Hilary Swank on Motherhood: 'When the Time Is Right, I'll Know'

10/12/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Marie Claire

Million Dollar Baby star Hilary Swank has babies on the brain — but the Oscar winner says, for now, there is a different kind of baby taking center stage.

“For me, my career is like, for lack of a better word, a baby,” she tells Marie Claire. “I always knew that I wanted to act, since I was 7-years-old.” For just as long, however, Hilary concedes she has been “thinking about the day” she would become a mom. She adds,

“When the time is right, I’ll know. I am aware that next week, I turn 35. But I am also aware that the timing has to be right.”

She’s already learning what it’s like to live with a child, by way of boyfriend John Campisi‘s 6-year-old son Sam, and beginning to consider her choices more carefully as a result. A self-confessed fan of sleeping in the nude — “I just toss and turn too much…if I’m in clothes, I get all twisted up,” she explains — Hilary predicts that the practice will be coming to an end soon.

“You wonder at what age you should stop walking around nude,” she muses. “Every morning he comes into the bedroom, and you’re just nude.” Hilary is quick to point out, however,

“He doesn’t look twice; he doesn’t think about it yet.”

Source: Marie Claire, November issue

— Missy

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Ava on

I honestly can’t believe she is in front of her boyfriends 6 year old child naked…Im sorry but I don’t think thats right. I won’t even walk around naked in front of my 7 year old daughter and I’m her mother..If I was that child’s mother I would be livid!!!!And i’m sorry but he is not 2 he is 6, Children are very aware at that age….

Felecia on

Um…I think that practice should come to an end. Now. He’s 6!!

Jane on

Huh? Is this story for real? I certainly hope she is exaggerating. This is terrible! I usually like her but this has me upset. This should not happen.

Amber on

I agree! She is not the mother and in no way should be naked around this child! I would be soooo angry if I was the mother!

Erica on

I gotta agree with 1 and 2, it would be something different if Hillary were his mother (and the one responsible for teaching the child about the different perceptions of nudity) but she’s not. I wonder how Sam’s mom feels about her six year old son seeing his dad’s girlfriend naked on such a frequent basis…I like Hillary as an actress, but I really don’t get why she would want to share that story.

Sanja on

While I’d never walk in front of my 6-year old naked (and certainly not my boyfriend’s child) I do know mothers who bathed/showered with their 6/7 year old kids and all of them grew up perfectly normal and adjusted (both boys and girls).

nks on

He’s 6! He’s definitely aware of what’s going on. Wow, completely inappropriate behavior. Maybe it’s better she doesn’t have children of her own yet.

Lisa on

This story really disturbs me. As a single parent of a son, I would never allow anyone to spend the night while my son was there, let alone appear nude in front of a child. If my ex did this, I would be very upset.

Jessicad on

I bet this child’s mother is going to FREAK, I sure would. I walk around my daughter nude, she’s 2 and she already knows what’s up, but she’s MINE. You shouldn’t walk around nude in front of any child that isn’t yours , and especially a 6 year old boy. I feel bad for Hilary:)

Anna on

It is just a naked body, nothing to be scared of. A child won’t be traumatized by a seeing nudity unless the adult acts like it’s wrong, dirty etc.

She sounds smart in realizing that she needs to think about wanting to have children or not and at the same time knowing how important timing is.

Nicole on

I’m glad I’m not the only one completely in awe of her actions. There are so many things wrong with this article! #1 That child is NOT her child. #2 He’s 6…very aware of naked girl parts!!!!!!! #3 She acts like it’s no big deal, which it is!

You want to sleep in the nude, go for it. She needs to either lock the door and have a robe close, or suck it up and wear minimal clothing. But, I can tell you, if I was that child’s mother, I would kick her *** for showing my MALE child her naked body. I don’t show my own male child (who’ll be 4 in Feb.) my naked body. There’s no need for it!

Sarah K. on

I’m sorry but…what?! That is so wildly inappropriate. That little boy is not her child. I hope his mother already knew, because this is probably not the best way to find out.

I♥CBB on

I have a subscription to Marie Claire and when I read this article I thought hmm…………. that’s different. I’m interested to read what people think about this. I thought it was weird and inappropriate but that’s just my personal opinion. It obviously doesn’t bother her boyfriend because if it did she probably wouldn’t do it.
Jessicad-I have to agree with you. The mother probably will freak because if that were my child I would FREAK!!!

megan on

Wow. I would flip if I was this kid’s mother. The fact that it’s happened more than once and those two never thought “Hmm,let’s lock the bedroom door / put on pjs” is just messed up

katie on

That is seriously wrong of her to do. She has to be stupid if she doesn’t think that it is innappropriate. Put on a night gown.

fuzibuni on

calm down everyone.
i think the boy will survive this tragedy.
there are many worse things in life than seeing hilary swank sleeping in the buff.

Julia on

I think all these reactions are inapropriate… I honestly don’t see the danger in being nude in your own home, the kid is 6 years old, how could this possibly harm him?

The fact that you guys make such a big point out of this confirms yet again a lot of stereotypes I have…

JustMe on

Is she just being ‘cute’? Or is she that clueless?… I like Hilary Swank; consider her a smart woman… but this is just not only silly but totally inconsiderate.
I firmly, unequivocally believe that Hollywood and everything related are terribly out of touch with normalcy.

hcecilia on

I must be a minority, along with Anna, in thinking there is nothing wrong. First, I don’t think she literally meant she frolics around the house with nothing completely on – she does it in the convenience of her own bedroom. My step father slept in the nude all the time! I was taught to ALWAYS knock on the door and there were times I impulsively walked in, but I can never say I was traumatized but it. And to be perfectly honest, it never made me anymore curious about a penis. All the times kids walk in on their parents having sex and not locking the door, thinking their children are sleeping, same thing!

I think the issue is that this isn’t her child. However, I’m a single mother and though I may not like my daughter’s father’s girlfriend (because of all the drama caused by her), if it were any other girlfriend that’s his house… the end.

Lorus on

I walk around naked in front of my children (9 and 2) and don’t think anything of it. Nudity isn’t something to be ashamed of. However I wouldn’t do it in front of someone else’s children. The father of the boy doesn’t think anything of it so maybe his mother doesn’t either?

Belle on

I would have a little discussion if the shack up of my child’s father were having her bare arse showing for him to see. She needs to cover it up or perhaps not shack in front of him.

Jessicad on

There’s nothing wrong with the nudity, I’m all for being free and nekkid and natural or whatever, it’s the fact that he’s not her son and he’s SIX. I remember being six, I would’ve made a point not to “look twice” too because I would’ve been so uncomfortable haha. It sounds like Hilary really doesn’t think it’s wrong, she doesn’t have kids so she may not understand completely. She just doesn’t know any better, not a big deal! I’m sure the boy won’t be traumatized, the interview was just shocking to me!

