Angelina Jolie and Her Grocery Girls

10/05/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
KCSPresse/Splash News Online

We see you! Shiloh Nouvel, 3, and Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt, 4 ½, took note of the cameras while out shopping with mom Angelina Jolie on Monday in Brignoles, France.

The trio went grocery shopping at the supermarket Intermarché.

Over the weekend, Angelina and Brad Pitt were spotted out for ice cream with their 14-month-old twins, Knox and Vivienne.

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Christina on

They are too cute!! I know all the comments are going to be “why do they dress Shiloh like a boy?” but at this point I think its safe to assume these girls pick out their own clothes. And Shiloh is just not the girly-girl type. Miss Z on the other hand is definitely loving the flowy dresses. Either way both are adorable and getting so big! Love seeing pics of the Jolie-Pitt kids.

Andrea_momof2 on

Cute! I bet those two girls have a lot of fun together!

mac on

i just want to come here and see people post about how cute they are. i’d love for ONE day there not to be any negative nelly’s complaining or feeling they have to spout out their opinion on how the kids/parents dress, eat, etc.. just look at them, say they are cute, and move on. these people don’t care for our opinions, you all know that right? =)

mslewis on

Shiloh is a hoot!! Angie probably couldn’t get that girl into a dress if she tried. Zahara is a girly girl. It’s nice that the parents allow their children to express themselves. Remember back when Maddox had the mohawk? Their children will grow up to be self assured and very happy, I’m convinced.

CTBmom on

Love, love, love that these kids get to pick out their own clothes and get to be individuals. You can tell Z is a girly girl and that Shi seems to be a tomboy. I love that hat and tie…too cute!

Alice on

They are so cute & look happy! Wow Shiloh is almost as tall as Z!

I think it’s obvious they pick their clothes and I’m glad their parents allow them this freedom when they are running errands together. I wish Shi would pick a dress once in a while just to see the difference but if she wants to wrestle and be Robin Hood, so be it I can put the dresses on myself :p

gwebblog on

this two girls are very cute

Summer on

Those two could not be more different! I agree with everything Christina said. It’s very clear that Brad and Angelina let the kids choose what they want to wear, which I think is great. Childhood is the only time in your life that you can be free to look any way you want without worry. I never had the option of choosing my own clothes until I was a teenager. My mom bought everything for me. I later rebelled quite ferociously, and not just with my choice of clothing. The best thing a parent can do is let their kid be a kid, and be themselves without worry.

Gracie on

Shiloh is so damn pretty, cute and adorable. Z is also quite pretty. Particularly loving how Shiloh is dressed though.

Erika on

They’re adorable!! I love Zahara’s dress and necklace! Shiloh’s outfit is a weird choice, but she rocks it, and looks so happy!!

Shaunie on

I love seeing pictures of Zahara & “John”. LOL

And I love that they are total individuals, and Brad and Angela let them be!

I always find it a little odd when parents ALWAYS have their children dressed like they’re going to take Sears family portraits, with the matching outfits on!

(LOVE- J ) on

They look great.

Finnaryn on

Shaunie, I put my kids in matching colored shirts, but not exactly in matching clothes, when we go to the zoo, science center, whatnot. I wear the same color and that way if they get lost, they don’t have to try to remember what color of shirt mom is wearing. We rarely look like a Sears portraits though because at least one of them has messy hair or a smudge on their cheek. I stock a lot of wipes. 😀

And I am glad there have not been any negative comments so far. My 5-year-old came to me this morning, crying, saying the kids at school made fun of him because he likes the colors pink and purple. They said he can’t like them because he is a boy and they are “girl” colors. How sad that some people teach their kids that you can only like certain colors because of your gender.

Jessica on

LOVE Z’s dress – she looks so pretty and sassy!! 😉 And it’s just amazing how 2 sisters can be so completely different!

TripletMama5 on

Shilohs outfit literally made me laugh out loud! Love it!

Lis on

Those girls are absolutely adorable. And while I do think it is great that they let them “express themselves”, I really do wish parents had more say over what their children wear. Zarhara looks like a doll and Shiloh looks like a little ragamuffin. It’s fine to play dress up, but letting your 3 year old dress themselves for the day is different.

Sorry, just my thoughts…

yoco on

Zahara supermodel, loving the hair I believe she has told her parents shes want to wear a natural fro , no braids no pigtails I love it .Shiloh loving the creative outfits. Parents should encourage their kids to be individuals not conformists. These kids march to their own drums.Pax with the long hair a while back Mad with the mohawk. Its all good imo.They are all well traveled multilingual , well loved and appear to be well behaved from reports people who have seen them in stores, museums arcades etc.

MZ on

i want a fedora like shiloh’s for my son!

martina on

I want Z’s dress!

Brooke on

Shiloh cracks me up. She is so obviously a tomboy….I just love it. The fact that she fished out a tie to wear is hilarious..

