Solange Says Co-Parenting 'Definitely Has Its Challenges'

10/09/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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At only 23-years-old, there is no shortage of opportunities for Solange Knowles in the entertainment industry. However as mom to Daniel Julez, turning 5 this month, the singer insists her top priority has always been — and will always be — motherhood.

“A lot of people feel like their life has to stop because of the child and they have to let go of their interests. You definitely have to compromise some of them, but I’ve been really blessed,” she reveals in the November issue of Honey magazine.

According to Solange, a mantel adorned with awards is secondary to her dedication to Julez.

“I have to say no to a lot of things because at the end of the day I know that no matter how many awards or accolades or praise or money I get, the one thing that really is a judgment of me is what kind of mother I am.”

Fortunately, Solange and her ex-husband Daniel Smith are determined to co-parent their son, sharing equal custody and coordinating their schedules accordingly. “I try not to ever be away from him unless he’s with his dad,” she explains.

For Solange, that time includes both everyday activities as well as life on the road. “When I went to see Grace Jones, Julez was right there with me. Julez is right there with me when I go for my bike rides. And when I go on tour, he’s with me,” she says.

To that end, traveling the globe with his mom is something Julez never takes for granted, notes Solange. “I don’t think he realized it in the beginning,” she says of her celebrity status, “but the good thing is that he’s humble about it.” And, according to the proud mama, humble is how he will remain.

“If I ever see that he’s not, he will get snapped back before he can blink his eyes.”

Click below to read Solange’s thoughts on how Daniel’s parenting style contrasts with her own.

While Solange and Daniel work closely together to raise their son, the arrangements — and contrasting parenting philosophies — took a bit of getting used to. “It definitely has its challenges because there are some things that I’m a lot more strict about,” Solange explains. “I won’t let him own a video game. No TV in the bedroom — he can only watch a few hours a day. He comes back and tells me these stories about the Wii, and I have to be like, ‘It’s just a Wii, calm down.'”

With that said, Solange feels the different environments in each household provide Julez with a “good balance” in life.

“I feel really good that [Daniel and I are] able to do it together because there are some things that I don’t understand, and as much as I try to get out there and throw the football, I always get hit in the head with it.”

Source: Honey, November issue

— Anya

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scherriea on

i luv solange..she is such a good role model! although she became a teenage mother and wife, and now a divorced single mother, she has always shown so much maturity as a mother..say what you may about her, but she seems to definitely be a wonderful mother!

momta2 on

She has a mature and smart outlook that’s refreshing…Grace Jones concert notwithstanding! Bright and down-to-earth girl…not to mention very beautiful

heath on

grace jones! that is so cool.

Ellen on

I do love the Knowles family. Fabulous role models with real talent.

Seraphina on

Solange sounds so mature for someone who is 23 years old. She and her ex-husband seem to cope better with shared parenting than people double their age, in and out of Hollywood!

Lorus on

She does sound like a good parent. However when is a “few hours” of TV a day considered not a lot? We don’t have cable in our house but we’ll let our kids watch a couple movies per week.

Mary on

Divorced and a single mom at 23? What a challenge. She sounds like a great mom but still, so much at such a young age…

Patrice on

“no matter how many awards, or accolades, or praise…” Uhh, she does know that she isn’t her sister right? I mean, let’s be honest here, Solange isn’t a star. I think perhaps she’s a bit out of touch with the reality of her “career”.

Shaya on

Patrice, I was thinking the same thing.

Rach on

Patrice, I have always thought the same thing, but according to some friends,she is quite big in certain countries (maybe because she is Beyonce’s sister,who knows). I guess its kind of like that thing with indie bands, you have no idea who they are here, but they have a huge following somewhere else.Just look at Aishwarya Rai. I mention her here, a lot of the times I get a “who ??” But she is so famous all over the globe.

