Eddie Cibrian Says Sons Resemble Their Dad

10/08/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Sara De Boer/Retna

During a recent visit to Live with Regis and Kelly, father-of-two Eddie Cibrian touched on his recently troubled marriage to Brandi Glanville. “It’s tough when something private gets played out publicly,” he concedes. “There’s a part of my life that’s fantastic and a part of my life that’s very difficult…You just try to get by.”

Helping him do just that are the estranged couple’s sons Mason Edward, 6, and Jake Austin, 2 Β½, both of whom resemble the 36-year-old CSI: Miami actor. “Especially my older one,” Eddie boasts. “He looks just like me.”

As for Jake, a rapidly expanding vocabulary has been both a blessing and a curse. “He’s talking up a storm, to my detriment,” Eddie jokes. “Two-year-olds….they don’t know what they’re saying.” Case in point? Father and son recently visited a Halloween store, where Jake saw a witch doll which talked spontaneously as the twosome passed by.

“He goes, ‘Daddy, what is that?’ And I go, ‘That’s a witch,'” Eddie recalls. “He goes, ‘Oooh, yeah. A scary witch!'” Thinking that the moment had come and gone, Eddie and Jake headed to a car show where they encountered two men talking — one of whom was sporting a long beard.

“As we’re passing by, he goes ‘Daddy! A scary witch!’ I said, ‘No, no, no, Jake, that’s not a witch.’ He says, ‘Yes, a scary witch!’ I said ‘Sorry, sir.’ But he did look like a witch a little bit.”

With their costumes in hand, the boys are looking forward to Halloween. “It’s a whole big ‘to do’ in our neighborhood,” Eddie shares. “People do up their houses and everything.” When the Hollywood hills prove too tough for tiny feet to tackle, there are other options. “Only in L.A. do you get a golf cart for when the kids get tired,” Eddie notes. “You pop them in the golf cart and you hit up all the homes in the neighborhood…they love it.”

Source: Live with Regis and Kelly

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Satina on

All I can say about him is “ick.”

Sofie on

They must be some cute little boys if they look anything like their father πŸ˜‰

J on

He’s trifling.

maggie on

i am still shocked by LeAnn and Eddie…would never have thought it. At least she never denied it,she did admit to going through a rough time but Eddie flat out denied anythin was going on. I dont hold her in high regard any more.

fuzibuni on

not every marriage works. and not everyone should “stick it out for the kids.”
it’s easy for us to judge this situation from the outside and call them names for breaking up their marriages.

but for those of you who feel compelled to demonize these people, I wonder what good that does? it’s attitudes like these that make it hard for children dealing with divorce to go to school because classmates will spread the gossip they hear from their parents.

It really doesn’t seem right to throw hatred towards people we don’t even know personally. I’m sure they’re having a hard enough time already.

Brianne on

I wonder what neighborhood he’ll be trick or treating in this year? LeAnn’s? Two year olds don’t know what they’re saying and a certain 36 year old doesn’t know how to act like a married man!

Partially kidding – had to say it giving the lashing Sienna received the other day…

Sophie on

He looks soo much like the guy who played Superman opposite Terri Hatcher (maybe I’m the only one who thinks that?)

I bet those are two very handsome boys


He is so cute, too bad I lost all respect for him and that Leann girl. I understand if you fall in love with someone else, I dont believe parents should “stick it out for the kids” but at least have some RESPECT for the mother of your child (in his case) and for other women (in Leanns case) and wait a few months or at least until the divorce is final to show off your new love, they both make me SICK!

I admit that if the boys look like him they must be so cute and so adorable with those dimples πŸ™‚

Caroline on

fuzibuni you took the words right out of my mouth!

And Sophie his name is Dean Cain and they do look similar!

