Naomi Watts and Sasha's Stroller Struggle

10/16/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
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He wants to walk, and that’s that!

Actress Naomi Watts attempted to get son Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete to sit in his stroller during a walk home in New York City on Tuesday, but he was not having it!

Rather than argue with her 2-year-old, Naomi decided to grin and bear it, holding Sasha’s hand tightly while he (and his bag of dinosaurs!) walked alongside.

Naomi and fiancé Liev Schreiber are also parents to Samuel Kai, 10 months.

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Allie-Rose on

Good for Sasha. While I can understand having a kid in the stroller is sometimes more comfortable (and convenient) for a parent/babysitter, I personally find it great that a kid would wish to walk instead. In my opinion, it’s annoying that a kid past 3 years old would still want to be in their stroller (I know, Sasha is only 2).

Kelly Pearson on

What a cute bag he is holding! Where can I get one?

stan on

Sasha looks very similar to my son and whenever I see a picture of him while I’m here at work it makes me miss my guy. Of course I think he’s the best looking “celebrity baby” out there!

Cass on

Sasha is probably just angry because Liev isn’t there! Pictures of Sasha with just Naomi are so rare, I often forget she is his mother! And he never looks nearly as happy as he does with Dad. Poor Naomi…I recall an interview where she talked about how Sasha favors Liev, it sounded like it kind of upst her. I really hope for her sake that Kai is more of a Mama’s boy!!

H on

he doesn’t look like a baby anymore, he even looks like a different person! i like it so much when little boys become little boys “just like that”, one day they are babies, and the next day, they talk like crazy, walk and want to act like adults!

Lauren on

Agreed, Cass. Sasha always looks so annoyed and perturbed with Naomi and seems much more relaxed and happy with Liev. I really think it might have something to do with personalities. Naomi has always seemed more light and easygoing, whereas Liev generally seems like a very intense person. Sasha seems to have really taken after his dad personality-wise, and I think because they’re similar in that unique way, being together puts one another at ease. My take on it anyway.

martina on

Oh no, a lovely mother & son picture somehow turns into Naomi bashing. Goodness. So sad.

Lauren on

I personally find the lack of reading comprehension on this site sadder. Maybe it’s me.

momofmany on

Gosh, I’m just thinking of how much it must suck to have your photo taken when you’re experiencing a normal moment like this! I’ve had “buggy battles” with my toddlers over the years and while they’re no big deal it’s still nothing I’d want photographed for the world to see! In a celebrity’s case, can we not just empathize with her and say we’ve been there also instead of writing things that if she read might hurt her feelings? He’s just being a normal toddler, asserting his independence!

SadieA on

Allie-Ross, I think its less about comfort and convenience and more about greasy sweaty men with cameras running around stalking them as they walk down the street! I wouldn’t want to worry about holding a child’s hand, pushing an empty stroller, and keeping a smile on my face either!

computerag on

Hey SadieA, we can’t really be too hard on the paparazzi if we’re going to read this website and look at theses photos.

sunflower on

buggy battles – oh yeah! we gave up with the buggy when our daughter was less that 6 months as the fights just were’nt worth the effort, and plumped for the ergo which she much prefered.
Now 2,the novelty of going in a buggy is awesome for her although guarenteed after about 15 mins, thats it its push the buggy time – shes pushing it too! Don’t mind that so much as when she wants to be carried WHILE im pushing the empty buggy like a loser!!

laura on

how ridiculous that you can say sasha never looks happy with his mother, you see one snap shot which is about 1 second out of their day, for all we know he might spent the next 23 hrs 59 minutes smiling.(apart from sleep) anyhow beautifull child ,beautiful mother.

SadieA on

computerag, I’m not trying to be hard on the paparazzi, I understand the demand for the photos as I’m one of the consumers! But I’m just saying I understand why Naomi (and other famous parents) like to carry their kids or have them in strollers when they are being photographed in public.

computerag on

Yes, SadieA, not to mention she’s in busy NYC on top of it — nerve-wracking!