Amanda on

It’s adorable how close they are. I love that Zahara is the epitome of a girly girl and Shiloh looks like she prefers rough-housing with her brothers. I’m willing to bet that their house is an absolute hoot!

Candace on

Is it just me or does it look like Shiloh is missing her front tooth?? No biggie, she’s still adorable (ESPECIALLY since she clearly dressed herself 🙂 it just looks like it.

My own daughter was jumping on the bed when she was 2, fell forward and hit her mouth on the window sill and knocked her front tooth clean out! They also had to extract the tooth next to it because there was so much damage.

I still think she’s beautiful, though. 🙂 People are just surprised that she’s already lost those teeth! (she’s 4 now)

J on

Post 3, why even bother to acknowledge the negative comments then? You make a comment like you did when NOBODY before you, or even after now, has said anything nasty. Why bother even bringing it up if it bothers you so much? Very odd comment…

H on

lol being french and knowing what kind of place intermarché is, i would say that i would have never pictured the Jolie Pitt shopping there! it’s very cheap.

dee on


It’s sad that your son had to go through that b/c of some adults warped sense of gender appropriateness. Assigning colors based on gender is pretty messed up if you really think about it. But, working in retail as a teen, I saw it a lot, especially when it came to boys or men.

Those girls look gorgeous, happy, and healthy. I can’t wait to Viv out on their little girl trips too.

sil on

LOL @ Shiloh’s tie! I love Zahara’s dress, I want one for my daughter.

Sam on

Zahara’s dress is lovely on her and I love the little girl necklace. She’s playing dress up as a pretty princess. Shiloh – I laughed so much at that outfit, guess she’s playing dress up too! I like that their parents let them be who they need to be be, wearing what they feel happy in. It reminds me of when my daughter was about 3 she had rainbow striped rubber boots and wore them every where for weeks – with dresses, shorts, bathing suit and her pajamas!!

trinh on

shiloh is a crack up! i love her! cute!

Angel on

Z is copying her mom and S is copying her dad. Cute!

gargoylegurl on

Oh my, these girls are too cute! Zee is very tall, she’s going to be a stunning woman! Love Shi’s gappy grin! =)

April on

Shiloh seems to have her daddy’s personality-looks like something he would have worn i nthe past-he’s had an interesting dresscode for the cameras. I think she is cute as can be!

Paula on

These girls are so darn cute and Shiloh is like a baby Brad.

eternalcanadian on

now that is so funny what shiloh is wearing. she’s got an eye for fashion, that! zahara is also quite the diva in that long purple dress. wish i could say the same about angelina, my goodness, she is soooo thin there! 😮

Amy on

I just love this family.

Hea on

Too cute for words!

Shaunie on

@ Finnaryn-

That I understand.

I don’t have a problem with kids dressing alike when its their decision, or on certain occasions. I just think its a little odd when it an EVERYDAY thing.

I respect parents decision to dress their children the way they choose. But I just think its a little sad when they act like they aren’t individual people.

Like when was working at a daycare there were two little girls, who were always dressed alike, had their hair alike EVERY SINGLE day. And it’s not like they were twins (they’re a year apart)… so I didn’t get it.
You could tell they didn’t want to be dressed that way, b/c every time someone would compliment them, one or the other would remark “Oh, I don’t like this color,but she does. Or I don’t like my hair like this Mommy made me…”
And they get so angry when people mix up there names!
They’re sisters not clones.

Chelsea on

How adorable! So sweet that Shiloh and Zahara are holding hands!

On another site (JustJared, I think) there’s a close up picture of Vivienne if anybody cares to see (since in the other picture you couldn’t really see her face).

Philippa on

I know! It made me chuckle when I read that they went shopping at Intermarché 😀

The girls look so cute, I love Zahara’s dress, and Shiloh looks adorable.

cassie on

they are adorabale

Elizabeth on

Oh my gosh, Shiloh looks so cute. She certainly looks happy in her outfit. Zahara also looks beautiful. I love her dress.

Elizabeth on

Re Candace: Shiloh is missing a tooth. There was a post about a week ago showing a close up and she is indeed missing one of her front teeth. on

In case you want Shiloh’s tie for your little boy…or girl…it’s from CrewCuts:

I’ve really got to stop memorizing every J.Crew item! Is there a rehab for that? 🙂

Jane on

They are such cute little girls. I love the way they dress.

aurora mia on

I just love the tie! And Zahara looks so grown up…:)

CTgirl on

aww Shiloh and Zahara are such happy little girls! 🙂

Lisa on

I love this picture, those girls are so cute!! Looks like they have a lot of fun together!

Xan on

Such a spunky pair! I love how they are holding hands 🙂

Sunny on

Oh man, I see a little Ellen Degeneres right there LOL! Of course I’m not making any sexual implications here, she’s so little, but I couldn’t help seeing the resemblance!

