Heidi Klum and Seal Welcome Daughter Lou Sulola

10/12/2009 at 11:15 PM ET
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Auf Wiedersehen, maternity clothes! Heidi Klum has given birth to a girl. The Project Runway host delivered daughter Lou Sulola Samuel on Friday, October 9th, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The supermodel and TV host’s husband, Seal, released the following statement Sunday evening after going home with their daughter, who joins siblings Johan, 2 ½, Henry, 4, and Leni, 5.

“It’s difficult to imagine loving another child as much as you love your existing children,” Seal writes. “Anyone who has a family will tell you this. Where will one find that extra love? If you love your existing children with all of your heart, how then can one possibly find more heart with which to love another?”

“On Friday, Oct. 9, 2009, at 7:46 p.m., the answer to this question came in the form of our fourth child and second daughter,” he continues. “Lou Sulola Samuel was born, and from the moment she looked into both of our eyes, it was endless love at first sight. She is beautiful beyond words and we are happy that she chose us to watch her grow over the coming years.”

Back in April, husband Seal announced the pregnancy news during a show at Radio City Music Hall — much to the model’s surprise!

“[The news] came out faster than I wanted it to,” Heidi, 36, said at the time. “My husband kind of surprised me and everybody at one of his concerts.”

But Seal wasn’t the only one who was excited. The following month — citing Heidi’s inability to keep a secret — they revealed that baby-on-the-way was a girl.

Heidi — who recently applied to change her last name to Seal’s surname of Samuel — and the “Kiss From a Rose” singer wed in 2005.

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Heather on

I don’t like the name at all. There are so many pretty girl names out there. Lou? Nope not cute.

Lauren on

Congratulations to Heidi and Seal! Love the name Lou!

FLChic on


Alycia on

I wonder if that is short for anything, like Louise, how Leni is a nickname…

jashmom on

Congrats to Heidi & Seal on the birth of their daughter!!! Can’t wait to see pictures. I’m sure she’s just as gorgeous as her sister & brothers!

crimpe on

My daughter’s name is Lou. I am in shock.

Hayden Hart on

Lou? Hm… a bit disappointing. Especially next to Samuel, that says boy all over to me. Oh well, Leni and Lou sound cute together at least!

ashley on

Awww I love this family! So happy for them! Congrats.

shannon on

FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting to hear that she had her little girl. Can’t wait to see photos of her.

Brooke on

I love the name Lou…..I think that Leni and Lou make adorable sisters…

Amanda on

Congrats! I can’t wait to see their adorable little angel. Cute how their names kinda rhyme – Lou & Leni, Johan & Henry =)

Sadaf on

I read the news 2 days ago on HuffingtonPost. But I suppose you were waiting for a confirmation. Wow, Heidi doesn’t look like she has had four kids….four kids in 5 years, isn’t it? Amazing.

Congratulations to the family. Can’t wait to see the baby!

Elle on

Ironic that her name is Lou and daddy is Seal…



Anyone else catch that? lol

Ashley on

AWW! I love this family. Just adorable. I’m so happy for them!!! Lou is different, but Leni and Lou go together sooo well.
Congrats to them!

Aussie on

Lou?? I am not sure? I will have to think about it? Do the other kids have middle names or not? Congrats to the whole family!

krewcat on

I was checking all day for this! YAY!!!

Leni and Lou sound so cute together!

g!na on

aaw! congrats, whoever leaked it out the other day about the baby being born named Lou was right!

Julia A on

Oh I’ve been waiting for this news. Seems like she was pregnant forever. Congrats to the whole family! I can’t wait to see pictures. I had a feeling she would choose a name starting with L, wasn’t expecting Lou though.

Liliana on

Congratulations to the entire family! I’m sure Lou is just as gorgeous as her parents and older siblings.

Aussie on

I love Seal’s choice of words in the announcement.Love that he refers to having a second daughter. Heidi is a lucky lady! Congrats to all!!

Mandy on

So I see the rumors were true about the name. Not a fan but to each their own. Congrats to the family!

kmb on

the name’s not terrible- could be worse, like pear or banana.
congrats to the family! can’t wait to see this little one!

Nausicaa on

Sulola is a beautiful name. Not a fan of Lou, though. If it were me, I’d have chosen Sulola for the first name. BUT in any case, congrats to them! I’m sure she’s gorgeous!

April88 on

Seal sounds like such a wonderful husband and father. It’s fantastic that he says “second” daughter. His words are beautiful,they seem like a great couple.Heidi is one lucky lady to have found such a romantic man who is not afraid to express his love for his family! Congrats to Heidi,Seal and all the kids.
I’m sure that their is alot of love in that household.

Lauren on

Really disappointed by the name. Henry’s choice of Vanessa and Leni’s choice of Susie were lightyears better. Congrats to the family regardless-I’m still holding out hope they’ll have another one!

Neeli on

Congrats and God bless the kids with long lives and good health Amen

Shea on

Every time I see a quote or hear him speak about his family, I fall more deeply in love with Seal. Heidi is one blessed woman, and they are such a beautiful family. I cried when I read the announcement from Seal.

am581 on

Lou-Seal=Lucille! Good eye Elle! Oh its better than many celeb names out there. Personally my husband and I chose “paper names” for our kids, the kind of for wedding and college applications, but they arent average people and do what they may with their kids names, the new little baby girl will be just fine I’m sure! I agree she has been pregnant forever and a day! Glad this bun is out of the oven and sounds like her parents think she is just plain yummy, just as it should be. 🙂 Congrats Heidi and Seal and their whole family!