Mary from what was highly speculated, Solange and Daniel were dating when she got pregnant, but they lost their affection for one another,and there are reports and interviews of Daniel saying that he married Solange to make things look right because Matthew Knowles had offered him some undisclosed amount of money and a marriage contract to be with her x amount of years or whatever, just until the baby was born and stuff. After all the hoopla with that, she went out of the news here,so I though she was out of the spotlight completely. I think if the rumours and stuff are true, and even if they aren’t, she is handling things very well. And in the words of the late Aaliyah (or whoever wrote her song lol) “age ain’t nothin but a number”, many people can be young with the maturity level of someone much older and the same can be said for the older,some of them can be so immature (just watch one of those real housewives shows lol) 🙂

Shan on

Why is it that Americans feel like if they don’t support an artist and make them popular in this country then they are nobody … you people sound so ignorant. Not because you don’t appreciate good music doesn’t mean that others out there don’t. The Super power status that some of you think America has is living in the back of your delusional mind … go check out your stats with the IMF plus your country is run by foreigners not Americans … don’t get it twisted.

You go Solange … great job and good common sense for such a young age b/c some of these young girls are just stupid. I hope whatever you support with your son for other children is relevant to how you raise him because you have to set examples for others.

melissa on

i dont think that rumor is true ive been a fan of this family for years not and ive never heard that!!! lol

Electra on

Anyone who says shes a big star anywhere is lying. You can look up her discography and see shes not a huge star anywhere. Slightly bigger in Europe yes but shes only had like one mildly big single.

Monique7 on

She seems like an amazing mom. She has a beautiful son. Wishing her and Julez the best 🙂

monique on

Who cares if she is not bigger than Beyonce? Stop having a competition between those two because I guarantee you, if Solange doesn’t have Beyonce will give it to her. Even though she is not big, I also guarantee you she is making more money than whoever is making those ignorant comments. Yes, she has been through a lot as a young single mother, but she is doing a good job raising her son. When he is in public, he is dressed really nice, unlike some of these “more popular” celebrities (ie. Angelina Jolie).

Kaylee on

I agree with Shan!!! Since when is a “celebrity” not a “celebrity”,is it just because a few ladies on this board think Solange is “not as big a star as her big sis”? Give me a break! I like Solange… Great mom, actress, entertainer! I highly doubt the people spending thousands of dollars to book this young woman for a performance or an appearance are going to ask Electra, Shaya or Patrice their opinion on how big a star this beautiful young lady is. Some women spew so much hate, SMH!

Tawnya on

Would somebody please mail a copy of this to Jon and Kate before they destroy those kids? I love how she is balanced. Even though she doesn’t allow her son to own a video game, she is not going to prevent his father from sharing that with him. That’s balance.

Dee on

Good heavens…who cares if she is a big star. You ignorant people need to get a grip on your own realities. The girl makes more money than you ever will so it doesn’t matter that YOU and your friends dont support her. Other people who are appreciatitve of her contribution to entertainment….they support her and make her a celebrity.

Why does she have to compare to Beyonce. Her name is Solange and she is her own person and I am sure she is comfortable where she is in life and not living in the shadow of her sister.

Its so sad when people cant just come on this board and be positive, all the snarky, jealous attacks…ugh!!!!

m-dot on

I love Solange. She’s not as popular as her big sis(few people are these days)but I personally LOVED her Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams album. It was unique and clever. Popular or not she’s still a great artist, and apparently a good mom too. 🙂

Rach on

Well said Dee,and Tawny.. grr… why did you have to bring that train wreck up ? 😛 lol..I am so CBB does not indulge either of them on here.I am so tired of seeing them everywhere

Michelle on

From what I’m hearing she seems to be a good mother. Good for her! Outside of being Beyonce’s little sister, I don’t see how she can be called a celebrity or star. I’ve watched her in “Bring it On” and I didn’t think she was a BAD actress, but a much better actress than singer. I would never buy any of her CDs.

Patrice on

Shan: Are we supposed to judge someone’s celebrity status based on how huge they are in say, Denmark? Of course not! We judge by what we see everyday just like anyone else would. Don’t be so defensive like she’s a good friend of yours or something. Lol.