Kimora and Kenzo Film 'Fab Lane'

10/16/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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Kimora Lee Simmons gives 4-month-old son Kenzo a lift while filming her reality show, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, at Vasquez Rocks State Park in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday.

Baby Kenzo is Kimora’s first child with husband Djimon Hounsou; she’s also mom to daughters Aoki, 7, and Ming, 9 ½, with ex-husband Russell Simmons.

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Mrs. W on

how super cute!!!! look at those cheeks!

Micheley on

Kenzo is just the most beautiful baby! He’s so adorable!

Cassandra on

Oh my goodness he is so cute!

Savanna on

So cute! With those little bubble lips.

martina on

Oh my god, he’s so delicious.

Mandy on

He’s much darker than her daughters. I guess that’s all a random draw of the cards right? Or does it have something to do with how dark the father is? I’m curious.

Tina. on

Mandy, im guessing the djimon. hes so cute! 🙂

Kaylee on

Mandy, I think it’s because Kimora’s dh is dark skinned, so Kenzo got a great mix of mom and dad. And her girls have a good mix of mom and dad, Russ is about the same complextion or lighter than Kimora, that is why I believe their skin tones matches more Kimora .I am no a geneolgist (if there is such a doc, lol!) But, as we all have heard genes can go any which way. With all that said, Kenzo Lee is making my ovaries do flip flops, too cute!

TMia on

Kenzo is such a great mix of both Mom and Dad. He’s gotten so big and chunky 🙂 I know Ming and Aoki just love on him. Coloring of AA babies is such a toss up and is influenced by parents and family.

Stephanie on

What does his color have to do with anything? His father is darker than the father of the daughters but so what?

NikNak on


she just asked a question, sheesh.

Mandy on

Sorry, I was just curious. Harmless question I assure you. He is such a cutie! He looks a lot like Dad.

Micheley on

Stephanie, I dont think she was meaning to be rude, and I don’t see anything wrong with her question/comment.
You need to not take things so seriously

Lise on

Stephanie, get over it. She was curious.

Lola Marie on

Mandy I am AA and I didn’t think your question was off handed.

I thought the same thing when I saw him, but with his papa being pure African I guess that is to be expected. I also think he is a cutie! I think he and Aoki look very much alike.

renae on

Kenzo is a cutie. I’m AA and I do not have an issue with Mandy’s question. She just wants to know. How are we supposed to get past colour if we don’t share and educate? I agree that he’s probably darker because his dad is pure African unlike Russell Simmons.

Jessica on

Anybody know what Kimora’s ethnicity is? Is she Japanese and black? I could wikipedia it, but I’m much too lazy :).

Mandy on

Thanks everyone I just thought this would be the best place to ask that. That does make a lot more sense now because his dad is pure African.

Kirby on

So cute…only question is when did K & D get married? There are some online rumors of a ceremony in Benin that took place prior to her divorce being final and so wouldn’t be be considered legal in the US but nothing else to support the claim.

Jessica -> she is Japanese (mom) & AA (dad).

sinclair on

“Lola Marie Says:
October 16th, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Mandy I am AA and I didn’t think your question was off handed.

I thought the same thing when I saw him, but with his papa being pure African I guess that is to be expected. I also think he is a cutie! I think he and Aoki look very much alike.”

What is “pure African?” Perhaps you just mean dark-skinned.

There is no one skin color to attribute to Africans, as I hope people are aware. There are Africans who look like President Ellen Surleaf-Johnson, Liberia’s president, Iman, or Mr. Hounsou.

Electra on

Black people and skin color are always kind of a toss-up honestly. I guess its the equivalent of when two brunettes have a red-haired child and everyone wonder where that trait came from. I’m sure dijmon has something to do with it, but both parents determine the coloring of the child not just one. A lot of people can’t see the black ancestry in kimora but she ‘looked’ more mixed in her youth.

either way Kenzo is super cute.

g!na on

Mandy, i was thinking the same thing when i saw the pic! harmless question! he’s a cutie!

Lady on

Kenzo is absolutely adorable…he looks just like Aoki IMO…lips & all…I can’t wait to see this little guy grow up with his big sisters taking care of him…I hope they have more kids…Djimon really mellows Kimora out completely..

Laydacris on

Actually Kimora’s mother is Korean and Japanese and her father is black.