Micheley on

Love the name Lou, I have always watned to name my daughter that but I never had a middle good enough to go with it.

Karm on

Too bad. I was hoping for another German name to match the others.
Leni and Lou sound cute together though. . .

momof4 on

Congratulations on a healthy baby and mom! This is always wonderful news.

Not sure about the name–Lou reminds me of an old guy in his 60’s.

Cécile on

Given that she’s German, could the famous Lou Andreas-Salomé be her inspiration?She was one of the most fascinating figures in german literature(muse of Nietzsche,Rilke, friend of Freud).
And when this precious baby is a little grown up, someone could read her “Poèmes à Lou” by the french poet Apollinaire.They celebrate love and beauty of women.

Kait on

Congrats to the Samuels, however Lou as a whole name sounds like an old man. And the name in its entirty is certainly a tongue twister. Still, the baby girl is going to be beautiful without a doubt and I hope the family is healthy and overjoyed by her presence.

MommyDuty on

I love Lou! It’s very cute!!

I♥CBB on

I had read on another post that they named their daughter Lou. I don’t like it that much but I ♥ her middle name. It’s so sensual and describes her African heritage. CONGRATULATIONS Heidi and Seal!! I’m super happy for you guys!!! Can’t wait to see what she looks like. I’m sure she’s BEAUTIFUL!!! 🙂

ihana on

I get really really sick of having to see the “I’m not a fan of this name” or “I’m disappointed by this name” stuff. It is NOT your child you do not have to like it or be a fan of it.

Mary on

A bunch of websites reported on this last week, and even got the name correct. When I first heard the name I didn’t like it, but seeing it again it’s kind of cute. I like it. Congrats to the whole family 🙂

Anne on

I love the name Lou Sulola. I wonder what Sulola means. I think it may be Nigerian like Ademola (Henry’s name). Seal is of Nigerian origins. I think.

fi on

Yay! I’m so happy for them. Well, Sulola is pretty cool. Lou isn’t bad though. It’s a name that grows on you. I agree though that if there is a namesake to Lou it’d be really interesting. Or, maybe Lou is short for Louisa? I doubt it, but just throwing it out there.

eva on

Sulola is interesting and lovely.Lou is cute,Louise/Louisa is way better but their choice is also good.So much better than funky spellings and made up names.

Bancie1031 on

Alycia – what is Leni’s real name? I never knew that Leni was a nickname, I just always thought that it was her real name huh.

Congratulations to Heidi, Seal, Leni, Henry and Johan on their new little daughter/sister. I like the name Lou for a nickname or being short for something else …. Not sure how I really feel about, but then again she’s not my daughter and isn’t really my choice now is it 😉

Mia on

I also read about this on Friday, and I was hoping they were going to choose “Vanessa” or something like that, but reading it again..I think its really cute, and flows well with the other names.

I bet she is gorgeous!

Congrats to the family of 6 🙂

Kim from Australia on

Grats to completing their family but am not a fan of the name Lou, had it been a cute nickname for Louise/Louisa etc etc then would be nice but as a full name, nope dont like it. As someone said reminds me of an old mans name like Lou Costello of ‘Abbott & Costello’.

Amy on

I think here name is so cute! Agree that both of their girls names just go perfectly together. My daughter is Delaney and we have called her “Laney Lou” for years! I think I have heard Heidi pronounce Leni’s name before as Laney? Maybe it’s just her accent?

dee on

i always thought the name Lou sounded feminine. it really is not that different from Lee and people have been naming their daughters that for decades. Congrats to the Samuel’s, I cant wait to see her!!

cassopolis on

I read the news few days ago, in France Lou is a very popular name for little girl

Lil on

Bancie1031 – I think Leni’s real name is Helene

Allegra on

Bancie1031, Leni’s real name is Helene. I guess Lou is baby’s full name or they would have announced her real name and announced Lou as a nickname. I am sure she is a stunning baby just like her siblings, and even though I’m not big on ‘Lou’, at least she is healthy and born into a loving and happy family. Congratulations to Heidi, Seal, Leni, Henry and Johan 🙂

Lacey on

Lou. It’s that the best they could come up with.

Luciana on

OMG! That’s just the most beautiful statement I’ve ever read!

Alycia on

Bancie1031 – Yes Leni’s full name is Helene,

Very beautiful

CelebBabyLover on

I doubt Lou is short for anything. If it was, wouldn’t they have announced the full name and not the nickname? Same with Leni. If her name was really Helene, I would think that Heidi would have announced it as such when she was born. Why hide your child’s real name?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and congrats to them! 🙂

Nancy on

Congrats to the family!!!! For some sort of reason I am really in a hurry for once to see the baby LOL ;o)

Karm on

Amy Says:
October 13th, 2009 at 1:08 am

I think here name is so cute! Agree that both of their girls names just go perfectly together. My daughter is Delaney and we have called her “Laney Lou” for years! I think I have heard Heidi pronounce Leni’s name before as Laney? Maybe it’s just her accent?

You are right. In German the E in Leni’s name is pronounced with an “a”(ay) sound, so yes to a non German speaker it would sound like Layney. . or what ever. 🙂

Karm on

I stand corrected. I guess Lou IS of German origins after all. I had just never heard of it in my family.

Tracy on

Amy, Laney is how I’d pronounce Leni as well, it’s how it’s pronounced in German.

And for the record, Seal is pronounced See-ell.

Anyway, congrats to this beautiful family.

Lioness on

Oh, I looooove the name. Lou Sulola Samuel. It just flows so beautifully, I think it’s very pretty, especially Sulola. “Vanessa” and “Susie” don’t hold a candle to the name chosen in my opinion, LOL!! (No offense to all you Vanessas and Susies out there!) Congrats, congrats, congrats to the happy family :@-D

@Bancie, Leni’s full name is Helene.

