time, and while Brayden is not as popular you still hear it quite often. I would think it far preferable to have a name no one’s heard before than to have one that every third child has.

Jessi on

My daughter’s name was Abigail Faith Lowine (last name). Lowine is MY middle name, my mom’s, and my grandma’s. For future baby girls I will give one of them Lowine as a middle name.

I like different names.

Sarah M. on

Ali – I know a family with a Brayden. His full name is Brayden Thorn. His dad wanted his name to stand out, and you certainly don’t hear Thorn as a name often. They just had another little boy today and named him Brody Gage.

Sam and Freya's mum on

skylar, I wasn’t say it was hard to pronounce. I had a re-read and couldn’t see where I was negative about the name Aisling, if that’s what was implied? Everyone we know or have met since Freya arrived knows our to pronounce her name so have had no issues personally. Fray-uh, as it looks I guess, like Mai-a, etc.

SΓ€de on

I have three names, SΓ€de Maria Talvikki.

Katie on

I have always loved long first names, but when I married into a very long, difficult-to-pronounce last name, I had to go with shorter names for my children. My daughter is Molly, and I am due in Feb. with another girl, who will likely be Claire. I like using longer family names as middle names – in my case, it’s Molly Elizabeth and Claire Lorena. The names are not common here, but recognizable and easy for little people to say.

Shirelle on

I love the name Sparrow James Midnight! It’s so different and wierd and that’s why I like it.