Rachel Campos-Duffy Expecting Sixth Child

10/13/2009 at 05:30 PM ET
Courtesy Rachel Campos-Duffy

Joking that she never co-hosts The View without a pregnancy announcement in hand, former Real World: San Francisco star Rachel Campos-Duffy stayed true to form during a Monday appearance on the ABC chat fest.

“I am having a sixth child,” she beamed. “I am three months pregnant.”

When asked by co-host Barbara Walters whether she ever wonders how different life would be had The View hired her following her 1999 audition for the show, Rachel admitted that she does — but was quick to clarify that she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I think it’s much harder to have six kids in an apartment in New York City,” she noted. “I live in Wisconsin, in a rural town with 8,000 people; It’s a nice house because it’s affordable.” Rachel added,

“I think it’s obviously easier to have a big family [there], which is what I’ve always wanted. Am I happy? Yes. Would it have been different? Absolutely. But I really believe everything happens for a reason.”

Including, of course, her soon-to-be family of eight with husband Sean Duffy — which Rachel says could continue to grow! “I don’t plan on having 19, but I never planned even one of my children,” she explains. “Each one has been a blessing so I guess I’m open to whatever happens.”

As for baby-on-the-way, Rachel says that her three daughters and two sons are already making their gender preference known.

“The kids want a boy, because they want to be the Brady Bunch.”

Rachel, turning 38 later this month, and Sean, a Republican candidate for Congress in 2010, are parents to Evita Pilar, 9 ยฝ, Xavier Jack, 7 ยฝ, Lucia-Belen, 5, John-Paul, 3, and Paloma Pilar, 16 ยฝ months .

Source: The View

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Brie on

I have been waiting for this site to announce this. I am so happy for them. I have always liked Rachel and even happier she is married to Sean. I love big families. Heres hoping for a boy to even it out (for her kids sake ๐Ÿ™‚ )

aurora mia on

Holy Cow! Good news!

danda_lion on

How exciting!

Erika on

Aww! Congrats to them! I bet it will be a boy, since they have a little pattern there.

Bella on

I don’t agree with her politics but she and her husband seem to be good parents. Congratulations to the family.

Jackie on

I don’t agree with your politics Bella.

Jackie on


What does politics have to do with babies?

Emily on

How left out is Lucia-her sisters have the same middle name but she doesn’t, an odd choice.

Julie on

Congratulations to Rachel and her family on the new addition!

Electra on

Is it me or, isn’t not taking precautions against having a baby in itself planning to have a baby? I mean, unless you have fertility issues, aren’t sexually active or are a woman of a certain age the odds are for you having a baby.

Caroline on

Emily, my older sister and I have the same middle name and my twin has a different one and she doesn’t care. Your middle name, unless your parent is calling you by that instead of your first, rarely comes up and I don’t think she’ll feel left out at all. After all those kids parents just lose creativity lol

Bella on

Sweetness, you don’t KNOW my politics so please refrain from making assumptions.

Thanks : )

Liliana on

Congrats to Sean and Rachel!

Kadi on

Wow! She is great at picking out names.

L on

They have a gorgeous family…what an awesome political family with all those kids if he gets elected, Congrats!!!

Iโ™ฅCBB on

I saw her on the View on Monday and I was wondering when CBB would announce the pregnancy. Even though to me she is another Elisabeth Hasselbeck and I don’t agree with her views on politics I really wish her and her family all the best in the world. They seem like such a wonderful, happy, down to earth family and this new addition is such a welcome blessing. CONGRATULATIONS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

SY on

I thought her older son was named Xavier, why do they call him Jack? It drives me crazy when families have basically the same name for their kids…usually, Jack is a nickname for John, so how does that work? Congrats to them, she looks great for having 5 kids!

Brooke on

Bella isn’t wrong for saying that. I too, do not like Rachel Campos-Duffy or Elisabeth Hasselbeck for that matter because of their politics. You can dislike someone on this site…..Don’t crucify the girl for stating an opinion.

