Happy Third Birthday Hermés Giersch!

10/13/2009 at 10:30 AM ET
Casey Rogers/AP for use on CBB

Happy birthday to Hermés Gustaf Daniel Giersch, who turns three this coming Sunday!

Mom Kelly Rutherford hosted a construction-themed birthday party for her son at her New York City apartment earlier this month.

Working with the Gossip Girl actress to include both her favorites (organic food) and her son’s (cars and dump trucks), planner Marley Majcher of The Party Goddess flew in from Los Angeles to get the party started.

Setting up the event to resemble a mini construction site with brightly colored signs and traffic cones, complete with hard hats and gloves for the kids, Marley also included a building zone where kids could construct and destroy Lego and block structures.

The birthday boy’s cake was a replica of Mattel’s Rocky the Robot dump truck, and each party guest was gifted with their own toy to take home.

Kelly, 40, and ex-husband Daniel Giersch are also parents to daughter Helena Grace, 4 months.

See more photos from the party below!

Casey Rogers/AP for use on CBB
Casey Rogers/AP for use on CBB
Casey Rogers/AP for use on CBB
Casey Rogers/AP for use on CBB

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Amy on

wow – what a cake!

Patrice on

So, she won’t allow her children’s father to see them without going to court every other week (all in the name of “normalcy” for them), but she invites the MEDIA into her son’s third birthday party? For what purpose? To make herself look good of course! She is just as bad as Kate Gosselin in my opinion, just has a love of media attention. Negative or positive.

TonyaJ on

I LOBE his name! I also love that birthday cake. Perhaps I can use that for my Landyn’s next party!

Jen K on

I agree with Patrice. Who lets the AP photograph their kids birthday?

That said, it does look like a fun party. Love the tool shaped sandwiches!

Lauren on

Mmm Patrice I agree. Kelly is media-hungry. Throughout the whole divorce thing, she has tried to make things difficult for Daniel, at least it seems that way. She has acted very immature. When he was born, she called him top notify him. How rude! She seems very controlling. Anyway, Hermes is so cute, and looks like a great party, even though she has tried to make herself look good, once again.

Lilly on

I don’t know much about this woman but from what I’ve seen, I just do not like her.

Jackie on

I’m sure she didn’t just let AP photograph the party. I’ll bet that it was some sort of a paid deal from Mattel. I’m sure they went all out to throw the best possible party, hiring a big celebrity event planner like the Party Goddess. She does all the big stars parties. This one does look like fun!

Anna on

She is trying to get positive media coverage in every possible way. I have disliked her since she said she wished her children’s father would just get out of their lives.

Georgina on

I agree with Lilly, she just comes across as very spiteful and selfish. I dont no why, i just get that vibe.

I also dont like the fact she couldnt organise her owns sons bday party, i mean hes 3, not 16, how hard is it?

Nina on

Ugh, every time I see pics like these I just feel so horrible for her kids. I respect the many celebrities who keep their private life private..selling your kids bday party pics is unacceptable!

jj on

we don’t know the whole story on her divorce. maybe she thinks favorable media coverage will help. but if it’s true that her husband is crazy (like stalking her nanny) as she claims then i don’t blame her for doing all she can.

so yeah we don’t know.

cool cake!

hayley on

wow feeling catty arn’t we

first of all none of us really no what went on with her and her ex so before we jump on her how about thinking about how we would feel if some one said that to us…..we only no what we are fed by media …remember that and half of whats in the rags is rubbish…lots of ‘interviews’ are just made up or taken from other statements, so how can people say they don’t like her…or she is soo trying to het good media…its a party! its not a look round her home while she breastfeeds both kids while sending food to starving children…

btw…how did kate Gosselin get brought in…is this the same woman who ex has to pay back 180,000 back after taking it out of a joint account then saying he didn’t but did with out telling her….hmm maybe we should lay off her while we are at it….

i see a lovely birthday party, a happy looking kids that all that matters, i am so tired of the nasty catty little comments by the same people saying the same things on every post..why why can’t we all try super hard even if you don’t like this person ***not that you have ever even met them in the first place!!** to try and just say something…anything postive …maybe if we all tried that the world and this site would be much nicer….

**gets off my soapbox…to hunt down that cake for my sons birthday……………..

kris on

LOL! I was actually thinking it seemed more in line with a “normal” 3 year olds party. And it looks like the party planner hit the nail on the head so to speak with the fun activities she had out for the kids. Legos, trucks, stickers on constructions hats and it looks like the kids are decorating their own cupcakes..lots of fun simple things any of us can replicate in our own homes. (Yes, minus the party planner but hey, it’s still Hollywood even if it is in NYC.) Hermes totally looks like he just wants to stick his hand in that giant truck cake and get to eating it!!

motherof3 on

i agree Patrice – i was just about to post that when I read your comment. I can’t understand WHY she needs to have the media into every aspect of her life. I am now beginning to think SHE is completely in favor of any media attention she can get – or she is cash strapped and making her children’s private moments public for the sake of a quick buck!