Anais on

I find it interesting that a picture of Sienna Miller walking with one of her long-time friends and his son creates over 70 posts of vitriol. But this guy only generates 8. Nice.

lou on

Eddie says its tough and this should have been kept private BOOHOO.
He and Leann created this mess. @6 the classmates are seeing this splashed all over the tabs you can bet they are saying stuff to the oldest boy. Obviously Eddie didn’t think about that either.
No pity for him here

Me on

No respect for this man – I have no respect for homewreckers. The least you can do is end one relationship before starting another one. If things were that bad with his wife (and with LeAnn’s husband), they should have filed for divorce before acting on any feelings they had for each other. Especially since Eddie lied to the media and his wife about the entire affair. The same way I have no respect for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Homewrecking is not a good quality for anybody. How will the Jolie-Pitts explain to their children how their parents met, while “daddy” was married to someone else?

Yeah, he may be cute, but I have no respect for him or anyone who commits adultery.

Stella Bella on

“All my sons look just like ME!!!”
Yep, there’s a real keeper. Maybe Brandi got the better end of the deal.

anne on

I can’t believe this guy let go of his gorgeous family, a stunning wife and 2 sons, to have an affair with Leann Rimes. What was he thinking? To have an affair while you’re married – its just gross.

sarawara on

They look just like him? Pity.

Erica on

fuzibuni, I for one applaud parents who go through divorce respectfully, amicably and peaceably for their kids’ and former spouse’s sake–that does not seem to be the case here. I lost respect for Eddie and LeAnn when they cheated on their spouses, denied it to the public and their wife/husband, only to admit it after being caught redhanded. Certainly not every marriage will last but it’s sleazy behavior to sneak around and hurt your family. If the divorce is hard on him he brought it upon himself. I do feel for his wife and kids though.

HeatherR on

My god, he is the HOTTEST male pig on the planet!!! LOL

Liliana on

Marriages do fail. Most people understand this. The part that makes Eddie’s scenario different is the fact that he blatantly cheated on his wife. While no one knows the full story, a mutual agreement should’ve been had between he and Brandi about the state of their relationship before he decided to get involved with LeAnn. I do not suggest for a second that he and Brandi should’ve stayed together for their sons but this is hardly a comparable situation. LeAnn and Eddie had an affair while filming their movie. This was a choice both parties consiously made. Not only did Eddie cheat but he also publicly denied any involvement with LeAnn. Brandi stood by him and he played her for a fool.

Since the two have been outed, they’ve made no effort to keep private. Neither one of their divorces is finalized yet so it continues to leave a bitter taste in people’s mouths. If Eddie and LeAnn are having a hard time dealing with the situation, they have no one to blame but themselves.

eternalcanadian on

I sincerely hope he means his sons resemble him in looks and not the lack of monogamy or class.

Devon on

This situation reminds me of a similar situation that some friends of mine are in, and now that I know what his ex-wife looks like, all I’m going to say, and I said it to my friends, is that if you are going to cheat, cheat up – don’t cheat down!

urbanadventurertales on

I just hope that his sons don’t resemble their father’s lack of integrity in marriage.

Alicia on

He seems really into himself. Couldn’t you envision him staring at himself in a mirror for hours on end? Ugh, no thanks. I’d take true love and devotion over “looks” any day.

Andrea_momof2 on

Wow he’s trying to make himself look pretty good now isn’t he?

lana on

that story of his son is sweet. i don’t know who this guy is but i heard about him and leann – and i thought they did a poor job of handling the situation. Like angelina and brad. and tom and giselle. and sienna miller received a lot of flak because she deserves it. i mean, she’s never been friends with a married man and NOT broken up his marriage yet. blathazar had FOUR children and a wife who loved him and he threw it all away for her? because she’s ‘young and beautiful?’ yuck 😦

Liliana on

As I said in the post regarding Jonny Miller and his son, Sienna did have an affair with Getty and that was wrong on both of their parts. That said, she never broke up Jude Law’s marriage to Sadie Frost. Jude cheated on her with his children’s nanny. So to say that she has been involved in multiple affairs with married men is false. The picture posted the other day on CBB was done so people could focus on Jonny and his adorable son; not Sienna or her personal life. Her past relationships, regardless of being good or bad, had absolutely no relevance to the original post.

