Reusable Snack Bag Round-Up: Plastic Baggies Be Gone!

10/04/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

Green Street Bags

I’ll be the first to admit it — I’m rather dependent on little, plastic, zip-top bags. Gasp! I know. Not anymore! These amazing, reusable bags make it easy to pack and carry goodies for all snack-worthy occasions. And with all kinds of sizes and styles available, I’ll never need another plastic bag again!

Green Street Bags

Simple, sweet, and so easy to use. That’s what I love most about Green Street snack and sandwich bags ($7, pictured above). A strip of Velcro across the top keeps snacks contained and food-safe nylon lines the little cotton bags. We’ve really put these bags to the test – they travel well, wash well and are easy for little hands to hold. The Velcro holds tight when you need it to, and opens easily for snack time. Both snack and sandwich sizes are great to have on hand.



The nifty little snackTAXI snack and sandwich bags (from $7) come in every color of the rainbow — really, they do. With so many patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find one you like. Designed somewhat differently than the others, snackTAXIs have a fold-over flap with Velcro that prevents leaks and crumbs from getting out. Cotton on the outside and food-safe nylon on the inside, these little bags are available in two sizes and can hold more than your kids could possibly eat. Though I guess that depends what you’re putting in them, doesn’t it?

Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened

Bags from Itzy Ritzy are my go-to bags ($10) when we’re bringing snacks that aren’t the dry, crispy type. You know… like cut up fruit, cheese, etc. These bags have a PVC-free waterproof lining — so they won’t leak. A lead-free zipper on the top seals the bag and makes getting snacks easy. Don’t miss the generously-sized Wet Happened? bags ($18) — which are just like the snack bags, only bigger — and are actually perfect for bigger food items like school lunches or picnics!

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Stephanie, crunchy, urban Canadian mama to a 4-year-old contrarian son and a 1-year-old philosopher daughter loves all things green, gadgety and glam.

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Tazina on

Would you wash them every day? Then they’d be fine. More than once, bacteria would grow quickly inside them. A one use bag seems more sanitary.

Maura on

I use these for my sons lunch and they are great. I made my own, they are pretty simple to put together. I usually use them for dry things like crackers and cheerios. I just turn them inside out brush the crumbs out and ripe them with a damp cloth on the inside. I wash them about once a week or if they seem dirty. The inside is a waterproof material so you can clean them really easily.

Andrea_momof2 on

I’m skeptical about how easily they are to clean. We all know that crumbs in the corners of fabric never come out!

Grace on

Crumbs can come out of the corners by simply turning the bag in-side-out when you wash it. Our dependence on single use plastic products astounds me. How selfish of us to be so reliant on convenience rather than consider our every day actions that WILL affect the Earth for our children and their future generations.

Giedra on

As far as the itsy ritzy go,they are super easy to clean and sanitary. Mold is not a problem unless you leave food in them, which would happen in any type bag.

They make bags like this to store cloth diapers after use and before washing (out of the exact same materials.) If it can handle those then food should be no problem at all.

Megan on

Snack Taxi’s are machine washable. Have 4 and totally recommend them. Have yet to machine wash them though, since washing them with hot soapy water seems to do the trick.

s on

Really excited to see CBB review reusable snack bags! These are excellent examples of the types of bags out there. Yay for eco-friendliness!!

DD on

Wow, these look great! I’ve been looking for something like this was well as something to transport clean/dirty toddler silverware. I hate reaching for those plastic bags!

Amandamay on

i agree these are great – i use similar products… but please, please… i’m so sick of the eco-elite who lecture everyone else about how awful and non-earth-conscious they are, and how we should be more eco-perfect like they are. enough with the high-horses and preaching! we all care about the earth and do our best.

Grace on

Amandamay–if you are referring my comment, please notice I used the word “our” rather than “your” or “everyone else”. Nobody is perfect, least of all me, so try not to let your feathers get so ruffled!

hermowninny on

I have never used the itzy ritzy for food. I use tupperware for that, but I do use them to store dirty cloth diapers and wipes when we are out and my dirty cloth maxi pads as well. I wash them everyday and they hold up great, just don’t dry them.

