Suri Goes Shopping!

10/08/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Suri Cruise cuddles up with mom Katie Holmes while out shopping at Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market with grandma Kathleen Stothers Holmes, who’s visiting from Ohio, in Boston on Wednesday.

The trio visited babyGap, emerging with a bag of new purchases for the 3-year-old.

The Holmes-Cruise family continues to stay in Massachusetts while dad Tom films his new movie, Wichita.

Suri wears J. Crew Crewcuts Salina Safari Patent-leather Ballet Flats in Chocolate Camel ($98).

See two solo shots of Suri below!

Ian Nolan/Splash News Online
PPNY/GSNY/Splash News Online

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Something About Baby on

Really cute ballet flats, but $98?

Chelsea on

Suri is adorable! This is just me, but I would pull back her hair once in awhile in a ponytail so I could see her face. Who knows, maybe she likes wearing it down, but it seems like her hair is always in her eyes.

elisa on

98 dollars for them is like 9 cents for us.
They don’t get it because it’s $98, they get it because it’s cute.
Suri looks so so so cute. on

Considering Suri seems to latch on to a pair of shoes and wear them everyday until they’re outgrown (her red mary janes, for example), I don’t think $98 is much to pay…and I’m not even considering what $98 is to TomKat! Plus, these shoes go with everything!

Suri is such a happy girl…what a joy for her parents and those of us lucky enough to sneak a peak every once in a while!

Jessica on

Omg she looks so beautiful in that second picture…

Erica on

I love seeing three generations of women togehter, it always touches my heart. Am I the only one that thinks Katie needs a mommy makeover? She has totally let herself go!

Tilly on

I think Suri is so cute, but for how much money they spend on her clothes etc, she always looks kind of disheveled to me. Maybe it’s just her age and how active she is.

Alexis on

aww I just love suri and cannot get enough of her!

Shawna on

If you have the money to buy them then why not? To them that is like spending $5 dollars. I’ll be one of the honest people who admit that if I had the money my kids would be dressed in more expensive clothes. People always seem to judge about something…

Alice on

Maybe Suri likes her hair longer, but it is nearly always in her eyes. Who’s the parent here? When I was little and my hair was superlong, it was either held back with barrettes, in ponytails, braids, etc.

J on

You think Katie needs a mommy makeover? Jeez, what must you think of moms who aren’t in showbiz and can’t spend an arm and a leg on clothes and beauty stuff the way Katie can.

Melanie F. on

Suri is such a pretty little girl, she must keep Katie on her toes at all times!!!

aroundtheywaygirl on

I like the shoes, but I LOVE Suri’s skirt. So cute. And, Suri’s very pretty.

lisa on

I am so sick and tired of people complaining about the amount of money celebrities are spending on their childrens clothing. So what.

Tess on

Chelsea – I agree about the hair. But then Katie’s hair is in her face too, to it must run in the family. Grandma looks the best, IMO.

Amandamay on

gorgeous little girl! who cares if her hair is down – it’s not your hair! i have very long hair and most of the time it’s “in my face” and people are always asking “doesn’t that bother you?”… NO it doesn’t or else i’d do something about it lol. i’m always amazed how people think it’s ANY of their business. if suri likes it that way, then let her wear it that way. this isn’t a case of “letting the kid get away with something – the parents should be in charge and force her to wear barrettes” this is letting kids be kids. if she were going to a formal event or church or school photos or something, then YES, tidy up her hair. but just to run around on a normal day? who cares.

crimpe on

I LOVE Suri’s outfit. Katie totally needs a makeover. J, dude, this is a blog about celebrities, the kind who spend $98 on flats for 3-yr-olds. No judging regular looking people here. I didn’t recognize that last photo of Suri – perhaps because her hair’s out of her face, she is not being held, and oh yeah, she’s grinning!!

Megan on

Awww..Suri is such a Diva in that second photo. My daughter won’t wear her hair up either…..its soo incredibly fruturating!!! Katie…I feel your pain!

Kristi on

She looks so spunky in the second picture….I love it!

Summer on

She’s such a pretty little girl. I think she seems like she’d be fun.

