Happy 40th Birthday Gwen!

10/05/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Celebrating her 40th birthday on Saturday, Gwen Stefani waved to fans and paparazzi gathered outside Cecconi’s in Hollywood, Calif. The No Doubt frontwoman was joined by husband Gavin Rossdale, their two children – Kingston, 3, and Zuma, 13 months – her family, bandmates and an intimate group of friends, including Kate Beckinsale.


The celebration took place in the restaurant’s romantic and private Butterfly Room, which features a $1 million heart shaped Damien Hirst painting and a crystal chandelier. “The Butterfly Room was specially decorated for Gwen’s celebration with happy birthday balloons and roses,” says a restaurant source.

The group enjoyed a family style lunch with several appetizers, pasta dishes, salad, champagne and wine.

“Gwen looked amazing and so much younger than 40. She was in a great mood and seemed very excited to celebrate her birthday with her husband, children and friends,” says the source. “Gwen and Kate seem very close and the girls shared a long chat and many laughs. Gavin and a nanny took care of the boys so Gwen could just relax and enjoy her celebration.”

After a long Italian feast, Gwen was surprised with a big birthday cake decorated with candles and sparklers. “With her oldest son helping her to blow out the candles, Gwen made a wish and she looked very happy,” the source adds.

— Pernilla Cedenheim

A second photo of Gavin and Kingston is below!


Kingston wears sneakers by Creative Rec ($60).

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JMO on

She looks GREAT for 40!!! Happy B-Day Gwen!

Elizabeth on

She could not look less like a 40 year old. Gwen looks absolutely wonderful. Not a day over 25.

Elizabeth on

Why oh why is there ALWAYS a nanny with them? I’ve seen Angelina take 3 kids to the store or market with no help at all. Gavin and Gwen, it IS possible!

maribeth on

Such an amazing family. & I’m sick of people bagging on Gwen & Gavin for having nannies for the boys. It’s obvious they are not just passing them off to them 24/7. Gwen & Gavin are always with their children. Maybe for them with thier busy scheduals, it is just easier for them to have an pair of extra hands. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. Also, I follow both of the nannies on Twitter, Kingston & Zuma love them to death. I’m sure for them as well as Gwen & Gavin they are part of thier family by now. As for Gwen’s party, I’m sure they were there for just that, to help celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Elizabeth on

If they love them to death, doesn’t that seem a little harsh to Gwen and GAvin? Like, I wouldn’t want my child bonding with others like that. I wonder if the little guys even know mom and dad from the nannies at that point.

marie on

Gwen is making the correct decisions to include the help of nanny at all times!! Leave them alone. You are always being stalked by fans and photographers! Celebrities want their kids to be safe and she could have sent the kids home and still hang out late etc. They are just ensuring that their kids will have people they know to take care of them if anything happens unplanned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TripletMama5 on

wow. I am personally a BIG fan of “it takes a village..” I would be glad to see my children bonding with other people, the more people looking out for them the better in my opinion!

maribeth on

Elizabeth, I hate to sound rude, but your comment of “I wonder if the little guys even know mom and dad from the nannies at that point” sounds a bit ignorant. Gwen & Gavin are clearly very loving parents & do everything, from running errands to going on tour, with their children. It’s very clear that they are a wonderful, close, very loving family. Gwen waited her whole life to be a mom & she is a wonderful one at that. I really see no way where your statement could be true. As for the nannies, they do love them a lot & I think that is wonderful. I’m sure one day when the boys are older & not hyper toddlers, Gwen & Gavin won’t need the nannies anymore. But being a fan of Gwen for 14 years & knowing what kind of person she is, I’m sure those nannies will always be a part of the family & good friends.

Karen on

Elizabeth, I hate to break it to you but unless you are a stay-at-home parent, homeschool your kid, and don’t allow them to participate in any activity outside the home you kid is going to bond with another adult other then you. Kids form a bond with their nanny, daycare provider, baby-sitter, teacher, coach, etc. You can’t be with your kids 24/7 so it is a good thing they bond with their other caretakers and can be comfortable when you are not around. And just because a kid loves and adores their nanny doesn’t mean they don’t prefer mom and dad.

Jennifer on

I hope I am that stylish and hip when I’m 40! 🙂

Jane on

Why are people saying she looks so good for 40–as if 40 is soooo old! I get a kick out of that – in our society, it seems as if 40 is over the hill. I think it’s great to actually look one’s age- 40 is a great age.

sil on

She looks AMAZING! 🙂
And I’d love to have a nanny for my two daughters, I’m a stay-at- home mom, and i love it, but to have another pair of hands to help me sometimes sounds great to me. Maybe not everyday but somedays i wish i could have somebody to take care of my babies and have a little time for me.
Gwen and Gavin look like loving parents so I don’t see anything wrong in having a nanny if you can afford it. JMO

Paula on

Happy B-Day Gwen and you are so gorgeous and have the most amazing family and do not look 40.

camillee on

happy birthday gwen you’re the best your sons are beautiful and girl you ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ! peace and love 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Karen- I agree completely! When I was in Elementary School, I was very close to every single one of my teachers. In fact, when I heard that my 5th grade teacher was going to be my 6th grade teacher (it’s a long story!), I was thrilled, and almost literally jumped for joy (and don’t worry, she was a woman, so it wasn’t a case of me having a crush on my teacher!)!

Did the fact that I was close to my teachers bother my parents? Absolutly not! In fact, they actually embraced and encouraged it. They even, when we spotted a loaf of chocolate bread at a bakery the year I was in 2nd Grade, suggested we get a loaf for me to give to my 2nd Grade teacher (who loved, and I mean LOVED, chocolate!) as a Christmas gift!

My point is, I think it’s wrong to automatically assume that a parent doesn’t like the fact that their child has bonded with another adult, or that the kids don’t know who their parents are (I, for one, certainly knew the difference between my teachers-who were all women- and my mother!)!

Jen on

Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma are beautiful. and bout them having a nanny with them… they are busy working parents who want to still work and have kids, Gwen and Gavin are always photographed with their children… also with the comment I have scene Angie with three kids and no nanny i can bet ya she has about 10 secruity guards aorund her so there would be no need for a nanny. and really its her option if she has a nanny the kids would still no who there mother is. love u guys

Jen on

PS: happy birthday Gwen

MiB on

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who got a bit of a bad taste in the mouth by Elizabeths comments. As a former nanny I know that children have no problem in bonding with several people and still know who their parents are. Sure, if they never spend any time with their parents there might be a problem, but this certainly does not seem to be the case with Kingston and Zuma.