Brad and Angelina Take the Twins for Ice Cream!

10/03/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stepped out for ice cream in Amman, Jordan – and brought along the littlest Jolie-Pitts, 14-month-old twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline.

Ihab Fakhouri, a co-owner of Licky Licious ice cream shop on Rainbow Street in Amman, snapped a photo of the family that was later posted on Twitter.

“They were walking down the street and saw our shop. Brad stopped and said, ‘Do you guys have ice cream?’ I said ‘Are you kidding? Of course!'” Fakhouri tells PEOPLE.

During the foursome’s 10-15 minutes in the shop, Brad sampled several flavors and ended up with a cup of pecan, caramel and vanilla ice cream, which he shared with Vivienne. Angelina decided on the mango ice cream and gave Knox some. “Knox loved the mango. He was like, ‘Wow!'” says Fakhouri.

“The kids look so much like Angelina. They look like their mother. But they have Brad’s eyes,” adds Fakhouri. “They looked like really happy kids.”

Brad and Angelina chatted with the owners about Jordan, where they have visited before. Jolie said “they like coming here,” according to Fakhouri. Pitt and Jolie have been in the Middle East to visit Iraqi refugees in Syria as part of the actress’ work as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR.

— Samantha Miller

A second photo of Angelina and Vivienne is below.

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Christine on

Nice to finally see them! I think Vivienne looks alot like Shiloh and Knox is very similar yet still has a different look about him. Can’t wait to see more of them!!

Rebecka on

Wow they’re so big!

fergette on

Yay! I love seeing them, I just hope the owner of the ice cream shop was given the okay to share the picture. 🙂

Autumn on

Aw so cute! And someone actually did snap a pic of them! lol! Good job!

LauraLeigh on

So adorable! They all look so happy!

jamie on

wow they look like shiloh…alot! so cute! wish we saw more of them

claire on

knox looks just like britney spears’ sons!

Real Deal on

awwwwwww they are absolutely adorable. i cant wait until brangelina have/adopt more children. such a beautiful family and an inspiration to the world.

Megan on

Did anyone think those twins were gonna get LESS adorable?! HAHA so cute they are! I love that little button down shirt Knox is wearing and you can totally tell from the side how much Vivi looks like big sis Shiloh…oh and at first glance, Knox looks just like Nancy Grace’s little boy John David…just an observation…haha I do love this family and all the kids are so gorgeous!

brannon on

yay! knox and vivi! gorgeous family – and they look so happy! adorable interview too 🙂 i’m sure brad and angie assumed he would share the photo as they were obviously ok with him taking it – bet they love the idea of a local shop owner taking the picture paps around the world desperately seek 🙂 perfect

skipsie on

Oh my god. freaking precious!
i cant see viv’s face but shes the IMAGE of shiloh…this doesnt make sense to me but she really is lol

All Women Stalker on

Those babies are big! They look a lot like Shiloh, who is a great mix of ANgelina and Brad.


Tatyana on

Claire, I was just thinking the same thing! (: Little Knox looks A LOT like Britney Spear’s son, Jayden! Vivienne on the other hand looks like her big sister, Shiloh. Beautiful children. Hopefully we can see more of them.

daze on

Vivienne looks just like Shiloh. And Knox looks like Jayden James when he was a baby! he’s actually really different from what i expected!! OMG so cute…both of them. and Brad and Angelina looks radiant

Laura on

Did they want their picture taken and posted on the internet or did the owner of the store just snap away?

Erin on

Knox looks like Jayden Federline-

(LOVE- J ) on

I am happy to see the twins.

JUlia on

Knox look like Angelina, Vivienne look like Brad-Shiloh. So preetz

Chelsea on

SOOOOOOOO adorable! They both look like Shiloh! So beautiful!

Angelina looks really happy!

Evy-Florida on

I can’t believe how the twins are dressed to go out in public, Just Kidding they are absolutely gorgeous! I love that they give each set of kids their own quality time. They all look so happy in this picture I can’t believe the rumors that they are having problems. That shows you. I have to agree they do like like Shiloh a lot. It’s nice to finally see them. God Bless.

Blackrose on

i was waiting for u to post this!!
A friend of mine saw them in the rainbow street yesterday but it was just a glance! they are beautiful!! but i wish Viv was looking!i bet that ice cream shop is gunna be famous here in Jordan after their visit!!haha

Andrea_momof2 on

Knox reminds me so so much of Brad. Vivienne seems to have Shiloh’s profile (judging by the little amount that we can see).