SadieA on

I was pretty shocked when I read that quote. If I were the boy’s mother I’d be very angry. I just think she is out of line. It isn’t her child and unless his mother has no problem with it, I think it is inappropriate, if only because it’s disrespectful to his mother. If neither of his parents care, then that is a different story, even if I do find it gross.

Anna, Fuzi, and Julia, I know you see this as harmless, but I am curious, would you feel any differently if it were a boyfriend who was naked in front of an unrelated 6 year old girl every morning? I’m not trying to be confrontational BTW, I am genuinely curious how you feel about it.

ana on

#10, i totally agree with you

my god people, just calm down
my mother was pretty much always naked in the house during all my childhood, and now i’m just fine.
I just dont see what’s the big deal. were talking about a young kid, not a sex crazed teenager!

Julia on

SadieA, I wouldn’t mind that either. It is JUST a naked body, everyone has got one.

Stella Bella on

You know, in light of the fact that my husband started masturbating at the age of eight, this story kind of freaks me out.

Sarah K. on

“I honestly don’t see the danger in being nude in your own home”

Julia, I think people are (for the most part) taking issue with the fact that it isn’t her home as far as we know. This isn’t her child or even her step-child. If both of his parents know about this and both of them are fine with it- ok. Not my cup of tea, but that their parenting choice. But, if his mother didn’t give her permission, I have a major problem it.

ana on

If it was a naked boyfriend in front of a six yeat old daughter, all the hell would break loose. Does it make it O.K. because she is a woman?

meg on

Nudity is really not as big a deal as many Americans like to make it. I mean come on – half the world’s population has that particular set of anatomical features, it’s a fact of life. If the kid’s parents are fine with it then who cares? Maybe seeing someone else comfortable in their skin will help this child be one of the few people in this country who isn’t paralyzed with fear and self-loathing when it comes to his own body. Just my .02

Amanda on

I’m wondering if any of those freaking out actually *have* a 6 year old? I’m not saying it’s right, because this is the kind of thing that should really be up to both of his custodial parents but most average 6 year olds don’t think twice about nudity. My daughter isn’t quite 6, but she is 5.5 and I still change in front of her, shower with her occasionally and she has even seen my mom (her grandma) change. We’ve never made a big deal out of it and yes, she doesn’t even look twice or even seem to notice. That said, we decided that for our family about 3 was too old to see the opposite gender parent nude so her and our 3 year old do not see my husband change/shower/ect, honestly that was more because of my husbands comfort level than anything to do with the kids. But really, kids aren’t ashamed of nudity until you teach them to be ashamed of it, I still don’t think twice when I’m a room with my mom/aunts/female cousins nude.

Angel on

I hope she will be woman enough to pony up the money for that child’s therapy when he needs it. And shame on the dad for allowing it to happen.

kris on

I read this quote the other day and just shook my head. I’m not a Hilary Swank fan anyway just from other articles I’ve seen. I really thought it was in poor taste for her to air her ex’s dirty laundry so to speak after they were divorced. She seems to suffer from the ever growing “I’m a celebrity let me be so out of touch with reality” that I cant’ say I was shocked by her comments. If it was her own child that would be different but I agree that no girlfriend or boyfriend should be naked in front of their boyfriend or girlfriends children. Of course she also says “every morning” in the quote so maybe she’s exaggerating. I just hope his Mother isn’t hearing this for the first time.

Anna on

wow Angel, what happened to you that you think a child will need therapy from seeing someone naked?
I don’t understand that people are freaking out over this. If she thought the mom would have a problem with it she wouldn’t have mentioned it in an interview.I know plenty of people that have seen their parents naked all their lives and they are all fine.

BostonMom on

This may or may not be acceptable to the boy’s mother, but as a public figure Hilary should probably choose what she shares with the world more wisely I think. By saying something like this, she is opening herself up to scrutiny of her private life even if in their family this is ok all around.

Angel on

Anna, nothing happened to me, thank you very much. I just think it’s totally inappropriate for a 6 year old to see dad’s girlfriend naked. I hope social services gets involved with this. I bet they would if it were a little girl seeing her mom’s boyfriend naked. There is no reason in the world why that should be happening. Celebrity or not.

Erica on

People who seem to be ok with Hillary’s actions seem to be saying that 1) being nude in front of your child is fine and 2) the kid won’t think it’s wrong unless they are told it’s wrong. BUT for one thing, Sam is not her child or even stepchild, so teaching him about nudity wouldn’t be her place any way. Like ana, I am very curious to know if people who think this scenario is fine would say the same thing about an unrelated man being naked in front of his girlfriend’s six year old daughter (I highly doubt it.)

Amandamay on

Guess I’m in the minority too. My 7 year old son sees me naked – No problem with that in my opinion. But I don’t make a big deal out of it. I don’t go “AHhh!!” and try to cover up (which I think leads to kids thinking bodies are bad/taboo etc) When we go swimming at my parents’ house, my son takes a shower with my dad after and I have no problem with that either. I agree that Americans (And I am one! lol) are super uptight about nakedness and sexuality. I’ve spent a lot of time living in Europe and have to say I appreciate the European take on it much more. We all have bodies, no need to freak out. The bigger deal you make out of it, the more body issues kids seem to get.

That said, I think the mother should be part of the “naked or not” decision seeing as it’s her son. Maybe they’re all okay with it – We don’t know them so it’s not really fair to judge.

Amandamay on

Oh, and I forgot to add that my son (7 years old) seriously doesn’t notice nudity – I don’t know if it’s because I’ve raised him to not think it’s bad/taboo etc but if he walks in and I’m naked he just keeps on chatting away. It’s just not a big dal with us, I guess.

JM on

i think, and i am really not trying to generalise here, just an observation, that the reason there are such starkly different views on here is because in america this is a bigger deal than in europe (and other parts of the world). in my experience, americans are a lot more sensitive and a lot more prudish about nudity than europeans and other cultures. in some cultures (not necessarily western cultures) nudity is a part of every day life due to climate, living conditions, social attitudes that make it normal for women to not wear a bra etc. so it’s really not something we should worry about.
again, i am not saying all americans have a problem with nudity, but i do think it is fair to say that the majority of americans are more scared of it than many europeans. i don’t really find her story disturbing as long as nothing inappropriate is suggested to the little boy (and the same would count if the genders were reversed by the way). i just tihnk that, and this is not a criticism in america they are fearful of kids being exposed to nudity in ways that would be completely normal in other cultures. i am not really sure why, it may be because they are more religious than europe, or more conservative than say britain, but i think that there wasn’t any harm suggested in her story but that people here obviously have very different experiences with what is acceptable in their cultures and their ideas of nudity.

i for one think that it is not in any way something that one needs to worry about it. i am sure this kid will be fine.