Stella Bella on

I agree Katie looks, well, tired lately. You could make her over, but honestly, I think whatever is making her look tired is coming from the inside. No fixing that with mascara! Best wishes to her, she looks like she’s having a tough time.

pelin on

I wont judge the money but the shoes is not for a three year old I think.I mean it looks so femine.and Δ± think everyone would spend that money for their kids if they had that money.

dawn on

Does anyone know what kind of blanket is wrapped around Suri? It looks SO soft! Man\ybe a Minimink?

miameows on

I think Katie looks really good here, glowing. IDK, but I am the same age as her and when I don’t wear makeup I look ten years older, so if I was famous and people saw me without makeup they would bash me, too. Also, I want Suri’s shoes in my size!!

Allison on

It was EXTREMELY windy in Boston yesterday. That is why all of their hair is all over the place. My daughter is the same age as Suri and has definite ideas about what should be done with her hair. We pick our battles with her, so sometimes she is out and about with it looking crazy. To me, hair isn’t that important. I was shocked at how much those shoes were though. I don’t care what they spend on their kids clothes. I’m just amazed that anyone would pay that much for shoes that will be worn (likely) less than 6 months. In other words, I’m surprised JCrew can manage to sell any of these expensive items.

Ply on

It would have been nice if the article had mentioned who Kathleen Stothers is. Is she Katie’s mom or Tom’s mom?

Blue on

Yes, I agree, Katie certainly needs a mommy makeover. Its a shame for such a lovely young woman to let herself go like that. I’m 2 years older than Katie but no where near as worn and haggard. She’s beautiful but needs a sprucing up. Being a good mommy is no reason to let yourself go. We all need a bit of grooming.

Suri is a doll!

Janine on

Ply, it’s Katie’s mom. I’m not sure if her parents are now divorced, because I’ve only ever heard of her using the last name of Holmes before.

MasMom on

I think Katie is naturally beautiful and dont need to spruce up and be plastic and fake. She is a mother and thats all she cares about! and if you notice her hair is really not in the girls eyes except when it looks like she is goofing around. Give them a break!

Jessica on

If I had their money, or even 1/25 of that, I would be buying everything on the Crewcuts website.

marfmom on

Ply, it’s Katie’s mom. They’re from Toledo, OH. Tom’s mom, Mrs. Cruise, lives with Tom and Katie I believe.

beckycarter on

i think the blanket is little giraffe…looks kind of like the white square tag they have on the side. my 15 month old has one and i will say they are very very soft! cute pics as always!!

maggiemoo on

I send my 3 year old to preschool every day with a bow in her hair to pull her hair off her face.

Everday she comes home bowless with messy hair.

3 year olds have minds of their own. “Who’s the parent?” report back after you have your own strong willed toddler.

marie on

Katie knows when she wants to look good she can!! She’s been working on a movie, probably tired from being in Aussie land for 4/5 months, flying to LA and Back a couple times recent, lots of reasons. She knows she is being photo, and is confident enough to not care about the public anymore. When it is time to promote her career or etc., she will have a stylist etc. This is a great photo of grandmom, mom and daugther enjoying lifes regular momments.

Satina on

I think the irriation about celebrities spending so much money is that most of them are liberals who whine about evil corporations wasting money that should go to the poor. Well these rich celebrites don’t need all the millions they have. They could stop wasting it on expensive clothes and give it to the poor instead of lecturing the rest of us about donating our own money to whatever cause they like. Rosie O’Donnell was right when she said after 9/11 that most celebrities talk a good game but are cheap when it comes to charity.

Personally, I don’t think a business has to give their profits away anymore than a rich actor but these celebrities create images of themselves as people who care about social justice then they piss their away money (millions and millions of dollars on shopping for overpriced clothes for their overindulged children). I wish they’d be more like the poster Shawna who admitted she’d piss away more money on clothes if she could just to keep up the Jones. It’s honest and real, but if a celebrity said it, they’d get cruxified for not being fake modest and caring. I guess we want them fake after all.

hayley on

Yes, I agree, Katie certainly needs a mommy makeover. Its a shame for such a lovely young woman to let herself go like that. I’m 2 years older than Katie but no where near as worn and haggard. She’s beautiful but needs a sprucing up. Being a good mommy is no reason to let yourself go. We all need a bit of grooming.

ick, leave the woman alone, goodness so what she just out with her daughter what do you want…a long evening gown and high heals, honestly what is it with woman attacking other woman for no good reason… would you feel if someone called you worn and haggard or that you needed a makeover…i am so offened by that comment she is a good mum thats ALL that matters, if you want to make such shallow judgements go to a down market site that cares.

christine on

Katie is looking at her mom with such contentment and love…its the happiest I’ve seen her look in awhile.