Blackrose on

they are beautiful children! Zahara is going to be a gorgeous lady iam sure of that!
i dono how to say this but sometimes i feel that they dress Shiloh like this as if in a way they are trying to decrease the big media circulating around her , u know the “Golden Child” many ppl are interested to see Shiloh and the twins while ignoring Zahara Pax and Maddox and that makes me really sad… please dont get me wrong i adore this family!

urbanadventurertales on

Blackrose- I agree with you on this one. Angelina has often commented about how she felt empathy for her adopted children b/c they had to “survive” so much and were so strong. But Shiloh was born with a silver spoon in her mouth so to speak. I think Angelina tends to be more protective of the adopted children in a sense.

Alicia on

LOL, Z looks like a little model right there. Angelina and Brad have such a cute family. I want to ask them if they can adopt me, haha.

??? on

urbanadventures, often? Angelina made the comment ONCE.

??? on

Blackrose, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Shiloh is old enough to pick what she wants to wear. Angelina has dressed her up like a girly girl on numerous occasions. I have a nephew her age and he would wear his superman costume every single day if his mother let him. He also prefers dolls. BIG WHOOPDEE DOO!~

JM on

adorable, confident and individual little girls. how wonderful that the majority of people here are mature enough to recognise that we really don’t need to freak out about a girl not being dressed “girly” and in a way that we consider gender appropriate. she is expressing herself and her personality and that is wonderful. i hope this confidence to be herself never wanes and that angie and brad are teaching her to be proud of who she is and what she likes. my youngest daughter is what you would consider a tomboy, loves dinosaurs, the outdoors and plays on a junior football (soccer) team, good for her, she’s a feisty little individual and i believe that she won’t let anyone ever tell her she can’t do something just because she’s a girl.

zahara and shiloh are both beautiful.

Carol M. on

I think children need to be themselves, feel confident, and find healthy ways to express themselves. However, I think it’s also important to teach your children that there is a time and a place for things. If society had no unwritten guidelines chaos would ensue. Moderation is healthy.

On that note, I believe a lot of you who need to constantly say things about how wonderful it is that Brad and Angie let their children express themselves are getting defensive about yourselves…like you’re living through them somehow. It’s sad to me that you need to so strongly defend these people you do not know. Just something to think about.

And it’s nice to know that all of you open-minded commenters will not feel the need to disagree with me or bash me in any way. 😉

Amy on

I can’t believe that people believe that Brad and Angelina force Shiloh to dress like this. This outfit and many others scream that a child made the selections. It’s stupid to say that the parents’ go into their sons’ and probably Brad’s closet to dress Shiloh. Also even at three, kids have their own mind. If Shiloh didn’t like these clothes they wouldn’t even be able to get them on her.

Sus on

Do you folks who suggest that Shi dresses herself really think she paired that hat with that tie? I don’t think so. Three year old dont have that much fashion sense. 🙂 It is one thing for her to refuse a dress but to choose such a masculine choice of clothing from head to toe…I’m not buying it. Someone is dressing her that way. Look how Z’s dress is accompanied by necklace, etc.

kris on

I know there’s always a lot of back and forth about the way Shi dresses. I actually was wondering if she tries to emulate Mad since it seemed he “looked out” for her when she was younger. Z and Pax seemed to have a bond and then Mad and Shi. Maybe she just looks up to her older brother and wants to dress like him?? Or Daddy even?

Both girls are very cute. You can totally see how spunky Z is just from her pictures.

Summer on

Sus – Do you know any three year olds? Because they are extremely creative, when they are allowed to be. It’s called playing dress up. Most little girls did it. It’s not that complicated a concept.

CelebBabyLover on

Sus- You’d be surprised what kids Shiloh’s age are capable of! She’s obviously playing dress-up, maybe pretending to be her daddy or one of her older brothers. I also find it hard to believe that her outfit was Angie’s choice, seeing as how Zee is dressed as girly as can be, and in the recent close-up of Vivienne, she’s clearly got pierced ears, is wearing a bracelet, and has a feminine outfit on.

Because of that, I also disagree with the comment about Angie dressing Shiloh like that in order to decrease the media attention on her. If that were so, then more than likely they’d be dressing Vivienne like that as well. 🙂

All of that said, I DO agree that Shi may not have picked out that exact tie herself (the hat I believe she did pick out herself, as she’s been seen wearing it before. Therefore, I’m guessing it’s probably one of her favorites. :)). I don’t, however, think it was neccesarily Angie or Brad that helped her choose the tie. I’m guessing that maybe one of her older brothers helped her decide. 🙂

Amanda on

I don’t see how it’s such a stretch to imagine that Shiloh dresses herself. Look at what she’s wearing for heaven’s sake. Sports trousers, a t-shirt with a skull on it, a tie around her neck, paint specked boots and a fedora. People are honestly going to tell me that Angelina decided that’s what Shiloh would be wearing that day? Please, lol.

