Kelly Rutherford and Helena Help Launch Carnival

10/16/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
 alt= Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Say cheese! Kelly Rutherford and daughter Helena Grace, 4 months, attend the opening of Carnival at Bowlmor Lanes, held Saturday in New York City.

The Gossip Girl star, 40, is also mom to son Hermés Gustaf Daniel, who turns three this weekend.

Check out photos from his recent birthday party!


Kelly carries an Avon Crusade Tote by Marimekko ($10) while Helena wears Bonpoint’s Dava Blouse in Medium Pink Flowers ($135).

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Belle on

That baby is gorgeous! Normally Kelly is so pretty too but the lighting or something makes her look really wrinkly in this picture.

melissa on

Helena is adorable!

Michelle on

Kelly is looking a little rough here…stress perhaps?

Blue on

Beautiful baby!!! I love Kelly’s classic style. She always looks so chic and dresses her children very well.

Jana on

Helena is beautiful! I think babies with dark hair are gorgeous. Kelly does look a bit wrinkly in this picture and the angle makes her look pregnant.

Mariel on

wow $135 for a baby blouse!! thats a lot of money!

kelsey on

Helena really is precious.

This might sound harsh but she spent $130 on her daughters shirt and yet her own sweater makes her look pregnant and washes her out!

Doreen on

I can’t see spending $135 on a baby’s shirt! That’s ridiculous!! That money could totally go to children in Africa who NEED clothes!!! She could help how MANY kids there!

Meesh on

Love it that she is carrying the 10.00 Avon BCA tote! I ordered it and it’s gorgeous!

giftbox on

I don’t know… if anyone has the right to look a little stressed, washed out and less-than-perfect, it’s a working mother. Especially when one child just turned three years old and the other is four months old. That said, I think Kelly looks chic and lovely as usual, and her baby is just adorable.

Kristi on

Helena looks so much older in this picture then she did in the picture at the Christmas store a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s the bow in hair. Anyways, she is a cutie!

kat on

well it’s her money, so she can spend how ever much she wants. I don’t think it is anyone’s business. And it could have been a gift.

Sheri on

I think Kelly is pretty, but to me she always looks surprised. I guess its the eyebrows. She has the cutest kids though!

Lauren on

I totally thought Kelly was expecting when I first saw this pic and before my head caught up with me. And $135 for that blouse is so not worth it. I read an interview with Stella McCartney earlier this week where she says a lot of the higher end kids’ brands are so boring and stuffy. I so agree. Kelly’s bag, on the other hand, is stunning. I may have to snatch one up for myself.

noam on

i do not want to sound judgmental, but i am genuinely curious as to why someone would bring their infant to a red carpet/event. if there were games and activities, i can maybe see bringing a toddler, but a four-month old requires so much stuff, won’t know what’s going on, will probably, at some point, cry, etc…it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me…

Rebecca on

It’s a little funny that she spent $10 on her bag and $135 on her baby’s shirt. I’m the opposite (and I only have one bag like that.)

Annie on

I might get raked over the coals for this but I just have to say something. I feel like this woman is on here every other day posing with one of her kids on a red carpet or some event. It just seems like she uses her kids to get attention and her picture taken. They’re her “accessory”. I know that’s an awful accusation but seriously I had to say something! I know other celebs get their pics taken with their kids regularly too but it’s usually at a park, an airport, going for a walk, getting ice cream, running an errand – not this lady. Sorry, it’s just my opinion. Stopped myself from commenting a couple of days ago when she was on her posing with her son at his bday party but here she is again!

amyjoy on

Noam, as a breastfeeding mother (which I believe Kelly is) and one who tends toward attachment parenting practices, I took my daughter everywhere with me – it was much easier than pumping, and at four months, she required much less stuff to tote around than she does now as a toddler. She also fell asleep anywhere, usually in her sling. I actually had a lot more freedom to go to “adult”events when she was that age than I do now that she is 15 months old!

Kaylee on

Wow, I hope she gets through this tough time she is going through with her dh. She looks so tired and worn out, I know she is a busy mom, actress etc, but she looks so stressed.

sarawara on

Yikes. Either that is a bad camera angle or Kelly is standing with her back really arched. She looks like she is still pregnant. Anyway, I love that she is carrying an AVON tote!