They are beautiful!

urbanadventurertales on

What doll-babies!

Alice on

Laura – from the looks of it I think they are aware – Brad is looking right at the camera! I’m sure they’re fine with it.

They do look so much like Shiloh! Really cute kids – glad they get some one on one time too!

Summer on


emma on

Wow all there kids are just beautiful and unique.
They are great parents. Knox is so handsome and I love his little shirt. Vivienne really looks like Shiloh to me from what we can see of her.

Maybe this is the start of Brad and Angie taking the twins out with the older kids more.

Verónica on

They’re cute!!! I think Knox looks like Britney’s kids, right?

Naomi on

Knox is mini mini Angelina Jolie, very beauty. Vivienne is adorabble

Laura on

Precious little babies! Good to finally see them again.

maggie on

hmm,lovely pic but really? the owner just took it and posted it on the web? i know brad and angelina cant stop it but still its a bit exploitive on the part of the owner.

ElenaS on

They’re so beatuful. I would love to see a better picture of Vivienne but sure she looks like Shiloh and I love Knox’s hair.

Alice on

brannon – exactly what I thought!!

Adorable babies! I’m happy to finally see (a little bit) more of them!

cassie on

How do we know the baby in Brad’s arms isnt Viv the article says Brad fed Viv ice cream and Angie fed Knox. Also in the newborn pics Viv had darker hair. I hope people aren’t assuming the baby in blue is a boy.We know in this family blue does not always equal boy

Doreen on

Knox looks like a combination of Jayden & Nancy Grace’s son John David!!

Jessica on

Wow, if I were them I would be pissed a worker snapped a pic of my children and then posted it on twitter. Especially if it was painfully obvious I was trying to keep them out of the spotlight.

Mia on

They are so cute! I love Knox’s little wisp of hair, and I think he looks a lot more like Angelina Jolie..something in the eyes, and mouth. Viviene looks a lot like Shiloh, pretty much meaning she is all Brad LOL.

Also, I can’t believe how blonde Viv got! I thought she would stay dark haired like her mommy (from the first PEOPLE pics last year). Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie look so happy with their 2 babies, so cute 🙂

Stella Bella on

Could this family BE any more beautiful?!

maggie on

they are so cute! i think knox looks like brad and viv looks like a combo of angie and shi. i hope they have more pics of the twins and brangelina clan seems like a down to earth family

Angel on

I have never been an Angelina fan but I think I might have to change my stance on her. She looks absolutely beautiful in this picture with a genuine smile on her face and delight at being with her children. Gorgeous babies, too. They all seem so happy.

Bancie1031 on

:D:D:D:D:D ABOUT TIME!!!! I have been waiting patiently to see recent pictures of Knox and Vivienne!!!! They are absolutely gorgeous! Brad and Angie look great not to mention so happy with genuine smiles on their faces.
I have to disagree with the majority of you, to me and my hubby Knox looks just like Brad! From this angle Vivienne looks like Shiloh (too bad we can’t see her face from the front 😦 but it’s still a picture).
I hope we start seeing pictures of them now, their getting so big!

Erin on

Doreen, he does look like John David!

Mia on

I’m pretty sure Knox is with Brad, and Viv is with Angelina because Knox is wearing a button down shirt and he looks the same as he did when we saw them in the airport in Japan in January, and just looks very much male, and Viv is in a white/feminine shirt and pants.

Maybe they switched babies when they actually got their ice cream. I mean, this is only 1 second snap shot after they walked in, or they maybe fed the babies the ice cream/tried both.

dee on

That’s what I thought Cassie. lol People are just assuming Brad’s holding Knox and Angelina is holding Vivienne. They’re cute and whoever Brad is holding looks just like Angie.

SAR on

Heh…can you imagine, you’re the owner of an ice cream parlor and the world’s most famous couple just walks in with their rarely-seen twins, asking for ice cream like it was no big deal. Not like, “I’m Brad Pitt and Angelina and I expect to be worshipped.” Just a happy, proud mom and dad stopping in for a frosty treat.