She has two older brothers, one of whom we’ve already seen wearing a tie around his neck ala Miss Shiloh. Any coincidence she’s wearing a hat exactly like her dad’s? Don’t think so. Maybe she’s trying to emulate her big brother and her dad? Maybe she’s more comfortable in this type of clothing than what her sister is wearing. Of course Angelina (and Brad, cos he’s her parent as well) could shove Shiloh in a frilly number like Zahara’s and confiscate her sword and fedora but why would you do that? Why put her in a position she’s not comfortable with? She’s at that wonderful age where she doesn’t give two hoots what the world thinks of her and I say Angelina and Brad should encourage that (in all their children) for as long as possible.

I say kudos to Brad and Angelina for allowing their children to dress in a way that makes them happy rather than in a way society deems acceptable. If that means I’m living vicariously through them, then so be it.

Joy on

Why does Shiloh look like a hobo? She is a very beautiful little girl. Zahara looks beautiful!

TEDS22 on

Love these pics!! Shi obviously chose the outfit herself and does not look like a “hobo” to me! And to the comment about Shi “ALWAYS” being dressed like a boy,well WE do not see them everyday.We get brief glimpses into their lives and Shi has been photograghed in dresses.I am sure if they were going somewhere important,then it would be explained to “shi” and dressed approprietly!!
To me the girls look happy and healthy and I bet they have a wonderful childhood filled with experiences that alot of kids don’t get- if ever(like me-no travel etc)

vanessa on

Yikes! I must be a bad parent also! My 3 yr old son has a “purse” and wears his shoes on the wrong feet! Ha Ha! I think she looks fine…. my 2 yr old daughter does not like dresses, but wears leggings underneath them and likes them just fine! I even *gasp* let them wear clothes that do not match!!! I believe that they have the rest of their lives to worry about matching and wearing the “right” outfit!

chloe on

It’s not Halloween yet.

NettieB on

Shiloh is my second favorite next to Honor. I LOVE how she dresses.

ma74 on

Shiloh is so funny!!!

Tara on

LMAO These two the coolest cats in town! They are too much and it’s going to be fun to watch them grow.

urbanadventurertales on

For the record, I don’t give a crap about how Shiloh dresses. She’s her own little gal and can express herself however she wants ;p
My first post was simply to say that I do think Brad and Angie try to “down-play” the biological kids more than the adoptive children. Or at least Angie does. I’m not saying she loves them less, but she definitely seems to have a certain protectiveness over the adoptive children (which isn’t necessarily bad…)

Bren on


Liliana on

I say, let Shiloh wear whatever she wants to wear. She’s not running around naked or wearing attire that is personally offensive. What’s the big deal? I don’t think it’s worth Angelina and Brad picking a fight daily in order for her to adhere to what society deems “acceptable” on a little girl.

To the poster who mentioned that those of us who suppport the parents’ decision to let the kids express their creativity are only doing so because of our own insecurities, I don’t understand your logic. I support Brad and Angelina’s decision because I, myself, agree with it.

My two year old is at a stage where he wants to be independent and one of the things that means that to him is that he dresses himself. Nothing matches anymore but he’s always proud when he accomplishes the task. As long as he’s dressed accordingly with the weather, what does it matter? Should I explain “proper” fashion to him because his shirt and his pants don’t go together? When we go out in public, I’m sure some people think I’m nuts but that’s their opinion. I’d rather be gawked at because I’m letting my son express himself than blend in with the crowd because I dress him in “normal” attire that he doesn’t even care to wear.

Also, why the poster may think it’s sad that I am “defending” the two, I think it’s more pitiful to criticize people you don’t even know.

becky on

these are so cute i love how the girls are holding hands !
its obvious that shiloh just wanted to look like daddy by wearing his trademark hat, i think she loooks adorable (:

DD on

Well the girls are too cute! I do find it odd that Shiloh has been dressed in boys clothing since she was a baby though! I remember her very first pic’s with her mom and dad and they had her in little boy color rocker jersey knit clothes and pretty much ever since she has looked more like her brothers in her attire than a little girl! Zahara on the other hand has been dressed like a beautiful little princess since day one! Hmmm…interesting!

lele on

here’s my take on the dress up stuff…. i think it is great to let kids experiment and dress up and dress themselves… but i also think it is important to teach them what is appropriate and okay when they go out and about, go to school etc. i think it is so important to be a free spirit to feel comfortable in your own skin but i think that maintaining a sense of what is appropriate is a good tool as well.

in addition- we all know kids make fun and when they go off in the real world we know how mean other children can be and then later in life i would rather not be seen as too eccentric. but again that’s just my opinion. i think she is adorable and has a cute smile on her face which is the most important thing!

I♥CBB on

I ♥ Zahara and “John.” I think it’s hilarious how they dress themselves. I also think it’s great that Angelina and Brad allow them to dress in what they love no matter who or what may be judging them. It gives them a sense of independence as well as pride and positive self-esteem.
Lele-That’s an ambigious statement because what you think is “appropriate” and okay when children go out is different for everyone. I would like you to elaborate if you read this. I’m just curious. It’s a very intersting pov.

twyla850 on

urbanadventurertales, It is apparent that Shiloh dresses the way she wants to dress for whatever reason she chooses…whether to emulate her father, her brothers, peter pan or even her “John” alter ego.

