Sarah Jessica Parker Steps Out With The Twins

10/06/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Santiago Baez/Ramey

An ever-fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker steps out in heels, toting a Chanel bag and with a twin strapped to her chest!

The Sex and the City actress and daughters Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, 3 months, were headed to a baby shower in Gramercy Park in New York City on Saturday.

The second Broderick twin rides in a Cybex Callisto in Slate ($350).

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Jennifer on

I love SJP! =) the twins are adorable. they arent finshed filming already for S&C are they?

Lila on

Such a shame we can’t see their faces! Sarah Jessica looks really happy. 🙂

Does anyone know if Sarah is their biological mom? Or is the surrogate their bio mom?

Sofie on

She’s one hot looking mama LOL!

kris on

Wow, I’d totally kill myself walking in those heels! 🙂 Nice to see her with such a big smile on her face. They talk so lovingly about their oldest I’m sure they are so excited to have added 2 new additions to their family.

LIla – not sure if SJP eggs were used but it’s unlikely the surrogate’s eggs were used. Not to say that isn’t the case but to me that would be more of an adoption.

mary on

Love her!! So happy for her, too. I would bet SJP is the bio mom, but it’s a moot point, doesn’t matter!

Summer on

I don’t know how she does it in those heels! She looks really happy. It is a shame we didn’t get a real look at them, but we will in time.

SH on

now that’s talent carrying a baby in those heels!!

Mia on

No, the twins are biologically SJP ad MB. They just implanted them in a surrogate. Usually when surrogates are used (with a couple) its their cells, the surrogate is just used as a carrier.

I LOVE the heels!

Sadie on

Are you sure about that Mia? Just given SJP’s age and inability to fall pregnant herself, I think it’s more likely they were donor eggs. I know she looks a million dollars, but she is 43 and egg quality at that age is really poor.

Ellen Smith on

Sadie, I agree with you. We have no idea whether they are SJP’s biological children or not (and technically, we have no idea whether they are her husband’s biological children, either). In today’s world any number of combinations and scenarios can bring a child into this world. Unless we hear it straight from the couple, we will never know the answer to this question.

miameows on

From the pictures we saw of the twins, I’d say they are biologically SJP & MB’s. They looked exactly like James Wilkie when he was a munchkin. So cute!! Can’t wait to see more pictures of their faces. And props to SJP, I couldn’t walk in those heels to save my life!

Summer on

I may be wrong about this, but I thought she was able to become pregnant, and couldn’t maintain the pregnancies.

Mrs. R. on

SJP is my hero for wearing a Bjorn and high heels! Good for her! I hope she’s having more fun filming the SATC sequel now that it’s moved into a studio. I read that she was really frustrated with the street scenes because the paparazzi was so intrusive. Of course I’m super psyched for the new movie, but I felt badly that there was SO much press around the new movie – it’s fun to be surprised!

holden on

I think the girls are biologically hers – if they weren’t it would be adoption, not surrogacy.

jfs on

does anyone know who makes those heels? i love them!!!!

Carrie Jo on

Man, I’d be scared to death walking in those heels with a baby strapped to me. But then again, I’m kind of a klutz in heels, even without the baby strapped to me. She looks great – very happy!

berjoui on

according to access hollywood the woman with her is her mother…

urbanadventurertales on

My guess (regarding the surrogacy) is that SJP tried Invitro Fertilization and was not successful (due to the fact that she said they tried for a baby for a long time after James was born) and she still had frozen embryos leftover from her IVF cycles and they used those to implant in a surrogate.

And woah mama! Look at those heals! I would DIE trying to walk with my twins in those, lol! Good thing she has some help with the babies.

marfmom on

holden, it’s not adoption if the children are biologically her husband’s.

i also believe that surrogates are not allowed to also be egg donors. there was some fiasco in the 80s where the surrogate also served as donor and then wanted to keep the baby and so now if the mother’s eggs can’t be used the couple needs to get donor eggs from someone other than the surrogate.

i wish sjp would teach me how to carry a baby and rock heels!!! lol

Becky on

Holden – It’s not adoption if someone else’s eggs/sperm is used in a surrogate. You can get donor eggs and sperm from a sperm bank. If a single woman, gets sperm from a bank and has a baby using a surrogate, it is not adoption, it is surrogacy.

Liz on

I always admire woman who can walk in high heels. I can’t do it with or without carrying a baby. 🙂

SH on

Sadie, SJP might be 43 now, but for all you know those eggs could be from when she was 33.

Katie on

lol to the heels. She looks happy.

Mia on

I’m pretty sure in the interview following the birth, it was mentioned that they were the biological babies between SJP and MB, and as I said before, the surrogate was just the “carrier”. SJP had stated she has no problems getting pregnant, she just couldn’t stay pregnant, which is why they chose a surrogate. Also, if IVF was an option then using left over frozen embryos is a possibility. Plus, yes, the 2 girls looked just like their brother.