That’s why I like Brangelina, no matter how much people trash them, in the tabloids and on the Internet. To me, they look like a happy couple, two people who genuinely love each other and enjoy each other’s company. I’ve seen it in other candid photos as well. And they make it a point to spend time with each of their many children. I know they have nannies and other people helping them out, but they make sure they are parents to their kids too.

Electra on

I think knox looks like Angie and Vivienne looks like shiloh who looks like brad.

Amanda on

So cute!! I don’t see any Brad in Knox though LOL I look at him and see baby boy Angelina! Can’t tell too much with Viv since you only get her profile but judging from her profile I think she looks a lot like Shiloh, which means a good mix but favoring daddy a little more.

FC on

Damn. Angie has some strong genes. She’s coming through so much in those kids, especially the older they get. I only have Viv’s side profile and I can see some where she favors her mother (looks like Shi’s baby double almost) and I can really see her in Knox now. But they do still have Brad in the eyes. I think Knox might have his eyebrows..:)

So cute seeing them out and about after so long (for me, anyway). They’ve gotten big!

Ryo on

The twin on the right looks like it has a flower bracelet on. That’s why I’m assuming it’s Vivienne. Plus, that’s a blue polo – some clothes are unisex but those really aren’t.

The twins are so cute!

CTBmom on

Nice to see a pic of them, even if it’s not the clearest pic. They are cute, from what I can tell….but what would you expect, lol.

Anne on

They’re both so adorable. And Angelina looks SO happy.

chielle on

wow. they’re getting so BIG! is it just me or Knox looks a little bit like Jayden Federline?

DianeC on

Wow – what a beautiful picture! I honestly just want to keep looking at it! They look sooo happy and just like a normal couple out with their kids for ice cream. I’ve wanted to see the twins for so long! This pic puts a big smile on my face! Knox looks a lot like Angie (in my opinion) and Viv (from the side looks a lot like Shiloh!). Such cuties!

Shawna on

I am seriously laughing at all the people who keep saying who Vivienne looks like! lol It’s her ear, people! That’s all you can see! Knox is adorable and I’m sure Vivienne is as well. And IMO Brad needs to lose the facial hair, it makes him look much older.

Anita on

They look so good and big. The girls look just alike and the boy looks like his daddy.

SadieA on

I agree with Mia, Brad is holding Knox. Not only his blue button down shirt, but the way they parted his hair on the side, its Knox.

Karm on

Pecan ice cream?

When are nuts safe? By Amanda Ursell (the Times nutritionist)

No child under 5 should be given whole nuts because of the risk of choking. This point aside, if a close member of your family has any allergy or asthma, or gets hay fever (collectively known as atopy), foods containing nuts should be avoided until your child is 3, as this may have a protective effect. Once he or she reaches 3, nuts can be introduced in a controlled way and the child observed for reactions. Introduce them via peanut butter, ground up in stews and casseroles, or in satay sauces. Children who don’t have atopic family members on the mother or father’s side can have nuts from weaning.

Kelsey on

I think Knox looks like Jayden James if you ask me. But they are adorable!

Mia on

Nuts in icecream are not huge chunks, and they probably just gave them the icecream part.

And you can clearly see Viv’s face from the side, and it looks a lot like Shiloh from the face structure. Although Knox’s pic is straight on, like Brad’s LOL, and Knox is definitely all mommy.

jen on


oh good grief, I’m sure Brad wasn’t spoon feeding her whole pecans. How do you even know there were nuts in it? Perhaps it was pecan flavored. Or maybe he picked around the nuts and gave her just the ice cream. Or, maybe it doesn’t matter either way because it’s HIS child. I mean, they do have 6 kids, I’m sure they know when’s a good time to introduce nuts for their children.

Chris on

It looks like Vivienne looks just like Shiloh and Knox looks just like…Jayden Federline! lol

Micheley on

Knox is so cute! Viv looks like she is beautiful also, it seems like she has very delicate features, but its hard to be sure with a side shot.

Beautiful photo.

I think out of all the things I adimre about this family and couple, it is the fact that they always find a way to give each child individual attention.

Jenn on

I think Knox looks like Shiloh. Has his Dad’s coloring, and his Mama’s face. 🙂 Too cute! So glad to finally see a new pic of these little ones.

JMO on

Wow I never thought we’d go almost a year without a picture of a Jolie-Pitt kid. Although I kind of think the picture is a little intrusive unless of course he asked permission (and with the smiles I’d say he did). But they seem to try their best to keep these babies under wraps for whatever reasons.

