Celebs Love Ju-Ju-Be's Stylish Be All Diaper Bag

10/05/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Ju-Ju-Be Be All Bag

Searching for a diaper bag that’s high on style but not short on substance? Ju-Ju-Be serves up both with its hip “Be All” bag ($120), chock full of clever features designed to make a mom’s life easier. It’s so chic — style savvy celeb moms like Samantha Harris, Ali Landry, Britney Spears and Marissa Jaret Winokur (above) have already snapped one up.

Coated in Teflon to repel stains, the durable Be All (14”x 11” x 5 ½”) — the company’s top selling bag— contain tons of storage space, including two Thinsulate-lined exterior pockets to keep bottles cold for three hours as well as a squishy waterproof changing pad treated with an anti-bacterial agent.

It also comes with two crumb drains, located in the bottom of the bag so you can clean up food messes without emptying the whole bag. And quiet magnets serve as closures, instead of noisy Velcro which tend to wake sleeping babes.

Other cool features: a detachable waterproof pouch to store soiled clothing, a clip for keys, a front “mommy pocket to stash your wallet or phone and a plastic picture pocket to show off photos of your little munchkins. The bag comes in 21 bright, upbeat patterns, each adorned with rhinestones on the zipper pulls and buckles.

My only complaint — albeit a small one — is that the metal buckles can make the bag feel a tad heavy when already weighed down with bottles. But overall, this bag rocks!

— Joanne, a Manhattan mother of aspiring writer, Olivia, 8, and cuddly newborn Ella, two months, is always on the lookout for stylish yet durable clothing and gear for her family

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Jessica M. on

I have this bag and I love it. Sometimes when we go away overnight it’s definitely too small but I just pack and extra bag no problem. I highly recommend this bag. I have it in black and silver and my husband doesn’t mind at all toting it around 🙂

Andrea on

Yay! Ju ju be is the best. They make the best bags and have the absolute best customer service. Their devoted fan base is one of the most amazing groups of women (and a few men!) you’ll meet. Join the “Pink Room” http://www.ju-ju-be.com/pinkroom/ and you’ll learn what I mean!

skunknuggets on

Would this diaper bag be large enough to hold enough for three kids in diapers? We’re potentially going to have three in diapers in April 2010 and need a larger diaper bag than what we have now. We may only have two in diapers, but I am planning for the worst if my three year old isn’t potty trained by then. I doubt he will be b/c he is non verbal and doesn’t respond to his name so I doubt he’ll start using the potty anytime soon, but there is still time to have hope! LOL

JennyG on

For three in diapers, I recommend the Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared bag (it is HUGE and awesome!) I LOVE it! I also love the Be Spicy bag (very big and adorable). Hope that helps!

nanjhnyc on

We use the WannaBe for my two kids. It’s a huge tote and fabulous!

Brittany on

I love my Be All diaper bag! I didn’t buy it till my son was almost a year old, but its an awesome diaper bag!

Jessie on

I love the style of Ju Ju Be Bags, but am TOTALLY turned off by the Teflon they use (and tout) in their bags! A recent UCLA study found that pregnant women and women of child-bearing age in the United States are at greater risk than previously thought for infertility and reproductive problems as result of exposure to the toxic Teflon chemical PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). Research has shown that PFOA can disrupt fetal development, hormonal function and the immune system and increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. Contamination of the food and water supply has the potential to damage the reproductive systems of a large number of women of child-bearing age nationwide. NOT GOOD. Wish they’d get rid of Teflon, I’d buy their bags again if they did!

Nikia on

I agree with everything Andrea said! JJB is the best! I own several of their bags and I love each and every one for different reasons!

Cathy on


I think you should do a little more reashearch about the kind of Teflon that Ju-Ju-Be uses. You are sooo of base its not even funny, their bags are not harmfull whats so ever. You seem a little naive if you ask me.

ChristinaKinMI on

I totally agree – JJB bags are the best I’ve ever owned, and the Pink Room is a fantastic place to find suggestions on how to pack the bags the most efficiently.