Me on

Some parents just have stronger genes than others, that’s all. My daughter is the spitting image of her father – if I didn’t carry her I would swear she wasn’t mine. Regardless of race, some parents just have stronger genes. There is a couple in England (I believe) who is bi-racial and has 2 sets of twins.. with each set one twin has the white gene and the other has the African-American gene. It really just depends on the genes that the sperm and egg carry. I think he’s a cutie, and even though he’s darker than his sisters, I’m sure he’s being spoiled rotten by them!

Mandy on

Thanks for sharing Electra! Yes and I think both of her daughters take after one parent or the other. Beautiful mixture. 🙂

eva on

What a beautiful baby!I just want to hold him and give him a hug.

Jenny on

Their little boy is so adorable. He has some of his moms facial but favors his dad more. I have a red hair boy and I am brunette and his dad is a blond. His dad side has more red hair though. For myself I look just like my grandma and Gena Davis the actress lol.

Chris on

He looks just like Kimora and a little like Aoki. So sweet!

Stephany on

Kenzo is so adorable! I love his chunky little cheeks. Too cute!

kdd on

Mandy, why would you comment on the baby’s complexion? That’s the problem w/America, we are too hung up on color when it comes to African Americans!!! We come in many shades because our race has co-mingled with other ethnicities. Why do some whites have red hair, brunette hair, or blonde hair? Because of genetics, but who cares?! And your question had a hint of disdain in it? Oh well, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice!! Tiger Woods baby is of a darker complexion even though the mom is white, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the baby is dark because Tiger Woods is both African American/Asian…

nettrice on

I am not sure why people are surprised that in 2009 people are still curious and sometimes totally unaware or intolerant about race in the U.S. People can’t just see a loving mother and her adorable baby if that mother happens to be of color and the baby is darker (or lighter) than her. We have a loooooong way to go and that’s sad.

CJ on

“Me” I saw those twins and the two oldest girls clearly look mixed IMO. It’s true that one seemed to have gotten the darker gene and the other the lighter gene, but neither of the girls look like just one race. MOO

I’m surprised that people are still surprised at how genes work lol. I remember hearing people go crazy when they found out that Wentworth Miller was part black.

Trina on

Ok, mandys question was kinda obvious but in no way rude or racist. She was curious that’s all. I am part Indian and Spanish (not Mexican) and very dark hair and eyes and medium skin tone, my husband is blonde hair blue eyed and kids tend to be darker if there is a darker parent. Not in my case. Both my girls are blonde hair blue eyed with white skin. I was surprised bc in my family our dark traits tend to be dominat. If they didn’t have my facial features you would not believe they were mine. This is why I think mandys question is relevant and not mean. Yes his dad is very dark but from my expirence that didn’t matter. People need to back off and quit playing the racist card. Now, as for the baby and kimora they look great and the baby is gorgeous. And when/if they have more kids they may be as light as she is. Who knows. The only one calling racism in here are the accusers. It was an honest and simply question and leave it at that.

Rachel-Jane on

Kaylee, a genealogist is not a gene-specialist doctor, rather someone who studied families and their lineage and history 😉

kyotoyoshi on

Biology class, anyone? Neither person has “stronger genes”; they both carry a set of genes and a child gets half from the mom and half from the dad (two sets of genomes). It’s about dominant genes vs. recessive genes. Both parents carry dominant and recessive genes and traits that children get depending on ratios/percentage and chance. The chance part comes in because human hair, skin and eye color are controlled by several different genes, with two of more versions. This means that the different genes interact unpredictably to produce appearance. There’s always a chance that a child could end up with recessive traits, no matter if the parents both carry a dominant trait, so it’s nearly impossible to predict what a baby’s going to look like based on simply looking at the father.

Example…my mother’s family is lighter than my father’s side of the family. My brother is much lighter than I am and basically looked white when he was born.

Anna on

People should be less sensitive about comments on skin colour. Kenzo is super cute!

Chris on

There are plenty of Caucasian babies who don’t have the skin coloring of one parent. Just saying.