Anyways Viv looks like she’s going to look just like Shiloh – from the back of her little head she actually reminds me of a baby I know!! And Knox is just too cute!! Glad to finally see a photo of them even though the circurmstance IDK seems wierd! I guess it’s no different then the everyday paparazzi *shrugs*

CelebBabyLover on

emma- I hope so! 🙂

Shawna- He may not be able to. There are rumors that it could be for Lost City of Z (though there’s still no word on when that’s going to start shooting) or another movie.

That said…FINALLY!!!!!!! They’re so cute…but what did we expect? LOL! I wish we could see Viv’s face…but beggers can’t be choosers, I guess. Anyway, I, too, think that Knox looks a lot like Britney’s boys, especially Jayden, when they were younger. It also looks like he’s going to have darker hair than Shi and Viv. 🙂

Viv DOES look quite a bit like Shi from the side. Also, I swear I’ve seen the pants she’s wearing on Shiloh before (which wouldn’t be a surprise, since the rest of the kids, expect, obviously, for Maddox, wear hand-me-downs a-lot, too)! 🙂

I also love how Angie and Brad look as if they’re about to explode with happiness (which, by the way, makes me pretty sure that they didn’t mind the shop owner taking the photo)! Take that, tabs! 🙂

cassie on

sooo adorable

Sadie on

I am going to get shot for this, but am I the only one who can’t really see how “stunning” Knox is? I mean, he’s cute in the way all babies are cute, but I see better looking babies on the street everyday. Don’t really get what all the fuss is about myself?

Sadie on

PS – Angelina looks so beautiful and happy in this pic.

Daze on

Brad and Angelina seem so much like regular parents, very real and down to earth. Except the fact that they are gorgeous celebs with a large family. To me, the twins looks like Shiloh. They all seem to have Brad’s eyes and forehead and Angelina from the nose down. These are two people I would really like to meet. They seem so genuine.

Jennifer on

Knox is the cutest celebrites baby in Hollywood . Heis all Anngelina

CC on

Totally agree with you Sadie!

JessicaC on

I agree Sadie. Isn’t it a shame that people have to be afraid of what they say here anymore because someone is always bound to nitpik and start a fight? You know it’s bad when you have to start your post by saying “I know I’m gonna catch flack for this, but…” Anyways, they are cute babies(but I personally think my two are cuter;) ) Everyone looks so natural and happy!

Staci on

You see better looking babies on the street everyday? Who says something so shallow? They are happy and their babies are beautiful, and you have to make a negative comment on how a one year old child looks? Shame on you.

janie on

The babies are adorable.

I do not think that Brad is aging well at all!

Sort of looks like an old man already.

Me on

I agree, Staci. “I’ve seen cuter babies on the street.” Why say that? So people are thrilled to see the pics! Why get on just to say you don’t think he’s that special? Yes, we have free speech, but why go out of your way to be negative? Does others thinking he’s cute bother you that much?

Melanie F. on

They are cute as can be. I do think that peoples comments get picked a part. In this case what is the purpose of comments stating how you don’t think a kid is that cute serve?

I see comments on a lot of kids that are fawned over and I am thinking WTH? Where are they cute, adorable, the best looking celeb kid out there but I wouldn’t dare write that because it’s not going to change my feelings and it serves no purpose. To each their own if it makes you feel better then go right ahead but I bet many would think the same about your kids!!!!!

stella on

Nice to see pic of the Jolie-Pitt Twins. I’m suprised when I see Vivienne I see Shiloh when she was a baby…So cute! Her bro Knox is a cutie too It’s right that he looks like to Jayden James Federline…

Amanda on

You can see a clear picture of Vivienne at another blog. Shiloh clone, lol.

Re: Sadie’s comment. Whilst I appreciate everyone’s entitlement to an opinion, when it serves to belittle or be rude (both seem quite strong phrases in this instance but I can’t think of anything else) about a child’s appearance, I’m not sure it has any place on a blog. Those are the kinds of thoughts that should be kept to oneself. My opinion.

JessicaC on

Staci, saying you see cuter babies on the street everyday is no more shallow then saying they are the cutest babies in the world. Frankly, if you’re going to comment on their looks either way you’re being shallow. You ladies need to stop being so sensitive, it’s ALWAYS something. I bet Sadie meant nothing by what she said geez, are your lives that boring that you feel the need to reprimand strangers on their opinions?

kate on

I hate saying it, but Knox looks like a Federline! At least in that photo.

