Lunch Date For the Holmes-Cruises

10/05/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
PPNY/GSNY/Splash News Online

Suri Cruise, 3, wrapped herself around mom Katie Holmes while walking down Newbury St. in Boston with Tom Cruise and brother Connor (behind Tom), 14, on Sunday in Massachusetts.

The group ate lunch at Charley’s before heading to the Niketown store, where they purchased new sneakers for themselves — Tom, Katie and Connor were spotted using their new kicks during an afternoon run!

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sil on

Tom looks younger in this pic, very handsome 🙂

Dana on

Suri seems never happy and healty to me that really breaks my heart.

Summer on

She was tired here. There are other photos from this day where she is sleeping, or with a big fuzzy blanket. No kid looks happy when their tired. Heck, no adult looks happy when their tired either. I don’t think anyone needs to pity Suri. She has a pretty sweet life.

Liliana on

I think Suri looks like a perfectly healthy little girl. This photo demonstrates one second of the family’s day therefore there’s no room to make an assumption about Suri’s supposed unhappiness.

Angela on

@Dana OMG! You are so wrong for that one. I’ve seen way to many photo of Suri with smiles on her face. Have you seen the photos from Google images? Just look up Suri Cruise. She is so freaking cute.

Has anyone seen the Tom Cruise twitter profile at

Sue on

Im SO sick of seeing her stringy hair hanging all over her pretty little face!

Lisa on

OMG! seriously! we are talking about a little 3 year old! holy crap! first off stop saying your tired of seeing her stragly hair… then don’t look at the pictures… and she is tired! wow have we never seen a sleepy 3 year old? come with us when we go to Disney World after a full day of fun! Tom looks great, Katie looks great, Suri is adorable and Connor is a fine looking young man behind them!

Patrice on

This is so funny! I always gripe about the fact that news outlets falsely report that celebs are “in Boston” whenever they are visiting ANY Mass. town (I live there), but this time someone actually got it right: ) Newbury St. is directly in the heart of the city and I’m there all the time! Man, I would probably freak if I saw the Cruises just casually strolling down the street though…Suri is so cute!

Jen K on

I think Tom is looking younger than Katie these days 😦

janie on

Poor Katie. She is not looking very well lately.

mimi on

While I can understand why some people may not be fond of Katie’s outfit, I don’t see why people think she looks sickly. She’s smiling, her cheeks look full and rosy. She looks perfectly healthy IMO.

I think Suri looks cute and Connor is getting so tall!

Joy on

I wonder: does Suri ever play with any children her own age????

joan on

Once again, mother Katie is bundled up with sweater, scarf. Suri in a sundress suited for July hot weather and she has bare feet too. Its shown on other websites. Why cant they ever dress this kid weather appropriate. She is way too young to dictate how she should wear her clothes. Sorry.

Breanne on

Joan–get over yourself. It’s been in the high 60s/low 70s all week in Boston, and you’ll also note how Tom is dressed. Looks like Katie is overdressed, rather than Suri being overdressed.

DD on

I am with Sue on this one! I wish for Suri to either have her hair styled with bangs or Kate to take an interest in putting her hair up out of her eyes! Suri holds her head at a tilt all the time with her dirty looking hair in her eyes! Look at all of her pic’s…she has it in her face! Poor baby girl!

Lauren on

Other pics in this set show Suri with shoes and a sweater while Katie carries a coat. So while the comments last year about her wearing dresses in 40-degree October weather were perfectly valid, she’s fine here. I still get a kick out of seeing them out and about in my home city-I used to work at a restaurant owned by the same company as Charley’s way back when.

Shawna on

Joan – on JustJared there are many pictures of her in a sweater and in shoes. Obviously she took them off. Children do tend to do that.

am581 on

Anyone ever see kids jump into cold water at the beach that no one over 12 would EVER think of dipping more than a toe in? And most kids sleep fine without AC unless its about 110. Most kids arent that temp sensitive. I dont see any goose bumps, Tom is in short sleeves. Kids get messy hair and some dont like it up in things (like my 3 y.o. most of the time). She’s fine, Katie’s fine, Tom’s fine, I’m sure Connor is fine. Looks like a normal family on the street to me.