J on

Post 27 are you being serious or just being sarcastic about the other remark about a mommy makeover? Katie looks fine, and it’s nice to see women go out and about without feeling the need to put on a ton of makeup just to run errands or hang with their kids. She still looks young and fresh, and she doesn’t look like Tom or Scientology is wearing her out (why someone hinted at that is just odd, let it go already).

Should she be going out with her kid dressed up like she does for magazine covers? Seems like when she DOESdo a different style, people knock her so it’s darned if you do/darned if you dont situation with her.

JMO on

Why is Suri not walking?
Why is Suri not wearing a coat?
Why is Suri’s hair in her face?
Why does she always carry a blanky?
Why is she wearing $98 shoes?
Why is she running in flats it’s dangerous?
Why is she wearing miss matched clothes?

Did I cover all the why’s yet? πŸ˜‰

elisa on

If the hair was bothering Suri I’m sure it would be tied or whatever .She’s 3, She talks! and she have personality, folks.

elisa on

Why is she haveing ice cream, it’s so unhealthful?

Liliana on

I’ll refrain from making comments pertaining to the million and one repetitious posts regarding this family. They’re far too tiresome and annoying.

On a brighter note, Suri looks so happy. It’s nice to see her spending time with Katie’s mom since she lives in Ohio.

Jessica on

Either Suri has a super long torso or her skirt is sagging down. All of her skirts look like they are too big for her. I wonder if that’s how it’s made or if Katie buys a size up?

Patricia on

LOL at JMO’s comment! πŸ™‚

I love how sassy and fun Suri looks! She’s such a doll. And I love how all three generations look like they’re just enjoying and loving each other in the pic.

As for the hair, who cares! Suri, like any other toddler will let the parents know when something is bothering them. Suri seems to love dressing herself and is strong willed with her choices. If she REALLY wanted her hair to be tied up, or in barrettes, then it would be. Either way she’s such a pretty little girl πŸ™‚

Lauren on

JMO, you took the words, or should I say rude and annoying questions out of my mouth! You would think you have covered it all, but SOMEONE will come up with something else. They don’t have enough to occupy their time. πŸ™‚ Suri is one gorgeous little girl!

Kristi on

Yeah sometimes Katie Holmes does look worn out but who wouldn’t be with what looks to be a very active 3 year old plus a career that requires a lot of traveling all over the world. I think she definitely is still gorgeous. She looks great on the cover of Elle (although who knows what kind of touch ups were done lol)….,,20310756,00.html

I'm judgemental on

Suri Cruise needs to be out playing with kids her own age.I personally think her outfit would look absolutely darling on an older child.I PERSONALLY think Katie should take her to the park to play with other kids more often and less time shopping.

GiannaG on

#46, your name is perfect. At least you’re self-aware.

Jay on

I haven’t read the other comments yet, but someone PLEASE brush that child’s hair!

loopsy on

I agree with I’m judgemental. Sorry but I feel sorry for Suri. She never seems to get to be a kid. What sort of developmentally stunted 3 year old shops for fun? And yes thats a a strong PERSONAL opinion, which I don’t expect anyone else to necessarily share. I PERSONALLY think she needs less french classes and Beyonce concerts and more playdough…I couldn’t care less about her hair though, Suri can wear what she and her parents like (bar heels but i don’t think thats extreme).

I agree mascara won’t fix what is making katie sad.

lawgirl on

I agree with Stella Bella – Katie looks fatigued and worn out on the inside. She used to look like she was glowing, but whenever I see a photo I can’t help but think the light inside has gone out.