With regards to the Teflon – you and your baby won’t be eating the bags, right? 😉

Jessie on

Actually the type of Teflon Ju Ju Be uses can be absorbed through the skin. You might want to do some research as well. 95% of Americans have Teflon detectable in their blood – even those who do not use Teflon pans. It is an extremely toxic substance linked to cancer. Why it is in diaper bags that are used by mothers and touched by children is beyond me. Ju Ju Be also uses Agion, which is nanoparticles of silver, in their products. The safety of nanoparticles is unknow and it is recommended to avoid usage until more scientific studies can be conducted. I don’t mind being labeled as “off base”…the same label was given to me by friends and family when I tried to ring alarm bells against BPA in bottles back in 2005. I do like Ju Ju Be bag quality, but cannot recommend their bags until they stop coating them in toxic substances and metallic nanoparticles (fyi, nano = so small it can enter your bloodstream too, via skin).

Ross4Teflon on

@ Jessie – Because there’s so much misinformation out there about Teflon, I’m not surprised that you are concerned. I’m a representative of DuPont though, and hope you’ll let me share some information with you and everyone else that is reading this.

In regards to PFOA and cancer – The weight of evidence gathered from a number of significant health studies continues to indicate to us that there is no health risk to the general public from exposure to PFOA. Additionally, no authoritative body has designated PFOA as a human carcinogen. The U.S. EPA stated that it is premature to conclude that PFOA causes cancer. For more information, please visit http://www.epa.gov/oppt/pfoa/pubs/pfoarisk.html. http://www.teflon.com/Teflon/teflonissafe and http://www.pfoa.dupont.com can provide you with additional information.

Jessie on

I also encourage readers here to visit EPA website Ross4Teflon linked to. The site contains a letter from the EPA Scientific Advisory Board Chair (dated 5/30/2006) stating that “three-quarters of the Panel judged that the weight-of-evidence conclusion for the potential of PFOA to cause cancer in humans was more aligned and consistent with the hazard descriptor of likely to be carcinogenic as described in the Agency’s cancer guidelines.” The Panel also “strongly urges the Agency to strengthen its risk assessment by considering verified and peer reviewed new information found to be relevant and critical to the assessment.” So basically, the EPA panel is strongly encouraging more peer-reviewed studies and the label of carcinogenic for PFOA. In addition, a 2009 study published in Human Reproduction, a European reproductive medicine journal, has found that “pregnant women and women of child-bearing age in the United States are at greater risk than previously thought for nfertility and reproductive problems as result of exposure to the toxic Teflon chemical PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).” Something to consider at the very least.

Nava on

@ChristinaKinMI- ‘With regards to the Teflon – you and your baby won’t be eating the bags, right? ;)’

I used to say the same thing to myself about lead and strollers and how my kid wouldn’t lick the hubcaps of a stroller that had lead (they were recalled a few months back). Then I read this very informative article: http://www.thesmartmama.com/since-i-dont-suck-on-it-i-dont-care/ (and you can see my comment at the bottom..my kid did exactly what I didn’t think he would do– HE LICKED THE STROLLER’S WHEELS! Disgusting, I know 🙂

Jessie on

Babies often nibble on blankets and anything else that can soothe their gums. Including bag straps. So it’s entirely possible that teflon can be ingested directly by a teething baby. Ju Ju Be has introduced a line of bags made out of “Earth Leather” and these bags don’t contain Teflon (the fabric bags still do though). The Earth Leather bags might be a good alternative for those who like JJB but who dislike the use of toxic Teflon in their bags. Unfortunately, the Earth Leather bags still contain Agion (nanoparticles of silver). A 2008 study showed that washing nano-silver socks releases substantial amounts of the nano-silver into the laundry discharge water, which will ultimately reach natural waterways and poison fish and other aquatic organisms.

Anita on

Jessie, while I see your concern, I find it cliche…everyone defends something their passionate about yet forget about the bigger picture. Do you eat out? You have no idea how much you and your children are already exposed to teflon so to attack a diaper bag should be the least of your worries. I agree that teflon is dangerous (I received teflon pots for a wedding gift and the instructions that came with them said not to cook near birds as the fumes could KILL them). That’s alarming enough to know something’s not right whether peer reviewed evidence is sufficient or not. However, you wouldn’t step out of your house, buy your food from a grocery store, or even shop at a mall if you saw everything your family was exposed to. So, let people enjoy their Ju Ju Be’s!