Tia on

Still makes me giggle that they met on MTV’s The Real World. Her husband was such a douche on that show. Weird to see them all married up with kids.

Erica on

I find it more interesting that the girls all have ethnic names while the boys’ are Anglo (is Xavier Anglo? lol). Either way I’m sure they are excited about the new baby but man, six is a lot of kids.

marfmom on

Erica, that’s the deal my husband and I have ๐Ÿ™‚ If we had a girl we’d pick a Brasilian name for her. If we had a boy we’d pick an anglo name. I’m Brasilian. We had a boy. ๐Ÿ™‚

ukkiwi71 on

Erm, I simply don’t understand people saying their children aren’t planned. If you are knowingly having unprotected sex, then you are planning to have a baby, whether consciously or not. Unprotected sex = pregnancy in most cases. You can only really say they weren’t planned if your contraception failed.

Anna on

Sounds like she follows the same believe as the Duggars. I wonder with how many children she’ll end up.

Angel on

I don’t understand why comments have to be prefaced with “I don’t agree with their politics but….” Who cares if you agree with their politics or not? This is not a political site. I don’t agree with 99% of celebrity parents’ politics but guess what? They still have cute kids and most of them seem to be good parents. I know it seems to be an odd concept but the same goes for Republicans. And just for the record, I love Rachel AND her politics.

Tres Hijos on

I agree with Electra…If you don’t have fertility issues and you are sexually active, having sex = trying to get pregnant, unless you do something to actively prevent conception.

Carol M. on

I don’t agree with the politics of 99.9% of the celebrities on here, but don’t feel the need to qualify that with each comment I make…but perhaps I’ll start just to show you how annoying it is.

It seems so strange to me that the party of “open-minded” people feel the need to put others down who are not like themselves. To even go so far, as Brooke did, in saying “I too, do not like Rachel Campos-Duffy or Elisabeth Hasselbeck for that matter because of their politics.” YIKES! Sounds like you need to spend some time in the religious book of your choice and learn to hate the sin, not the sinner…which is what I do with closed-minded liberals.

Carol M. on

LOVE that Brooke said, “Bella isnโ€™t wrong for saying that. I too, do not like Rachel Campos-Duffy or Elisabeth Hasselbeck for that matter because of their politics. You can dislike someone on this siteโ€ฆ..Donโ€™t crucify the girl for stating an opinion.”

And then went ahead and crucified Rachel Campos-Duffy and Elisabeth Hasselbeck for theirs! Too funny!

gigi on

Stating you don’t like someone is not crucifying them. We are entitled to our opinions but I do think we should focus more on kids/ family since that’s what the site is all about.

Ash on

Six kids! Wow! They’re going to be busy, that’s for sure.

I remember that neither she nor Sean were portrayed in the best light on The Real World so I wonder how that will affect his run for office.

Heather on

I think by saying they were not planned she just meant they didn’t sit down and say, “Okay… let’s try to get pregnant this month.” Or, “Okay we are going to have 7 kids” Although I get what everyone is saying that not having protected sex is planning on getting pregnant, but even while not using protection you just never know when it will happen. It’s a wonderful surprise ๐Ÿ™‚ And like I said they don’t know how many they’ll have b/c they don’t have a set plan.

I used to watch Real World all of the time but I do not remember her or her husband, so I have no idea who she is. Their episodes of the Real World may have been before my time though.

In any event a baby is a blessing, so Congrats! ๐Ÿ™‚

JMO on

Yeah I don’t get the, “none of my kids were planned” thing. Sort of like Mrs. Duggar saying she was really shocked at learning she was expecting yet again. Uh hello you have 18 kids it’s not so far fetched that when you leave it up to God and your having sex that you can get pregnant! And after 18 she should really be aware of that! lol

Kristi on

I come from a family of 6 (three boys and three girls) and I have always loved having so many siblings! Congratulations to the them!