Before I catch flack, I am in no way condoning her actions. I am saying that the photograph of her walking her dog has absolutely nothing to do with the subject material for this website: CELEBRITY BABY BLOG.

Robyn on

You know what, I’m not gonna defend his actions. But did it ever occur to anyone that people cheat for a REASON? Seriously. It’s not always just “Oh I was tired of my wife/husband/significant other”. Perhaps they’d been having problems for some time. We’ll never know and I dunno why everyone cares.

His cheating doesn’t make him love his sons any less, and this article proves it.

Liliana on

Even if there were problems, the considerate thing to do would be begin proceedings for a separation or divorce. Leaving your spouse in the dark won’t fix a thing and, as I’m sure Eddie knows now, makes the situation 100x worse.

CelebBabyLover on

Liliana- Right on!

Rikki on

This story made kind of sad because it’s always the kids who suffer the most. Just imagine reading the tabloid reports of your father cheating on your mother. Although I don’t now what happend, when, how, or why, that would be an experience I would gladly pass up.

Mariasha on

@Robyn: Wow, that is quite the opinion. People cheat for a reason!

I’m sorry, that is in my opinion just an excuse. If your relationship is in trouble, either try to fix it or end it. Cheating is the meanest way of backstabbing a person you loved once that you can do. Cheating is selfserving, because the cheater usually things only of himself and cannot keep his pants on *or skirt whatever gender*.

And if there are kids involved, it is even worse. And trust me, they usually always get hurt by it. Kids are not dumb, they are pretty good in being in-tune what goes on around them.

I for one lost nearly all the respect I had for my father, when he cheated on my mum when I was 8 and I know for a fact that it hadn’t been any different for my brother.

C on

Seriously? Angelina and Brad are not comparable. They handled themselves with as much tact as is possible and both, to this day, maintain that nothing happened while he was still married. Perhaps meeting Angelina, realizing that her goals and dreams were the same as his and Jenifer Aniston’s were not, made Brad decide to end things with Jen. I think that is a very fair situation. It sucks for her, but breakups always do and I was never horrified or shocked at that situation. Tom and Giselle? They met after he and his girlfriend had already ended things. Seriously. I don’t condone cheating and I know how much damage it can do to a family, but it doesn’t automatically make you a horrible person. Things are complicated. Unfortunately, this man and Leanne’s seeming desire to play this out in the spotlight is what does the most damange. So he should just shut up and go away for a while.

tink1217 on

as someone who has gone through a very similar situation the past year and a half maybe i shouldn’t comment but i have absolutely no respect, no love, no admiration for a cheater..man or woman…especially one that blatantly does it. I used to love Leann…no more. No…marriages are never easy and you shouldn’t always stick it out for the kids (in my case…our marriage wasn’t bad…my husband went through a mid life crisis and has been diagnosed bipolar so there were contributing factors to what he did, although not excuses at all)…

And the post that said “cheat up not down” had me ROFLMAO…in my own situation I have had a REALLY hard time dealing with that particular fact…the other woman was absolutely disgusting trashy looking…I am certainly not in any way…

If his boys look like him…that certainly is a blessing for them as he is considered a very good looking man…but knowing what he did makes him completely unattractive in my eyes. I gotta say I respect Brandi, his wife, soooo much.

Kim on

Hopefully they will not “resemble” their fathers Morals. ICK is Right!
I feel sorry for these children having to grow up in the public eye with such a “parent”.