Jessie on

I fail to see how wanting to protect the environment, our families, and water supplies (PFOA is present in nearly all people in the United States, as a result of being in our water supplies) is “cliche”. I do make conscious choices – I buy food from local sources whenever possible, don’t consume red meat, purchase organic produce when possible, don’t buy any canned products lined in BPA plastic, eat out only occasionally, and buy products with minimal packaging. I write letters to companies encouraging them to avoid toxic chemicals in their products. I also avoid purchasing consumer products containing lead, PVC, BPA, Agion, and Teflon. I’m sorry if you think taking an active stance on protecting the environment and human health is “cliche”. Information is only useful if you take action, and that is what I am doing.

Anita on

You are a super hero I guess because while everyone else has to breath in toxins from the outside, you somehow are avoiding them. Do you live in a bubble? Because everything you just said doesn’t make up for what you don’t see everyday, just by taking a walk outside. Unless you live strictly off of the wilderness (no car/bus, no electricity, no running water/plumbing, not even in a dwelling which you built yourself out of sod and twigs), have you any business claiming how perfect you are as an environmentalist! I am so sick of opinionated, self-righteous, self-proclaiming perfectionists who can’t see the bigger picture. Go ahead and do what you can to preserve the environment…that wasn’t my point. Back to my point…you cannot point fingers at other people who enjoy a particular diaper bag (which may or may not be harmful) if you yourself are not avoiding at all costs some harmful contributors to the environment. If you live in America, you are not avoiding environmental hazards. Defending an argument that in reality you can’t really live up to, my friend, is cliche…Have you heard of the parable, “He who is not guilty, may cast the first stone?” In the end, no one was worthy of stone throwing.

jessie on

PFOA has been found to increase childrens’ cholesterol levels. I guess one could move to the Arctic Circle to avoid environmental hazards…oh wait, one could not, since PFOA has been found in polar bears too. Or, one could advocate for information awareness in the case of dangerous chemicals in the environment, so that future generations may not have to endure the toxic sludge that has become our rivers, waterways, and oceans. In any event, check out the PFOA cholesterol link at: http://pagingdrgupta.blogs.cnn.com/2010/09/08/chemical-linked-to-rise-in-kids-cholesterol/?hpt=Sbin

Anita on

What-evs…once again you speak of toxins in the environment and boycott one measly little diaper bag company because it is convenient for you. I guess you haven’t done research on the chemical toxins generated by YOUR computer. Look up computers and see how much more harmful computer manufacturing is to our environment. Oh wait, you may want to investigate fast food and cholesterol, just a thought. You may also want to look into the amount of low activity kids get today resulting in high cholesterol levels…they eat garbage and don’t exercise…because they’re sitting in front of computers. They’re also putting radioactive cell phones next to their brains which may result in brain tumors…seriously. Look a little farther into the big picture…

Jessie on

I am not just boycotting one company. I’m boycotting any manufacturer who uses Teflon in their product. That would include any product with Gore-Tex. Any product with Teflon, including pans, many brands of dental floss, clothes and bags. The production of Teflon is horrible for the environment, has demonstrated negative health effects on humans and wildlife, and it is completely and absolutely unnecessary. Computers are more of a necessity unless you live in a cave and have no need to communicate with family, friends or employers. Avoiding Teflon is as good a decision as avoiding BPA/ lead/PVC, getting lots of excercise and fresh air, wearing sunscreen, curbing screen time, eating right, reducing consumerism, and writing to your local legislators to ensure consumer electronics are being recycled properly. Teflon is part of the big picture – a small part perhaps, but an important part.

Anita on

Exactly what I expected from you…defend what you find convenient. Slam what you believe to be hazardous. You’re not avoiding Teflon, Jessie but go ahead and justify that you are anyway…maybe it helps you sleep at night. Your arguments hold no merit with me. In fact, I find it funny that you turned an argument I used earlier around to support yourself. Well done!