You could argue your case that that Brad and Angie try to deliberately downplay their biological children, but have you seen the recent up close shot of Vivienne on justjared??? That little darling was decked out with a gold bangle and pierced ears.

elisa on

I love the fact that they always let Zahara hair natural the way it should be.
Cute afro hair.

Faye on

The Jolie Pitt girls are soooo cute! I just wish CBB posted these other photos from the same outing.
Absolutely adorable pics of the girls.

CelebBabyLover on

DD- As other posters have said, Shiloh HAS been seen in dresses before! She has also been seen in some white, girly blouses. In fact, from the beginning of last year until Knox and Viv were born, Shi was seen in dresses far more than in pants and a shirt. 🙂

Similarly, Zee was seen quite a bit in more “boyish” clothing when she was younger (in fact, just like people are doing with Shiloh now, people used to complain about her being dressed “like a boy”)!

Since pictures speak louder than words…..

Shiloh in dresses/girly clothes:

Zahara in “boyish” clothes:

Micheley on

I hope everyone is happy, Zahara is wearing a dress! And she looks gorgeous! She is so cute and looks like she is so full of life. I love Shiloh dressing like her daddy, very cute also.
Beautiful girls.
I just think that unlike many parents, the jolie-pitts are able to express themselves through clothing however they choose.

anna on

It’s fine that Shiloh dresses that way… as long as she is the one CHOOSING to cross dress. 🙂

zeezee on

TEDS22…agreed! Always amuses me how people make these Always! and Never! statements based on paparazzi photos that show 5 minutes of someone’s life.

Whitney Sterk on

my only pet-peeve about kids in general (although I am referring to my own young cousins) is that they are clean and brush their hair, I have a 3 year old cousin that always looks ragged..her hair is never brushed and her clothes are always dingy looking. I don’t care if she is wearing a dress, costume or pants…she always looks like she just came out of the sandbox. That bugs me…..So I always am changing her and putting some leave-in-conditioner in her so I can brush it. My mom dressed us a young children(like through grade school because she enjoyed doing it)and even dressed my sister and I alike despite being 2 years apart in age, but didn’t make us wear what we did not want so I think that is where it comes from.

And to those comments on how different these girls are…um they don’t have the same DNA… not just referring to one being adopted and one being biological… sister and I have complete opposite fashion style…..if I could I would wear dresses and skirts everyday…. my sister on the other hand would prefer those popular yoga like pants…..

Alice on

CarolM (#55) I agree about being a time and place for things! I wouldn’t find it so funny if they let Shiloh go to preschool dressed like that (not that she has to be dressed girly but this outfit looks very dress up), but for a supermarket run it’s fine, don’t you think?

anna on

just a great photo with 3 happy, healthy ladies. Shiloh loks fantastic

Twin Mummy on

I think its perfectly fine that Shiloh is a bit of a tom boy (my sister was too) at 3 your personality is in full swing – i know, i have twin boys who are almost 3! x

Sadie on

Playing dress ups is one of the most natural and normal behaviours of a 3-year-old. She looks happy and healthy and that’s all that matters.

elisa on

Everybody agree it’s fine Shilo dressing like a ‘boy’.
But alot of people freaks out with Suri dressed like a GIRL.
You’re funny guys.

Sandra on

It’s fine for kids to pick out their own clothes, but Shiloh looks ridiculous. Enough is enough sometimes, you can put limits on children they aren’t going to break!

Marthe on

Aww! Shiloh has a tie with little bulldogs,how sweet.

Jana on

Shiloh looks like she’s dressed for Halloween! Like another poster has said, I think it’s fine to let children pick their own clothes and play “dress up” however, boundaries needs to be enforced. If Angelina and Brad don’t start enforcing what is and what is not appropriate to wear, when will Shiloh ever learn? She’ll go into her teen and adult years dressing that way! “Dress up” every now and then is fine but when it becomes an everyday thing, it’s a bit bizarre in my opinion. If it’s okay for Shiloh to dress that way, why doesn’t Angelina join her? I never like seeing parents better dressed than their kids.

Summer on

I have to respectfully disagree that Shiloh will continue to wear these clothes into adulthood. There will come a time when she will become aware of what is “acceptable” and “attractive” but at three years old, that isn’t the time. I, personally, dislike seeing a child in public wearing pajamas much more than a silly outfit. Heck, I’ve seen adult women wearing pajamas in public! That, to me, is just lazy. No one can accuse Shiloh of being lazy in her choices. They are very clearly thought out. I feel that if a child is allowed to dress themselves freely when they are young, when society shouldn’t be judging their attractiveness anyway, they will grow up to dress more normal as teens and adults. As I said above, my mother chose all my clothing until I was a teenager and making my own money. That means I did not have any say about what went onto my body. As a direct result of not being allowed to choose my clothing when I was young, I dressed like a complete freak for all of my teen years. I didn’t get to play with clothing in my youth, so when I finally did as a teen, I looked a fool. Just something to consider.