As an outsider, I have no idea why that would be, although the media certainly has their own theories. It would be nice to see a photo of her looking truly happy. As someone who was an avid Dawson’s Creek fan in my high school years, I find this sad. She is just a few years older than me but looks 10 years older.

Stella Bella on

Katie Holmes needs to whip that little girl into shape. My God, her hair isn’t tied back and she isn’t sitting eating a fruit cup before she finishes her cross-stitch lesson.
Suri certainly is a beautiful child!

brannon on

Agree that suri looks a mess – as does Katie – but not sure what the big deal is with the shoes. My son has everything in the crewcuts catalog – great stuff and totally reasonable for the quality. Love it.

GiannaG on

I’m not saying this is the case and I’m surely not wishing it, but if, God forbid, a couple weeks from now a story comes out that Katie’s ill or something, I suspect some people will feel a little bad about the things they’re saying about her. I hope she’s well. I really think all it is, is a lack of makeup. So sue the girl.

sarawara on

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I wish she would get Suri’s hair out of her face for once.

Mary-Helen on

Suri must be a ponytail ripper lol. My two year old’s hair is always in her face because every ponytail, barrette, hairband and hat is removed within hours of leaving the house.

As for the ballet flats, they are cute and they can afford them, so what’s the big deal? I don’t get the big deal about not seeing her on playdates. The Jolie-Pitt kids are never seen on playdates, where is the uproar about poor Maddox not having any friends? Chances are Suri has friends and plays with children her own age, but isn’t photographed out with other kids. It’s much easier to spot someone shopping then over @ a friend’s house or playgroup.

computerag on

Katie is on the recent cover of a major magazine (can’t remember which one, sorry) and she is just as stunning as ever. Believe it or not, some people, including celebrities look “just like us” without all the make-up and hair and stylists and Photoshop.

Katie is naturally very, very pretty. I think she looks like a beautiful girl, a mom, who likes to dress comfortably, not fuss too much with her hair, and keep the make-up to a minimum while just hanging out with her precious little kid.

Jessica on

I remember when people used to complain about Suri looking too dolled up and perfectly groomed all the time. Now she looks like a regular kid and people are complaining? Strange.

I think it’s quite obvious that Suri and Shiloh are at that age where they want it their way or no way. For Suri that means ‘long hair, don’t care’ and for Shiloh that means swords, fedoras, and baggy pants. But I’m sure while were sitting at our computer blathering about their clothes, hair, costs, etc. there out living their life and ENJOYING IT! Suri is beaming in these pics and the Jolie-Pitts had a good time at the supermarket the other day.

jas on

in the first single shot of Suri, she looks to me just like a young Anna Paquin. Anna always had that tilted head expression going on. Cute little girl, as always, and she looks so happy that seeing pictures of her make me smile. i agree with the poster about her skirt, though. it seems really long. Suri’s either got short little legs or else they buy them a size up, so she can wear them over many seasons.

jessica on

wow! honostly, I think Katie looks like a mom. I’m around stay at home moms daily and this is how you would see any of us. Why glam it up with make up to go run around with your kids all day?! Your kids dont care if you wearing make-up and your hair is done perfectly. They just want your attention and that is exactly what katie is doing.

LP on

For everyone who complains about the costs of Suri’s shoes or how the rich shouldn’t waste money do you realize that by buying those $98 shoes they keep people employed. When celebrities spend money it goes back into the economy–the American economy is based on consumption!

Liliana on

I agree, Jessica.

If Suri had her hair in a pony-tail, an outfit from Gymboree, and Converse sneakers, people would STILL find something to complain about. I think it’s just the family. No matter what, someone will find fault with them.

umma on

i think the hair in her face is a way to hide a bit from the papps

GiannaG on

LOL I meant #47.

sharpmama on

Isn’t it amazing how celebrities have to filter out so much of the commentary on their kids. I mean, I think you must get used to hearing it about yourself, but could you ever get used to all the comments people make about your children and the choices you make about raising them? I have to say, I’m quite sensitive when people make comments about my one year old. Living in a busy NYC building, I always have someone commenting on his talking/walking, etc. In one day up and down the elevator, I’ll get 2 “wow, he’s really so quiet” and 3 “he just doesn’t stop talking, huh?” I know it’s just “small talk” but it’s hard as a parent not to get annoyed. You can never make a judgement about a child from a 2 minute elevator ride or a few paparazzi photos.