So fun to see the twins. They’re huge! Wish we could see them more. So sweet.

pam on

In the link Amanda provided – you can see what looks like pierced ears in the baby Angie is holding – so I am pretty sure it’s Viv. Viv definitely looks like Shiloh when Shi was a baby. Knox looks like Nancy Grace’s little boy, as well as Britney’s Jayden. Both are adorable. I wish the tabloids would stop writing about Angie and Brad breaking up. To me, both seem to be totally content and happy. Glad Brad finally got the family he was denied when he was with Jen. Angie gets that you can have a career and a family. Brad made the right choice – and now has a beautiful family to show for it!!

janie on

Looks like Vivienne is wearing earrings and a bracelet in that picture. I do not like that “look” on babies.

Mary-Helen on

Wow, it amuses me how some parents get a “pass”. Jennifer Lopez’s daughter has her ears pierced, Honor Warren wears a bracelet and everyone has a fit (two of my three daughters have their ears pierced and the youngest is getting hers done @ two months, so not really a big deal to me, but it was to many) and God forbid if Britney fed her sons something with nuts in it. But the Jolie-Pitts do it and it’s adorable.

Anywho, the twins are cute little chubby bunnies and it’s nice to see them out and about. I remember taking my toddler out for her first ice cream trip and how amazed she was by ice cream lol! They look like “Old-fashioned” babies that you would see in a Norman Rockwell with big eyes and golden hair.

Trina on

I love there kids and all but I’m on team Jennifer. Passed that they should know better than to give them anything with nuts in it. Pediatricians say not to give kids nuts until they are at least 2 and if there are family allergies until 3. Me and my 2 girls are allergic to all kinds of nuts. I just think they should wait until they are older so the kids don’t develop allergies to them or have a reaction if they are. Cute pic though and they do make gorgeous kids.

Lola on

Mary-Helen- Did you notice that the comment right before yours was criticizing the way Brad and Angelina are dressing their kids?

But really guys, think about what you’re saying. You’re talking about how you wish you could more of Vivienne’s face, but then you’re criticizing every part of her you can see. Pick a side, seriously.

Melanie F. on

Jeez are your lives that boring that you have to make unpleasant comments about innocent children that are complete strangers?

emma on

what sort of a comment is “A see cuter kids on the street everyday” Grow up.
Every baby is as cute as the next as is Knox.
No baby is cuter than any other baby.

Lola on

Oh, and by the way, since when do people look at bebies and go, “Oh, they’re OK, but I’ve seen better.” Babies are not things that need to be “ranked”. They’re human beings, not objects. They look like happy, healthy babies, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Micheley on

Amanda- Oh my goodness those pictures of Viv are gorgeous. She is a gorgeous little girl.

Sadie- Everyone has a right to their own opinion, BUT I think it also goes back to if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. And commenting on a baby’s looks I think is taking it to far. It is one thing to express opinions on baby names (which happens alot in here, sometimes going to the extreme) but commenting negatively on a childs looks is uncalled for.

CTBmom on

Amanda, thanks for the link to the other pics. Viv definitely favor’s Shi I think. Anyway, all 6 of Brad and Angies kids are beautiful imo….and I love seeing pics of them.

Lola on

Has anyone else noticed that there aren’t any pictures of the entire Jolie-Pitt family together? Usually there are only one to four kids to a picture, if any.

taegan on

We see them at last. They have grown so much. And so adorable 😀

Brad and Angelina look very happy, and I agree with the person who mention the tabloid stories I wish they would stop too. But they won’t because they are making too much money from it and don’t care that they maybe hurting those children in the future.

It’s very obvious that what they write has no foundation in Brad and Angelina’s reality.

Andrea_momof2 on

Well Lola, I’d assume when they’re not all out together they’re probably all at home together!

Lola on

Andrea_momof2- Good point.

g!na on

omg! Vivienne is so gorgeous!

janie on

they are cute kids but I do not think they are gorgeous.