Ella on

I’m European and I really don’t get why most Americans (at least according to the discussion here and the ones I know personally) have such a big problem with nudity? It’s just a naked body and we all basically look the same! Here some people sunbath naked in public parks (the English Garden in Munich is famous for its nude soccer players and the staring tourists on the side;-) )and noone has a problem with kids seeing them. I think it’s good when children grow up and know that you don’t have to feel ashamed of your body.

And I guess that the boy’s father doesn’t have a problem with his son seeing Hilary naked, so why should we? I say good for them!

@SadieA and ana: I also wouldn’t have a problem with a little girl seeing her mom’s boyfriend naked.

Sanja on

Angel are you serious? Social Services!? I guess you must feel that way about people who take their kids to the beach with topless women or even worse to the nudist beach (btw, are there any of those in America? From comments here it seems doubtful).

Moira on

The only question I have his whether or not the boy’s mother is aware of and ok with Hilary being nude in front of her son? If mom is ok with it then I don’t see the problem. If she’s not, then that’s another story.

Michaela on

I DO NOT think that it is appropriate for her to be showing her naked self to her boyfriend’s son. If I were that child’s mother, I would not be happy about that at all!! In some instances, Children’s Services would definitely get involved.

Kate on

If a male celebrity talked about being nude in front of his girlfriend’s 6 year old daughter CPS would most likely step in.

CTBmom on

I don’t think she is saying that she parades around naked in fron him…just that occasionally he walks in on her while she isn’t wearing any clothes. While I think she should probably make sur to lock the door, or at least teach him to knock…I don’t think it’s that big a deal. I doubt she is lying on the bed is l

CTBmom on

…..sorry, I cut my comment off. Anway, what I was saying is that I doubt she is laying naked seductively in the bed with a fan blowing her hair while she’s eating a bowl of strawberries 😉

Karen on

Kate, I totally agree w/ you….switch genders & it’d be an entirely different story. I love how she says she’ll know when the timing is right..before she knows it, she’s going to run out of time!

aroundtheywaygirl on

I think it’s inappropriate. If a male celebrity said he walked around naked, flaccid penis and all in front of a six year old girl, this whole site would crash with outraged posts. Hilary Swank should know better. If you cannot put on a pair of pajamas ever, then perhaps she should not live full-time with a man and his child. Can you see David Charvet admitting that when he was dating Brooke Burke he walked around naked in front of her two oldest girls? Hilary never struck me as the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with.

aroundtheywaygirl on

I like how all these Europeans are so liberal and progressive. A woman on a beach in a burka…that’s a no, no. A boyfriend prancing around naked in front of his girlfriend’s small children, that’s A-okay. Riiiight.

Julia B. on

I don’t think it’s that big a deal (but then again, i have no children) I don’t think she meant she was naked 24/7 around him, It’s not like she’s letting him watch them have sex, if i were his mother i wouldn’t be too concerned, a little nudity won’t kill him. :p

finais on

I agree with the majority. I don’t think this is appropriate behavior for a grown woman and a child that is not her own. If this was her child, I wouldn’t be disturbed. I, personally, am not a nudity person. I don’t even like being nude in front of my infant after I shower. But, everyone has different comfort levels. I just don’t think it’s appropriate, as this is not her child.

holden on

I’m part of the minority — I do not see the problem with this. My two brothers and I frequently saw our parents naked; changing or in the shower…It didn’t matter what age we were. Even when we were teens, our parents never cared about being nude in front of us and it was no big deal. If a child grows up comfortable with the naked body, male or female, then they won’t have a problem seeing a parent (or a step-parent, as long as he/she is introduced at an early age) with no clothes on. If this were seriously a problem, the boy’s father would have pointed it out to Hilary. You’re all making it sound like the mother would be the only one aware and responsible enough to see an issue while the dad is comfortable showing his son pornography. *rolls eyes*

Annalee on

JM – You’re right. Americans are more conservative, more religious than Europeans. We also have more values and morals than Europeans do.

Anna – Just because we think it’s wrong that Hilary is nude in front of her BF’s child does NOT mean that we are ‘scared’ of nudity.

Holly on

Wow. I can’t believe the majority of people here are SO uptight about this! My parents always walked around naked when I was growing up, and now with our 3 year old daughter, we both shower with her, and we often walk around nude. Who cares? We’re born naked and it’s totally natural not to have clothes on. Even if it’s not her son, i’m sure he’s fine with it, as well as the father. If it’s not effecting you directly, what’s the big deal? Sad, sad world we live in.

urbanadventurertales on

OMg. A six year old is going to have vivid memories of seeing her nude. I don’t think it’s appropriate at all for her to be nude in front of the child, especially since he’s not her son!

Tina. on

thats gross to me. im sorry but hes 6. no joke!

Tina. on

Holly- no offence, thats digusting!

Erin on

Its not like its her own kid, he is someone elses-

This isnt his bio mom being naked- major room for concern- it has nothign to do with being American-

T on

Ok, my 3 yr old daughter asked me why, “daddy doesn’t sleep with a shirt on”. So for a 6 yr old to “not look twice”, or not notice, come on! Totally inappropriate, for several reasons, but number 1 reason is he is not her child! Sorry “daddy’s girlfriend” is not the same as a mother child relationship. If I was divorced and had a boyfriend, would it be okay for him to walk around my daugter nude, NO! Would it be okay for my ex’s girlfriend to walk around my daughter nude, NO! I am thinking maybe Hillary’s story came across wrong or she was quoted incorrectly, because that just doesn’t make sense.

martina on

I am guessing she’s just telling a “story”, exaggerating, making things up to spice up the interview… If not, she needs to get a grip. A 6 year old boy (that’s not her child, for crying out loud) does not need to see her naked.

hcecilia on

Hilary has been in this relationship for two years, so obviously Sam knows who she is. I don’t know if they (Hilary and her boyfriend) are living together, but I’m going to assume they do. Waking up in the morning in OUR room, yes, I wouldn’t be say *gasp* about my naked boyfriend in front of my 6 year old daughter because you should teach your kid boundaries… it’s your room. It would be completely different if he was just prancing around naked because here, people are hypersensitive and I wouldn’t want to be reported – which is just AMAZING to me how those little things (where there isn’t sexual abuse) can cause people to just shun you.

In all honesty, I hope none of you have aspirations of going to Europe or Japan because of this issue. Growing up, I was taken to onsens in Japan (my mom being Japanese) and some of them were co-ed. Though there were some men that covered themselves, there were others that didn’t and they were complete strangers! It is all about what you TEACH your children about the human body – the different between obscenity and nudity. If America didn’t sweep these issues under the rug, maybe we’d have less social problems than other parts of the world.

hcecilia on

Annalee: Americans are more religious than Europeans? HA! That’s the best thing I’ve heard on this topic yet. Europeans are JUST as devoted to their religion (which most of them are some variation of Catholic/Christian), if not more, in certain aspects. And Americans have more morals? I would love to know where you got this because Europeans are more realists than we are. From my time in studying abroad in London, I found that the women were LESS likely to go home with a man. The man would either give the woman their number or the other way around with no sexual innuendos. I would love for you to research the statistics on teen pregnancy and abortion rates comparing Europe and America… see what you find and you tell me that they have no morals and are less religious.