Bancie1031 on

Chelsea – she might be one of those girls that doesn’t like her hair to be put up ……. that’s what I’m thinking anyways.

JMO – lmao yeah I think u covered it ….

Liliana – I agree with you, gets old after a while.

Suri looks very pretty, I love her outfit. Her shoes are adorable, my daughter would love a pair of them πŸ˜€
Suri, Katie and grandma look like their having a blast, I bet Suri enjoyed spending time with grandma πŸ˜€
Love the picture of Suri running – awesome picture.

Marissa on

How wonderful to see Grandma Holmes out and about with Katie and Suri~ All of them look to be enjoying each others company, and, of course, Suri looks beautiful!

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- I totally agree! Just because we never see Suri with other kids doesn’t mean she never plays with other kids. Katie has mentioned taking Suri to art, music, and gymnastic classes…and it appears she may take ballet now as well (she was recently seen wearing a ballet outfit and slippers while spending time with Tom on his movie set). Odds are there are other kids there. πŸ™‚ Also, a few other celebs have spoken about their kids having playdates with Suri (Ben Stiller and his wife are one example. Here’s a link to one post where they talked about it:

We need to remember that celebs DO have a life beyond the lens! Oh, and for what it’s worth, Katie and Suri HAVE been spotted at the park…just not recently (for example, they were spotted at the park a few times last year at this time, when the “great coat debate” was going on here on CBB!).

Anyway…what a cutie! And I love that her grandma is visiting! πŸ™‚

cait5 on

suri’s skirt is a brand called “mini-metallicus”… lots of kids wear it in australia.

It is stretchy soft lycra kind of fabric and is meant to last for 3 year age bands – so 2-4, 5 -7 etc etc. Typically a skirt will sell for about $60 (just a guesstimate really as my daughter has the ballet wrap, some leggings and a really cute dress version of suri’s skirt). It is great value because they last and last and last.

loopsy on

Grandma looks good…

Rikki on

I love the pictures, all of them, Suri is such a beautiful girl,a great mix of both of her parents! IMO all three Holmes women look absolutely stunning. About the shoes: They’re cute, if Katie thinks they’re suitable for her kid, they certainly are. About the hair: Three-year-old can have very strong opinions about the way they look and they go out and play, they are KIDS! I just don’t understand why some people always have to find fault with everything and everyone…

mv on

I have read all the opposing opinions (albeit repetative) about what one should or should not do with their kid, but basically I think that Suri is probably just a really stubborn little girl like the one I have here at home! As we know from last winter they clearly cannot get this child to wear coats or pants or ever tights! I am sure she is just as fussy about what she wants them to do to her hair. As we moms often say…you have to “pick your battles” and this is obviously one the Cruise family is losing. Nonetheless Suri looks happy and healthy! As for Katie I agree she looks very tired and puffy in the face – early pregnancy fatigue??

Shannon on

I love Suri’s little skirt and sweater! She always looks so adorable, and honestly, just like any other 3 year old little girl. So what if Katie didn’t put on a ton of makeup and doll her hair up to go out with her family? She looks gorgeous without it!

Sandra on

I think that Suri is just adorable!! When my daughter was 3, I would try to put clips in her hair. Within 2 minutes, they would be out of her hair. She just hated it!! Also, Katie looks just fine. It gets so tiring hearing about how tired, worn out Katie is. Do we live with them? NO!!!! You never hear anything ugly about Tom or Katie from other celebratie. Nothing but kind words about how sweet and thoughtful they are. And what a wonderful loving family that they are!!! So I thing everyone needs to just leave them alone. Like my mother always told me, if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone don’t say anything at all!!

Kasee on

I think that Katie looks totally fine and it is obvious from the picture that it is WINDY hence the messy hair on both Suri and Katie. Props to Katie for wanting to spend more time with her mom and daughter and less in front of the mirror primping. Has anyone thought that with all the time she has to spend in hair and makeup for movies it might be nice to just relax sometimes and let her skin breathe? And people criticize airbrushing-this is why they do it! Because the second a celebrity doesn’t look perfect, people are all over them.

bella mama on

i love Suri.. she’s such a beautiful child..