Holly on

Oh I make these at home. I love them!

Michelle Z. on

I’ve made some like the Green Street baggies for my son. I line them with nylon, so they can be wiped out with a damp cloth. I just turn them inside out when I wash them (with towels) and the crumbs are all gone.

I do use a tupperware container for really wet things, like fruit or pickles. But everything else goes in our reusable bags. on

Graze Organic makes the BEST reusable snack/sandwich bags! They’re SUPER cute and stylish and they’re easy to use! You can read more about them here:

Sarah on

I’ve tried the “mama made” version, but the lining was really cheap and I personally don’t like Velcro. I “upgraded” to the Itzy Ritzy Snack Happened ones and they are really great – love the zipper and think lining and machine washes beautifully — my 2 year old loves the cat print – she carries it around with snacks during my older son’s soccer game. I’m going to use the coupon code to order 9 for my son’s halloween party at pre-school – I’ll fill them with gummy spiders and he can give them out his class – eco-friendly and creative – at least I think so 😉 I’m leaning towards the blue camo for the boys and the boho one for the girls –

Sarah on

From the research I’ve done, I believe that the Itzy Ritzy bags are also the only ones that are FDA approved. Brett

santina on

Great post! Some new really cute new bags to try… We have tried a lot of reusable sandwich bags and have virtually eliminated plastic baggies. I also like Lunchskins for waterproof option and ReUsies snack size bags because they are adjustable. But my overall favorites are the Graze organic bags… not waterproof but just awesome! But really, just go for any of these and you’ll never look back.

millefleur on

I use these all of the time and they are great. I love not throwing all of those plastic bags in the trash. I got mine on Etsy.

And can I just say how happy I am to finally see some Etsy shops profiled here on CBB!? Etsy is chock full of great babies and kids shops and everything is so individual, unique and personal. I think CBB readers (and celebs) would really enjoy all there is to see there. I get all custom made baby clothes and hand crafted kids toys there, exquisite personalized kids stuff, jewelery, among other things! They have everything! It’s my favorite! Thanks for making my day!

Jill on

I have tried a few brands of snack bags, and I have to say – Itzy Ritzy has the best! They wash really well (by hand and in the washing machine), never leak and I use them everyday. And that is awesome that they are FDA approved!

Anna on

I think maybe the fact that the earth is being choked by plastic, and no, I am not a hippy dippy self righteous so and so – is reason enough to buy these. Convenience is not a valid issue for an item such as disposable bags.

Nicola on

Excellent “article”! Thank you so much. I use tupperware for the most part, but there are times when a little bag would be so much more convenient and take up less space. Especially after the snack has been consumed. I’m going to browse and purchase a few now. Thank you!

PS — for the rest of the commenters, what do you all use for freezer storage? I prefer to buy in bulk (to save packaging), but then I’ve got stuff that needs to be separated out and frozen. I admit to still using the big Ziplock Freezer bags for that. Any ideas?

hermowninny on

To Nicola-
Tupperware has a freezer line. It works great. You can find your local consultant at

Chell on

Add RuMe bags to your list, they have a great line I love mine! They are really easy to wash and dishwasher safe.

mc on

Chell, thanks for the RuMe tip. I love all of their stuff. Great design.

I also love the bags from green street. Those are great. I like the style

I use various things–ACME muslin produce bags. I was interested in the ReUsies and the Lunchskins too.

Kirstin on

Itzy Ritzy has the BEST bags out there! I am a little bit of a reusable bag junkie, and these are the best on the market. The lining is so thick- so much different from any other PUL I have seen. The prints are cute and the price is great for something that you can use over and over again. I agree with all the others…I am not a hippie chick, but I do what I can and this certainly helps.

ITZY RITZY bags are awesome.