Jill on

AMEN ihana!!

robinepowell on

Congratulations to them both but the name? Ugh no. Lou is a guy’s name, even the spelling of it. Think about it this way Lou-Su. I would have just named her Lucy to being with. 🙂

heath on

lou is a european name. i know everyone can have opinions but it’s unsettling when people call foreign names wierd.. maybe a little culturally insensitive? i have a foreign name and if people called it weird it would piss me off..

just food for thought, i am not slamming people for posting their opinion about not liking the name 🙂

Sarah M. on

Aussie – Henry’s full name is ‘Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel’ and Johan’s is ‘Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel’. I’m not sure what Leni’s middle name is, but I’m pretty sure I read it somewhere at one point. Seal’s given name is ‘Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adelo Samuel.’

My middle name is Louise and my family call me Lou Lou, Louie or Sarah Lou for nicknames. I love the name and congrats to the whole family!

Rye on

CONGRATS!!! She is going to STUNNING!!! I can’t wait to see her! I like the name Lou. I think it’s interesting that it’s just Lou and not short for Louise or something. But, I think the sound of the name is super cute.

Mrs.B on

Congrats to the beautiful family! I love the name, very cute for a little girl and according to one of the baby name sites Lou is a German name.

Kait on

ihana, everyone has a right to an opinion. I respect them of course for choosing any name, but we’re equally allowed to voice a negative opinion just as much as we’re allowed to voice a positive one. Plus no one said it’s their choice to pick someone else’s child’s name; if you want to take up negative comments go talk to the men that wrote up the Right to Free Speech.

michelle on

I wonder if she will change Leni’s name too since it is currently Klum (not Briatore).

Zoe Chastain on

I really like the name Lou. Congratulations to the entire family.im also happy for them.its really an interesting to hear the good news for their family..

Alesha on

Lil-you are right, Leni’s birth name is Helene, I believe after Heidi’s mom, or someone on her maternal side; I am just shocked they went w a “short” name-the other children all have long names(like mine, lol), but the fluidity rocks!! Seal has said in the past he considers Leni his & would adopt her, but didn’t want to stop Flavio Briatore from having a relationship w her “if he wanted.” Seal has been w Heidi since she was pg w Leni-he is
that 1 in a trillion….Kiss from a Rose indeed, sigh. Yes, I like Heidi, & No, I am not even a Project Runway fanatic, lol-just now catching up on it:);)

marfmom on

I think it’s cute. I was just surprised she only has one middle name, as don’t both boys have 2 or 3 middle names?

kindelfind on

@Bancie: Leni is the short version of the German name Helene. It’s the name of Heidi’s grandmother who died before Leni was born. But as far as I know, Heidi’s Leni is really just Leni, not Helene.

Hea on

Congrats to them! I’m sure she is just as gorgeous as her siblings.

Allie-Rose on

I’m not particularly bothered by the name as it’s pretty common here in France. Or at least it was a few years ago. I think it’s cute when the girl is still small, but I don’t think it’s as cute on a grown woman.

Congratulations to the family,though, and welcome to baby Lou. Can’t wait to see her! 🙂

judew on


Athena on

@ Bancie1031: I think Leni real name’s is Elena or Elen

Stacey on

Leni is not a nickname. It is a very normal, usual German girl’s name. She was named after Heidi’s grandmother.

Stacey on

…and yes, it is pronounced ‘Laney’.

carly on

cute name. can’t wait to see her!

Erin on

Who cares about the baby’s name when her father put into words about her arrival what anyone who has second, third or fourth child feels but maybe can’t express as eloquently? Lou is lucky beyond luck to have the mom and dad she has – welcome to the world, Lou!

anna on

Leni is her real name, but she’s named after Heidi’s grandma Leni, who’s real name was Helene.

Amy, that’s how you pronounce the name in German. Actually, the German pronunciation is a tiny bit different, but it’s hard to explain in written English. You can listen to an audio file here though:

Cara on

Congratulations ! Beautiful birth announcement.

I also read it on Saturday in the Daily Mail, along with the name, and wondered why it took so long for it to be posted here.

At the time the story was circulating Friday, Heidi had not yet given birth, but unfortunately some media outlets picked up an incorrect story. CBB and PEOPLE posted the news as soon as Seal and Heidi were ready to announce the birth and release details.

– CBB Staff

Kemi on

Sulola is a Yoruba name. The Yoruba are an ethnic group in West Africa, primarily in South-West Nigeria. According to Babalola’s and Alaba’s Dictionary of Yoruba Personal Names, Sulola means “Our noble family is extensive/wide and vast”.

The pronunciation is somewhat tricky because Yoruba is a tonal language (plus, there are two different kinds of ‘o’, ‘s’ etc.) but I guess they just anglicize the name.

Lou is okay but I prefer Louise or Louisa (or the German equivalents Luise and Luisa respectively).

trullesand on

Cécile, i bet heidi klum never heard of nietzsche and rilke. and especially not lou andreas-salomé…

JM on

congratulations to the family. not keen on the name but i am sure she is adorable.

Rachel-Jane on

Seal’s announcement is beautiful!

I quite like Lou, although I’d use it as a shortened version of Louise or Louisa maybe. It’s a nice name though, although I am immediately reminded of the Neighbours character Lou Carpenter (a man). I do think though that it goes with her siblings’ names (particularly her big sister’s).