AE on

Here’s my two cents on Shiloh’s outfit, for what it’s worth, since Shiloh reminds me of me at that age and her pictures bring back good and sad memories. I LOVED ties and I LOVED swords as a little girl (I still especially love ties, but I appreciate them on men more than on me!), and my mom had no problem letting me wear my father’s and grandfather’s ties for play. I LOVED boyish clothes (I still love pinstripes and rugby shirts), and I was blonde and doted on by my father. I was a tomboy, but I also had crushes on men from the time I was four and loved male attention! So what does all of this mean? I can only offer my own perspective, but it probably means she is a happy, confident little girl. But perhaps she also craves flattery and extra attention from her mom. If so, as she grows older, she needs to be careful of men – or women – who think she is cute but then exploit her sweetness and undermine her confidence. What would I advise? Her parents should continue to let her dress up as she does, within reason. And her parents – particularly Angelina, I might think – need to be sure to pay individual attention to her and compliment her for her uniqueness and talents.

kim on

I find it interesting that people critisize Shiloh for playing dressup but not the youngest Beckham boy dressed as an astronaut or Kingston dressed as a dinosaur. My 3 y.o. neighbor wears a cape everyday for no apparent reason.

urbanadventurertales on

AE- I think you make an excellent point! THis is similar to what I was trying to say in my first two posts. I”m sure some will think you’re coming across as judgemental, but I agree 100% with what you’re saying here!

AE on

Thanks urban – I felt compelled to offer my perspective (and tell a bit of a cautionary tale), as it is almost surreal for me to see a little girl who dressed as I did. (Both the swords and ties!) And I really don’t know why I dressed as I did, except that I did love ties and boyish clothes. And I did love older men. But I was also a mommy’s girl and especially wanted my mom’s attention and approval. And she was a good mom but sparse with the praise. So who knows whether this parallels Shiloh’s life – and I am sure Shiloh is a very loved little girl, as are all of Angelina’s children. But if she is like me, then her parents need to continue to build her confidence so that she is not swayed by false flatterers.

Sarah K. on

Good point, Kim! I don’t remember people being concerned that Cruz wore an astronaut costume in public (which happens a lot). This is probably more normal than actually wearing a costume. Both kids are (or were) three, so why the difference in opinion?

Cyd on

Please, don’t put a loose tie around the neck of a 3 year old baby, Ms. Jolie.

Sandra on

Kim, I would say the same thing about the Beckham boys and Kingston if they wore costumes outside of say Halloween. Dress up is great and fun but sometimes enough is enough. Kids don’t always have to get their way, there is a time and place for everything. Parents should also teach their children boundaries.

Diva on

Shiloh looks perfectly fine, nothing inappropriate about her outfit whatsoever. There wouldn’t be anything inappropriate about it if she were 9, 16, or 32, either. Inappropriate would be booty shorts and half shirts, not tennis shoes and ties.

They’re both beautiful girls who look very happy and like they have alot of FUN in life!

Kimmie on

Too all who are posting that Shiloh looks cute and that her clothes are adorable..Are you serious?..C’mon!..I do agree that she is an adorable little girl and that children at this age should beable to have some say in what they wear,but this is just too much!..Ridiculous,and all of you know it..I sense a little laziness on Brad and Angie’s part..just my opinions.

Moira on

I love seeing my favorite celebrity family. Those girls are so cute and there is absolutely nothing wrong with how they are dressed. All I see in the pictures are happy girls with their mom going to the supermarket.

Liliana on

Kimmie, I may be in the minority here but it’s not apparent to me that what she’s wearing is ridiculous. If it hadn’t been for the numerous posts regarding Shiloh’s attire, I wouldn’t have thought anyone else would actually be bothered by it.

melissa on


You can’t be comparing Shi’s outfit to the becham boys obvious costumes. The becham boys are not dressing like little girls, why should they be criticized. I’m sorry but playing dress-up is one thing and going out in public playing dress-up is another thing. I have 2 god son’s one is 3 and one is 8, they play dress-up all the time but I would never let them go out with me to the store in the costume. It’s great that Shiloh wants to express herself but It’s a bit crazy for her folk to have no control and just let her do this all the time. It’s almost as if her parents don’t know how to say no to her. At 3yrs old I don’t think it’s healthy that her parents let her go out in public all the time looking like a little Hobo. At 3 years old her mom and dad should start explaining the difference between playing and reality.

Mommyof3 on

Hahahha these kids crack me up!!! As a parent of 3 myself I would never allow my kids to dress like that in public but to each their own righ!!?!??!

hahahhaa on


I agree. It’s so obvious they’re trying to downplay Shiloh’s looks. They claim Shiloh is a tomboy. Well being a tomboy isn’t the same as being mistaken as a boy.