Nina on

Boo to another bring your baby to the red carpet…all these posed pics are getting really annoying! Cute baby and now I hope we don’t see anymore of them for a long time!

ashley on

Why do some people feel it’s necessary to say “You spent what on what?!?” It’s her money, if she wants to spend $1 or $100 on a baby shirt then so be it! She shouldn’t have to send money over to children in Africa. Good gosh!

Xan on

Annie, I must admit that I have felt the same way. I guess we don’t really know her (or anyone else’s) intentions, but I do have the aching suspicion that to some extent her kids are, as you put it, an “accessory” that lead to photo opps.

Regardless, Helena is a doll, and surprisingly brunette!

marfmom on

amyjoy, good point!!!

and as for the $ on the blouse: celebs give lots of money to charity (or some, anyway) and still have a lot of money leftover. why can’t they spend whatever they want on their kids? they shouldn’t have to give away ALL of their money any more than the rest of us! i’d never spend that much on my kid’s clothes, but $135 is probably a drop in the bucket for her. OR maybe she was GIFTED the shirt by Bonpoint. Sometimes stores do that to attract customers.

hayley on

you no what, i think if she had money problems and she spent that much on a top then yeah i agree what on earth would she be thinking but she is lucky enough not to really have this problem so does it really matter, and to be fair is she dresses her in ‘cheap’ clothes she would get people asking why she isn’t buying expensive thing when she has the money for them.

At the end of the day how do you know she doesn’t sponser a child in need?? or give money to charity? so to say she should send that money is silly, you should’t judge some one for being well off, i just bought a dress for my daughter for 30 pounds and sparkle shoes for 14 pound,which may sound insane to some but i think its worth every penny!

i still don’t understand why people choose to clink on the link to go to the trouble of being negative…so much better to just find something nice to say….

Sophie on

OMG! She looks tired, but her baby is a doll, she is really cute.

Sophia on

Helena just has the most precious little face! She’s just gorgeous. $135 on a baby’s shirt though? Hmm…
By the way, does anyone know how Helena’s name is pronounced? Is it HELL-en-uh or Hell-EE-nuh?

Kadi on

Cute kid! She can spend whatever she wants. She has earned it. However, she got robbed on that shirt. It looks like it was a $5.99 clearance rack special.

jas on

I don’t hardly know who this woman is, or why she’s always posing with her children for red carpet events, but I do feel bad that she’s been criticsized on here for her stomach jutting out a little in that sweater! Pregnancy weight doesn’t all just melt away two weeks after the baby is born, it takes nine months to gain it, I say let these poor women have nine months to lose it. Just because she’s on TV doesn’t mean she has super-genes. It may be the way she’s got her stomach tilted foward, or it could be the sweater, or she may have a little bit of a tummy still; probably a combo of all three. That’s just my two cents, I’m done now 🙂

Jennifer on

Two words: HOW CUTE! 🙂

I don’t think Kelly looks “wrinkly” at all…what is wrong with seeing a 40 year old woman with a few lines on her face? She’s gorgeous..and she’s earned them!

Tracy on

I just ordered that bag. I am going to use it as a book bag.

I♥CBB on

Kelly does look pregnant in this picture and that shirt on the baby (who is cute) is ugly and definitely not worth $135.00!

Natasha on

I don’t think Helena looks AT ALL like Hermes, it’s kinda funny! She’s very cute though 🙂

Laura on

I agree with you Jas. She is 40 yrs old and it is probably harder to lose the belly weight she gained this time. Look at jennifer garner with the second pregnancy…she is in her late 30’s and look how long it took her the second time to lose the belly weight and i think she was more physically fit than kelly. And speaking from personal experience, I had my second right before my 35th bday and 8 months later i still cannot lose the belly weight. Alot harder the second time around and when you are older!

CelebBabyLover on

Kristi- I was just thinking the same thing! Anyway, I agree with the posters who pointed out that Helena’s shirt could have been gifted to Kelly by BonPoint. Or maybe it was a gift from a relative or friend. Why do people always assume that celebs buy all their kids’ clothes?

CTBmom on

That is one serious cute baby! She is beautiful!

Jen on

She has just had a baby Im sure she is allowed to look a little worn out. Also she is 40. Congrats to her on the baby she is beautiful

jessie on

she’s so cute and i love the diaper bag

Shannon on

I can’t believe I’m actually going to defend this woman, but I do want to agree with what Amyjoy said. Kelly has said many, many times that she is an AP parent, which means she takes her child with her almost everywhere she goes. She is also nursing, so I can certainly see why she would take the baby to an event where she can nurse her rather than having to pump or give bottles. If you notice, most of the time we don’t see Hermes in these pics of her out and about, probably because he is no longer nursing.

leonor on

I love Helena’s shirt. I wish I could shop at Bonpoint. They have the prettiest clothes.