Lisa on

Sue and DD…. I agree too about Suri’s hair. It always looks stringy and in her face. It has to be annoying to her with it in her face all the time. They have so many cute things out there for little girls these days, get a clip, headband, ponytails, and even hats. I would rather her go back to bangs since then she doesn’t even have to deal it until she can do her own hair.

CelebBabyLover on

Breanne- I agree! I also want to point out that we have seen pictures of Katie bundled up in the middle of summer! I’m guessing that she either likes to make a fashion statement (like a lot of celebs) or she’s one of those people who gets cold all the time.

I also just looked at the photos on Just Jared…and Tom appears to be holding a little tiara head band for Suri in this one: He also looks like he’s trying to get her to put it on…but she’s not having it.

Therefore, I’m guessing Suri is the type of kid that doesn’t like wearing stuff in her hair! I’m also not surprised she apparently took her shoes off. She appears to be like me…i.e., she prefers to go barefoot (luckily for her, she can get away with that a little bit in public at her age! I’m not quite that fortunate! LOL!).

On another note….My goodness has Connor gotten big. He’s almost the same height as Tom now! 🙂 I notice that we’ve been seeing Connor out with the family lately, but not Bella. I’m guessing she’s a typical 16 almost 17 year old, and doesn’t like hanging out with her parents (or being photographed by paps)

passfaster on

yeah tom is looking so handsome 🙂

Shannon on

Aw, what a sweet, sleepy little girl. Looks like someone had plenty of fun to wear her out! I gotta admit, for awhile there (during the Oprah-couch-jumping period) where I was not a fan of them, but they are clearly so in love with each other and their family, it’s just infectious! I think they are a great couple, and they seem to be great parents. Connor, Bella and Suri all look happy and loved and cared for in pics, and what more can you ask, really?

It seems to me like we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of Connor now that he’s making movies too! Maybe he has less problem being photographed because he’s getting used to the attention that’s going to be coming his way as he works his way up the Hollywood ladder! Which I am very excited to see!

Summer on

In regards to how bundled (or not bundled) Suri is, everyone has different body temperatures. My husband is always warm. I am always cold. I wear long pants in 80 degree heat. Our daughter is like him. When she was really young, I would always dress her like I was dressed, because that’s what everyone told me to do. She would proceed to get sweaty and fussy. I started dressing her lighter than I am dressed, and she is always comfortable. Everyone has a different comfort level.

Mary-Helen on

Yesterday it was in the high 60’s where I live. My daughters weren’t wearing coats as they were warm. I wasn’t either. My husband still wore his coat, so perhaps Katie just feels cold often.

As for Suri’s hair, clothes, etc, she is THREE. Do all of you keep your three year olds with shoes on, coat on and hair perfectly styled with mousse every day? My two year old had her hair in her face all day yesterday. She left the house in a ponytail with a jacket and hat on. When we got home, the hat was in the diaper bag, the jacket in the bottom of the stroller and the ponytail long gone. There are tons of photos of Suri with Katie carrying the headband or wearing ponytail holders on her wrist. I am guessing Suri is a ripper lol. BTW do we ever see pics of the Jolie-Pitts playing with schoolyard chums? How about Honor Warren, who also looks stoic in pics, or what about Harlow Madden? Shouldn’t it break everyone’s heart that these children are lonely and sad too?

JM on

does anyone seriously think that they know whether or not suri feels hot or cold? she is 3, surely if she was cold she could either tell her parents (which kids do tend to do) or it would be obvious just from feeling her hands and face. would you rather they wrestled her into a coat even though she felt really warm just to satisfy everyone else’s obsessive needs?