Zahara’s hair needs improvement as well. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your hair natural, but how about moisturizing it and combing it out so it doesn’t always look dry and like she just rolled out of bed.

Lauren on

i have to say that i love that they let their kids dress themselves. it looks like Shiloh got into Brads closet and Zahara got into angelina’s! they are too cute when they dress like this and i love that Angelina and brad dont force them to wear things that they dont want to- it makes me happy to see what normal parents they are.

Sus on

For the record, I am the mother of a 3 year old who does dress up. Sometimes when we are going out the door a tutu or silly hat might make it out the door, too. But I stand by my earlier statement. 🙂

Courtney on

I actually thought shiloh was a boy for a minute there.

Kasey on

If they were trying to down play Shiloh’s looks, wouldn’t they do the same to Vivienne?

But instead, the third time we see a picture of her, she’s wearing a bracelet and has her ears pierced.

I think those pictures proved your little theory wrong.

People need to stop reading into every picture they see. It’s not your child so why does it bother you so much?

brannon on

oh my goodness – love these two. can’t decide whose outift i like better! (cross dressing -seriously??) Shiloh looks like a normal 3 year old with big brothers 🙂 way too cute. and zahara is just stunning- beyond beautiful. so sad to be once again having the “gender” discussion. my 3 year old son recently picked out pink converse when we went to the store. said they were his favorite. no problem – he totally rocks them 🙂 I would much rather see children with personality than those stomping around dressed in clothes they aren’t comfortable with and what not. It’s fine to have different tastes (not a fan of Violet’s clothes ever) but don’t go so far as to psychoanalyze everything everyone. And to whomever thinks kids don’t have style … just silly. My son loves his accessories and can totally put together his own outfits – fedoras, ties, belts, jewelry, clothing, shoes…who says girls have all the fun? 🙂

itsme on

I do feel as if this were any other family (Suri Cruise, anyone?) there would be TONS more criticism, but because it’s the JP’s, people tend to think it’s cute.

I, myself am a fan of the JP’s and think their kids are adorable, but if this was Suri there’d be 200 more posts about how it’s unsafe for a child that age to wear a loose tie around their neck with boots with a heel on them (yes, the boots have a HEEL, people!) but noone mentions that, or the fact that Shiloh’s sneakers/shoes always look wayy too big for her. In one picture from this outing in the store one of her feet is turned completely sideways. Can’t be good for her feet.

I do love me some Jolie-Pitts, but can’t help but recognize the double-standard of “anything goes” when it comes to them. Sure, they are getting a little bit of criticism for the missing tooth and boyish, unsafe attire (not to mention the dripping skull on her shirt!), but not half as much as any other celeb would get.

Also, there are rumors flying around a few other forums that one of the children may have chopped off some of Shiloh’s hair, or maybe she even cut it herself, hence her hair being tucked under her hat in the last 2 outings. Although, it could be very well that her and Z are playing “mommy and daddy” since Z is wearing a flowy dress like Angelina does and Shiloh seems to be dressed like Brad, which is funny.

CelebBabyLover on

Kasee- I agree! And as for the tie…After six kids, I’m sure Angie and Brad know what is and isn’t safe, and wouldn’t do anything that would put their kids in danger!

Kati on

I love the way these two girls dress. Shi obviously is going through a phase when she wants to wear her older brothers´ clothes and be like a tomboy and at the same time Zahara wants to be this really girly girl. Actually Shiloh looks adorable in that outfit. Maybe she wants to dress up like daddy. That hat is obviously a miniature version of one of the hats Brad has. If she wants to wear a loose tie she wears one. Maybe her mum said to her that she can´t but I remember reading somewhere that Shiloh is a very strong-willed girl so maybe she didn´t obey her mum. LOL. Or maybe the girls had decided that Zee plays mum Angie and Shi plays dad Brad. Shi looks so much like her dad that it´s easy for her to pretend to be her dad. Every facial expression comes from Brad. That beautiful dress Zee is wearing is very similar to those dresses their mum wears. All in all those girls look adorable and have grown to be really beautiful. Poor Brad will have his hands full with them and their younger sister Viv when they grow up!

Harley on

Aw! Too cute! I can’t believe how tall Shiloh is! Goodness!

As for the comments on how the kids dress, dude, they are clothes. It’s not as if Shiloh is running around stark naked. She’s not off on a bender either. She’s just wearing what she wants and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s kind of funny because I see her immitating her dad as opposed to her mom. I was a total tomboy as a kid, much to mom’s dismay as I am the only daughter lol. This doesn’t shape her life other than allowing her the choice to decide what to wear for the day. Don’t act like this is going to bring about the next apocalypse.

Patricia on

My God these girls are SO adorable!