Julia on

actually, the story you all keep referencing was wrong; it was based on an erroneous report that heidi delivered at 1 a.m. on friday. in fact, the story that she delivered was being circulated while heidi was still in labor. kudos to cbb for waiting to post this until they could get the story right. i love that when i check cbb for news of a baby birth i am not sorting through junk and rumors and innuendo. it’s what makes this site great.

as for the name, i like it, and i love this family. i hope they defy the odds!

Elle on

Congrats 🙂
A lovely name.. and a great day to be born.. same as me 😀

Can’t wait to see a photo of her.. bet she is as beautiful as her siblings..

Veronica on

Wow Lou. Just….wow Nuff said.

Elisabeth on

Leni and Lou???? does this not sound like a pair of 60 year old men playing cards on the stoop? hmmmm would have liked a German name or something pretty as we know this baby will be beautiful!

Tina. on

Lou is so cool to me! 😀 YAYAYAYAY! 🙂

Shirelle on

Congrats to them! Im glad they finally had a baby girl together. Dont like the name Lou though!

Tina. on


NettieB on

Hey MEANIES. Lou is the babies name. Now live with it. It’s hers and I bet it fits her perfectly.

ab on

aww, I think lou is a cute name. congratulations to heidi and seal!

Fanou on

This news has been all over European Mags since saturday!!!!
Anyway I am so happy for them, they are all gorgeous and seemed like the dream family
God bless them allxoxxo

Shelby on

I heard this days ago on Perezhilton and frankly I was hoping I would be able to get the news quickly here. Oh well! Congrats to the family and their newest bundle, I like the name!

I♥CBB on

Helene is Leni’s real name. She is named after Heidi’s grandmother.

Mandy on

I remember reading a statement from Heidi when Leni was born and could have sworn she mentioned Leni as a nickname. Hmmm..maybe its just too early and my brain isn’t functioning so well. Anyways, I’ve had the night to sleep on the name and I’m starting to come around to it. Maybe I just need to see the baby and then I’ll go, ‘Yes she’s definitely a Lou’ you know? Anyways, Seal’s announcement was beautiful and very heart-felt. Those children are so very loved. Congrats again!

mom to 3 boys on

What a heartfelt statement from Heidi and Seal. Simply beautiful! Congratulations to the family

actualsize on

Aw, I’m surprised by the number of people who don’t like the name Lou. It’s about as cute and girly as you can get to my ear. Just think of a little french poppet in pigtails, little Loulou (or Lulu)!

The birth announcement by Seal is so beautiful; he’s obviously put a lot of time and thought into his words and I’m sure Lou will feel incredibly touched to one day read it and now how much she is loved. Congratulations to Heidi and Seal.

Shannon on

YAY!!!! I am so excited to hear about the birth of this wonderful couple’s fourth child! They are so great together, and they are raising such a wonderful family. I love that Seal really stepped up to be Leni’s father. A lot of guys wouldn’t do that. But I’ve never heard him call her his stepdaughter, and that’s great. I have a stepfather like that, and I get all warm and fuzzy every time he calls me his daughter.

When I first heard the name, I admit I was kind of like, huh? Really? But after I said it to myself a couple times, I actually really, really like it. Especially hearing it next to Leni. It’s cute!

daniela on

Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this news!!! Yay! Congrats Seal and Heidi – My fav celeb family! Can’t wait to see a pic of baby Lou!

Lynn on

I read about this on Friday, but then her rep denied it! I like the name.

Can’t wait to see Baby Lou out with her siblings!

JMO on

Man I was hoping the Lou rumors were wrong! I like Louisa and the name Lou as a nick name…like on that Lifetime show STrong Medicine. I just know to many male Lou’s to put it into a female perspective. On a side note Lou and Leni sound cute together.

congrats to Heidi and Seal!

Jazz on

I love this family! I happen to think Lou is cute. Seal’s words were lovely. I love how he does birth announcements for the kids. It’s so heartfelt.

finais on

Not feeling Lou, but not my kid. Congrats to the family!

Erika on

I bet she’s adorable. It might be short for Louisa or something, I think Leni’s name is really Helene, but they only call her Leni, maybe they wanted to something similar for their second daughter.

Anyway, congrats to them, they seem like great parents, and I love seeing them out with their kids!!

Moore on

This was announced over the weekend but it got shot down saying her name wasn’t Lou and she wasn’t born yet. Funny. Congrats to the family!

ritter on

hmm Lou Samuel, I definitely see MALE on paper. Maybe they will call her Lola. Of all the female names out there this is a let down for me, lol. I was hoping it was fake when I read it last week on Just Jared.

ritter on

Elisabeth, that made me LOL. Leni is pronounced Laney though

Mariel on

WOW Seals birth announcement. It just made me cry. I am a single mom and its really beautiful see how much a man CAN love her child.

Georgina on

Helene “Leni” Boshoven Klum was born on May 5, 2004. I dont believe the reports about her birth were as shall we say crazy as the subsequent children due to the fact she was not longer with the father and wanted to keep out of the spot light for a bit. Leni was born in NY,not LA too. I dont even know if they released a statement, we just know shes called Leni coz we’ve heard them call her that?


When Leni was born, Heidi released this statement on her website, along with a photo:

“Today on May 4th, 2004 at 3:21 AM, I was born. My name is Leni and although I was a little early, I am pleased to announce that both my mother and I are safe and sound. I weighed in at 7Ibs 14.1 oz. They tell me that I’m a pretty child and that I will have no trouble being heard due to my VERY loud voice but to be truthful, I’m just happy to have made it here without complication. After having tasted the best nourishment in the world I am very tired now and I just want to sleep. With love, Leni.”

