Padma Lakshmi Plays the Baby Name Game

10/16/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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Padma Lakshmi may have a bun in the oven, but she swears it’s no “Pomegranate,” the Top Chef judge tells PEOPLE, poking fun at creative celebrity baby names.

“I just want to see how the baby looks when it comes, and then I’ll have some ideas,” said Padma, displaying her curvy figure in a long, low-cut Gucci gown while posing with Iman at Keep A Child Alive‘s annual Black Ball, held Thursday at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

Given her own background, Padma, 39, indicates that the baby’s moniker will be Indian-influenced.

“The name will have to do with my family,” she says. “I don’t think it’s going to be called ‘Pomegranate’ or ‘Atlanta.'”

Padma says she has yet to fix up a baby room or create a college fund for her unborn child.

“I’m Indian,” she said by way of explaining her superstition. “So we don’t buy a whole bunch of stuff before the baby is born, because we want the baby to be born first. Not the cart before the horse!”

In terms of eating for two, “I eat the same, just more often,” she said. “Everything from movie theater nachos to spinach and apple salad. Everything. I’m not eating so much more. You only need 300 more calories. It’s not a reason to pig out.”

As for the father, whom she has declined to name, Padma replies “I don’t know” when asked if  there will be a big reveal one day. “But I don’t want to talk about it either way. I’m extremely happy, and I feel really blessed.”

Padma is due in late March/early April.

— Jeffrey Slonim

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Kaylee on

She looks like a goodess! This woman should always be pregnant, lol! She “wears” it so well! Congrats Padma, luv Top Chef!

Kaylee on

Forgot to add… Why does the public care so much about the father of the baby she is carrying? That is her business, and if she never mentions who he is, that is also her business! Sorry for my rant, it just upsets me when people think, just because someone is famous, everyone should know every detail about their life. I hope the paps will respect this woman’s privacy.

Ok off my soapbox…

SadieA on

Kaylee, i dont know that the public really does care lol those are just gossip reporters who want the scoop

Kaylee on

That’s what I meant by the “public”, meaning paps, bloggers, gossip reporters etc.

Tres Hijos on

She is gorgeous! I totally agree with waiting until you have a baby to get stuff for the baby.

SadieA on

Oh ok, I thought you meant the general public

Kaylee on

“general public” (everyday people) or the “public” in celebrity world (paps, bloggers) Same difference. I found this on, because I thought I used the word “public” in the wrong way or something, because of the confusion. So, I think I used it ok in this thread. Words have so many meanings, thats why I never get caught up in them,lol!

Main Entry: public
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: people of community; people interested in something
ynonyms: audience, bodies, buyers, citizens, clientele, commonalty, community, country, electorate, everyone, followers, following, heads, masses, men and women, mob, multitude, nation, patrons, people, populace, population, society, suite, supporters, voters

Kimberlee Chrisman on

She needs a bra and a shirt

Jessica on

Right Kimberlee? She looks gorgeous, but she’s falling out of that dress!

Liliana on

She’s stunning! Pregnancy really suits her.

leonor on

I can’t get over how big she is already! I’m due at the same time and my belly is not that big at all! I have a mini bump that no one notices! Should I be worried? Or is she having twins and keeping it a surprise?

raye on

how exactly is she falling out of that dress? her breasts are covered, and she looks amazing. perhaps YOU would feel more comfortable if she had worn something that covered her entirely? a habit maybe? a suit? full body armour?

you people disgust me.

Electra on

Maybe she is carrying twins, march april is 6months away. Plus she’s an older mom raising her chances of multiple births. Either way shes quite big/beautiful!

MommyDuty on

She looks fabulous. I am eternally jealous of her body!!

Jessica on

Lol whooooa Raye, calm down.

Rach on

OMG you size people make me LOL.A friend of mine was due around the same time as me (we actually ended up having our boys on the same day even).I have a naturally curvy figure and I am short, while she is thin and tall. She started show way long time before I did.When I just looked “fat”, She looked full on pregnant.We would go places and people would think it was her alone that was pregnant.She was larger than me and she got no stretch marks, while I got so many.I could go on all day.Point being, we are all different and pregnancy does alot to your body and our bodies all handle and cope with these things differentely.

Raye, lol I agree, your comment was so funny 🙂 I really don’t get how she is popping out of her dress.And seriously, are people pulling the modesty card because she is indian ? Because I can name a plethora of non-indian actresses that are on this site that are much worse, but no one says anything. Or maybe it is just the republicans on a roll..first Megan McCain,now Padma. I guess you all don’t want to see the many nude spreads Padma did during her modelling days.

Bella on

Raye is right, I’d feel much more comfortable if Padma was wearing a habit.

raye on

haha maybe digust was a bit strong of a word, but i am seriously so fed up with the constant negativity on here. i am yet to find a single post that DOESN’T have criticism, or someone inputting their own opinions, or just plain out rudeness.

i should probably just give up, i guess, and never scroll down into the comments, huh?

17GlH1 on

Leonor, we don’t really know when she is due, celebs lie all the time about their pregnancies/due dates to protect their privacy.

For your question “Should I be worried?” Don’t compare the size of your belly to a picture of a celeb’s, if you’re actually concerned about you’re baby, call your doctor.

Kimmie on

So…if she’s due in late March/early April,that would only make her around 4 months..idk about that,unless there is more than 1 bun in the for the Father not being revealed..SO WHAT!..Maybe it was ai..her business is what she does’nt let out,our business is what she does..keep it at that;)

CelebBabyLover on

Electra- Nah, I think she’s just another Naomi Watts! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as for the comment about her needing a bra…How is she supposed to wear one with that type of dress?

Laydacris on

I would love to see the figure of the woman who said that! Padma is beautiful!! if you have it, why not flaunt it???

Nikki on

wow! She is due a month or so before me and she is so big already!

Andrea on

She is absolutely stunning! I am the proud mom of 3 boys and had my struggles with losing 5 babies in the process of having my 3 little miracles. Who cares who the dad is? She is a successful woman who looks extremely happy and perhaps the most gorgeous pregnant woman I have ever seen.