Electra on

I also kinda agree with Sadie. I find it funny how people fall all over themselves when it comes to celebrity children. These kids are cute, no doubt about it but I think if they were ‘regular’ children no one would be calling them stunning and drooling at the mouth. There are some children on this site that in real life would be considered pretty unattractive but because they’re a celebs kid they’re “so cute”. Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’m sure celebrity has something to do with it. Especially them being the spawn of two certifiably beautiful adults(who were imo just “cute” as babies as well). I’ve been on websites where the jolie-pitts are referred to as the holy family! its crazy.

Mia on

Thanks for the additional link!

Knox is definitely more Angelina, but has Brad’s chubby cheeks, same as Shi and Viv. The clearer pic of Viv is so cute! I think she definitely looks a lot more like Brad, even more than Shiloh does, but with Angelina’s lips 100%, she just looks a little different than Shi and Knox. The shape of her lips just look different. It seems with Knox, and Shi, they have the fullness of their mom’s lips, but the shape is more like Brad’s. However, with Viv the fullness and shape of the lips is just like Angelina’s. Genetics are amazing. I think Knox looks a little bigger than Viv. Maybe because he is a boy? Is that common with boy/girl twins?

You can definitely tell Knox and Viv are twins, and that Shiloh is related. All the babies have the same coloring, and similar face structure. It’s interesting that Viv has her ears pierced, probably to help tell the difference between the 2 babies. Did Shiloh have her ears pierced at that age, and what about baby Z?

Josie on

My goodness! I’m not a fan of this couple at all and I never will be, but in no way, shape, or form would I ever say ‘I’ve seen cuter babies’. How tasteless. Why the need to share such thoughts? Does the idea of others thinking they’re cute disturb some people so much that they think the simply MUST voice their opposition?

Babies are innocent, and nobody asked you to judge their level of cuteness. Honestly, as much as their parents disgust me, (and they really do), even I would never stoop to saying unkind things about these children. I actually think Brad and Angelina, the wonderful ‘saints’ they are, make and adopt gorgeous babies. It won’t kill me to admit that.

Ana on

Viv looks like Angie and Knox looks like Shiloh!

Kia on

It was great when the twins weren’t not seen… cuts out the whiny comments about the family.

janie on

I think all of their kids are very cute but I just do not get all of the hype about Brad and Angelina. They are human beings just like the rest of us. They are not perfect people.

Aryana on

It’s been so long since we’ve seen them! They are too cute!

Lisa on

Shiloh, Viv and Knox all look so much alike. If we didn’t know them as Brad and Angelina’s children, you could definitely tell that they are brother and sisters. They all have the same look, beautiful children!! Viv looks exactly like Shiloh when Shiloh was that age.

I am surprised that Viv has her ear rings but it doesn’t seem like they did that for Shiloh or even Zahara? wouldn’t you do that for all your daughters, not just one? unless as someone pointed out, to let people know who was who between Knox and Viv!!

dominka on

Knox look like Angie , Vivienne look like Shiloh-the most beatiful babies in Hollywood

Bancie1031 on

Amanda – thanks for the additional link ….. I knew there had to be a better picture of Vivienne out there 😀
Vivienne does favor Shiloh a lot ….. but I still think Knox looks more like Brad.
Mia – I don’t remember Shiloh’s and Zahara’s ear’s being pieced that young either ….

Tara on

I think they’re gorgeous.

Micheley on

Dominka- I agree Knox looks like Angie, but looking at the pic of Viv I think she looks just like Angie. And like many others have said Shiloh, Knox, and Viv all look so much alike!

JessicaC on

For you whining women complaining about Sadie’s comment. Move on already! She didn’t say they were ugly, all she said was that they look like average babies. Just because they are Jolie-Pitts doesn’t mean they are the most beautiful babies on the planet. I agree with you Elektra 100000%! And for the people calling Sadie shallow for commenting on their looks. Well I hate to break it to ya, but it’s shallow and vain to comment on someone’s looks whether you think they aren’t anything special, or that this baby is the next messiah, which some of you are. They look like regular babies, let them be regular babies. They wouldn’t have paparazzi stalking them if their wasn’t people drooling to see a picture of an infant. Yes I’m aware that this is a site devoted to celeb babies, but to be honest I usually do skip right over paps pics, and come here mainly for the product reviews and discount codes. Please stop fighting over someone’s opinion, because whether you like it or not or think it’s appropriate, it’s not your place to reprimand a grown woman because you disagree with her opinion, so grow up. You guys are a bunch of bullies!