Allie-Rose on

SadieA – my comment was general, not directed at Naomi and the situation she was in at that particular moment

Cass on

To clarify, because, as Lauren noted, some posters appear to having trouble comprehending my words, my original post read: ‘He [Sasha] never looks nearly as happy as he does with Dad.’
I do not think it is an unfair comment; compare the shots we have seen of Sasha with Naomi to the ones with Liev, and you will notice a marked difference in Sasha’s mood at the time of the photo. In photos with Liev Sasha is nearly always relaxed and happy and having an absolute ball of a time, whereas when he is alone with Naomi, he seems much less so. It’s not Naomi-bashing; it was just an observation, and one that I stand by. I recall reading an article on here not long ago where Naomi said something about how Sasha absolutely adores Liev and completely ignores her whenever he is in the room. This photo suggests that this hasn’t changed much. It is not a ‘ridiculous’ comment at all to note that Sasha looks happier with his father; in fact, it is one that can be backed up with much evidence from this site.

Niko on

Who’s to say that Sasha looks happier with Liev than with Naomi? I’m with Lauren 100% that its a preposterous statement to make. I’m sorry, Cass, but saying “Sasha is probably just angry because Liev isn’t there” is rather ludicrous. It insinuates that Sasha loves his father more than his mother.

This is a classic case of outsiders reading too much into things. Him smiling more in pics with his dad signifies NOTHING. Stop reading between the lines. The kid loves his parents equally, period. How about the possibility that Sasha is just tired or annoyed at the presence of a photographer at that particular moment?

For all we know, Sasha may have been smiling before this picture was taken.

SadieA on

Allie-Rose, Oh alright, I assumed after you said “Good for Sasha.” you were talking about the picture, but I see that after that, your comments were about children in general and not about this family.

I still think that if I were alone with my child, a stroller, and my purse on a busy street, I’d be fighting with my kid to get in the stroller too! I guess that does come down to convenience, but I think anyone that has lived in a big city with busy, crowdy streets understands where I am coming from. Your child’s independence comes second to their safety, your safety, and the safety of the money that is paying for your ride home!

Jane on

What a silly statement to make. How would you know whether or not Sasha is happier with his dad or his mum? For goodness sakes, it’s impossible to make a statement about that unless you live with them and see Sasha & his parents 24/7. Sasha probably has a great time with his mum and great times with his dad equally.

Onto the picture, I love what Naomi is wearing, she looks great there, and I love that Sasha is carrying his little bag!

kyotoyoshi on

lol this kid’s a true New Yorker already.

Stephanie Arnold on

Cass on

I think it is about time for me to give up on this one 😉

Though, in future, I do advise you all to try to read these posts a little more carefully; at present, the lack of comprehension from many of you is quite astonishing, and it is leading to all sorts of unnecessary aggression.


Isa on

Good for Sasha. Able bodied 2 year old’s shouldn’t be in strollers anyway. A simple held hand works just fine, this photograph proves it.

emilyc on

Am I the only one who thinks he’s really tall for his age? My son is two and small for his age, but Sasha seems like he would tower over him! Lol!

CelebBabyLover on

Isa- Try walking around with your hand stretched above your head for awhile (which is what a child has to do when holding an adult’s hand). It’s not very comfortable.

CelebBabyLover on

Isa- I also meant to say that 2-year-olds DO tire out from walking a lot faster than adults, especially in a place like NYC!

m on

Frankly, a 2 year old in NYC on a busy street should be in a stroller or carried by a parents..if not for their own safety, then for the consideration of others. I cannot stand maneuvering around little kids who can’t keep adult pace.. or getting stuck behind them for an entire block.

I feel bad for Naomi and the likes, who undergo scrutiny far greater than those parents who don’t have their skills questioned or photographed at every turn.