SJP looks very happy 🙂

Ana on

Love the way that stroller looks. SJP seems to be an umbrella/Lightweight stroller kind of mom, ever since James was a baby!

Sarah on

SJP is 44 and I’m sorry, but why wear high heels with her baby? I know she’s fit and probably very coordinated, but I think she has a pair or two of flats that are also pretty. Just sayin’

Shelby on

Looking fantastic as always! I cannot wait to see the girls. Sidenote: I also adore those heels, does anyone know who makes them?!

Kim on

To Sarah: I totally agree!! When you become a Mom and are carrying babies around, heels are not the most practical thing to wear and it looks silly. She should be more concerned about the safety of her baby than how fashionable she looks.

Tahli on

SH, you’re right, I hadn’t thought of that. That would make more sense!

Sadie on

SH and urbanadventuretales:-
Very true. Forgot about the possibility the embryos may have been frozen.
On a side note… I wouldn’t take the risk in heels, but then again, SJP is very experienced in walking in them. She can run in them after all!

Mea on

I LOVE her! I think she is absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait for the next Sex and the City movie.

Lin on

Sorry guys, but being a Mom of twins, I believe they can be her eggs that were used and the surrogate carried them. My doctor told me since I had biologically had two children prior to my twins, I could use my eggs which we did and successfully got pregnant at the age of 42 years old. I carried my twins and SJP most likely used the surrogate to carry so she wouldn’t have to maybe for reasons unknown.

Melissa on

Good for her! 😀
She looks so happy! God bless her family and beautiful twin girls!

Jenifer on

She is rocking the heels!

mp on

Does anybody know what the babies are called? I read somewhere they were nicknamed Babe and something else? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

CelebBabyLover on

Lin- No, the reasons for the use of the surrogate are not unknown. SJP has said that she had troubles in the pregnancy department after James was born, and indicated that she has trouble staying pregnant.

Anyway, I agree that the embryos may have been frozen. After all, the embryo Celine Dionne is pregnant with was frozen for eight years! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

And really, does it matter whether or not these sweet girls are biologically Sarah’s? Their parents are their parents, no matter what method they used to concieve them!

Sadie on

I agree it’s not important CelebBabyLover, but I do think it’s a natural curiosity people have when they are looking for her features in their faces.

Jen on

I think its only SJP and her husbands reason for using a surregate maybe that was the only way they were able to have children and if they are bioloically SJP’s and Matthews or not there the parents they would love them the same. I have seen many pics of them and they are gorgous 🙂

Kimberly Ooten on

They are their children. They have spoken about it. To Sadie with the comment about her being 43. I just had a beautiful daughter and I am 40.

Sadie on

That’s great Kimberley. I never said it was impossible, but the fact remains that every year after 35 a woman’s fertility is on a downhill slide. Have a read of this article, which says that chances of conception are down to almost zero by 43…
I think it’s really important women are aware of the stats and what they are. Some IVF clinics in Australia turn away women over 40.

alysajory2 on

And yes surrogates can use there own eggs and be the surrogate its called TS or Traditional Surrogacy I’m a 5x Gestational Carrier myself! Good luck w/ your twins SJP!!

J. Cox on

Actually, even if the dad is the biological dad, the mom still has to adopt the baby (in most cases) if she is not the biological mom. I have been a gestational surrogate twice, and I had to sign over my parental rights, even though it was NOT my eggs being used, so that the mom could adopt the twins. we used donor eggs both times. I remember reading that they used a Gestational surrogate–that automatically means that the surrogate’s eggs were not used. If they were, she would have beeen called a Traditional surrogate. I also know of several moms who have used surrogates who were over the age of 40–eggs were good but they had a hard time conceiving & maintaining the pregnancy, so its very possible that SJP is the biological mother. 🙂

Charlotte on

the kids are theirs. i read it somewhere.

brooke on

cheers to her walking around with a baby while wearing heels!!!!

brooke on

the twins names are Marion and Tabitha by the way for CELEBBABYLOVER

CelebBabyLover on

brooke- I know, but I’m sure they’re also sweet little girls. 🙂

Alex on

SJP is so skinny! Those heels are awesome.

judy on

who cares if she’s wearing heels. life goes on with babies! and SJP has always been stylish. what’s the difference if she’s wearin a baby too! congrats on the twins!

judy on

o and by the way if she wasn’t a celebrity would u care if she adopted or had a surrogate. for whatever reason she now has a wonderful addition to her family and obviously very happy. that’s what we should care about!

teri on

It is not an adoption if a surrogate is used-whether Traditional (the surrogate’s eggs) or gestational. Traditional surrogates are still used today.

Tina on

I like Sarah. And that’s great she wears baby in a such carrier -heart to heart.