Mia on

Some people think Knox looks more like Brad, some Angelina-same with Viv LOL. Regardless, I think Shiloh clearly looks more like Brad, and Knox and Viv definitely look more like Angelina.

It will be interesting to see the twins out/about more often, and see who they favor as they get a bit older.

Josie on

#108, it’s been hours since that debate ended and no one’s even talking about that anymore. YOU need to stop beating a dead horse and move on.

taegan on


I think Brad and Angelina would agree with your observation, 100%.

Both have stated exactly what you have said, so why don’t you write to the tabloids keeping the “bounty” on theirs and their children’s heads and tell them to let up! There are other celebs out there after all, right?

CelebBabyLover on

I saw the new picture of Viv, too…and she is adorable and does look a lot like Shi did when she was a baby. There are also a few other pictures along with the new one of Viv, including a side shot of Knox. What’s funny is that, from the side, he also looks like a mini-Shiloh…but from the front, he looks very different than Shi and Viv! 🙂

I was a bit confused about the earrings at first, too (since Zee and Shi clearly don’t have theirs pierced)…but I agree with the posters who suggested it might be at least partially to differiente between the twins. 🙂

Oh, and hopefully this will quiet down all the comments about Angie insisting that Shiloh dress like a boy, or wanting her to look like a boy. Obviously Angie has no problem with having a girly girl. 🙂

Pammy on

WOW!! I just saw the close-up of Vivienne, she is a gorgeous baby, she has Angelina’s almond shaped big eyes, and of course those huge lips – LOL. The earings and her little bracelet are adorable. All of the Jolie Pitt baby girls are stunners – but Viv is the one who looks just like Mama to me. Angelina needs to have a little brunette baby girl next. ahahaha.

TEDS22 on

#83TRINA- Team Jennifer.Are you serious???There are beautiful new pics of Brad and Angie’s babies,why even mention BP’s Ex.In fact WHY even look and comment and upset other posters who are just happy to see two beautiful,happy and healthy looking babies. MOVE ON!!!

TEDS22 on

Also,Great pics at and yes Viv is wearing earrings,which I just know will be critized.For some people it seems this couple can’t do any-thing right.I am personally happy to see them looking happy and in love.Brad has found his soul-mate and he has stated.

TEDS22 on

TRINA@83 WHY would you mention Jennifer in a thread about the newest and anticipated photos of Brad & Angies twins?? Why can’t people let it go.Brad & Ange are happy and glowing and I am very upset by your post.The kids are nothing to do with JA(obviously)why comment at all?
CBB-This comment should not of been let through,since it is about little kids and not BP”s Ex of nearly 5 years!

emma on

JessicaC Says:

People are not bullies.

If Sadie can have her thoughts so can we.

Sophia on

I honestly don’t think Knox resembles either parent or either sister. I mean, he has the general family “look” and colouring, but I think he looks a lot more like Jayden James Federline and John David Linch, as a few other people said. Nevertheless, both babies are very cute and it’s nice to see a photo where Brad and Angelina both look genuinely happy. Not that they usually look upset or anything, but amidst the constant stream of break-up reports it’s a happy sight.

Shannon on

*PANIC!!* I can’t get on Twitter from my computer, so I can’t see the pic! There’s FINALLY a picture of the twins and I can’t see it. This sucks!

Julia on

OMG!!! They’re acting like normal parents! Who knew they could do that! Are you kidding! And when was the last time they were together with all of their kids?!

jousyan on

ohhhhhhh so cuty babies i like it

Terri on

Vivienne’s dark brown hair has turned even blonder than her brother’s. What a gorgeous family. I agree that Angelina is absolutely radiant. She’s positively glowing.

Mia on

Viv had dark hair when she was first born, just like her mommy. I wonder if Viv, Knox, or Shi’s hair will turn dark as they get older? Brad has always been blonde, so it can go either way. It would be adorable if Knox stays blonde like Brad, and Shi and Viv’s hair turns dark like Angelina’s LOL. However, Shi is such a carbon-copy of Brad’s, maybe it will stay blonde.

Mia on

Just to compare: Hope the links works! I think the eyes are a huge part of the different looks. Shiloh has Brad’s eyes, more narrow and a bit closer together, where Knox and Viv I think have Angelina’s eyes: bigger, rounder, a little further apart. Everything else is a mix between the two, but I think the twins favor their mom more, and Shiloh is ALL Brad LOL.