– CBB Staff

Daisy on

Seal is so beautiful with words…Heidi must fall in love with her husband & blessed family every single day!

I’m sure the name will grow on me…cute middle name…congrats to this amazing faily, can’t WAIT to see them all together!!

Kristi on

Yeah the story that was on the internet on Friday said the baby was born at 1 am. I remember this because I was bummed because my birthday was Thursday so an hour earlier we would have had the same birthday! Then websites were reporting that Heidi did not have the baby. Whoever gave the false information in the first place must have known something though because they got the name right.

I actually love the name! I knew a girl name Lourdes who went by Lou and I thought it was the coolest name in high school. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see pictures.

Dana on

Beautiful name and even more beautiful birth announcement! I wish them all the best! I´m sure she´s beautiful!

sandy on

That was the MOST beautiful announcement for a birth I have ever read. What a beautiful sentiment for baby Lou to read what her Daddy wrote about her when she is older. All children should be blessed with such precious words at their birth. Congrats to a happy family!

ll65 on

Congratulations to Heidi & Seal and family.

Helene on

come on it’s a very sweet name and i even find it very feminine. Leni and Lou, that’s adorable! But i have to admit i was pretty sure they were going for a very german name, like Hanna or Klara. Lou is easy to prounounce, it’s girly, it’ll fit her well! you people really have to let go of the Kingstons, Shilohs, Suris, Zumas and all those fake names. They are many real and beautiful names out there and Lou is one of them!

Sara on

Oh my! She is German! People in different countries name their children different names! Sheesh… Popular names in America aren’t the most popular and most used names in Spain, Germany, Austria, France and so on.

Congrats to them!!! What a cute name and a gorgeous family!

ritter on

Helene, I love real names, not the Zuma-type. I feel like Lou is a nickname and a male name. Obviously Heidi and Seal love it, so that’s great.

Lauren on

Alycia, and everyone else who thinks Leni is not her real name, IT IS. It is not shortened to anything. Now hopefully we ca nfocus on the baby instead of worrying about whose name is what.

Georgina on

Sorry i meant official statement, like weight etc, it was kinda, informal, so we never got to know her full name.

Lily on

I was waiting for CBB to announce it, I read that she had the baby on another site last week..Congrats to the family!

CC on

Beautiful announcement from Seal!

Natasha on

I think they would’ve already changed Leni’s last name to Samuel unless there was some struggle with rights. Do you need the “father’s” permission to chnage the last name?

Congratulations to the family! I’m sure Lou is gorgeous!

gargoylegurl on

Congrats to this lovely family! I’m excited to see pics of their beautiful new addition! The name is sweet, very European. =)

Mandy on

On wikipedia it mentions Leni’s name as Helene “Leni” Klum but that could just be anyone posting it. I tried searching for something on it but everything coming up right now talks about Lou’s birth and not Leni’s.

Jessica on

I like the name, it’s cute. And Leni and Lou do go together well, though I’m personally not a fan of naming my children with the same first letter.

I think the name Lou is very old fashioned, which I really like. I know this sounds crazy, but in a historical documentary of Wyatt Earp, the lawman and reputed outlaw of the west, and shooter at the OK Corral, one of his brothers, Morgan, was married to a woman named Lou. And that was in the 1880’s, I think. So, I like that the name Lou has some history to it.
And if she was named after the German writer mentioned above, that gives the name even more beauty for the family.

JessicaC on

I heard about this days ago, they confirmed the name also, but I thought it was a rumor because I didn’t believe someone would name their daughter Lou Samuels. Maybe it’ll turn out to be endearing in a “Joe from Little Women” sort of way…I don’t care what they name THEIR baby, but I found it a little ironic how they said they were so hoping for alittle girl, and then give her a traditionally masculine name.

S on

I remember Heidi said on a talk show that Leni was just Leni (pronounced Laynie)…named after her grandmother.

Jazz on

Natasha: I don’t think Flavio ever signed over his rights which is why Leni is still a Klum and not a Samuel.

Annalee on

Aw, congrats to them!! Lou is such a sweet name. I love it!

Bénédicte on

I don’t know in USA but Lou is a really girly name in France, for me it’s a lovely name!!

Jamaicafest on

Congratulations to Heidi and Seal on the birth of their daughter.

Jessicad on

I think it’s a cute name for a girl!! Congrats to them. Seal gives me hope that I’ll be able to find a great man who loves my daughter as his own:)

Jesse on

I LOVE the name Lou, almost named my daughter that, but we went with Luna instead.

emma on

What a beautiful statement. I have tears in my eyes reading it. Such a lovely family – congratulations xxx

heath on

it’s not traditionally masculine in other countries, Jessica.

The world is not america!

Kaylee on

Hate the name, LOVE this family! Congrats!

Mom2TwinBoys on

I love the name… I have a place in my heart for that name. My late grandfather called me Lou from the day I was born until the day he died. Never mind that my name has no connection whatsoever to Lou…

mazzie on

i love the name ‘lou’ – it has a continental feel to it, maybe because i’m thinking of the actress lou doillon – but it”s beautiful and sweet for a baby and edgy enough to suit a beautiful teenager as well, which i’m sure this little girl will grow up to be..

Liliana on

I agree, Jessica. Anytime I hear Lou for a girl, I think of an old-fashioned, Victorian-era name.

As for Leni’s name, I doubt anyone knows for sure but I’ve always been under the impression that it was simply Leni. I understand that the name is in honor of Heidi’s grandmother, Helene, but Leni is a nick name of Helene so she could’ve honored her in that way without giving her daughter the exact replica of her grandmother’s name.