Mrs.B on

Katie is pretty and doesn’t need makeup all the time. Everyone deserves to have a makeup free day. Suri is so cute!

I love Crewcuts and if I had that kind of budget I would buy a lot of their stuff for my son. Also a lot of celebrity recieve gifts from stores and you never know if they bought something or if it’s gift from family, friends or the store.

It’s not right to judge someone on what and how much they spend or how they take care of their kids if you are not there.

niman israel on

oh wow she is so cute!! she looks just like mommy (-:

niman israel

Lisa on

Suri and Katie too always look so dishelved. She is often up her moms arms and it always seems that Katie is wearing a long sleeve top, bulky coat, shoes and socks and Suri is in a short sleeve (or less) top, no tights and sandles. It is a very strange situation. I hope that Suri is OK and happy; she is always looking so sad.

Ellen on

If we all had almost every waking moment scrutinised by complete strangers, I wonder how we would fare? Would we be so quick to judge a complete stranger for having a hair out of place or looking less than runway quality?

If anyone is going to write a negative comment, just imagine the person being in the same room as you. You might find you won’t be as brave and opinionated.

Jen on

Suri is so cute, one thing tho Tom and Katie seem to dress her in such old fashion clothing alot but maybe thats there style I would like to see her in just jeans and a tshirt. $98 for them is nothing I remember they spent $300 on a jacket for her.

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- Not to worry! There are plenty of pictures out there of Suri smiling, and even being downright goofy (one of my favorites is one of her from about a year or so age where she’s making a funny face and sticking her tongue out a bit!)! Heck, she’s even smiling away in the last photo in this post!

As for Katie being bundled up and Suri not….It seems like Katie is just one of those people that gets cold all the time. She has been seen bundled up in the middle of summer, and on a recent post of her, Suri, Tom, and Connor, people who live in the Boston area said that Katie was definently overdressed for the weather that day!

Similarly, Suri may be like me and be very “warm-blooded”. I never wear a sweater, sweatshirt, or long sleeves, and, to be honest, I dislike wearing shoes and socks. I only wear them when it becomes too cold for sandals! Anyway, Suri IS wearing a sweater in two of these photos, and I’m sure if she was cold she’d have told Katie so. πŸ™‚

Charley on

Ok, I agree $98.00they have money so who cares! But can someone…I don’t know who a maid? a nannie? Katie? brush this child’s hair…I don’t care how much money you have or don’t but that kid always looks like a ragamuffin! Secondly, she is ALWAYS dressed in summer clothes. It’s October in Boston, can’t tell me that pants, a top, shoes and socks, maybe a light jacket aren’t called for.

CelebBabyLover on

Charley- She’s wearing a pink sweater in one of these photos, she was wearing a purple sweater in some other photos from last week, and in some of those same photos, Katie was seen holding a pink coat for her.

As for the hair…..I have long hair myself, and trust me, that’s what long hair looks like it when it’s windy outside and you don’t have it pulled back or pinned up, no matter how much you brush it!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I have to chuckle at the fact that people used to complain that Suri was dressed and styled (hair brushed, etc.) too “pefectly” and that Tom and Katie weren’t letting her be a kid….yet now people are complaining that Suri looks too “disheveled”! Honestly, the Holmes-Cruises can’t win no matter what they do or don’t do!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, if you look closely at the first picture, Katie’s mom is holding what looks like it might be a coat for Suri. πŸ™‚

Belinda on

Suri is a cute girl, but whenever I see her photo anywhere she has the most unkept hair. Mom, do something with that child’s hair! I always loved doing things with my little girls hair.

Mary-Helen on

CelebBabyLover – Good eye! Suri’s Grandmother is definitely holding a jacket, most likely Suri’s so perhaps she took it off in the store and Katie didn’t see the point in putting it back on her since they were just heading to the car and chose to let her wrap up in her blankie.

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – how right you are (either she’s too perfect or too disheveled for ones taste) ….. it doesn’t matter what Katie or Tom do for Suri, someone is going to be unhappy about it.

