Alyson Hannigan Says Satyana's First Flight Was 'Awesome'

10/05/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash News Online

Baby’s first flight is a stressful experience for almost every parent, and it was that same stress which led Alyson Hannigan to tweet the masses last week in search of help.

“I was really nervous,” she admitted during a recent visit to The Late Show with David Letterman. “I went on my Twitter and asked for advice.” What she received in response ranged from bad — “some people said ‘Leave her at home’ or ‘Put her in the overhead compartment,'” Alyson revealed — to good.

“Someone [recommended], and I actually did follow it, ‘Hand out earplugs to all the people around you and say, ‘I hope you don’t need these, but just in case, here you go!””

As it turns out Alyson’s gesture was well-received indeed; Although 6-month-old Satyana was “awesome” on the plane, the same could not be said for a toddler several rows back who spent the entire flight “screaming,” Alyson recalled.

Satyana is the first child for Alyson, 35, and her husband Alexis Denisof.

Source: The Late Show with David Letterman

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lucy on

although my kids are frequent fliers and have never screamed on planes toddlers are 100000 times harder on a plane than a 6mo

martina on

Well, Alyson – just give her a few months. The flights will go from awesome to uh oh very quickly.

Summer on

She’s lucky she has such an easy baby.

Mrs. R. on

my daughter is great little traveler, but the earplug suggestion is an awesome one. Nothing would endear a family to the fellow passengers than being thoughtful and offering earplugs, just in case. How could anyone NOT love the family after that… especially because it’s Alyson 🙂

Nance Cedar on

Often, children are screaming in pain, because the pressure changes hurt their ears. It’s easier to help an infant, because they can be nursed or given a bottle. Toddlers need something else, possibly medication. Don’t blame the child; parents should be prepared for this.

MZ on

Yes the older they get the harder it gets. My son’s first flight was cross country at 2 1/2 weeks, it was great. Flying to WI when he was 6 months…not so awesome. I dread flying cross country at Thanksgiving when he is almost 10 months.

martina on

MZ, bring some Gerber Graduates Finger Foods (puffs are perfect for a 10 mo. old, in any fruit or berry flavor). Worked miracles for us. Every time my 10 mo. old screamed, we gave him some puffs and he immediately got happy.

April on

I have flown with my 2 children at several different ages and have never had a stressful flight with them. My older flew at 9 months, 28 months & on while my younger flew from 3 months on. It’s all in preparation. Make sure they have a favorite snack, drink or paci during take-off and landing or general altitude changes. Even break out a sucker if that is a rare treat. Bring books, A cool new toy or one they haven’t seen in a while. If they are great in a car seat for long trips spring for the extra seat on the plane and let them ride in the car seat. They can rest easier and you won’t get overtired wresting them since they know they have to stay in it until it’s over. Most people didn’t know my kids were there until the flight was over. Even the people beside us commented how great they were. A calm well prepared parent makes for a calm kid.

MZ on

Thanks for the advice, Martina. Do the puffs have gluten though? My husband has Celiac so our pediatrician advised us to stay away from any foods with gluten in them till our son is 12 months old to try to prevent him from getting Celiac. I was trying to think of other finger food I could bring for him but he doesn’t have the teeth for dried fruit and fresh fruit would probably be gross if I pre-cut it ahead of time. I’m open to suggestions! Please! 🙂

Diva on

I remember flying with my first baby at 2-1/2 weeks, the flight attendants didn’t even know I had a baby with me, now with my 2nd daughter she was 4 months when we flew and there was another baby on the flight about 1 yr old and I’m saying to myself that baby is going to be crying and carrying on the whole flight and low and behold, it was my baby that cried and carried on the whole flight, nothing worked, I know they were glad when we landed, I was. LOL

Misty on

I nursed on take of and landing. And when my kids got old enough, bottle/sippy cup and then gum. The swallowing allows their ears to “pop”. Fave toy’s and snacks are a must, AND..I have a portable dvd player in it’s own case that holds 10 dvds and has and extra battery and headphones. Not always needed, but nice to have just in case.

Jen on

All babies will be different some will be screamers and others will be quiet. Once they get a bit older as long as u have stuff to occupy them u should be fine, have like a DS or PSP, books and little toys and u should be set for a hassle free flight haha

MiB on

I don’t normally chew gums unless I fly and I don’t like lollipops, but I always bring some when I fly to hand out to kids (and adults) in need. It always surprises me to se how many parents forget something for their children to chew or suck on during take off and landing (or are they just out of it at the end of the flight?) and it’s ok for even a young toddler to suck on a caramell during take of and landing, they are sitting strapped into a seat next to an adult, so the risks are quite low.