For example, one of my friends decided to honor her deceased father when she found out she was having a son. Her dad’s name was William so she named her son Liam. A co-worker of mine also did this but used her boyfriend’s name, instead. She named her son Cole after his father, Nicholas.

jammaj on

Congratulations to Heidi and Seal! I’m sure their new daughter will be as gorgeous as the rest of their kids. I didn’t like the name when I first heard it, but it sounds nice with the middle name & it has definitely grown on me.

Names4Real on

Such a sweet family. I can’t wait to see a pic of Lou.

Christina on

I actually like the name, surprisingly. But I wish the first name was Sulola – LOVE IT!! Such a pretty name. Congrats to Heidi and Seal. Can’t wait to see the little cutie.

Jenn on

Oh, that statement Seal gave made me cry! And I’m not even a momma yet! 🙂

Amy on

Congratulations to Heidi and Seal! They have a beautiful family.

Jane on

I don’t like Lou at all. It sounds like a 50 year old male.

fuzibuni on

re: #88 trullesand,

i thought cecile’s comment (#32) was quite insightful and wouldn’t doubt if Heidi and Seal know about Lou Salomé. Just because you haven’t heard of her doesn’t mean they haven’t.

And to all who think the name sounds like an old man… do you think that names like Kelly, Robin, or Tracy sound like girls names? In Europe they have been regularly used for boys.

In my mind, the name Lou is adorable for a little girl. Maybe they can call her Lulu as a baby and she can go by Lou Samuel when she is older. Its a name with a lot of character, strength and simplicity to it.

I imagine that this name will suit her perfectly. Can’t wait to watch her grow up with this beautiful family!

Mary-Helen on

Aw, congrats! Love the name and the statement!

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! I don’t really like the name…but that’s an awesome birthdate 🙂 09/10/09

ju on

I love the name 🙂 In France, it’s a quite common name for little girls right now, and it’s so so cute !

Heather on

I think they have such beautiful children. Being biracial myself, it is nice to see the public embrace this couple and their children. The times, they are a changing…and for the better 🙂

Sara on

Don’t like the name at all.
It would be ok if it were a diminutive for a more formal name like Louise or Louisa but Lou alone is too short and too nickname-y for my liking.

FC on

Love her name. Her first name is actually part of a nickname of my mother’s, bestowed upon her by great-grandmother. I think it’s a cool name. And that Sulola is just beautiful. Put together I think it’s quite unique since not many girls have that name.

Congrats to the Samuel family on their new little girl.

And that Seal, I swear, with all that love he has for Heidi and their children, and how openly he expresses it in so many ways, I’d find it difficult to not give him as many children as he wanted. Or any man like him, for that matter. 😀

Electra on

i like the name Sulola

Electra on

and her leni’s name is helene, google the birth announement

Julia B. on

Congrats! I was actually expecting more name-wise from them, but maybe Lou is short for something? Anyway, i bet she’s a beautiful baby girl 🙂

Mandy on

I’m hoping when and if they release photos they might also have an interview and talk about how they picked her name. 🙂 That I think would help out a lot of people lol.

Mandy on

Oh and I also find it funny with the other reports of the birth earlier this week. It was like, Heidi gave birth at 1 a.m. after only an hour after being induced which is pretty much impossible. Duh!

Lauren on

Electra, her name is not Helene, it is Leni!! Considering post 112 when you read the CBB note, I think I am going to choose to believe Heidi over some Google thing and try to remember that anyone can post whatever they want to on the Internet.

JessicaC on

heath, I understand Lou is probably a european nme, but it is also a traditionally male name here in america. no one is calling it weird because it’s foreign, they’re calling it weird because most people associate it with balding middle aged men. Why do people always need to make it about culture or race. Believe me, Im aware that the world is not america so you can drop the condesending undertones. Some people just don’t like it because they don’t like it, it had NOTHING to do with your culture so don’t try to make it out to be because NO ONE said foreign names are stupid!

maggie on

congrats to the family but really? Lou Sulola? sounds like the name of a male cop! bet shes gorgeous though!

mom to 3 boys on

why must people be so rude about a baby that they will never ever meet? if you don’t like the name, then that is one less name you have to worry about when you name YOUR child. Seriously people, think about it. How would you like to be ridiculed by complete strangers about your hair, your clothes, your name, your choice of anything constantly? if the baby had been born dead or something went wrong would you still be so darn rude?

fuzibuni on

re: jessicaC,
you ask “why do people always need to make it about culture or race?” and then state that Lou is “a traditionally male name in America,” and the reason you don’t like it is because “most people associate it with balding middle aged men.” Do you see the irony of your statement?

btw, the only Lou I ever knew was a woman. I don’t think it’s a “weird” name for a girl… and I live in America too.

Electra on

Well then someone needs to correct NY magazine and time magazine, thats all.

maggie on

i think the name is okay it’s better than sparrow . i think lou is probably a family name but i’m happy for them.

Erica on


Lou may be a traditionally male name here in America, but neither Heidi or Seal are American. I would fully expect that their name choices would be more influenced by their German and British/African origins, respectively.

I for one love the name Lou Sulola Samuel. It is one of the few celebrity baby names that makes sense.

cassie on

aww congrats to them!

Lou on

My name is Lou (not short for anything) and I love my name. However, in the UK, ‘LOO’ means toilet. Even though they are spelt differently, I still get toilet comments everytime I tell someone my name. I do love it though. Congrats!

Lou on

Also, it is worth mentioning that I am a female and find it odd that people think of it as a masculine name….

