Jason Priestley and Family Head North of the Border

10/10/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
John K / Todd G / Splash News Online

Jason Priestley arrives at Toronto Pearson International Airport in his native Canada on Wednesday, with wife Naomi Lowde-Priestley, their daughter Ava Veronica, 2, and their 3-month-old new baby boy.

The couple are yet to officially confirm their son’s name — Dashiell, sources tell CBB — in an apparent continuation of Jason’s stance of keeping details of their private life “on the down low” going forward.

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Snow on

Regardless, of what people say – I respect and admire that celebs choose to keep their family private. I can not believe that Brandon from 90210 is a Dad! He is still like 15 to me!

Sophie on

His wide looks a lot like Jeniffer Garner in that picture. The children are little cuties too

Rikki on

They seem like a very down-to-earth kind of family, very beautiful, good for them!

When I saw the picture I had to chuckle: is it just me or does Naomi look like she and Jennifer Garner were separated at birth in this picture!? πŸ˜‰

Tina. on

i thought they named him daelyn- or something like that πŸ™‚ i hope dashiell is weird to me :S

Liliana on

Beautiful children.

I also agree; his wife could pass for Garner’s sister.

mims on

wow his wife looks great! and what cute kiddos!!

liz on

He’s probably going home for Thanksgiving.

Mary on

This picture makes me laugh because everyone is wearing a jacket except Ava. My daughter, who’s 3, fights me all the time because she doesn’t want to wear her jacket, so I know there was probably a struggle before this picture was shot and boy do I know what they are going through!!!

HJ on

What a beautiful family. And I agree; Naomi looks a lot like Jennifer Garner. Especially with the dimples:) I also think that Ava resembles Shiloh in that picture.

DD on

I love Ava’s comfy Ugg Boo Chestnut bootie boots. They are only about $50 retail and you can get them for a song on Ebay! The beauty is that they are made with the twin-faced sheepskin and the kids don’t ahve to wear socks and at that age it’s makes running out the door in the cool weather so easy! They slip right on and are so comfy and breathable! Gosh…I should sell Uggs! LoL! They look like an adorable family and very down to earth. His wife really does look like Jennifer Garners twin! Cheers to the Priestley family!

Lisa on

Great looking family! I just get annoyed because if you wanted a private life, you should’ve stayed out of show business.

cg on

I thought on the May statement he said the baby is due sometimes the end of this year.Now the baby is 3 months old????Im confussed.

Bancie1031 on

LOL that’s funny I looked at the picture and the first thing that came to mind was “awww what a cute family” and then “WOW I wonder if his wife is related to Jennifer Garner?” Then I read the messages and see that most of you had the same thought that I did.
Ava and baby boy are very cute …. this really is a pretty family.
Another question how do you pronoun Dashiell? And I wonder if that’s his real name …. oh well guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Sarah M. on

I admire celebs that keep their private lives private. I think that it would be extremely difficult, but that it can be better/easier on the children if they’re not in the public eye constantly. The thing I don’t understand is why they would release the name of one of the children, but not the other. If they want to stay completely private, why release the name of just their first child and not both of them. (Anna Belknap and Eric Siegel did a similar thing. We still don’t know the name of their 3 year old daughter, and yet we know the name of their 8 month old son.) It just seems odd to me to tell people the name of one but not the other. (I would, for instance, have very little doubt that if Simon Pegg or Christian Bale had more children that we wouldn’t hear their names, as we still don’t know their first childrens’ names.) I don’t think I’m entitled to know the name. I’m just curious as to the reasoning of sharing all names or none of them.

I do like Jason as an actor and he has a BEAUTIFUL family! I wish them the very best!!

loopsy on

Dashiel is not weird its biblical. I prefer celebs who say they want privacy and don’t release details to others who moan about paps and then tell millions of cute stories the moment they have a film to promote.

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- Just because you’re a celeb doesn’t have to mean that you have to share your family life with the public. Also, people accuse Jennifer Garner for talking about her kids…and then accuse people like Jason and Naomi for NOT talking about them! Another example of how celebs can’t win no matter what!

It’s also interesting to me that no one is complaining about Ava’s lack of a coat…yet people are constantly criticizng Katie and Tom for not making Suri wear a coat. Why the double-standard?

Anyway, I love how they look just like any other family. πŸ™‚

marfmom on

I totally respect them for keeping their private life private, but I do wish they’d release just their son’s name. :-p I love hearing what people named their kids, celebs or not!

jessie on

since we know the daughter’s name, i’m not sure why he won’t say the son’s name too. nevertheless, cute kids

Linda on

Loopsy – I can understand when celebs moan about paps – whether or not they release names of their children (you still see pictures of Christian Bales’ unnamed daughter being taken to school and I’m sure he doesnt like that) or whether or not they talk about them on chat shows. The fact is, there is no reason for their bad behavior of getting in children’s faces, surrounding them (when they have long lenses_ and talking to them or their parents, unterrupting their lives. Why am I on this site? Mainly to see how the preggo ladies are looking (and they are famous which you can’t say about their children who didn’t ask for attention). Sorry but I feel like ranting on you judgy, never can be happy with another’s parenting, moms.

