Lori Loughlin Stays Local For Daughters' Sake

10/16/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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Signing on to 90210 was an easy decision for Lori Loughlin, starting with the zip code itself! “I really won’t work outside of the state of California,” she tells WorkingMother.com. “I certainly wouldn’t do it for a TV series, because I would not be away from my children. I couldn’t do that.”

Those children — Isabella Rose, 11, and Olivia Jade, 10 — have seen their lives go on largely uninterrupted in the wake of mom’s new gig, Lori shares. “Usually there’s enough down time for me to be with my girls,” the 45-year-old actress says.

“Having young children, that is a plus for me because I can be involved in their school activities and I can volunteer my time up at school. I can be there to take them to soccer practice, and I’m home at night to make dinner and help them with their homework. That’s all very important to me and this job allows me to be able to do that.”

There will always be exceptions, of course, and Lori says that “like all working moms” she battles feelings of guilt. “I have the days where, it’s my child’s birthday but I’m called into work that day and I can’t get snack up to school,” she explains, “or there’s a conflict between something that my child is doing and work schedule.”

Husband Mossimo Giannulli often can be counted on to “pick up the slack” when those situations arise, however. Lori reveals,

“My daughter was on the school basketball team last year and there were a couple of games that I just couldn’t make it to because I had to work. But I’m very lucky in the sense that if I can’t be there, my husband always can. So if both of us can’t be there, one of us will be there.”

Click below to read about what Lori and Mossimo “will not tolerate.”

To that end, Lori says that the couple divvy up their parenting duties equally “depending on what’s going on in our work schedules.” For example both girls play soccer, and their games often overlap. “We divide and conquer,” Lori explains. “I go to one game, he goes to another game. We work it out.”

The family of four enjoy spending time together at the beach, playing games and whipping up home-cooked meals in the kitchen. Of the latter, Lori notes “it’s a great way to spend time with them and teach them about measurements, which also helps them in school.”

As the girls have gotten older life has “definitely gotten easier,” Lori notes, and when she scores some free time she can often be found at yoga or on a hike. “It always helps just to take an hour out of the day…and get back on your sensor.”

“I find working out helps balance out things for me. I like that kind of personal time for myself. It just puts me in a better frame of mind. And I think when you’re in a better frame of mind, a better mood, you’re better at everything you do.”

It’s something that undoubtedly serves Lori well when the girls are being a challenge. Calling herself and Mossimo “pretty strict disciplinarians,” Lori says that the couple “are not fans of disrespectful children” and that poor behavior is something “neither one of us will tolerate.” She adds,

“Therefore, we’re on our girls to be polite, kind and thoughtful young women.”

Citing the one year age difference between Isabella and Olivia, Lori admits that the relationship runs hot and cold. “There are days when they play and play by the hour and they get along really well, and then there are days when they fight over every little thing that they can bicker over,” she explains. “But I think that’s just normal.”

“If you spend that much time with another person, I’m sure you’re going to have your good days and you’re going to have your bad days.”

As for her advice for other working moms, Lori suggests “you have to take one day at a time, and do the best job that you can,” adding:

“Love your children, and at the end of the day, don’t beat yourself up. As my mother said, in spite of it all, ‘they will grow up, they will go on, and they will survive.’ I still call her for parenting advice.”

Source: WorkingMother.com

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Cortney on

Love her! Why is there no mention of her step son Johnny?

Kristi on

I have no idea what her husband looks like but in my mind I picture him looking like John Stamos because every time I see her (even now watching her on 90120) I think of Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse! 🙂

Elle on

I love the way she talks about parenting. Not trying to be their best friend but to be their mother and be there for them…even if that means discipline. She is an awesome example!

Here is a picture of her and her husband.

mslewis on

I don’t mean to sound nasty but, was anybody offering her acting jobs, either inside or outside California? I don’t think so. Therefore, her decision to not take jobs was kind of easy. She has cute girls though. And her husband, from what I remember from an interview a while ago, is quite handsome, dark and adorable. He’s a designer, I think. Or was!!

Natasha on

Cortney we obviously don’t know their situation. What if Johnny’s mother asked that they don’t talk about him to the media? Or Johnny himself doesn’t like to be talked about? There are a variety of reasons.

April on

#4 that’s rude especially since she has been working. Just because you don’t watch what she’s on doesn’t mean she isn’t offered jobs. She was on Summerland for a couple years recently, I loved that show.

Mary Ann on

I have known Lori for many years. She is an incredible wife and mother. Her family has always come first to her. She does her own cooking..and is a great cook by the way. She is very communicative with her girls and adores her stepson Gianni who is now in college. Yes, she has been a very successful career woman but is an even superior mother and wife. She is beautiful, has great style, grace, and is always warm and generous to her friends and family. And she is also very much in love with her very handsome and successful husband Mossimo. People are always ready to criticize women such as her, Kelly Ripa and others who “have it all.” First of all, they work hard to make it all work. We should respect that and learn from it. She is a glorious role model. Learn from women like her and do something with your life that you can be proud of. Being critical of people you really don’t know is not something to be proud of.

Sarah M. on

April #6 – Well put. We never know every single job that actors/actresses are offered.

mslewis #4 – Her husband is a clothing designer. He designes the Mosimo brand that is sold at Target.

Lori has always seemed very down to earth and nice to me! Her comments only confirm that!!

CelebBabyLover on

I’m confused. Is Lori’s step-son named Johnny, or Gianni?