JessicaC on

fuzibuni, actually if you read my original post you’d see, I didn’t say it was a traditionally masculine name in America, I said it was a traditionally masculine name-that’s it. You should probably have your facts straight before you try to tell someone about themselves. So really it still has nothing to do with culture, people just look to complain about everything here. So thanks but no thank, I don’t need you to explain my thought process to me.

Lauren on

Whoa JessicaC calm down please! It’s not a big deal, and by the way fuzibuni, I totally agree with you. She called out the very thing she was saying herself. And now she is getting all defensive.

Patrice on

Congrats to the happy couple, and how beautiful what Seal said at the end about her “choosing” them to “watch her grow” : ) Heidi and Seal are by far my favorite celeb couple, and I hope they are together forever! Not so crazy about the name though, I thought they would go more German, or feminine this time…..

P.S. Just last night on TV, “Extra” claimed that the birth “was just a rumor”. But since you guys have a name, I’m going to assume that they got it wrong…

Patrice on

To everyone fraeking out about how masculine the name is, while I would agree,keep in mind that most babies develop pet/nick names very early on, and they will probably end up calling her “Lulu” or something.

Patrice on

Hayden Hart: Samuel is the family’s last name.

Laydacris on

I agree with fuzibuni too. Jessica C you are contradicting yourself love. Also, I would advise you to purchase a baby name book and look up the name Lou!
Lou can be short for many things, Louis, Louise, Louisa etc. See??? Not all our male names.

Karen on

I find it funny that JessicaC is digging herself into a bigger hole. Lou is a “traditionally masculine name” IN AMERICA. If you read the posts here you would see that in other countries Lou is feminine and its proves the other posters point of view that often times we Americans thing that we are the only people in the world. I happen to love the name Lou but even if I didn’t I would never post here or say “I wish she would have name her Luisa or something like that” its not my child.

Kim on

I don’t post here much, but this I had to comment on. Congrats, Seal and Heidi, and Lou, and Leni, and Johan, and Henry! I am so very happy. Yay!

kristine on

Congrats to them.

And for those of you commenting on the name – it’s not your kid so stop complaining. It’s THEIR choice NOT yours. Let them lead their own lives!

Lauren on

Karen, ITA about JessicaC digging herself a deeper hole. So explain to me JessicaC, how do you have the right to sit here and say what a masculine name that it is, which I do NOT think it is, and I love the name very much, but yet you deeply criticize fuzibunny for their post, which was innocent by the way. ??? You have come across as very rude and condescending yourself.

herewego on

I admit to not really liking the name at first but now I love it. I’m from the UK and think Lou is really feminine and am suprised by how many people see it as masculine although I have heard it used by Males as well. Anyway each to their own. Can’t wait to see what she looks like!

JessicaC on

So you people have the right to think it’s a beautiful feminine name, but I don’t have the right to think it’s ugly and masculine? I don’t not like it because of culture, I plain just think it’s ugly-for males too, no matter where you live. And Lauren, I don’t think fuzibuni’s post was innocent. She’s correcting something I didn’t even say! Karen, they could name their kids dogpoop if they want, I don’t care, but I have every right to say I don’t like it. I see we have a case of bandwagoning here, so Im out, not wasting another minute talking about a stranger and an ugly baby name, so go on have fun getting all huffy and annoyed about this post 🙂

Anna on

I like the name Lou, probably because of the adorable little girl in the TV series “Love My Way”.

M on

Welcome, Lou!

To those of you thinking it sounds like a male name, remember having said that next time you name a girl Addison or any of the other names that used to be for boys only.

Charlie on

For the record, I love the name. It sounds really cute and old-fashioned, and with a middle name to match Johan and Henry’s.
Congrats to Heidi, Seal, Leni, Johan and Henry on the arrival of little Lou 🙂

Georgina on

Aren’t most middle age men called Louis/Lewis and Lou is a shorten version of this, so Lou technically isn’t there name?

And like one of the above poster said, it sounds very french to me, I think there is a famous designer whose daughter is called Lou. The daughter is now a model and totally stunning, so when I hear of another little girl called Lou, it seems to fit a little girl esp. as her mummy is totally stunning too.

Catca on

Just wondering why everyone finds it so wonderful that Seal refers to Lou as his second daughter. Leni is his actual daughter – he adopted her.

BantaBants on

Congratulations to Heidi and Seal, i bet she’s beautiful..do you know what annoys me on here…everyone juding the name they have chosen, get over it..it isnt your child so why so bothered about the name? i got a few repsonses when my son was born about the name we had chosen (Kassius Xavier) when people pulled a face and said the whole ‘Oooo im not keen on that’ my simple response was always ‘well, good job he’s not yours then’..anyway the name Lou is simple and cute.

Mandy on

Well I just think people thought it was cute when he said his second daughter because he has gone on to be Leni’s father and adopted her. He stepped right in and became her daddy when she didn’t have anyone else.

Alice on

Welcome little Lou! I’m very happy for them… and what a beautiful, beautiful birth announcement! I want a Seal for myself! (don’t we all…)

Jen on

I LOVE the name! I think I might just add Lou to my “girl’s names list” even though I’m not even considering babies at this point in my life! Congratulations to the entire family. I’m sure Lou is a beautiful addition.

Danielle on

OOh don’t like that name at all obviously each to their own not my kid. Luckily they don’t live in England as it means toilet haha

Bee on

LOVE the name. Love it. Super cute.

4little1s.com on

I love Seal, great baby, nice one

Kat on

I can’t wait to see her. I’m sure she’s gorgous!!

Genny on

Im so exited for the new little addition. I bet she will be pretty cant wait to see a pic.