I love how they’re so opposite clothing wise, but clearly so close as sisters and best friends. I love that! And they look happy! At the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?

I wanna play dress up with these girls! They must be so much fun to play and run around with 🙂

Shannon on

Oh no! Someone call the authorities! I took my kids to the store the other day and let them wear their actual dress up clothes. I went to Walmart with Buzz Lightyear and a fairy princess. If AJP get this kind of criticism for letting her kid dress like a tomboy, I’m sure I need to have family services sent to my house!

Man, I miss the days where children were encouraged to enjoy childhood and be free to explore their individuality.

too cute on

SOOO CUTE! I wish all the haters would give it a rest for a day. Who cares if Angie & Brad let there kids dress up in costume and wear it out in public? That is there business. There is no research out there that says doing this will lead to adult criminality or mental illness! Let the kids be, and stop making such judgmental comments about this family! Go focus on how to make your own family better!

yoco on

I doubt there would be criticism if Shiloh was dressed as a princess or ballerina. As for trying to downplay her looks both she and Zahara were in a dress at the grocery in Long Island So I guess Angie decided 2 months ago to downplay her looks gmab She was in a black dress with stockings in France with Zahara. Also neither Brad or Angie has stated she is a tomboy only tabloid.As for Cruz and Kingston they were not dressing for Halloween this was last month in Sept nor were they attending a custom party because the kids with them were not in custom. I just looked at the JJ archives on Shiloh and she has only been dressing like this since August. There are pics of her in a white dress in a store in France with Maddox, Brad and Angie, pics of her in a dress in NOLA. Do you people honestly believe that in August Brad and/or Angie decided to throw away all her dresses and make her wear only her brothers clothes.

Kasey on

Good point, Yoco. I’m sure many who criticize the dress up aspect of the photo would be saying nothing but positive things if Shiloh was wearing a Cinderella costume.

MiB on

Some of these comments make me laugh, and many make my stomach churn. Shiloh is three, she is wearing what she thinks is nice clothing and her parents let her, right now she’s into hats and ties, tomorrow it might be rubber boots and/or tutus, experimenting is a part of growing up and finding yourself and totally natural. The fact that she thinks jogger bottoms, skull t-shirts, fedora hats and ties with bulldogs are nice right now has got nothing to do with what she will like in a month, a year or 10 years. When I was ten or so I loved the turqouise, crincled jumpsuit with speghetti straps that my mother made me, I wouldn’t touch it today (unless making a memory quilt). 10 years later I loved my tight blue marbled low rise cotton trousers, I still fit into them, but would I wear them today? No way! During my mid 20’s I was hardly ever seen out of my trusted jeans and over sized sweater, today I own one pair of jeans, but hardly ever wear anything but skirts, dresses or tunics. Oh, and when I was three I walked around with bunny ears from easter to june, I’m surprised I haven’t become a playboy bunny yet! Relax, Shiloh will change a lot during the years to come, and whereas we might blame Brad for the fedora and tie combo, I doubt we can blame Angelina for the track pants and skull t-shirt, as many have pointed out, as long as her parents could decide what Shiloh would wear, she was quite often dressed in dresses and blouses, just like Vivienne still is.

Oh, and Sandra, Cruz Beckham went through a super hero phase about a year ago, and unless You celebrate Halloween year round, he wore them outside of Halloween.

Kati on

I agree with you. I can´t believe how tall Shiloh already is. But so are the other JP kids too. Zahara and Shiloh are almost as tall. And also Pax and Zee are almost the same hight. And what about Maddox? He´s grown a lot lately. He´s very tall too and he´s only 8. He sure will be taller than an average Cambodian. But what´s more important than the heights of these adorable children is that they´re healthy and happy. Shi, Knox and Viv sure will be tall since their parents both are tall. But so will Mad, Pax and Zee be tall too. Maybe Zee will become a model one day. She´s so beautiful. So are her sisters too!

AJ on

I LOVE seeing the Jolie-Pitt clan!!!! The kids’ choice of dress is always such an adventure for the eyes!

kate on

Someone said”I see a little Ellen Dengeneres..but of course I am not making any sexual implications” Excuse me, but what’s wrong with being gay? lol I am going to be forthright, as a little girl I wore ties, insisted on having a boy’s name..and guess what, yes I am a lesbian (A very feminine and straight-looking one now) but gay as the day is long. It’s people who critize young kids that are not the “norm” who end up encouraging self-abuse and self-loathing.
It’s obvious Shiloh knows who she is, I can bet that Brad and Angie do not FORCE her to wear anything. I cant believe ppl would care about something so petty like a tie. GROW UP

Ceza on

Well, I wouldn’t dress my kids like that (Z looks nice though) but hey I’m not perfect either LOL. I read somewhere else was that they have everyone’s clothes in one giant pile and the kids help themselves out of it. What concerns me more is that this is the second recent pic I have seen of Shiloh definitely missing a tooth- she’s only 3 so why is she losing teeth?

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