In regards to their middle names, it looks like maybe Lucia-Belen could be her full name because of the hyphen (that’s how I read it at least as well as their one son’s name being John-Paul and not Paul as a middle name). Maybe she doesn’t technically have a middle name because she has two first names.

AmandaB on

Congrats to Rachel and her husband! I just love her and am also a little envious as I’d love to have a large family as well! Good for them!

Zippy on

I thought that we were in America where everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So what if you don’t like her political views I personally cant stand Joy’s political view anyway Congrats Rachel!!

Patrice on

I love this! I say, as long as you can personally support them all finacially, mentally, and emotionally, who are we to put caps on how many children someone has? That’s what the Chinese governmant has done, and hundreds of thousands of their babies are adopted INTO the US each year. I aspire to have a huge family of my own someday (my mom was the youngest of 13) but I would never have more than I could support. Good for Rachel! I think she is a role model in her own way.

AJ on

Why must everything and I literally mean everything about this country be politics…I thought we were here discussing parents and kids! I get so tired of everything ALWAYS revolving back to someone’s political views. Why does it matter so much who they are backing or if they are republican or democratic? The only thing the topic was about, was they were expecting another baby. It briefly stated her husband is a politician but again what does that have to do with her being pregnant? My husband is a Marine…has NOTHING to do with me being pregnant other than the fact it kept him in good shape all these years lol. Some of my friends are anti-military and anti-war, but that doesn’t mean they have to reitterate it to me everytime I have gotten pregnant. Congrats on your pregnancy! I still don’t like your views and your husbands though…Very annoying and strange.

Patrice on

JMO: I do agree with you. I mean, we all know how babies get here. It does drive me a little crazy when people say this, especially considering that all of her kids are about 2-2 1/2 years apart. Maybe she just means that they weren’t like, using ovulation monitering devices or something? Who knows.

Elle on

AJ you said exactly what I was thinking. I don’t want to give anymore attention to this very OFF topic discussion so I’ll stop here.

Congratulations to Rachel and Sean! She is such a lovely woman and they have a beautiful family. The kids are cute for wanting a boy so that they can be like the Brady Bunch. That would be fun!

Chris on

Technically, all of her children were planned. Big families are great though. She seems happy.

Stella Bella on

The kids wanting the Brady Bunch is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I would have wanted the same thing if I wasn’t an only child! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa on

Heather….. I remember both of them on The Real World, more her than him though. She was a bit on the wild side back then. She was on the season where “Puck” was on and they had a bit of a fling. If you remember Puck was the guy who was unclean and just a trouble maker in the house but for some reason they hit it off in the house in the beginning. Also Pedro was on their season as well. He was the young man who was dying from AIDS and this was one of the first shows at the time to talk about people living with the disease. Rachel and was friends with Pedro as well, and later in the season, the house had Puck evitcted for being so nasty to everyone living in the house.

I don’t know Sean’s season as well, but he was on the Boston season where they lived in a rehabed Firehouse. I remember that season they worked in some kind of daycare center for children. I remember that they liked to partyand drink too much on that season. Many times they got in trouble for not taking their job serious since they wouldn’t even show up. I don’t remember much else about this season. I think this season the house didn’t get along with each other too well, and didn’t work well as a team when it came to their job at the day care. I don’t really remember too much of Sean other than he was on this season. I can’t remember if he was liked or disliked?

Hopefully Heather, maybe that will help you remember these two on The Real World. I am pretty sure they met when they were doing those Real World/ Road Rules challenge shows. Just incase you were wondering how they met since they were on different seasons.

paula on

I could preface almost every comment I make here with “I don’t agree with their politics, but…”, since most celebrities are far left liberals, and I’m not. But that just seems silly…
Congrats to them, regardless of their politics!

Erika on

lol I agree Paula. Nobody cares about your political views, no need to brag that you’re a liberal! I too should start almost all posts on several other celebs with “I don’t agree with her views….” lol.

krewcat on

Well I personally agree with her views and think her and husband are great role models for a young strong family.