GeorgiaMOM on

To all the negative comments about Kelly and her husband we don’t know what went on behind closed doors and in the privacy of their home. I love the cake, love the party , love Kelly and her kids. Give her a break.


That party looks like so much fun. I love that idea! and the cake is so cute!

I am not going to judge her since I do not know what went on in her marriage, I see two happy, healthy children and that is all the matters to me.

BTW, am I the only one that actually likes Kate Gosselin? lol I mean yeah she has her bad side but I actually like her…lol She is always doing fun things with the kids and she is so organized! Also, her children are adorable and seem so HAPPY! a child can not fake it.

Liliana on

I’m not a fan of Kelly or Daniel due to the way their divorce has played out in the media but if she wants photographers to be there to celebrate her son’s birthday, I suppose it’s her decision. Not something I would choose to do in her position but, again, not my child. At least there wasn’t cameo appearences by a slew of other celebrities that just so happen to have children as well.

I’ve never understood that. When people like Ali Landry and Tori Spelling throw birthday parties for their children, it seems as if a number of other celebrities show up just to promote themselves. I can understand if the the parents were friends but most of the time, I wonder if they even know each other.

That said, it’s nice to see a party planner who didn’t go over the top with a child’s birthday. Hermes and his friends seem to be having a great time simply playing with construction themed toys and decorating cookies. The sandwiches are adorable and the birthday boy seems to be enjoying his cake.

Birthday party aside, I hope that if Daniel wants to see his son on the date of his actual birthday, he’ll be able to do so, drama free.

Sophie on

He is such a beautiful little boy. And that looks like a fun party for a three year old. The cake reminds me of the cakes my mum would make for me using her Jane Asher cake decoration book- not quite as impressive but they made me happy.

As for what happened with kelly and her husband- no-one apart from them and the people involved know what actually happened. As for the photos, maybe it was part of the deal- and many many celebs have a party organiser organise their baby/childs birthday parties and have photos published of the event and people comment about how cute/nice it is- so why is Kelly any different?

ecl on

If there weren’t photos, you guys wouldn’t have anything to look at. As for who is at fault, the judge who weighed the evidence seemed to think her ex was in the wrong. I feel like this site is just another way for women to attack each other for their parenting decisions so they can feel better about their own parenting, necessary because mothering is so devalued in our society.

crimpe on

I’ll stay out of the character debate, but I DO love Kelly’s dress and totally want it for myself!

mamabear on

Any see Hermes’ shoes? Those shoes must be the wrong size. Wow, I cannot believe a three year old has that large a foot…

g!na on

aaw! cute cake & sandwiches! I feel bad that her husband hardly has a relationship with his kids! especially since his baby girl was just born! For the sake of the children i hope they both come to a mature agreement! It’s really hurting the kids not to let them see both parents! This happen to my sister!

littlebear on

Lovely pics.Hermes is sooo adorable.yummy cake
I do not wanna judge her coz i’m not a insider.I mean,is her private life,isn’t it?
She loves her kids

totally agree Sophie .it’s unfair to the single mum.

meghan on

Great looking party! I know there was a planner, but really there are a lot of great ideas that ‘civilians’ could easily do for their own kid’s party, except the cake — unless you happen to have mad baking skills.

J on

Yuck. Hayley don’t even start on Kate Gosselin, she has just as many issues to work out as Jon does.

Nayyan on

Kelly wants her ex to work and help financial support the family, not be Mr. Mom and spend her money!!!!!!!!!! She is smart to accumulate wealth by any means necessary. She is wise to make sure that her kids are well known by the public, in the case of their father leaving the country with them!!!!!!!!!!! you don’t know the story! And any parent who needs money to ensure that they can provide for their children should do it! Her keys look happy and healthy. They are young and want remember too much about these family problems. Kelly career may end and she is working while she has the opportunities. Most working parents have to leave their kids often than celebrities. You just don’t understand her life. Wish her well. Tell their Dad to go get a job!!!!!!!!111

g!na on

Nayyan- your right! I don’t know what’s going on with her ex-husband! so, if he’s not working and living off her that is not right! well, anyways, i hope things go well for the kids! The are beautiful!

Allegra on

It does seem that Kelly is a bit media-hungry but at least her kids seem happy. Happy birthday to Hermes! That is one crazy cake!
I have to ask; how is his name pronounced? I would’ve guessed Her-meez, but that accent just throws me off.

