Halle Berry Totes Her Tot

10/05/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Sporting a tiny ponytail, Nahla Ariela Aubry got a lift from mom Halle Berry while out and about in Los Angeles on Sunday.

To read a funny story about the 18-month-old’s recent encounter with a Halle magazine cover in the grocery store, click here.

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BabyBumbleBee on


cassie on

nahla is beautiful

Elizabeth on

Nahla is so beautiful. She’s getting so big. I feel like we haven’t seen her in a long time.

Christina on

Awww, her hair is getting long. She is too adorable.

Rikki on

Awwwe to cute!

skipsie on

I don’t understand how one child can look so like her mother and so like her father at the same time. What AMAZING genes this girl has inherited.

Jane on

Nahla is beautiful! She does favor both parents.

Lola Marie on

The only thing I can see of Halle’s is Nahla’s mouth.


CTBmom on

Beautiful little girl…definitely a lovely mix of both her gorgeous parents.

erin h on

They both look gorgeous as usual. Nahla looks a lot like Halle’s mom to me.

mae on

This pic is not really flatering but yet Nahla is still incredibly beautiful. Just shows what a gorgeous baby she is!

Lisa on

Nahla is so gorgeous! Look at that hair and her eyes and her face… i could just go on and on about her! Hope mommy and daddy get their wish and make her a big sister one of these days!

Allie-Rose on

Nahla is drop-dead gorgeous! She’s a perfect mix of Halle and Gabriel.

janie on

adorable child

Jennifer on

She’s so gorgeous! Love her little ponytail! I have always thought she looked just like her daddy. She definitely has his eyes.

urbanadventurertales on

My son’s twin 🙂

I think Nahla resembles Halle more, but has Gabriel’s eyes and face shape.

Chris on

She’s a doll. I can’t believe she’s 18 months old already.

Shirelle on

She is so cute!

Nella on

She’s beautiful! She’s a perfect mix of her parents.

Lily on

Honestly, I don’t think Nahla looks like either one of her parents. I don’t think she resembles Halle or Gabriel in the slightest. This child has her own distinctive look. She’s gorgeous, but I don’t think she looks like her parents. Her eyes look slightly slanted anyone notice that? Cute kid. BTW why do people automatically assume a child has to look like one of the parents anyway? Sometimes a child looks like a grandparent, an aunt or an uncle. My brother looks like one of my grandfather’s brothers, the spitting image. Same may be with Nahla, she may look like one of Halle or Gabriel’s relatives.

Brooklyn on

She is absolutely gorgeous.

Brianne on

Nahla is beautiful.

As much as I LOVE to look at pictures here on CBB, which I frequently do, I feel awful seeing Halle’s photos. She obviously hates that her daughter is being photographed and it’s written all over her face. She looks miserable when her photo is snapped with Nahla around.

Summer on

Lily – My brother looks almost exactly like our Grandfather, so I definitely know what you mean! He doesn’t look ANYTHING like anyone on our dad’s side of the family, but he could be a brother to our mom, as odd as that is. I look a lot like my mom but with my father’s coloring. My own daughter looks a lot like me, but with her father’s coloring. It is interesting to see how genetics play out in different people.

Mrs. W on

Lily, why are you getting so upset because most everyone sees both parents in nahla? perhaps, you don’t see it…or like you shared, your brother looks like someone other than your parents…but it is what it is. no reason to get so bothered. no one assumed anything…its a public opinion. just sounded a wee bit bitter.(rant, rant, rant…cute kid btw) regardless, she’s a beautiful child, slanted eyes or not. now myself…i get irritated when people try to pick apart children. all children featured on this site are beautiful in their own rights. so whatev…

Harley on

She is seriously the most stunning little girl I have ever seen! She’s so well blended between her parents it’s almost ridiculous lol. I can’t believe how big she’s getting either. I think I’d put a GPS locator chip in her hand right now LOL. Good gracious.

Nelle on

Nahla is perfect!!!