I have 4 and only one of mine was really PLANNED… and by planned I mean…temping every day, planning when to have sex. Knowing when I was ovulating and ACTIVLY TRYING to get pg. The others we didnt use protection and new we could get pg and were fine with that if thats what happened. But to me that doesnt mean we were “planning” on them. I think thats what shes meaning….

VEO on

JMO-agreed! It seemed almost…ignorant( for lack of better word) that she said she didn’t know she was expecting. She’d been through the process enough times before to know and they don’t use birth control so its kind of expected that unprotected sex would result in baby 19. I guess she was truly expecting Jordan-Grace to be her last baby?

Erica on


I think that’s a pretty cool deal!

LP on

Honestly, you may not agree with someone’s politics, but you can’t dislike people you don’t know.

Stephany on

I don’t think Rachel was being “ignorant” at all when she said this baby wasn’t planned. It probably wasn’t! She obviously knows the birds and the bees. You have sex without protection (and sometimes, even with protection!), you can get pregnant. But what I took away from this (and when other celebrities say this) is that they weren’t actively trying for another baby. They left it up in the air…”if we get pregnant, cool. If not, that’s OK, too.” I don’t know….I’m just not taking it as literal as some people, I guess.

(And AJ’s comment was SPOT ON! I loved it!!)

FC on

Whoa, Sean’s running for Congress? That’s new.

I was surprised when she said she was expecting her sixth baby on Monday’s The View. But, I’m curious to see if the kids will get their wish and have their very own Brady Bunch.

Best of luck to her and Sean with this baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

sfmom on

I’d be really curious to have seen how this discussion went down if CBB left out the “R” word in reference to Sean Duffy’s congressional run. I honestly have never heard of them before this, but from what I’ve read in the last 20 minutes via google, it sounds like they’re a pretty neat family (aside from the massive lapse in judgment that was MTV). I don’t feel the need to flame every post about Jennifer Garner starting with “too bad her husband is a liberal jack@**”…I guess it’s just really important for all of you tolerant libs to make sure that no one makes the ghastly assumption that you like (horror of horrors) a conservative.
I’m thrilled to see this family having kids.
And you know what, as far as Sean is concerned, he may have a dreaded, evil R next to his name, but he has a stellar trial success rate as district attorney, which is more than can be said for a hell of a lot of liberals. At least he’s fulfilling his duties as DA and putting away the criminals.

Sarah M. on

VEO and JMO – Michelle said that she was feeling like Jordyn-Grace might be her last one (not too long after her birth, if I recall correctly).

Congrats on the newest addition! I hope they get their next boy. (Though I’m sure they’d love another girl just as much.)

christina on

Hmmm…not a fan of the kids’ names, or their politics, but they seem happy and can afford a big family, so best wishes.

Lisa on

I think the reason comments are prefaced with “I don’t like their political view” is because that is what most of the women on the View do ~ talk politics. I often see rock stars that I think “wow, they’re too crazy for me, but congratulations”. Some rock stars live crazy lives, so you comment on it. Same with the women on the View. At least that is how I feel about it.

Kasee on

Well said, sfmom

gianna on

I liked her on the view always, she’s cute too and I like the kids names especially eva, lucia, and john. Another kid though wow, she is pregnant every year since she got married. I doin’t get the point of so many kids in this day and age, but whatever. It reminds me of the 40’s and 50’s when women were barefoot and pregnant their whole lives lol.

mermaids614 on

Blah blah blah…….why must Every comment concerning Rachel Campos-Duffy go back to politics? I watched the Real World with Rachel when I was 18 back in 94! I’ve always liked Something about Rachel. I admire her intelligence and she has always been a bit feisty. Politics aside, Rachel appears to be a DAMN good mother! Politics is a small part of what she represents! I read her blog and she is on top of those parenting skills and maintaining her household. She is educated as well. Congratulations Rachel!!

Sarah M. on

It’s been posted that she had another girl on April first. Reportedly her name is Maria Victoria Margarita Duffy.