Drea de Matteo Laments the End of Her 'Sexy Girl' Days

10/08/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Jen Lowery/Startraks

Desperate Housewives fans who might have assumed that the addition of Drea de Matteo to the cast of the sixth season was a direct response to the departure of Nicolette Sheridan, take note!

“If they were actually trying to replace her, they would have hired someone 10 years younger and prettier than me,” Drea tells TIME magazine. “Even though she’s older than me, she’s way hotter. And I just had a baby, so I’m definitely not filling her hot sexy wardrobe.”

In a separate interview, Drea reveals that she’s yet to lose all 75 pounds she gained with daughter Alabama Gypsyrose, 22 months, but she doesn’t seem to mind; The 37-year-old actress says she’d happily have three more children “if my body could take it.”

The way she views that body, however, appears to have been forever changed!

“I never knew I was a sexy girl until I was pregnant, until it was all taken away from me. Now I appreciate everything I had.”

Alabama is Drea’s daughter with fiancé Shooter Jennings. Desperate Housewives airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Sources: TIME, New York Post

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Me on

I don’t see much of her on this site, mainly because I never really paid attention to her. But Desperate Housewives is an obsession of mine. I really don’t like her character on the show, so it’s very refreshing to read an interview of hers to get an insight of how she is off screen. It’s amazing how characters on tv can decide your opinion of somebody. But she sounds like a lovely lady and I’m glad that this interview was posted.

Jessicad on

I loved her on the Sopranos, glad she’s back on tv! I’ll have to check out desperate housewives now. I felt the same way about my body after I got pregnant, didn’t know what I had til it was gone! Everything hangs a bit lower these days:)

martina on

Drea, I feel the same way! Even though I am exactly the same weight I was pre-baby, I just don’t feel sexy anymore 😦

GiannaG on

My goodness, it’s so nice to see someone speaking the truth and not acting like it’s all a bed of roses. I see nothing wrong with a woman admitting her body’s not the same. I don’t know why people think you’re supposed to pretend not to notice these things, and they act like if you mention it you’re shallow and don’t love your child. Good for her.

Mari on

True – nothing is the same after having a baby. She also didn’t ‘just’ have a baby – her daughter is almost 2 yrs old. I’m not saying she should be exactly as she once was, but I hate hearing people’s excuses (men and women) if they are not happy with their physical appearance.

ErykaWynter on

“I never knew I was a sexy girl until I was pregnant, until it was all taken away from me.” I am due with my first child in a couple months and this is the last thing I wanted to hear. I can’t bear the thought of never feeling sexy again! I doubt this is true for EVERY woman – at least I hope not!

martina on

Eryka, it’s all mental. It’s not about the body. The body goes back, especially if you work out. Even my stomach is flat despite a c-section, and being pretty lazy with working out. But as a stay at home mom (a blessing and a curse) I only see myself now in dirty sweatpants and looking like hell. That’s what’s making me feel unsexy. I think it’d be different if I continued working outside the home.

marfmom on

ErykaWynter, I think it’s a diff. kind of sexy. Look at it that way 🙂 I’m 5 lbs from being at my pregnancy weight, but my body is totally diff. I have hips and thighs that I didn’t have before, and I think they’re here to stay. Sometimes I miss how I used to look, but I know my husband prefers the curvy me!

Me on

ErykaWynter, that’s not always necessarily true. Your husband or significant other plays a hand in that, too. I got stretch marks with my daughter, and have been very self conscious about them ever since. During an incredible evening one night, DH made me feel sexier than I had ever felt in my entire life – stretch marks and baby pooch and all! It is possible. Women these days are so concerned about their body image. I wear my stretch marks proudly.. I call them my “battle scars”. They will fade (the ones on my stomach aren’t noticeable AT ALL, just the ones on my hips. As long as you have the confidence in yourself, then you can be and feel sexy.

Sammy-xx on

Love Drea and Shooter as a couple, I hope they do have another baby. Alabama is so beautiful and Shooter and Drea are so talented they should really make some more, haha.

I cant wait to see her on DH, loved her on Sopranos.

lana on

ok…i like drea…really. she seems nice, honest, down-to-earth. but um…alabama gypsyrose? really? i think alabama is a cute name for a lil girl….but gypsy rose? i mean, COME ON!!

QueenB on

well after i gave birth to ma son 4yrs ago i do feel different, in a sexy kind of way, like i have more confidence now especially when i’m with ma son, he’s walking next to me….I FEEL LIKE A MOM……although i’m 23yrs old.

She’s beuatiful but goodness Gypyrose….what was she thinking????????????????

Shannon on

I actually really like the name! I think Gypsyrose is pretty. Of course I also liked Bronx and Apple, so what does that say about me? (FTR though, I named my kids Abigail, Terry, and Kathryn, so nothing out of the ordinary there!)

I haven’t really paid much attention to Drea, but I really like her character on the show (DH) and I think their little girl is sooo adorable!

Eryka, trust me, it’s different for everyone. I have 3 kids, and have never felt sexier in my life as I do now. I really feel like being a mother has brought me to a whole new level of womanhood that has let me become much more confident, in the way I look and in my sexuality. So I wouldn’t get depressed reading this-who knows, you might wind up feeling your absolute best after you have your LO. And congrats on your upcoming arrival!

Jessicad on

I agree with the above, I feel sexier now because I have more confidence after having my daughter. I’m smaller in weight, but things just don’t go back exactly they way were before, but it doesn’t matter because the confidence makes up for it! After making it through the last 2 years with my daughter I feel there’s nothing I can’t do:)