Heidi Klum Wonders: 'Maybe Today is the Day'

10/04/2009 at 07:00 PM ET

During a Wednesday visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a very pregnant Heidi Klum said she is more than ready to welcome her fourth child. “Maybe today is the day,” she mused. “I’d be happy with that, you know, because at the end you’re like…’Come on, already!'” Baby-on-the-way — a girl — is due in mid-October and, as such, could arrive at any time. “Maybe a week, maybe two weeks…the boys were a week late and [5-year-old daughter] Leni was a week early.” the 36-year-old Project Runway host explained.

Vowing that because she and husband Seal will “be even” with two girls and two boys apiece, and that the couple will “be done” as a result, Heidi says that their minivan is already operating at full capacity. “We have, like, this big bus when we go to school,” she notes. “It’s quite exciting, to have this little boy [2 ½-year-old Johan] who is approaching 3, now going to school with his little lunchbox.”

“And we come in this big van, and they always look at us like … ‘Yeah, the Samuel van is here.'”

When asked by host Ellen DeGeneres — who later competed with Heidi in a baby diapering/dressing/PB&J-making contest (see below!) — whether the minivan was at all avoidable, Heidi said no way. “We all don’t fit otherwise,” she explained. “It’s impossible.”

In addition to Leni and Johan, Heidi and Seal are parents to 4-year-old Henry.

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Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Christine on

I’m positive that I am not the only CBB reader checking everyday waiting to see “Breaking News – Heidi Klum has her baby girl!”

Can’t wait to hear what they name her!!!

Jo Ann v. on

I love Heidi and Seal and the whole Samue van ! 🙂

g!na on

Yes! I can’t wait to hear the baby news! I wish her a healthy & safe delivery!

Mary on

Why would Ellen ask such a strange question about being able to go without using a van? What does she expect for them to do? Start strapping the kids to the roof? These green celebrities are really getting on my nerves!!@

Wowza on

I don’t think Ellen’s minivan question was about being green, as there are hybrid minivans and they are pretty economical. I think it had more to do with having a minivan and minivans being “unhip”.

Laura on

Mary there are SUVs that are going green and it’s not like Heidi is hurting for money. IMO people who can afford them should do what they can to buy green vehicles. I understand the average person may not be able to afford them but people making millions of dollars certainly can.

I watched the interview and from what I remember, I don’t think Ellen’s question was necessarily about being more green but just more like “Wow do you really need that huge of a van” (cuz I think Heidi said like a 15 seater or something REALLY huge. But I could be remembering incorrectly)

Ashley on

I have to say Heidi Klum travels with a large entourage whenever she is out with her 3 kids including her mother, two baby sitters, and at least a body guard. I understand that she can afford to hire all the help she needs, but no wonder she needs a minivan.

Penny on

If ever notice she has at least two or three nannies getting out the car along with a body guard in almost all the pictures. With her parents, Seal, four kids, four or five nannies, and a bodyguard, that at least twelve people. I think it’s a bit of stretch to have such a large car and so many people to take of four kids but it makes sense because of the entourage.

Felicia on

I have to say, I watched the Ellen show and I always love Heidi. Yes she has a large entourage but she does seem remarkably down to earth. I agree that Ellen was probably just thinking ‘you only have three kids, what do you need a 9 seater for?’ But yes, the entourage probably explains it. I’m really excited to see their new baby. I love this family. 🙂

Mariasha on

@Penny: Yeah, but if she’d take less people with her, she wouldn’t receive so much attention. And that’s after all THE THING, which is important for her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say she does not care enough for her family but it is clear that she also uses them for getting even more attention and that is what I don’t really like about her, otherwise I actually like her.

H on

i like that they used both white and black dolls for the game!

this kid is going to be soooooooooo gorgeous.

Jane on

That might have been a better contest/skit for when Heidi wasn’t so pregnant… that must have been hard for her to do (and to do quickly) while being at the end of her pregnancy.

Erika on

making pb&j sandwiches while holding a baby? easy! whats more fun is getting dressed while holding a baby lol

Kristi on

Can’t wait to see the baby as well!!! I wonder if Ellen and Portia will have babies some day?

Shannon on

I wonder what kind of van they drive? My husband is all about style and trend and therefore REFUSES to get a van. Maybe if it was the same as theirs I could convince him! lol

Satina on

Kristi, I believe Ellen and Portia were pretty set on NOT having children. They’re at an age where it seems like they’d know if they wanted kids so I’m going to take them at their words.

Liliana on

Mariasha, I highly doubt Seal and Heidi chose a vehicle while thinking, “Hmmm. What type of car/van/SUV will garner the most attention?”

Paula on

Good luck Heidi & Seal. Can’t wait to see your new baby!

Kristi on

Thanks Satina-Don’t really know much about them as a couple and I never heard they didn’t want children. I don’t even know how old they are! Just a question out of curiousity….

CelebBabyLover on

Kristi- I believe Ellen’s around 50 (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). Portia is younger than Ellen, I think, and is somewhere in her 40s. 🙂

Jen on

CelebBabyLover u are correct Ellen is older than Portia by a fair few years. Ellen is 51 and Portia is 36 and Portia is an AUSSIE yay haha

Alecia on

I’ve been checking CBB non stop the past few days for the latest update on Heidi…I’ve seen on other sistes that she’s had the baby but until I hear it from CBB, it doesn’t count, LOL.