We are HUMANS and we make HUMAN mistakes, something that the Jesus forgives us for. However, Americans throw more stones are HUMAN mistakes than Europeans do. We have Christians in this country that go around spew words of hatred, how much more RELIGIOUS is that? Or are we going to subject that comment to certain religions?

MommyDuty on

Holy mother of God – is she SERIOUS??

If I had an inkling that something like that was going on with my 5 1/2 year old son while visiting daddy and his girlfriend… it would be bad news. BAD NEWS for the both of them.

MommyDuty on

And the comments about Americans being “prudish”. Well that is OUR culture. We don’t judge Indians for cherishing cows or Spaniards for slaughtering them for entertainment. American culture says shelter kids from nudity. Debate all you like how that is right or wrong based on YOUR culture. THIS is ours so don’t judge.

Lauren on

I really wondered and somewhat hoped this article would be posted here. I have been a Hilary fan for years, both as an actress and a person. However, to say she disappointed me with her comments about Sam is a major understatement. The fact that this 6-year-old not only sees her in bed with his father, but sees her lying naked with him is beyond inappropriate, and the fact that she not only sees this as acceptable practice, but acceptable to discuss in a national publication shows a severe lack of class and self-respect in my opinion. I’m always the one defending the stepmoms from those who say it isn’t their place to love their stepchildren, but Hilary gets no defense from me for this one. She’s always been an open book, and this is precisely why I have never prescribed to the “tell everyone everything” school of thought. I can’t even imagine what’s going through his mom’s mind right now.

momof4 on

I’m wondering if America has more of a problem with sexual abuse than Europe or other areas?

I think sexual abuse is pretty rampant in America which might make us more skittish about adults being naked in front of children who aren’t their own.

I just looked up some statistics: 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18 and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. There are an estimated 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in America.

No wonder we freak out a bit! Of course, being naked in front of a child is NOT sexual abuse but it’s understandable that we are more conservative about this issue.

eva on

“We don’t judge Indians for cherishing cows or Spaniards for slaughtering them for entertainment” uh,yes we do.We judge almost every culture as either being too primitive for our modern and civilized society or too corrupt and immoral for our taste.

There are so many stereotypes about other cultures out there that it’s hard to get away from them.I just had to say that and laugh at the gross and childish generalization that Europeans are morally inferior to the USA.That is such a small minded comment that it’s funny.

On the other hand,I would not be comfortable with a strange woman being completely nude next to my child when the two are alone.If I knew the child’s stepmother (not quite stepmother I guess) closely and trusted one another I would be more open about it but would absolutely approach it with caution.The reason why is that if my child ever feels the need to ask about body parts and body functions I want to be around to explain it in our terms or have an articulated and prudent person explain things to her in a respectful and appropiate manner.

If my child suddenly began commenting about nudity with impolite remarks I would deffinetely ask the person to stop.

Cat on

That comment about Americans having more morals and being more religious cracked me up, since it was obviously written by someone who’s done very little ,if any, traveling outside of her own little globe…Ever meet an Italian or Spaniard? Hello??? Now THEY are what I call religious (esp the Italians…have you seen how they worship the pope/Catholicism??) and yet they manage to have a balanced life and embrace their sexuality and human form without reverting to prudish astonishment over every small thing. And YES, I am American, but pretty tired of the ohhhing and ahhhing that goes on in most of these posts….Some of you AMERICANS will find something wrong with ANYTHING! Lighten up, it’s not your kid, stay out of it. Let the mother handle it.

Oh and if Holly wants to shower with her child, how dare anyone call it disgusting????

Oh and another little tidbit..The French, who widely have a reputation for being amorous, have reported that French women have an average of 5.1 lovers in their lifetimes…American gals? 6…..so I guess we are SOOOO morally and ethically better than Europeans lol….

or not 😉

deedee on

Here’s another angle on the situation:

This could be brought up in a custody battle and come back to bite the Dad right on the butt. She is putting his time with his child in jeopardy.

Cécile on

So when women athletes pose nude for a mag and some wrote it was disturbing or not done in a good taste,the answer of the majority was come on,the body of a woman is natural, is to be celebrated. How can someone be up in arms about the most natural thing in the world etc…
Well, I guess Ms Swank just took it to the next level and decided that her body was a natural thing to see for a kid. I seriuously doubt that this alone will bring him on the coach of a shrink.Kids of corseted mothers on the contrary…

Julia on

Totally agree with Holly, couldn’t have said it better myself.

CelebBabyLover on

deedee- How do you know that? Maybe the mother is just fine with this!

cmama on

oooo i have a huge problem with this.
she is NOT his mother.. she should not be naked around him.
get a lock for your door and make sure you are dressed before you open it for him.
if my ex had his gf naked around my daughter i would take it to court.

Ply on

I would agree that it is wrong if she were hanging out in the living room naked, but she’s in her bedroom. He’s six years old. He’s old enough to learn how to knock.

JM on

annalee, you have no idea how ridiculous you look making a statement like that, even my four year olds wouldn’t be that childish and ignorant. you are more moral and have more values than us? yeah how is that war, gun crime, xenophobia, child poverty, homophobia, death penalty working out for you? see that is an equally immature argument, i am making a point that as soon as you making a sweeping generalisation like the one you made, you commit a logical fallacy thus your argument becomes invalid and pointless.

what i stated was a fact based on statistics (you understand how a real argument is backed up right? otherwise i’ll be happy to explain it to you) that in recent years by and large europe has become more secular and america more religious. that is a fact, read books you can learn stuff from them you know. now i wasn’t actually making a value judgement with my statements, unlike you, i was just stating a fact and say that this could be why americans are a lot more prudish about nudity than europeans. you obviously in your insecurity felt attacked and threatened by this claim and decided to resort to an ad hominem.

i am not saying that that is something bad about american culture, again, try to read this time, i was just explaining why there might be differing opinions on this board. because many people outside of america just wouldn’t feel that threatened by nudity.

i hope that clears things up for you annalee

Nelly on

Well, I must admit I’m scratching my head. I live in Australia and a bunch of us on a parenting forum have been discussing this article — or rather, I should say discussing the comments in *response* to this article, and the almost universal consensus is “Nudity in front of a 6YO? Meh.” We just don’t see nudity as that big a deal here. Sexuality and related activity is a completely different story — but simply a naked body? Nope, not an issue.