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – ROFLMAO!!!! I was thinking the same thing and I keep checking back to see if anyone mentions the coat ….. I was expecting to read all about it when I clicked on the link but only one person has mentioned it …… BUT this isn’t about Suri ….. it’s about Ava …….

loopsy on

Linda rant away, I often do on this site as well! I’m not defending paps, just saying that I respect the decision of some celebs to be more gaurded about their privacy. Not sure how my comment makes me “judgy”, especially as I’m not commenting on their parenting, but what the hey. Have a nice day.

CelebBabyLover on

loopsy- I can understand what Linda meant. Most celebs who have complained about the paps haven’t actually said, “I don’t the paps to photograph my child (or children)”. Most seem to understand that, unfourtnately, the paps come with the territory. However, they are understandably annoyed and upset by the crazy behavior of the paps.

For example, Brad Pitt has said mutiple times that he wishes the paps would use long lenses rather than getting right up in the kids’ faces, shouting their names, and scaring them. Jennifer Garner said pretty much the same thing a few months ago, complaining about how the paps were photographing Violet going to and from preschool nearly everyday…even knocking down some of Violet’s classmates trying to get her picture a few times.

She basically made it clear that she was unhappy that the paps weren’t letting Violet or her classmates go to and from school in peace. The paps may come with the territory, and celebs should obviously expect their kids to be photographed when they’re out in public, but I also think there should be limits on where and when paps are allowed to take photos.

For example, I don’t think paps should be allowed to photograph celebrity children being dropped off or picked up at their schools, especially considering it’s disruptive to the other kids going to that school as well (a large number of whom are probably not celebrity kids, and hence probably not at all used to the paps).

I also don’t think celebrity kids should be photographed when they’re out without their parents (the one exception being if they are with a grandparent who is also a celebrity, such as Apple Martin being photographed while out with her grandma Blythe Danner, or Ryder Robinson being photographed while out with his grandma Goldie Hawn). After all, it’s the parents who are celebs, not the kids (except in a few cases, obviously. Jaden Smith and Connor Cruise, for example, are becoming celebs in their own right!).

Bottomline: I don’t blame celebs for being annoyed with the paps, whether or not they share details of their kids’ lives with us. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as for why they released Ava’s name and not their baby boy’s….I think that Jason and Naomi decided at some point after Ava’s birth to be more private.

cg- I looked up that post, and here is what Jason said: β€œThe baby is due sometime later this year.” The annoucement was in May, so July (when the baby was born) did techincally qualify as “sometime later this year”. I think Jason was just being as vague as possible about the due date. πŸ™‚

Paladian on

The little boy’s name is Dashiell Orson, pronounced “Dashall”! They are a sweet family! God Bless. X

Tessie on

loopsy – agree with your first post.

Sarah M. on

I guess I can see releasing the 1st kids name and not later children or celebs who only have 1 child (or twins w/their 1st children) and don’t release the names. (Holly Hunter’s twin boys, Christian Bale’s daughter, Simon Pegg’s daughter, etc.) But like with Anna Belknap and Eric Siegel, they’ve never released their toddler daughter’s name and yet they released their infant son’s name. I guess I just like names and seeing what people name their children, whether they’re celebrities or not!!

If his name is in fact Dashiell Orson, I like it. LOVE Dashiell, not a big fan of Orson but it’s not bad as a middle name.

Bancie1031 on

I also love hearing baby names (celebrity baby/child or not …. ie if I’m in the store and see a cute baby I’ll asking how old they are and what their name is, then I will proceed to tell the parents how cute their child is and how lucky they are :)then go about my business and leave them alone) But in the same sense you have to understand and respect the celebrities that decide to keep their personal lives private.
Just imagine how you would feel if you were out at the store with your child/children and you had these people all up in your face and your children’s faces snapping away; as much as I love seeing their pictures and hearing their stories, I can understand how that would get aggravating and annoying at times.
CelebBabyLover – I have also wondered why they don’t just use long lens cameras to get pictures instead of invading their personal space for a shot.

Patrice on

So he went from doing a multiple page photo spread and interview in US Weekly after the birth of his first child to not even wanting to release the name of his second? Give me a break!

CelebBabyLover on

Patrice- Yes. He said that he had come to a realization (or something like that) that he should be more private. I see no problem with that. πŸ™‚

In fact, I would think that people who don’t like celebs talking about their children or doing photoshoots with them happy! πŸ™‚

Veronica Campbell on

Those babies look gorgeous! Just like their parents. X