Ella on

@Nayyan and g!na: Daniel Giersch is not a Mr. Mom, he is a wealthy German businessman (selfmade millionaire) and definitely doesn’t need her money.
I saw an interview with him on German television (before the divorce) and he came across as a really nice intelligent person who adores his son.

hayley on

Yuck. Hayley don’t even start on Kate Gosselin, she has just as many issues to work out as Jon does.

errr honey i didn’t i said to lay off kate not start on her, she’s not the one draining the bank account is she……

jeeeeeeez can’t we all just get along…

CelebBabyLover on

Hayley- I agree! We don’t know what went on in their marriage. Maybe there’s a very good reason why Kelly doesn’t want her husband in their kids’ lives. Just because someone is a parent does not automatically mean they should get to see their kids!

For all we know, it might be best for the kids NOT to be around Daniel.

XOXO- No, you aren’t alone. Although I personally think Kate should stop talking to the media so much, there’s something about her that I like. To be honest, I find Jon’s actions way worse than Kate’s.

christa on

She does everything for her celebrity, but nothing to keep her marriage going. All she needed was a stud, to give her children, she seems very cold and manipulating, why marry the man and then after she is pregnant with her second child, go for the divorce. You need to work on your marriage, not give up, when ever you want. Children need two parents. I wonder why she married him in the first place.
Maybe she is hiding something.

Patrice on

Thanks to everyone who agred with me (I thought I would be crucified)! And Christa, I could not have said it better myself! Harsh, but may be true…

Mariel on

Or maybe NOT, Christa.
Not all men are good and supportive. And NOT all children needs both parents. Some of theme are better without one of them. I dont know her story, but i know a lot of stories like mine.

Kristi on

This is the one website I go to that I haven’t seen any coverage of the Gosselin drama and I enjoy it!!! I would be curious to find out why CBB doesn’t post stuff about the Gosselin children. Even though they are not technically babies and are reality tv stars, other older children and reality tv stars are posted on here…but trust me I’m not complaining. I’m on Gosselin exposure overload lol!

Anyways that cake is so cute I wouldn’t want to eat it!

Dee on

Now I’m not here to preach because frankly I wasn’t there when they got married or divorced etc.

What I can comment on is about reading an article the other day about fathers who have been cut out of their children’s lives by their exes. It was so heartbreaking because some of these guys ended up moving back home with family and relations, sleeping on couches because they spent every last dime they had to try and fight court rulings to be allowed access to their kids.

Some of the men even talked about suicide. It was so crazy. That being said, I really hope that these two can work it out for the sake of their kids. In the end it is ALWAYS the kids who suffer and at the hands of their own parents. I think parents need to put their own feelings for their exes aside and focus on whats important and thats the kids.

That aside, the party looked like a lot of fun. If she chooses to invite the press to her kids’ parties or to watch her pee, that’s her business. I cant comment on that!!!

Ella on

@christa: Totally agree with you!

There was a documentary about Daniel Giersch on German television about his success and how he started his company about a year and a half ago. It also showed some footage about his family and the new environmental friendly house they built. Kelly said what a great dad Daniel is and how supportive he is of her career.
I just don’t believe that he suddenly turned into this monster who you can’t let alone with the kids, to me she seems like a total control freak and manipulating.

CelebBabyLover on

Christa- What would she be hiding? Can you (or someone else) elaborte, please? Oh, and we don’t know why she married Daniel or why she divorced him. We don’t know if she married him just to have kids, or if she always planned to divorce him after getting pregnant with her second child. We really shouldn’t judge.

Nayyan on

When you read all that has been made public about this divorce, you will see in court records, that Daniel is facing investigation and perhaps jail time if he returns to Germany. I wish the best out come for these sweet children. If he proves to be a reliable dad he will be allowed in their life. The court will see to that.

Jenn on

I don’t know what all went on with their marriage, but the courts granted her a restraining order. There must have been some reason for that.

g!na on

Ella – if that is correct, than i wonder why she makes it so difficult for him to see his kids! i’m glad to heare he’s no mr.mom like K-fed! I guess we will never know why she had a restraining order! i hope for the sake of the KIDS everything is worked out! My sister went through a nasty divorce and the custody battle was really hard on the kids! Soon both decided to make an agreement and the kids are happier because the parents are co-parenting in a agreeable manner! my nieces are doing so much better because even though their parents are divorced they do not fight in front of the kids or prevent them from seeing either parent!

Jessica on

I always have to laugh whenever I hear someone comment about Kate Gosselin. I live near her, let me tell you, she is NOT the Kate Gosselin you see on tv. She truly is not very nice. For the person who commented about Jon taking $$. Did you forget the part where Kate admitted to taking the $$ first and she was ordered to put it back?

Terri on

Ugh…enough drama. Kelly’s kids look happy and healthy. That’s enough for me. Hope that the parents can work out their issue to co-parent successfully.


I value the information on your websites. Many thanks!.