Shannon on

I used ot be a big fan of Leann Rimes but I have completely lost respect for her now. She and her new boyfriend are completely disgusting in my eyes, not only because they cheated in the first place, but that they have played the whole thing out so publicly, knowing darn good and well they would be seen. It’s terrible to cheat in the first place, but to do so in a way that will deliberately cause incredible pain to your spouse by throwing it in their face. That’s absolutely sick.

sunseeker on

“It’s tough when something private gets played out publicly,” it was tough for his wife when the affair was played out so publicly, Rimes and Cibrian started this with cheating on their spouses vey publicly. now they want to shove it under the carpet because it does not suit them, well deal with it, no thought for his children then.

April on

While it’s easy to hate him he may have been protecting his boys by denying the affair. He also could have been double dipping but I have to partly defend him on this one because Leann doesn’t have kids-TG and her husband was already hurt so she had nothing to lose. Hopefully she learns to be less selfish and gaurd her comments now that these boys are in her life.

Jennifer on

How about both Eddie and Brandi stop washing their dirty laundry in the press?

I don’t feel sorry for Brandi or Eddie nor do I have any respect for them. Eddie was involved with his co-star on Sunset Beach when he got engaged to Brandi. If he cheats with you, then he’ll cheat on you.

Eddie’s been a known cheater for years. He had a terrible reputation of womanizing going back to his soap opera days. Brandi knew what she married, and she’s really no better trashing him in the press every five minutes. Neither has any discretion.

I feel sorry for the kids because both their parents are poor role models.

The father cheated on the mother left and right because he knew she would look the other way because he kept in her the lifestyle she was accustomed to.

The mother runs around washing her dirty laundry to US Weekly every other week because she’s bitter and angry that he ditched her after years of cheating for one of his many mistresses.

Shaya on

I wonder if Eddie knows serial cheater Mario Lopez. Eddie, Mario and their dimples need to learn how to treat women right.

Liliana on

Wow Jennifer. Such blatant allegations.

So because Eddie was a well-known womanizer, Brandi doesn’t have the right to feel anger and sadness over her current situation? Could it be that Brandi actually loved her husband and was not in a marriage with him so she could buy the latest fashion trends and get a weekly manicure? Eddie made a convincing argument for himself and made it seem like LeAnn was overanalyzing a relationship that wasn’t even present. If he said these things to the media, imagine what he said to his wife. He convinced her well enough that she remained in a relationship with him for awhile after, denying the claims along with him. He made her look like an idiot when the truth finally came out.

That said, I will agree that all individuals involved need to steer clear of the media. Constantly making claims between one side and the other is foolish and will only harm two little boys in the process.

AJ on

I understand that marriages “fail” for numerous reasons…but you don’t let your wife sit there and stand up for you and basically lie saying NO they aren’t cheating when you know you are. I don’t think Men like this deserve have the publicity they seem to recieve off from their “public images”. Ignore them and they seem to fade away and crawl back under their rocks where they were birthed from. Society now days looks at divorce as an inconvience in their lively hoods rather than what it really stands for. And Marriage isn’t held much higher. By publicing all these scandalous relationships all over it makes young people out there have less respect for what it means to actually marry someone and be in a committed relationship. It’s just sad the way society has become accustomed to this type of garbage and has even begun to defend the behaviour. I think I’m going to stick with the way I believe marriage was meant to be. If Im not happy in the marriage my first impulse isn’t to go shopping for a newer model. Its to figure out why I’m not happy, not lie to my husband and say everythings okay while I’m already with another person and making plans to be with that one in a relationship.

CelebBabyLover on

C- I wanted to say the same thing, but you did it much better than I could have. Thank you! πŸ™‚

Alex on

Hot dad alert! But he & LeAnn are wrong for committing adultery on their spouses. I feel bad for Brandi, Dean & the kids in this situation.

CelebBabyLover on

AJ- “Crawl back under the rocks they were birthed from”. Um, isn’t that sort of an insult to their mothers? I mean, just because men like Eddie are who they are doesn’t mean that the women who birthed them are like that as well! Or maybe I just mis-understood your comment. If I did, then I apologize and take back what I said. πŸ™‚