Kate on

Leave Jessica C alone. There were posters who openly said “I wish they would have named her…” but Jessica C wasn’t one of them. I don’t have feelings either way about the name but she is entitled to her opinion also. You may disagree but don’t all gang up together. Especially when there were posters who were much worse. In her first post she did say “traditionally masculine” but did not specify America, so the other poster was incorrect. She did mention it later. Perhaps its just a misunderstanding. But its between them. Other people shouldn’t turn up to throw in their two cents so thay may feel morally superior for five seconds.

CelebBabyLover on

Cacta- Seal has NOT adopted Leni, at least not that we know of. They’ve never confirmed it. I think said not too long ago that he would LIKE to adopt her but wants to “leave the door” open for Leni to have a relationship with her biological father later in life if she chooses, or something like that.

Helene- While Kingston and Zuma weren’t, to my knowledge, baby names before Gwen and Gavin named their sons that, Shiloh and Suri are both REAL names, not fake names. Tom and Katie said they found the name Suri in a baby book (you can also find the name on lots of baby name sites…nearly all of which have no mention of Suri Cruise in the name description).

Shiloh is also a name that’s actually been around for awhile, and can be found in baby books and on baby name websites. It was traditionally used more for boys, but the point is it HAS been around as a baby name for awhile.

mazzie on

neither heidi nor seal is originally american – so WHY is everyone bothered if the name is, IN AMERICA, a traditionally masculine name?!?
lou reminds me of ‘liv’ or ‘lola’ or ‘luna’ or any of the other short, simple, classy and not too outrageous L names people have been going wild about for while now. what’s the difference?!

Dee on

They could have named their baby ‘Eggplant’ and I would still be happy and excited for them.

This is one of the most down to earth celebrity family out there and the way that Seal loves his wife and kids…ALL his kids, just makes my heart melts.

He is not afraid to express his love openly and Heidi is one very lucky woman. We could all hope that we can find someone in life who cherises us as much as he does his family.

Congrats guys and blessings continuous to your beautiful family. Lou chose well when she chose you both to be her parents 🙂

Adrienne D. on

Congradulations on the new arrival of your baby girl,I’m very happy for the two of you and will pray that the family will continue to have all the happiest times with all of the children.Good Luck and may God continue to guide you and watch over all of you. Good Luck and be happy always!!!!!

Allison on

Congrats to Heidi and Seal! Not loving the name “Lou,” but, oh, well. Maybe they can call her “Lola” short for her middle name. That sounds a little more girly than “Lou,” but to each his own.

I bet that little girl is a cutie! Can’t wait to see pics.


Apparently having the right to an opinion is not allowed by many posters on CBB. So what that individuals think that it “sounds” like a masculine name? It’s a name. It is NOT a judgment on the baby herself. I like the name, but I have no problem with other individuals not liking it. I suppose I’m just open minded that way. And Heath you are correct, the world is not NORTH American. If you want to bash someone for being politically incorrect then IMO one should portray the same behavior oneself. It’s just a thought, but on an North American website picturing two individuals living in said North America whether of origin or not, raising & birthing their children in the same that it wasn’t meant as a anything but a harmless comment rather than assumed ignorance (I take that as implied judgement). Just food for thought. This is the internet afterall. Honestly, if this many people have an issue with the simplicity of a name then it’s no wonder this world has problems. sad, really. Anyway, I like this family & send my best to their newest addition.

Jen on

Im with Celebabylover. Kingston Zuma Shiloh and Sur arent fake names there better than Apple and Coco and they are really nice names to. I havent heard of a girl being Lou without having it being short but thats what they like so thats their choice.

MiB on

Congratulations to the Klum-Samuels! I love the name, especially the flow of it, and being European (half German even!) I have to agree with those saying that Lou is a womens name here. I have met several female Lou (from the UK, Germany, France and Denmark)but only one male, and he was american.

Trullesand, I bet against You, Heidi went to school in Germany and will most probably have read Nietsche, Rilke and possibly even Freud in school.

Jen on

The more I hear the name, the more I love it! Welcome, Lou! BantaBants, I love your son’s name too. I always feel sad when I hear that new parents receive criticism about their child’s name from their family and friends. That happened to a friend of mine the day her daughter was born. Both sets of grandparents voiced negative opinions about the name that was selected, but of course, today, a mere 2 months later, no one can think of her as anything other than the name that was chosen! I wonder if they wish they had just kept their mouth shut!

Sealinewuman on

Congrats to Seal and Heidi on their new bundle of joy!!

Seriously, why do people have to ascribe their standard or rightness/wrongness to other peoples cultures? That called ethnocentrism people.

Lou is actually a German girls name. For those that need clarification, it’s the Germanic form of the English name Lucy, the French Louane or Italian Luana, it’also a diminutive of the German name Louise, meaning a nickname but can be used alone as an official first name. It’s pronounced less like the English male name Lou, and more like the legal term lieu with a long or double middle E as in leew.

Hope that helps.

Issy on

Congratulation to Heidi and Seal. You guys are perfect example for mixed marriage, keep up the good job.I am a black woman married to a German man but I admire you two.

Julie on

Lou is a famous name…Louie Armstrong, Lou Gehrig, Lou Reed…Seal and Heidi’s Lou is the first female Lou I have heard of.

Rebecca on

Lou might be short for Louise or something.

miss on

Lou might not be the most feminine name but at least it can be pronounced in Any country rather than just one (which will be handy because she is part of an interracial and multiracial and multicultural brood).

And in french Loup, pronounced like Lou means wolf,

i used to have a classmate called Lou…but he’s a boy.
I just want to see pictures! Still sounds better than Coco or Apple though lol