Rachel-Jane on

I sometimes saw my mum in the bath, but not when I was an older child. And as for my dad? Well I’ve seen him topless, or in his boxers but that’s it. And certainly not in aaages. I do think it’s inappropriate for Hilary to be walking about naked in front of someone else’s child. That’s the real issue isn’t it? It’s not so much that she thinks there’s nothing wrong with being naked in front of a child, but that she thinks there’s nothing wrong with being naked in front of someone else’s child.

Also, I am European (British). The idea that we have less morals and values is completely laughable and absolutely ridiculous. Maybe we just have a different set of morals and values? We certainly don’t have none.

Ella on

@Annalee: Not having a problem with nudity has nothing to do with a lack of morals or values! I’m a believing Catholic and live in a mostly Catholic area of Germany, so my opinion certainly has nothing to do with lack of religion or morals, thank you. It’s quite the opposite: Why should I be ashamed of the body god gave me? Where is the problem with children seeing naked adults, especially their parents?

Canadians also seem to lack morals in your opinion then because they also have a more relaxed attitude towards nudity.
I was an aupair for a family in Canada and the parents (dad&mom) took a bath and a shower with their kids (girl and boys 4, 8 and 11) on a regular basis, so it’s not only Europeans who don’t see the problem?.

Noelle on

I think everyone here is making this a bigger issue than it is. Wether this is a problem more or less depends on how long they’ve been dating. I mean if the dad has a different girlfriend every month, than yes I would have a problem with this. If they’ve been together for several years not. And yes I would feel the exact same way if it were the boyfriend who walked around naked.

–I like how all these Europeans are so liberal and progressive. A woman on a beach in a burka…that’s a no, no. A boyfriend prancing around naked in front of his girlfriend’s small children, that’s A-okay. Riiiight.–

As a European I find this a bit offensive. Not a single one of the Europeans criticised other opinions, merely stated their own. If, for whatever reason, you want to criticise Europe fine, but you need to come with better arguments.

Jamie on

“We also have more values and morals than Europeans do.”

Gee, self-righteous much?

JM on

that comment about the burka is ridiculous and yet again displays someone’s inability to form a cohesive argument. i mean, come on people, we are meant to be adults here, didn’t you ever learn how to have a real debate?

marilyn on

yo hilary, throw on some damn shorts and a shirt! its not hard!

Hea on

Are you people serious?! CPS in the states would step in because someone in the household is naked?! For real? :-O
What could possibly be more natural than nudity? And she is a steady partner to this boys father so what’s the problem? She’s his step-mom and he’s 6 years old.

Annalee – Um, OK. And are you one of those people who thinks Europe is a country too?

Carolyn on

Hea: She is NOT the child’s stepmom as she is not married to his father. I don’t think CPS would step in because it’s not ‘abusive’ to the child but I do believe it is highly inappropriate.

Carolyn on

I also want to add … I have a five year old son and he does see me naked but he is MY son. It’s the fact that the child is NOT her son that gives me heebie jeebies about the situation.

Lachesis7 on

Someone stated that “prudish” was American culture – I disagree. American culture consists of ignorance, arrogance, small-mindedness, fear, and intolerance.

We are lacking in morals and values (rampant drug use, corrupt governmental systems, teen pregnancy, homophobia, selfish, self-centered, egotistical, etc.) … unless it’s time to criticize someone else and then we are angels and everyone else could learn something from us.

We are uneducated and lack the ability to think and rationalize a logical argument. Attacking an ENTIRE continent is much better than actually reading for comprehension and staying on topic.

We are emotional and illogical. There is a vast difference between nudity and sexuality. A woman who is nude in front of a child – comfortable in her own skin (something we should actually consider in our “culture” of self-hate) is NOT the same thing as a woman who is being sexual in front of the same child – regardless of whose child it is.

As adults, we should be able to use our brains and think about this – not cloud it with hatred for our exes, our exes’ girlfriends, our abusive fathers, or ourselves. We should be able to use our brains to think about this and not attack people who disagree with us.

There are times when I am ashamed to be an American.

Terri on

Well I knew her comment would get a opinions. I don’t know how I feel about what she said. It’s definitely way too much information to be sharing that’s for sure. The little boy seems unfazed by nudity right now, but this is a good time to be teaching him to knock on closed doors.

Holly on

Thanks to Cat and Julia who don’t think i’m a “disgusting pervert of a mother” for showering with my own flesh and blood who was born out of my naked vagina! Geez, get real people. So what, my daughter is going to never see a naked person until she waits to have post marital sex and then gets a look for the first time? Hahaha, OKAY! I thank myself for being open minded and definitely not prudish about these types of things. Oh, and I think a lot of you are associating nakedness with SEX, while my husband and I don’t think that way. Just because you’re naked, doesn’t mean it’s AT ALL sexual.

kris on

Wow, this thread has taken an interesting turn. Holly, nope def not a perv in my book and I don’t agree with Hillary being naked in front of her boyfriend’s son. Personally I see a difference between a parent and a girlfriend/boyfriend. Hillary is not this boys mother (she’s not his step-mother either) and therefore I think it’s not appropriate. Tell the child to knock first and really, just have some covers on when he comes in the room. And, it’s just TMI for her to be sharing in an interview.

Jessicad on

“born out of my naked vagina” haha, awesome Holly! I bathe with my 2 year old daughter every night, it’s our special ritual and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. You aren’t perverted in any way whatsoever.

From what I’m reading most people have an issue with her being naked in front of someone else’s child, not her being naked in general. As long as his mother doesn’t have a problem with it we really shouldn’t pass judgement either, surely the boy has mentioned it to his mother because kids tell everything!

Amy on

I think there is a huge difference between seeing a parent naked than seeing a parent’s girlfriend or boyfriend naked. If she said in the article that Sam walked in and the father was naked, I would not even raise an eyebrow. It’s the fact that he is not her child that people have an issue with. Also, the question of whether the boy’s mother knows that her son may see Hillary naked. Personally, if I were the boy’s mother, I would have a problem with the girlfriend being naked around my child (boy or girl)but that’s just me.

Becky on

I haven’t read the whole chain of blogs yet, so this might have been said, but I took it as she is naked under the covers. She said he comes into the bedroom every morning and I am thinking she’s in bed and he doesn’t realize she’s under the covers, naked. Maybe I read that wrong, but that’s how I took it. I could imagine anyone walking around naked in front of a 6 year old boy.

Sofie on

LOL! What’s with Americans and nudity? You guys really need to get over it!

Sofie on

F.Y.I: you up-tight Americans would have a heartattack if you ever moved to Scandinavia!! I go to the gym, we all get naked and shower together. We go the the public pool, we all change and shower together. We all sit naked in the sauna together too! Who cares? Nothing gross about the naked body. It’s your guys’ twisted minds that make it out to be something gross.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Say what you want Noelle, but when it comes to nudity most Europeans come on this site and start being critical of so-called silly prudish Americans and love to make gross generalized statements as if they are so liberal and open-minded. We know that isn’t so. All it takes is a Muslim in a Burka to scare Europeans. Don’t like being called out? Too bad.

