Jason Aldean, Wife Not Willing to Tempt Fate For a Third Baby

10/04/2009 at 07:00 AM ET
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Country crooner Jason Aldean has no qualms with being the only man in his household. In fact, he couldn’t be more thrilled to be surrounded by his three lovely ladies — his wife Jessica and their daughters Keeley, 6, and Kendyl, 2! “I like having two daughters ’cause they’re close to their daddy, that’s why,” he tells OK!.

A self-proclaimed “softie,” Jason notes that after the birth of Keeley, he found himself hoping their second child would be another girl. “There’s nothing cooler to me than being a parent, and girls are sweet and innocent — at least right now,” he laughs. And while the couple would “love to have more” children, pregnancy complications with Kendyl have left them completely content — and grateful — with their family of four.

“There’s people out there who can’t have one, and that would’ve been tough, but we’ve got two healthy ones, and my wife’s healthy now. We don’t want to chance it by trying to have another one, so we’re happy.”

One platinum and two gold certified albums later and Jason knows how to treasure his down time, sharing that his new talents include swim coach to the girls. “I’ve been teaching [Keeley] how to swim,” he shares. “To me, that’s the cool thing. To be able to hang out and not really do anything, but get to spend some time with them.”

Time spent with their father has rubbed off on Keeley and Kendyl, Jason laughs, revealing that both girls have shown interest in country music. However, that said, their love for music knows no bounds!

“[Keeley’s] one of those kids that knows every song that comes on the radio,” he explains. “She’ll sing George Strait, then turn around and sing Black Eyed Peas. She’s the one who really seems to have the music bug.”

With the father-daughter bond going strong, Jason hopes their close relationships are a glimpse of what’s to come in the future.

“I’ve always heard that girls end up being closer to their dad the older they get, and I’m hoping that’s the case.”

Source: OK!

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Chris on

What he says about daughters being close to daddies is sweet. He like the attention!

But why would having another baby tempt fate? Did they have complications with the other pregnancies?

Loralie on

Chris – the article says that there were pregnancy complications with Kendyl.

I really like Jason’s music and it’s cute to see that he is able to be hands on with his girls when he has a busy touring schedule. I can’t believe Kendyl is 2 already! Time flies! I’m glad everyone is healthy in the Aldean family.

Paige on

Really like Jason and his music. He has a lovely family.

Very sweet he’s so close to his girls.

Chris on

Thanks Loralie. Reading is fundamental. 🙂 I totally missed that part!

KM on

I completely get where he is coming from. My first born was stillborn, with birth defects I have had two healthy girls since then, and although I although part of me would like another, I too am afraid to tempt fate. Two healthy girls are a blessing indeed.

Amandamay on

He sounds like a great, devoted dad 🙂

Kathy on

KM: I also understand completely. I have two beautiful,healthy girls. I had a stillborn baby boy in-between my girls due to my genetic blood clotting disorder. (He looked just like his daddy.) I would love to have another one, but feel I’m being selfish. I don’t even want to think about the possibility of losing another baby. I would also be putting my own life at risk again.

Summer on

I have, thankfully, never lost a child, but I can understand about not wanting to tempt things. My family has a history of PPD induced Bipolar Disorder. After my first, I ended up getting PPD, and the longer it went untreated the more my symptoms started to resemble Bipolar Disorder. After I started antidepressants, everything went back to normal, but I’ve been told that with my family history, if I were to have another child, I would be at a huge risk of developing full-blown Bipolar Disorder. Even though a part of me would love to have at least one more child, I just can’t risk it.

Shanna on

That’s so sweet! Even more reason to adore this man than for just his music!

Grayc Rickborn on

I love jason’s music!!

emma on


Dawn on

Absolutely LOVE Jason Aldeen ..his music is amazing and he is so handsome .

Katie Babirad on

Wow! It’s so nice how Jason is so close to his daughters!!! I love Jason and his music and I AM HIS #1 FAN EVER!!!!!! And I mean that!! I can’t pick a favorite of his songs because they are all incredibly AMAZING!!!!!! I hope his daughters will always be so close to him!!!! Love your #1 fan ever,
Katie!!! ❤