Jennifer Garner: 'Life is Very Full These Days'

10/03/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Jen Lowery/Startraks

When it comes to raising two small children in the public eye all while balancing two successful acting careers, Jennifer Garner says that she and husband Ben Affleck like to keep things simple.

“The goal is that everyone is just happy and healthy,” the 37-year-old actress says in a new interview. From the sound of things, the couple are succeeding! Jennifer adds,

“The second child is easier, and the experience of bringing a baby into the world is easier, but the overall thing is chaos. It’s happy chaos. Let me just say that life is very full these days.”

Especially so now that Jennifer has a new film to promote. The Invention of Lying — in theaters now — is one of the rare roles the former Alias star has said yes to in recent years. “I really have to love a project to do it, because it’s a lot of logistics with two children and a husband who is working on a set,” she concedes. “It’s very lively at our house.”

As for those times when Jennifer isn’t on set, she is determined to give Violet Anne, 3 ½, and Seraphina Rose, 9 months this week, as normal an upbringing is possible — even with the paparazzi in pursuit.

“Does it bother me that I’m not left alone with my daughters? My theory on this is simple: ‘If you don’t let it get to you, it won’t.’ I just live my life, and I ignore the rest of it.”

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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Chelsea on

At first I was put off by the name Seraphina simply because I had never heard it before… but now I’m absolutely IN LOVE with it! It’s SO pretty on paper and when said out loud!

urbanadventurertales on

It’s so refreshing to hear a celeb that doesn’t $itch and moan about the paparazzi! She just goes about her daily life and ignores them.

Amanda on

I find it hard to believe she really has that view of the paparazzi. Maybe they’re not as aggressive with her as they are with other families but her standpoint, as a mother with two young children, is strange.

Summer on

I think her view on the paparazzi is great! Why let it ruin her day? It’s a fact of life for her. It comes with being an A-list celebrity. Assuming she continues to remain popular and successful, it will be a part of her life for a long time. May as well just deal with it, right?

Chloe on

Good for her – her girls, especially Violet, are clearly well balanced and don’t let the paps affect their day to day life which is how it should be. Well done Jen.

michelle on

I believe that really is her view on the paps. Remember, she was the one who contacted People and CBB asked them not to feature Violet for a little while. And they complied, because she asked – nicely.

Sadie on

She seems to always mention how chaotic it is in her house. It makes me laugh because she’s only got two kids with an almost three year age gap. I mean, when Brad and Ange says it’s chaotic in their house, I believe them!!

karen on

She has all that help and still calling it chaos. Kind of dramatic to me 🙂 But she is an actress after all.

MZ on

Amanda they have been pretty agressive, showing up at Violet’s school every day and such. But, I think she also realizes that paps come with the job and she can’t be famous and then complain about them wanting pics. But like Michelle said, she and Ben did ask places to stop posting pics of the girls for awhile.

I was surprised to see that she gave an interview to the Dispatch! We’re such a little paper! I mean I know C-bus is Ohio’s capital and all, but still, in the scheme of things, small!

CelebBabyLover on

MZ- I agree! We used to see photos of Violet going to and from school practically EVERY SINGLE DAY! That was also, incidentally, the one and only time I’ve ever heard Jen or Ben complain about the paps. Even then, Jen was clearly complaing about the paps being so aggressive and disruptive…not just to her and Violet, but to Violet’s classmates and their parents as well (she said that the paps actually knocked over some of Violet’s preschool classmates trying to get pictures of her!), rather than about the fact that the paps were photographing them.

janie on

Love Jennifer. She is so pretty and down to earth.

Linda on

Well, you have to admit they have work schedules that make for chaos – long hours directing for dad, flying to Toronto and LA to promote Invention of Lying for mom – if they were your usual stay at home mom and 8 to 5 working dad it would be less “chaotic” ~but that’s not their life.

alabama on

I have two kids – 5 and nearly 2 – and chaotic is how I would describe our house what with all the playing, chasing, screaming and mess making that comes with being a kid. I wouldn’t have it any other way.