Back to Hilary. I’m sure she’s well-intentioned and is probably a terrific friend to her boyfriend’s son. I still believe her being nude in front of a 6 year old boy is inappropriate though ultimately harmless. However, he is not my child and they are not living in my home, so they are free to live however they like. Every family runs their household differently.

aroundtheywaygirl on

So Sofie,

Naked six year old girls take showers with naked men at the gym, they change in front of each other at the pool, and sit in sauna with each other? Six year old boys, too? Very progressive. Nice.

SBB on

@ Lachesis7 – Ahh, a self-hating American, or at least someone pretending to be. Why don’t you just go ahead an renounce your American citizenship?

There’s a WHOLE world that awaits you where you won’t be bothered with ignorance, arrogance, small-mindedness, fear, or intolerance, rampant drug use, corrupt governmental systems, teen pregnancy, homophobia, selfish, self-centered, egotistical people, etc…

Why waste your life surrounded by such depravity? Your elegance and eloquence deserve so much better.

Remember, pinky finger up!

Jane on

He’s 6. He will remember seeing Dad’s girlfriend naked. They should know better. Just because the kid doesn’t say anything about it doesn’t mean that he isn’t aware that she’s nude.

Sofie on

Yes, as a matter of fact they do aroundthewaygirl, no biggie! Most mothers take their 6 year old sons into the womans locker room. They change and shower there. My husband has taken our two daughters and done the opposite.

Hea on

@ Carolyn – Yes she is if she’s living with his father permanently, which, as far as I know, she is. That makes her his common law spouse in my country so that’s how I view it. Whether or not they are married is completely trivial.

Kate on

Seeing one’s mother nude is one thing. My mother would change in front of me when I was younger, and it wasn’t that big of a deal(didn’t feel comfortable with it after 3 or 4 though), but I NEVER saw my father naked. YUCK!

noelle on

@aroundtheywaygirl. I don’t mind being called out. I just don’t like to be generalized, I am not Europe (nor is every other European here) and you are not America. Like I said before I have no problem with women in a burka and I don’t really understand where your statement comes from. And this is going much farther than nudity among children. It’s starting to feel like some thing against Europe or against America.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I am not European, I am Dutch. Big difference!! I have nothing what so ever against America, the American culture or the American people (I had a wonderfull time last year in NYC and met nicer people than I did in Rome the year before). I may not always understand or agree with American believes or moral values but that is it. I, in no way, think all Americans are prudish. Just like I don’t believe all Europeans are open-minded.

So… If, for whatever reason you want to “call me out” come with better arguments than “all Europeans are afraid of women in burka” and “We know that isn’t so”. I think you know just as much about Europe as I know about America. Wich isn’t much btw….

Lachesis7 on

SBB … Perhaps, just maybe … we, as Americans, could see the dangers inherent in our society and work to improve. Is it necessary to leave? Couldn’t we all just acknowledge that there are problems and work to correct them?

As opposed to looking at others and telling them what is wrong with their countries, societies and cultures, perhaps we should look at ourselves.

Just a thought … you can disagree – but snide comments won’t change the truth – regardless of where the pinky points.

Hea on

“but I NEVER saw my father naked. YUCK!”

@ Kate – Could it be possible that you say this BECAUSE you never saw your father naked? I’m 24, my father is 61. I do not freak out if I see him naked even to this day, nor do I find it disgusting. If he forgets that I’m there to visit, showers and goes to fetch a pair of underwear from the bedroom and I happen to walk by… we do not scream bloody murder.

momof4 on

Wow. I won’t be traveling to Scandinavia anytime soon! I’m assuming there isn’t a problem with sexually abused children there as there is in America?

Bringing young girls into a men’s locker room??? Wow, just wow. I would never let my two girls ages 3 and 5 around naked men who are strangers. Insult me anyway you see fit, those of you who are obviously less uptight than me, but there are just too many creeps out there.

C on

You know what it is? I have read through all the comments and find that I both agree that nudity is not at all a big deal AND that there is something wrong with Hilary’s comments. I finally figured it out–its that the kid is seeing her naked in his father’s bed. The situation of her nudity is what makes it a bit sexual, even though they might not be doing anything sexual. Its not like she said he walked in on her taking a shower or something. Its the place. That takes it slightly across the line from “so what, a naked body is natural” to “yes natural and also sexual” to which a 6 year old is too young to be exposed. I think that’s what’s bothering me about the whole thing.

Sofie on


You are right, we have one of the worlds lowest rate of crime, including child abuse. Norway just got rated “#1 country to live in in the world”….will not be moving to the US anytime soon LOL!

Hea on

@ momof4 – Why on earth not? Because we sometimes take our kids to change with us in the locker rooms and don’t send them off alone into whatever room fits them genderwise where we follow? Because we are aware that not every man is a predator and that not every woman is not one?

I don’t know how it is in the States but sexually abused children in Scandinavia are usually violated by relatives or friends of the family. Perhaps the numbers are higher in the States?

If you really think that travelling with your kids to Scandinavia will harm them then… Well maybe you should just stay at home.

Hea on

where we CAN’T follow… I forgot one word there.

momof4 on

Hea, I have no plans to visit Scandinavia and will probably never do so…it was just a matter of speech.

That said, sexual abuse among children is RAMPANT in America. I posted some statistics earlier but maybe they got missed. 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before age 18 and 1 in 6 boys are. I’m sure many of them are within the family but those family members also go to gyms, locker rooms, bathrooms, pools, etc.

I would NEVER take the chance that any of my children might be around a sexual predator naked. That’s insanity to me. We have taken great measures to ensure they won’t be put in those situations and also have educated them on their bodies and safety, but still…

I envy those who live in countries where this isn’t an issue.

noelle on

“I don’t know how it is in the States but sexually abused children in Scandinavia are usually violated by relatives or friends of the family. Perhaps the numbers are higher in the States?”

This is the case all over the planet. Just lie most child abductions are done by relatives or friends. However, when it does happen (wich is rarely) it’s such big news that everyone hears about is. I’m not sure the numbers are higher in the States. Pedo’s live everywhere though.

noelle on

“That said, sexual abuse among children is RAMPANT in America. I posted some statistics earlier but maybe they got missed. 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before age 18 and 1 in 6 boys are. I’m sure many of them are within the family but those family members also go to gyms, locker rooms, bathrooms, pools, etc.”

Just curious… Does this mean you would never send you young daughter to the swimmingpool with your father (for instance) because he would have to take her into the men’s lockerroom and there is a higher chance your father (or other male relative) would abuse her than a random stranger???