Belle on

As an AA woman I am amused about how touchy people can get over skin color. I can assure you that her question was NOT an offensive one. The only offensive comments were made by those that tried to make it something it wasn’t. Arm chair “tolerance” pushers are such a joke. That baby is beautiful and he IS darker than her girls and it WAS a legitimate question. Heavens above, skin color should be talked about and embraced and questions asked. There is only one RACE and that is the HUMAN race.

nettrice on

Anna when the playing field is more equal there will be less sensitivity about skin color (one mixed-race POTUS won’t be enough, either). Color (race) is deeply embedded in the American psyche.

Cute, chubby, mixed-race, well-loved babies are cool though.

Sarah K. on

I’m not Caucasian and I was not at all offended by Mandy’s question. Being curious about the biology behind skin color does not make someone racist. There is a difference between being curious and treating people differently. She didn’t say anything remotely negative about Kenzo.

As for the people who say “well there are white people who don’t have the same skin color as their parents,” I’ve heard a ton of questions about brunettes born to blondes. People are naturally curious when something doesn’t fit with what their understanding of something. It’s a fair question and instead of jumping down someone’s throat, it’s more effective to educate them.

Alice on

Kaylee, the word is geneticist 🙂 (I’m gonna be one!)

It’s by asking questions and answering them that you learn things, so maybe it’s time people stopped complaining about skin colour questions. Yes, Kenzo is darker because his father is darker than the girls’. And if two brunette parents had a red-haired child you can be sure people would be commenting on it too and it’s not offensive. Sometimes yes there is disdain/racism in such posts but Mandy’s question was so politely asked.

anne on

OK iam pure african and iam very light skinned,even lighter than some point here is that regardless whether ur pure african or AA ur u can go either dark or r still black.nto all africans are dark.

thelaaarch on

Skin colour is controlled by several genes; it’s not like, say, cleft chin, which depends upon a single one so that you either have it or don’t have it. We don’t have a version of the gene for “black” and a version for “white”, we have many genes that interact with each other and result in varying shades. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a woman with a medium skintone and a man with a medium-to-dark skintone have two medium-to-dark daughters whereas the same woman and a man with very dark skin have a son with a much darker skintone.

Recessive traits can and do appear in later generations. My mum’s got darkish skin and black hair, my dad’s got medium-to-light skin and dark brown hair and I’m very pale and sort of ginger. My family photos look like Benetton adverts (especially when everybody’s got a tan except for me).

mamabear on


The baby’s coloring is so striking, but i do believe it must come from both sides of the family. Characteristic traits are sometimes very obvious and other times not quite so much.

EXAMPLE: my brother in law is a fair skinned hispanic man and married a filipino girl and their three boys turned out as follows:

1st son: Black hair, dark brown oriental eyes, tan skinned
2nd son: Medium brown hair, med. brown eyes, fair skin
3rd son: Blond hair, green eyes and medium complexion

Honestly, if you looked at them you would never guess that they were all full-blooded brothers!

So that baby i think is a perfect mix of both parents!

ab on

thank you, belle (#39) … you took the words out of my mouth (or off of my keyboard?).

anyway. kenzo is absolutely adorable!

Lauren on

“Oh well, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice!!”

Sounds like a black supremacist to me.

See how utterly annoying and obnoxious it is for people to bring racism as an excuse to be defensive and negative into every.single.conversation where someone innocently mentions skin color? Yes, there is inequality between the races-anyone with a brain knows that. The real problem is people who love to cry wolf and hijack the topic to suit their own benefit every time people try to have a legitimate discussion about the subject of race.

Jessica on

Gosh guys, get your feathers ruffled much?? Mandy asking that question is no different than me getting asked EVERY time I go out how my son got red hair when my husband and I have very very dark hair and our older children have light brown hair. People are just curious. Get over it.

kenzo is SUPER cute!!

Lioness on

I’m AA as well, and saw absolutely nothing amiss with Mandy’s question, I’m not sure how anyone could’ve found disdain in it… but I guess if you look hard enough for something, you’ll find it. Some people have issues with themselves and put them onto other people. Belle (#39) said my sentiments best, so I won’t reiterate.

I see why people immediately comment on his complexion, though, there is something about Kenzo’s skin that is so striking and appealing- I think it’s really beautiful. SUCH a cute kid, he really is… and I actually think he looks more like Ming, not Aoki. He and Aoki share the same lips, but that’s it. Aoki looks so much like her dad (Russell Simmons), and Kenzo doesn’t look anything like Russell Simmons, lol… anyway, as I said, Kenzo’s adorable!!