Jessie on

Anita, let me see if I understand your argument. Since we cannot avoid Teflon/PFOA in our water supply (mostly because companies like Ju Ju Be keep using it in products unnecessarily and DuPont keeps lobbying for less restrictive pollution controls), then it is best to just ignore the problem and let it get worse? Since we cannot fix the problem, just go along with it? I’m sure our kids and grandkids will be thankful for that mentality, especially when there is no water safe enough to drink, no frogs, no fish, and no wildlife. We as consumers have the power to make choices and send messages to producers. You are wrong to think that the small choices we make have no effect – they do. Look at how BPA is no longer used in bottles, asbestos is no longer used in ceiling tiles, lead is no longer added to paint (except in China, I guess), and many products are now PVC free. “Since you cannot change everything and anything, do nothing” is not a logical way to live, since the seemingly minor decisions we make can insitute major changes.

Anita on

You’re just not fun to argue with anymore, Jessie, because you consistently ignore my points…you arrogantly can only support your tunnel view. I think it is shallow and ignorant to only argue Teflon…my point this whole time but you only think of ways to insult me by claiming that I don’t care about the environment. You go on and on and then on and on some more about how harmful it is to the water…I get it, I know!! But do me and everyone else a favour by admitting that you consume, probably largely, many other agents harmful to the water and environment. Go ahead and Boycott Teflon but it’s a mere piss in the pot when considering other hazardous waste being produced and dumped directly into our streams…but whatever, you don’t get it.

gina on

in reguards to the whole “teflon’ thing. Jessie and a lot of other people read way too much into these things! There are so many more things “chemicals” that are unfortunately out there that we are exposed to everyday and prob don’t even know it! you’d be surprised what they put in food! I don’t think a using a teflon bag is going to cause you to have cancer. they also say that you shouldn’t use over the counter face washes..ie clean & clear, nutrogena, etc. while pregnant because you skin could absorb toxic chemicals. well needless to say I still used them and both of my children are healthy. there is just not enough research to “prove” anything for certain right now. just like the whole swine flu thing most americans don’t even know where all the media was coming from. most people who died were not even IN the US, it was mexico where the living conditions are horrible. and those that died in the u.s died from another underliying medical condition..the list goes on!! it is good to be aware of these things but unfortuately some get blown out of proportion..like the ju ju be bags causing cancer..please!

Kasey on

Jessie, I’m coming to your defense. I go out of my way to limit my kids exposure to toxins, and I agree with you that adding chemicals with possible risks to products that kids will be around is pretty dumb. I was considering a JJB bag but I won’t be buying one now.

Pearl. on

Jessie- I completely agree with you. Let others wallow in their ignorance.

Pearl. on

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Bonnie on

Agreed. Thank you for fighting ignorance, Jessie!

Catherine on

I appreciate your comments Jessie. Anita sounds like an idiot who is fighting to stay an idiot. Her arguments are irrational and extremely defensive. I didn’t gather from any of your comments that you were bashing mothers for using these bags, but that you are trying to protect women and babies who may be uninformed. Everyone who uses the argument that, “we’re all poisoned anyway so who cares?” is being childish. That’s like saying we are going to die eventually so let’s just drive drunk and smoke. And before someone says that driving drunk is different because it affects other people, remember that purchasing these products keeps companies that use toxic chemicals in business. As long as companies believe people will still buy their product (PFOAs and all), they have little reason to find and use safer alternatives. The pollution produced from manufacturing these products does affect everyone. I suppose the people who argue that a diaper bag is trivial think we should just do nothing at all to reduce our exposure.

Linda on

Thank you Jessie! As a mom, I appreciate your comments and for the time you took to explain your concerns in a constructive way. I am on a mission to limit my little ones’ exposure to toxins. I was looking for more information on the Ju-Ju-Be Earth Leather Behave diaper bag I own (specifically chemical additives) and am disappointed in the use of Agion. I do regret buying it. Since the bag is machine washable, I find it even more unnecessary to have the Agion added. Happy to hear it doesn’t contain Teflon though. Before my first was born, I tried to make good choices in the products we use. Unfortunately with all the conveniences in this world, we end paying for it with our health through the manufacturing of toxins. Thank you Catherine – yes, we are not just talking about a bag and we are not bashing Ju-Ju-Be. Ultimately, we don’t want to support the manufacturing of toxic chemicals. This is not a forum to bring up all the toxins in the world, BUT for those of us looking for information on this particular brand, this particular bag, this is very helpful. Thanks for keeping it classy.