SBB on

@ Lachesis7 – Your ugly, ignorant, hurtful and offensive words will never endear you to (I assume) your fellow Americans.

You sling the mud at us with both barrels and you call that working on our problems?

I don’t know what kind of people you surround yourself with, but the Americans I know are the polar opposite of the derogatory adjectives you used to describe us.

You complain that we have insulted an entire continent, yet you yourself choose to smear us Americans as a single entity.

Change starts at home. Instead of using snide remarks and untruthful sweeping generalizations, why don’t you practise what you preach.

momof4 on

to noelle: Yes.

Hea on

momof4 – That’s really sad. Why do you think that is?

momof4 on

Hea, sorry, I read that wrong! I would not be comfortable having my father take her into a crowded men’s locker room where there might be OTHER men.

I would trust my father and husband but would not be comfortable with other men I don’t know. And given the amount of sexual abuse survivors walking around I think that just makes common sense. I may be perceived as overprotective but I think anyone who isn’t given this countries problems is being careless.

Lachesis7 on

SBB – Did you read the comments on this board before I ever said a word? There was no need for me to “smear” Americans or “sling mud” … these people did it all on their own. I simply pointed out the truth of their actions.

I said nothing about Americans that is not, as a whole, correct. Individually, perhaps not, but the Americans that are presented as a whole, I spoke the truth – the way they are presented as a whole. It is not me who created this reality – hate based on sexual orientation, war without provocation, acceptance of and rationalization of torture, intolerance based on religion … these are the new American ideals. Sadly, those are only a few.

America does not stand for what she once did and Americans are not the people they once were – THAT is shameful.

Hea on

“I may be perceived as overprotective but I think anyone who isn’t given this countries problems is being careless.”

Maybe, but then again, I don’t live in your country. I live in Scandinvia, Sweden to be more precise.

But this is mostly a cultural thing, I think. Scandinavians are, I guess, pretty openminded about nudity. I don’t know about other European countries really. And look at all the different cultures in African countries and such, the rainforests and all. They usually don’t cover up much. It’s not uncommon for women in many cultures to go with their breasts bare and in some, men have their penises in wooden tubes. Do the kids in those cultures find that disgusting or confusing? I hardly think so.

What you’re used to is often your own norm.

Cat on

Did any of my fellow Americans stop to think that *maybe* the reason we have such high incidences of rape/molestation/abortion, whatnot is BECAUSE of our backwards view on nudity? It’s like the case with alcohol and “underage” drinking in the US…we make such a huge deal about our kids not drinking until 21 (yet they can go get shot in Iraq three yrs earlier lol), and even can go so far as to prosecute a parent if that parent has teenagers over and the kids drink (many times without the parents’ knowledge), but in many countries in Europe, drinking is a normal part of the culture…ie, sitting down to a good meal and having a glass of wine, and BECAUSE it is not forbidden, kids don’t see the need to rebel and get piss drunk. Just as in the case of nudity does not equal sex, drinking does not equal overdose in Europe. We are cultivating a society where the body is seen as something forbidden and linked mostly to sex, and BECAUSE we sexualize the body so much, we can find it exciting to be exposed to it.

AND FYI, you can’t make a person into a pedophile by simply showing him a little girl’s body. Pedophilia really isn’t about nudity…it involves such complex matters as exerting control over another human being, inflicting pain on another person, etc…The sex act in pedophilia really is a small part of the whole scheme of things.

Another interesting thing I have heard is how some European countries deal with sex offenders…They’ve found that sex offenders have much higher levels of testosterone and by castrating these people, they destroy the very hormone that makes them want to violate another person. These very same offenders end up generally being “normal” and functioning ppl in society (albeit with no sexuality).

Oh and momof4, your comments either reflect your own troubled childhood OR your own repressed nature…Neither is a healthy thing to carry on in life 😦

Hea on

Cat – You hit so many nails on the head there that you simply must be a nail gun.

“Did any of my fellow Americans stop to think that *maybe* the reason we have such high incidences of rape/molestation/abortion, whatnot is BECAUSE of our backwards view on nudity?”

I feel like screaming YES here!

noelle on


But why are you more afraid of strangers when it is prover that most childmolestors and kidnappers are either family or friends. This wold mean there is a bigger chance she will be abused by a male relative or friend than by a random stranger??? This is the thing I don’t understand. Everyone is afraid of strangers when the real danger is closer to home. But no one is worried about that….

Sanja on

Cat -hear, hear!

Patrice on

That is SO innapropriate I cannot even bengin to express my words! Sam’s son is not her child and under NO circumstances should his fathers girlfriend be parading around in front of him with no clothes on!!! If he was her kid (even though I think 6 is a little old) it would then be her choice to make. If I was thsi child’s mother

Patrice on

That is SO innapropriate I cannot even bengin to express my words! Sam’s son is not her child and under NO circumstances should his father’s girlfriend be parading around in front of him with no clothes on!!! If he was her kid (even though I think 6 is a little old) it would then be her choice to make. If I was this child’s mother I would be LIVID and immediately address the sitiuation,. And for anyone out there who thinks this “isn’t a big deal” (to walk around naked infront of the person you’re dating’s kids), let’s ask ourselves if we would feel the same way if the story was in reverse and Hilary was the boyfriend, and doing this in front of his girlfriend’s 1st grade daughter! I don’t hink it would be tolerated. For me the issue is mostly that it is not her child to do this in front of, and 6 is hardly a baby who isn’t attuned to what goes on around them.

Kate on

I find it a bit funny that someone would say America isn’t the country it once was as if we regressed. 50 years ago people were drinking out of separate water fountains because of their race and gay people were pretty much living in the shadows.

Gidge on

WOW! It’s a naked body, in her own bed. Everybody freak out! If she was giving him a detailed show and tell of her anatomy then maybe it’s a problem; but I really don’t get the impression she’s parading around naked shouting for him to stare at her no-no parts.

We are very open in our household about nudity. My youngest and I had Mommy/Baby baths until he was 1; and it never phased me as inappropriate.

I really don’t think she’d make those comments if it was something his biological mother wasn’t aware of. Stop being so hateful and judgemental. I’m sure if the context of this interview were really something to be concerned about, it wouldn’t have been published in the first place and the people at Marie Claire would have taken necessary action.

And all you parents better make sure your 6 year olds never come across their older anatomy text book from school, or visit an art exhibit or museum because that would be highly inappropriate.