Jessica on

I think CBB just puts links and prices to clothing items in the case that a reader would be interested in buying it. The info’s not posted to make people start criticizing the parent for buying it or accepting it as a gift!

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- Kelly said a month or two ago that she was tandem nursing Hermes and Helena. However, Hermes may have stopped by now. And even if he hasn’t, he probably only nurses a couple times a day, so I agree with you. 🙂

Rebecca on

Shannon, a nursing toddler of Hermes’ age doesn’t nurse as often as an infant, so that’s probably why he’s not with her as much. When my older daughter was 3 I was able to leave her at a friend’s house to go to a doctor’s appointment, nursing was mainly to sleep (bed and naptime) and when she wanted to snuggle with me while nursing my younger daughter.

Amanda on

Oh, please. Who cares how much she spent on a shirt for her daughter? Yeah, I’m one of the people who thinks it’s way too much for me, but as far as the comment about her using the money for the baby’s shirt to feed the people in Africa…seriously, if you’re going to make a comment like that, you had better not shop anywhere other than the Salvation Army or Goodwill, because every time you allow yourself any sort of luxury at all, you’re taking the food out of the mouths of starving people on other continents, by that logic. Forget going out to eat every once in a while at Applebee’s or wherever…stay home and then send that money to a Russian orphanage! Have you ever paid more than twenty dollars for a pair of jeans? Yikes, maybe you better prioritize and stop treating yourself to anything because there is someone else who has it worse than you. Sorry for the rant, I’m just baffled. Some of the baby gear that is advertised on here is ridiculously expensive, yet many of you have Orbit strollers or $200 diaper bags. Please don’t misinterpret that. I can’t sit here and honestly tell you that I wouldn’t do the same thing if I had the kind of money that these people do. Yes, there is extreme poverty in this world, but there is also extreme wealth. And not a single one of us knows what the extremely wealthy do with all the extra money they have. Kelly may very well donate time or money to various charities, or, as someone else said, the clothing company may very well have gifted the item to her when the baby was born. Sheesh. And as far as Kelly “looking old” or “wrinkly”…that happens when you get older, and especially when you have a toddler, are going through a divorce, just had a baby, are nursing exclusively, and trying to juggle a career at the same time. Cut these people some slack…or should she have a face lift? Or a tummy tuck so she doesn’t “look pregnant” anymore? Or should she feel guilty if she decides to do something like that and simply send the money overseas because it’s something luxurious that many of us will never be able to afford? After all, that money (which she worked hard for and can do whatever she pleases with it, without it being any of our business) could do so much more good if she just gave it away. Grr. People can be so presumptuous and catty on here. And please know that I’m not meaning to be ignorant toward anybody on here who spends that kind of money on stuff for their kids. If anything, I’m sticking up for you. I’m just trying to point out the hypocrisy in the post that stated that the money she spent on the baby’s shirt could do more good in Africa. If it bothers you that much, write a check to Amnesty International or sign up for disaster relief through the Red Cross. There are plenty of ways that we “ordinary” non-rich and famous can help, too. But let’s not criticize others for what we perceive to be their “lack of helping” when there’s so much more that we could ALL do. Okay, I’m done.

I♥CBB on

Amanda-Do you feel better???? I’m glad you got that off your chest! You just totally ripped people on this board (me included) a new one!! 🙂

Shannon on

I had said he was no longer nursing b/c I thought I had seen an article recently saying he wasn’t, not because he shouldn’t be or anything. I have no problem with toddlers nursing, in fact when I was nursing my youngest, my 2 1/2 year old tried it out a few times as well, even though I had to wean him at a month and a half old due to medical problems. Just wanted to clear that up. I think it may have come across as me saying he shouldn’t be nursing. It seems like it was taken that way, and I just wanted to say I would have no problem if he were nursing. But I do still think that’s why he isn’t seen lately as much as Helena-he doesn’t nurse as often as she does if he is still at all.

leonor on

Amanda, I was reading your post and I fell asleep zzzzzzzzz

Gracie on

Gorgeous Mom and baby!

finais on

Helena seems big for her age. She looks about the same size as my 7 month old.