RibbonInTheSky on

Her comes that fabulousness that is little Suri Cruise.

Why do some of you keep expecting something different from this little girl? Post after post you keep saying the same things about her clothes(or lack thereof) and her hair. It’s as if you’re seeing her for the first time. Tom has already said that they struggle with keeping coats/sweaters on Suri. Does that mean they shouldn’t try to dress her appropriately for the weather? No. They very well should and it seems that they do. But when you see a picture of her with less clothes than you think she should have on, it shouldn’t surprise you and you shouldn’t have to ask the question, “Why?” You know why, she probably took it off or wouldn’t let them put it on her in the first place. Sometimes it seems as if they win the battle but other times Suri has clearly fought and has gotten her way. And it’s the same with the hair. Some kids hate things in their hair and Suri seems to be one of them. She is not going to rock the cute ponytails all the time like Violet or headbands and bows like Honor but that’s okay because her hair clearly looks healthy and maintained, just a little wild. Why does it bother you if it doesn’t seem to bother her? She does not care about the “crazy people” following her and snapping pictures for all of the world to see and judge. She just cares about being comfortable. So just let her be.

I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with Suri or Tom and Kate’s parenting, but rather something is wrong with those who keep expecting Suri to be someone other than Suri.

RibbonInTheSky on

Oh and Conner is one handsome young man.

DD on

Thats what parents are for! To keep their children clean and well kept and of course dressed appropriately for different weather. If every parent allowed their 3 year olds to dictate and throw tantrums and have gross hair in their eyes and not wear warm clothing when it’s cold…we would be in trouble. I think it speaks volumes how many mothers are wondering why she looks unkempt and orphan like. It is normal for children this age to have defiant behavior and that is why many of us parents are posting and voicing our concerns and asking why aren’t they having more influence and keeping her hair cut and clean if she refuses to wear it out of her face and keep it clean and the clothing that is necessary for different temps. This is a posting board to voice our opinions and it is very interesting how many of us mothers are asking the same questions. Majority rules and maybe Kate needs to have more control over a 3 year old who seems to be calling the shots.

Patrice on

Breanne: You are wrong. I live in MA and it absolutely has NOT been in the 70’s here. More like highs of 66 at best. But not so cold that Suri would be freezing either. If anything, Katie is waaaaay over bunddled! Any of us Boston natives would think she is too covered up for such weather. But, to each their own.

DD: I could not have said any of it better myself!

RR on

Has anyone who keeps judging he ever thought that she might have sensory issues? It can dictate clothes, walking and, yes, even hair brushing.

It took my daughter up to age 5 with a SD to even allow brushing– it just totally freaked her out.

I’m not a huge K AND T fan, but give them a break. I’m sure they know their child better than you do.

Shannon on

Her hair doen’t look dirty at all! It looks clean, even like it was brushed before they went out! It’s just in her face a little. So she hates hair ties and clips, so what? I personally have learned to choose my battles with 3 kids, and if it means avoiding a fight or a tantrum, I’m not going to force them to do something they don’t want to do. Which is why my youngest went to daycare today with her hair sticking out in a couple different places. I could have fought and wrangled a toddler into letting me put a ponytail in, but it’s just not worth it!

I mean seriously folks, do you all have daughters who ALWAYS have thier hair perfectly groomed, are dressed in perfectly clean clothing that is not too girlie, but not too tomboyish either, and have on a jacket and pants at all times if it’s even a tiny bit chilly, have never had a problem giving up a bottle or binky, and are perfectly behaved everywhere you go, and never fights with you about any of it? I highly doubt it. So why does everyone feel like they’re qualified to rip Suri apart EVERY time there is a post about her? Tom and Katie seem to be doing a great job. She’s happy, healthy, and safe. It’s not like it’s going to be detrimental to her future if her mom didn’t whip out a brush and the hair clippies as soon as her hair got a TEENY bit messy in the wind.

Summer on

GREAT post Shannon!! 🙂