Shannon on

While I personally have no problem with the naked body, and will shower with both my 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son, and I do walk around naked occasionally, I do think it is entirely IN appropraite for Ms Swank to have done so in front of someone else’s child. It’s one thing with your own flesh and blood. Nothing wrong with that. It’s even worse b/c she felt the need to throw that around a national publication. And the article clearly states she walks around naked. Not just laying in bed covered up, the word walking is specifically used. Completely inappropriate.

momof4 on

“AND FYI, you can’t make a person into a pedophile by simply showing him a little girl’s body. Pedophilia really isn’t about nudity…it involves such complex matters as exerting control over another human being, inflicting pain on another person, etc…”

Cat, Obviously, one isn’t made into a pedophile by seeing a little girl’s body. I’m talking about those who might be walking amongst us and might have those tendencies. Since there are something like 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse that’s a bit concerning. We all know it is those who are abused that commit abuse. It certainly wouldn’t be a good idea to be casual about exposing children publicly. That’s just common sense.

And I’m not particulaly repressed but I was “flashed” twice in my tween and early teen years while at school and the mall so perhaps this hits home for me. I think I’m being a smart and sensible parent with regards to this issue. No need to call that unhealthy.

SBB on

@ Lachesis7 – You act like these problems are unique to America and Americans.

Bad people doing bad things have existed since Adam & Eve and Cain and Abel.

Just because some things were never discussed – out of politness of course – in mixed company doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

The whole world, and ALL the countries in it, have their fair share of the same problems.

And just which America would you like back? When blacks were slaves and women were property? This romantized version of a Leave it to Beaver, lily white country has never existed and Utopia and Nirvana are figments of the imagination, sorry.

You can debate whether nudity is in front of children is acceptable, just leave the vitriol of loaded statements portraying America as the cesspool of the world out of it.

It is a gross misinterpretation and is unnecessarily offensive
to all of the all of the GOOD people in our country who resent being lumped into this invidious type of behavior that you insist on projecting onto us.

finais on

I agree with momof4 on this issue. I actually live in an area of the US with one of the largest populations of sexual offenders. I have had several students who were sexually assaulted. Some by family, some by friends of family. I can’t think of anyone assaulted by a stranger, but I think most people take greater precaution with strangers (at least where I come from). You want to trust your friends and family. As I said above though, I’m not a nudity person. I like to dress modestly (no cleavage, no leg above the knee) for personal reasons. I revere my body, and for that reason, prefer to keep it covered. My naked body is for my husbands’ eyes only. But I don’t care what another person chooses to do within their own family. My issue with Hilary is that this little boy is not her family.

erinbeth on

wow, i love how you online groups take over yet another thread and tyrannize all who you do not agree with. so, i’ll make this short and sweet. hilary, along with the majority of american and european societies has boundary issues. just because you are comfortable with yourself it does not give you the right to impose and EXPOSE your “freedoms” upon others.

Hea on

finais – How do you know that, in their relationship and household, he is not her family? Because he’s not blood? Because they are not legally married?

Alice on

JM and Ella (#39 and #40) way to go! I do think it’s an American thing. However MommyDuty (#64) has a very valid point as well, it’s part of the American culture to be ‘prudish’, and I think it’s stupid only because I was raised in another part of the world… anyway no matter what your view on children and nudity is I think Hillary should NOT have taked about something so private in the press.

finais on

You’re right, Hea. If the boy’s mother and father consider Hilary family (and are ok with the nudity) then di be it. I just didn’t get that impression. Maybe because she never mentioned whether the boy’s parents had an opinion on the matter. Clarification would be useful, I suppose.

JM on

aroundthewaygirl, when it comes to cultures’ attitudes to muslims i really think that americans are the last people who should be throwing stones from within their glass houses. i mean seriously, you can’t be THAT ignorant to not realise how ridiculous this sounds.

Lachesis7 you raise some very interesting and brave points. the only thing i would like to add is that certainly not all americans are like you described many i have been fortunate enough to encounter are as open-minded and forward thinking as you. i can understand that it must be difficult sometimes because so much of the culture is as you described it, but there are great things too, what did leonard cohen say? “america the birth place of the very best and of the very worst” (and i know he’s not american). keep standing up for what you believe in as you have and you could be part of the change. already things are better than they were this time last year….

madge on

momof4. “We all know it is those who are abused that commit abuse.”. I take great offense to this comment. I was abused as a child. Does that mean that automatically I shall go out and inflict that horrendous act on children too?? Yes, there is a high number of victems that go on to abuse but by god, dont just assume that it will happen. And there is are many many accounts of people abusing with no history of it in their lifetimes. Before you go and upset those of us who have had to go through something like that, think carefully about your wording.
As for the article, I am very much in 2 minds over it. My husband and I never hide our nudeness from our children though neither do we parade it either. I have a stepson and when he was younger, the odd “flash” happened, obviously I am more carefull around the kids now. I cover up with the sheet and give warning when I need to get out of bed. By and large the kids shield their eyes or leave the room. There has to be a happy balance between not being ashamed of our bodies and not covorting it around either. No one wants to see my flappy baps, least of all my kids:)

CelebBabyLover on

Cat- You hit the nail on the head! Why Americans are so uptight about nudity is beyond me….and I’m one myself! As another poster has said, a naked body is something that every single person on this Earth has. Also, about half the world’s population has male anatomy, and about half has female anatomy (I say “about half”, because there are obviously people who are what as known as “intersexed”, meaning they have both male and female charecterisitics).

Therefore, it’s not like it’s some extremely unsual thing! I mean, come on, there are much worse things in life than seeing someone in the buff!

Dee on

Good heavens people RELAX!!!!!!
You would think she was abusing the child or something. SO what, he sees her nude and….?

I’m sure he has seen his mom nude and I’m sure he is not thinking about anything outside of that. This is why society is the way it is, we are always ready to take something so innocent and turn it into something sick and disturbing.

This people is the reason that our kids grow up with body issues, because we have taught them that the human body is something to be ashamed of. If the child walks into the room by accident and sees her naked, the better reaction is to simple cover up as opposed to jumping up and making a HUGE production of grappling for clothes. How odd will that look to a child?

You will make him feel ashamed as if he did something wrong. For years growing up we saw our parents naked around our home. It didn’t traumatize us and we are healthy and happy adults today.

I have a step-daughter who is four and she has seen me naked and she asks me questions about my body and I answer them plain and simple.

I say it all the time, our kids are growing up in a world with such violence in video games, on tv, on the computer, in school and everywhere we look and that’s ok but seeing someone naked….OMG it’s moral sin. Let’s lock up everyone who has been seen by a child naked!!!!

Get over it, there are far more pressing issues in the world!!!!

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these reactions are so shocking to me. CPS? for sleeping in your own bed naked? holy mother of god, people, get real. i didn’t know america was so uptight about bodies until i was an exchange student and two little girls, 1 and 3, were asked to leave the room because a three month old baby boy’s diaper was being changed and they might see his PENIS! *gasp*

i mean, way to f up your children, people. you teach them that the human body is dirty and shameful, that their body is dirty and shameful. how is that any different than what a sexual predator does to a child, albeit on a smaller scale?