Then and Now: Knox and Viv

Shi at those ages:

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- The links don’t work, except for the non-Soulie Jolie one. They all redirect to Yahoo, for some strange reason.

Andrea on

If you look at another blog, viv has her ears pierced also – bet that causes more contraversy!

Paula on

Just beautiful this family and these gorgeous twins.

Kati on

These two little toddlers are just too cute! They both have these beautiful big blue eyes and blond hair. And how cute does Viv look with those earrings and that bracelet! She´s cute beyond words. And Knox is really handsome little man already. He´s gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows older. And Viv is gonna be so beautiful just like her big sísters that her dad´s gonna be in trouble with his three beautiful girls! It was really long time since we alst saw these two cuties and I really wish that from now on Knox and Viv will become a permanent fixture on those family outings. They´ve grown so much!

Cyd on


From the age of 1, Shiloh was dressed in black skull shoes, boys clothes etc. Yet Vivienne has her ears pierced and dripping in diamonds?

Don’t understand that.

Mia on

A lot of it is probably because Knox, and Viv are twins, and they need something to help differentiate between the “boy twin” and “girl twin”. I’m sure 2 babies is a lot of work, have to keep things as simple as possible.

And side note: There are many pics of Shi dressed in “girly” clothing at the same age, check out the links.

Mia on

Thanks for fixing the links!

I agree, Shi and Viv look a lot like, but Viv’s lips are so much fuller, just different shape, more like Angelina’s. Knox looks different, but he is very adorable. It was amazing when the first pics of the twins were released, as newborns; even then they looked a lot different, and they had their own look. The nose shape, the shape of the lips, the hair color. Now they are both blonde LOL.

I wonder who they think the twins resemble now that they are a bit older. Brad said he felt Knox looked more like him, and Viv like Angelina, when they were first born. I now think its the other way around LOL.

I just see Brad all over the place in the 3 of them. I think he has some very strong genes, but I see some more of Angelina peaking through these 2. Shiloh seems to have her mom’s facial expressions, and personality, but everything else of Shiloh is 100% Brad Pitt.

taegan on


As you see none of those complaining CARE about truth. If they did they would have paid attention to the links and the evidence given by others.

Evidence is out there of Shiloh in FRILLY and colourful clothes, as well as Zahara with her hair in pigtails/puffs.

Their main problem is Angelina Jolie and not how those children look.

dee on

just wondering brad in 15 years again : “stay away from my daughtera!!” (coz he has 3 georgeous girls)and also mad, pax, n knox captivated people in their own style.. what a busy dad..

Mia on

Brad Pitt will definitely have his hands full! 3 energetic, and gorgeous girls, and 3 rebellious and crazy boys too. (And in addition to any other children the Jolie-Pitt family have in the future too).

I don’t see how the opinion of Angelina Jolie is relevant, except for the oblivious: these are pictures of her/her children.

Ashton on

yay! pictures of the twins!

I think it’s funny because they certainly look like Angelina, but like Angelina as an adult–not really like Angelina as a child.

It seems like Viv (like Shiloh) have Brad’s chin/jaw, but wow Viv sure has those full lips like Angie, even more so than Shiloh.

I wonder if the two of them will be blonde. Knox’s hair looks like it might get darker.


Jen on

I love that name I was going to use it to name my kid after Johnny Knoxville haha then Brad and Angie took it but i still love it. I reckon Know and Shiloh have Brads face especially the checks if u look at brad he has jaw kinda and checks kinda stick out and Know and Shiloh have the same thing. All of there children are gorgous

Shannon on

Yay! I can see them! I think Knox looks like Angie but with Brad’s mouth, and Viv looks a lot like Shiloh did, mostly like Brad but with Angie’s lips. They are too freaking adorable! I just wanna scoop them up and cuddle them. If there were one celeb family I could set up a playdate with, it’s this one! How much fun would it be to hang with the Jolie-Pitts for a day?

I love their kids’ names. First and middle. They’re awesome!

Chloe on

Vivienne is more “girly” looking in the face than Shiloh was,Knox looks just like Shiloh, thought his head may be slightly bigger…
either was they are too precious for words…i wanna see lots more pics!!!

erin on

Vivienne is the spitting image of Shiloh.

Amy in Oregon on

They sure make pretty babies!