Kingston Rossdale: Giddyup!

10/13/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Too cute! Kingston James McGregor Rossdale, 3, hitched a ride on a horse while dad Gavin Rossdale snapped photos on his Blackberry during a trip to Tom’s Toys in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday.

What’s up with Gavin’s black locks and nails? The former Bush frontman, 43, just wrapped taping on an episode of Criminal Minds airing November 11th — he plays a goth rocker who’s linked to an investigation involving vampirism. Click here for a sneak peek at his character.

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Kaila on

Does Gavin ever see his daughter Daisy? and Kingston is certainly looking handsome.

didi on

can hair dye harm a child?

All Women Stalker on

Wow, he has gotten so big! He will surely be a heartbreaker.


R on

Enough with the hair dye comments already! It comes up in every single photo of Kingston! just let it go,
Kingston is a handsome happy child! Love the smile!

Caroline on

I am sure Gavin and Gwen would put hair dye in their child’s hair if it were harmful…honestly people. Cute picture!

Mia on

He hasn’t had a relationship with his god daughter (later to find out his biological daughter) since she was little.

Karey on

Kingston is my fav celebrity baby – he is soooo cute, and seems to have so much spunk. Love him!


OMG! Kingston is so so cute!!! I feel so old since I still remember the pictures paparazzis took of Gwen when she was pregnant with Kingston lol

I can not wait to see Gavin on Criminal minds! I LOVE that show and it should be interesting to see him play an unsub…lol

BTW, I did not know Gavin had an older daughter? The things we learn on this site…lol Are the close, has she met her brothers?

Sophie on

XOXO he has a duaghter (Daisy Lowe- she’s a model she dated Mark Ronson) They used to be close (she’s also his goddaughter) but aren’t anymore, and I don’t really think they’ve spoken since he found out. (This is what i understood from an interview from Pearl lowe- but really who knows what goes on behind closed doors- every story has two sides and he doesn’t speak about it there is no real way to know what actually happened/ is happening there)

Back on topic, that is one beautiful, big, infectious smile on Kingstons face. Both of them look so happy.

JMO on

R – well said!

XoXo- this is what I got from reading about it. Apparently this girl Daisy was Gavin’s “Goddaughter” for many years and then the mother of Daisy came out and said that Gavin was her biological father. Apparently the mother once told Gavin that Daisy was his then turned around and said it wasn’t. Gavin never issued a DNA test and just played the Godfather role. When Daisy found out she was sort of upset but since has had no relationship with him (I think by her choice). I believe she also went on to say negative things about Gwen and the animosity lead to an astranged relationship between them. What is true out of all that I am not sure. But yes he does have a daughter who would probably be early 20’s and they do not have a relationship.

And on that note. I just love this boy Kingston. I don’t normally watch paparazzi videos but I happened to catch an old one of Kingston who was basically telling the paps off! He kept screaming “no” and when they were taking pics outside the store he went up to the door and said, “close it!” HAHA looks like he’s more comfortable with them now that he’s older!

motherof3 on

He is such a cute kid! Gavin and Gwen have such a beautiful looking family. Gotta love them! The kids always seem so happy and the parents so hands on!

Jen on

Kingston is so cute, he always seems to be so happy. Imagine in years to come him and Shiloh together haha that would be funny

CelebBabyLover on

Funny that nobody ever asked if hair dye can harm a child back when Maddox Jolie-Pitt used to have parts of his hair dyed different colors (including blue!)!

dawn on

Hair Dye isn’t harmful if you do it alot it just causes split ends. I started dying my kids hair when they were 3yr and havent stopped.

Kingston has his dads smile, Very handsome boy…

Dee on

Kingston is a very handsome lil man. His smile is infectious as ever.

Whatever happened to Daisy we will never truly know. Only what we read in the tabloids. Behind closed doors things always always play out differently!!!

dana on

I’m sure people asked about Maddox’s hair dye also….check the archives, LOL! What’s wrong with letting a child keep his natural color hair? I know that pregnant women are discouraged from coloring their hair due to the chemicals, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that it’s not safe for children either? And I don’t mean split ends, I mean the danger of it being absorbed into their scalp. An honest debate here, not just “Kingston looks soooo cute, so who cares!??”

CelebBabyLover on

dana- Well, when Maddox sported blue highlights in the twins’ first photoshoot last year, no one said anything about it. As for the times he had his hair dyed previous to that….Most of the comments I saw (I HAVE read through the CBB archives. Several times, in fact!) that were critical of the hair dye just said things like, “I think his hair looks ridiculious!”, rather than asking if hair dye is safe.

That said, from what I’ve read, it IS safe for pregnant women to color their hair after the first trimester…and some experts think it may even be safe in the first trimester.

Anyway, do you really, honestly believe that Gwen and Gavin would do something that could harm their child?

Jen on

Im sure if it was going to hurt Kingston Gween and Gavin wouldnt have done it. its there kids aint it??? we just have our own mixed reviews

Katey on

such a handsome little kid