Bancie1031 on

Lisa – Suri is smiling in the first and third picture and in the second picture it looks like she is kindof smirking. So IMO I would say that she looks like a happy gorgeous child.

Kasyn on

Suri is adorable! Does anyone else notice she doesn’t really match ??? Love her shoes though

cpwoman on

It’s a known fact, marry an old man and turn into an old woman. Suri always seem to be seasonally inappropriate. I’ve seen pics of her in a summer dress when her parents were wearing heavy coats.

Liliana on

Cpwoman, Catherine Zeta Jones is absolutely stunning and Michael Douglas is 25 years older than her. I suppose your statement is more of an opinion than a well-known fact.

JD/Boston, MA on

I live in the Boston area not too far from where they are filming Tom’s new movie and let me tell you, yes, Suri is a very cute little girl but PLEASE KATIE instead of the blankets put the girl in some fall clothing. You know the kind with sweaters and maybe a cute turtleneck, long pants and maybe even a pair of sneakers or Uggs. It’s FALL here people. We don’t have alot of warm days here in New England this time of the year and when we do, the weather isn’t warm enough for a little one to be wearing skirts and sleeveless shirts and nothing to cover her up with like say…..a jacket or a sweater? Whenever I have seen a photo of Katie and Suri or even the three of them together since they have been here, Tom and Katie are dressed for the weather but Suri is in summer clothing. Look around you the next time you are out shopping or seeing the sights or even at dinner time and I can guarantee you that the people you see are dressed “for the season”. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten sick with a headcold yet.

CelebBabyLover on

JD/Boston, MA- Um, did you not notice that Suri’s wearing a pink sweater in the last photo in this post? I’m not surprised Suri has gotten sick yet. Being out in the cold doesn’t cause colds and other illnesses. It’s germs that do that. In fact, you’re actually much more likely to come down with a cold, the flu, etc. by being in a crowded indoor area with one or more people who are sick, or by being around a sick relative, friend, or co-worker then by going outside in the cold without a jacket.

Anyway, like I said earlier, Suri could be very “warm-blooded”, like me. She may simply not get cold very easily. Also, I have some mild sensory issues and never wear jeans (I don’t like how stiff they feel), sweaters (I overheat really quickly in them, plus I hate how “itchy” some of them feel), or turtlenecks (they make my neck too warm AND they make me constantly want to scratch my neck!). It’s possible that Suri is the same way.

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You are absolutely correct about catching colds from germs and others that are sick already celebbabylover but if you have ever been to New England the temp can drop quicker than you can blink sometimes. She’s just a little one and should be dressed to the changes in the climates no matter where she is. As far as being “warm blooded”? So what if she is? That’s great all the more power to her but would you take your child into a changing climate such as the weather we have here right now (last night the temps dropped into the low 30’s and even into the high 20’s in some areas) with shorts and a t shirt and roam around outside?? I don’t think so. Warm blooded or not, children at her age don’t have their immune systems built up like adults do and what about H1N1? You said germs and sick people? There was a photo not 2 or 3 days ago where she’s climbing all over the glass at the ice cream store. Take a guess as to how many people have touched that? All I’m saying is she’d be better off to be cautious than to just take the chance. I wouldn’t want to see her have to make a trip to the ER (though they’d probably bring the ER to her!)

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JD/Boston, MA- Again, did you honestly not see the pink sweater she’s wearing the last picture. Can you please explain how that’s not weather approprite?

Anyway, what I’m really trying to say is that I’m sure Tom and Katie know their child and her needs better than any of us do (not to mention that I’m sure Suri would speak up if she really was cold). I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything to put her in danger. πŸ™‚

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no matter what Suri wears she is cute. and also Katie has a blanket on Suri in the first picture so their is a blanket and the grandma with a jacket to keep her warm, maybe it wasnt a cold day Im sure Katie would have rugged her up if it was cold

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My daughter is 5 and will not keep anything in her hair, and never has. Since the age of 2, I’ve kept her hair cut in a ‘stack’. It is adorable, so easy to care for, and never looks messy. She gets so many compliments on her hair. People often say she looks like Suri. Didn’t Suri used to wear her hair shorter? IMO, it looked better than all that stringy stuff flying everywhere which is not becoming.