Suri Cruise Goes Green

10/02/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Suri Cruise, 3, brushes her hair out of her eyes as she arrives at the Yawkey Center for Children and Learning with mom Katie Holmes on Thursday in Boston, Mass.

The family is in the city as dad Tom Cruise continues to film Wichita, costarring Cameron Diaz.

Suri wears a dress from babyGap‘s summer collection and Walnut Melbourne’s Mary Jane shoes.

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kelly on

is it just me or has her hair suddenly grown quite long? I love little Suri, such a perfect mix of her Mum and Dad x

Sharon on

She is such a pretty little girl! I love her outfit, so cute.

skipsie on

oh my gosh. so adorable. love the shoes!

Brenda on

This beautiful dress is from Gap, but I don’t understand why she put it with a pair of pants and not a leggings.

ashley on

Brenda maybe she gets to dress herself? Gosh I am glad my pictures aren’t posted on the internet so people can critique every little detail!

urbanadventurertales on

OMg! I’m loooving how Suri’s been dressing lately! When she was little with the “Dora” haircut and Bloomingdales dresses, I wasn’t such a big fan of that particular style. Lately with her longer hair and funky styles/color and cute shoes, she’s such a doll!!

mary on

Does anyone else think that Suri looks a lot like Miranda Kerr in this photo?

andrea on

my daughter is the same age and she wears dresses like that with pants all the time. suri is getting so big and is too cute.

Summer on

What a pretty little girl! I happen to like that they don’t put bows and ribbons in her hair. I don’t ever intend to put stuff in my daughter’s hair unless she asks me to.

Sasha on

Yes, her hair is noticeably longer. I agree that leggings would be cuter than pants, and Ashely, stop being so sensitive.

Maranda on

I have read before that Suri does not like to wear pants, and wants to wear dresses all the time. Perhaps she is wearing a dress on top of pants, because that is how her Mom got her to wear pants? It is probably pretty chilly in Boston, so she would need her legs covered to keep warm!!
I don’t understand why her bangs are always in her face, she is constantly straining to see!! Pull the girls hair back please!!

Mandee on

Suri’s dress is GAP, sweater is from BONPOINT’s last season, shoes are FUSHIA Mary Janes from Australia’s ‘WALNUT MELBOURNE’ available online at > they ship internationally. I’ve got mine for my little girl….great quality!!

Alice on

Suri is so pretty on this pic!! And I love her outfit! I for one think leggings look stupid but everyone has different tastes.

Melanie F. on

Isn’t she lovely? =)

Jayepea on

This photo is sweet b/c we’ve heard time and time again from Tom and Katie that Suri is a girl girl and refuses to wear sneakers or pants. So I can see the negotiations in this photo a dress and pants and sneakers only if pink! I love the longer hair on Suri she looks beautiful.

Jayepea on

P.S- So i think that is why the pants won over leggings (well at least that is how it plays out in my mind) so Suri’s pants even with the dress were a big deal!

Corrie on

She is just too cute for words, seriously. I love Suri, she’s one of my favorites!

And I love how she’s finally got pants on. It seems like the dress was a compromise. 🙂

Daisy on

Suri looks cute in this picture 🙂

Heidi K. on

Oh my goodness, how cute is she?!? The dress! The shoes! The hair! The sweater! The eyes! Love it!!! Oh Suri, I want you for my very own… 🙂

jane on

Suri is adorable.

It is absolutely freezing in Boston.

This child must never get cold!

Cathey on

It seems that she hardly ever smiles. She is a very cute little girl.

Michelle on

Wow, that little girl is going to look so much like her mother in 15 years!

Jessica on


What are you talking about? Maybe she was cold because she’s wearing a sweater and pants. A couple of days ago she was wearing leggings and a sleeveless shirt and before that a skirt and a tee.

Alexis on

I love Suri she is so beautiful! I especially love how Katie dresses her.

Shannon on

I am loving seeing so much of Suri lately! She is an absolutely adorable little girl, and it seems like she has a lot of personality!

MomtoB on

Love it!
I don’t think her hair looks that messy- she’s 3!

Mary-Helen on

I love her outfit! However, with her wearing pants, sneakers and a sweater…what will people complain about? haha I kid.

Seriously though, Suri has got to be the best dressed kid on Earth. Kudos to Mama Katie for finding such rockin clothes.

Bb on

Suri is gorgeous, love the outfit and the longer hair

Elle on

I still think she looks JUST like Violet from the movie
The Incredibles!

Very cute…I think that dress looks great with pants!

Tee on

While I am not personally a fan of the dress with pants look, she seems to be a typical three year old to me! Suri is a beautiful little girl and reminds me a little bit of a porcelin doll 95% of the time. It seems, given the way she has been dressed in the pictures we’ve seen lately, that she has become opinionated and started choosing her own clothes! I don’t see anything particularly wrong with that as long as she’s wearing weather appropriate clothes. I did get a little bit of a laugh when I saw this picture. So often the comments surrounding Suri is dresses vs. pants. While I do not believe that Katie and Tom listen to the public’s opinion, I smiled at the though that now she’s wearing both!

Hea on

Celebrity children must have great health. I never see snot running down their noses. 🙂 The kids at work have their constant 11 running down their nostrils and it’ll probably stay there ’til May. Or maybe that’s more common in colder climates?

Evy-Florida on

Too cute, just like her mom she comes up with some unique outfits lol.I think that Suri just likes to wear dresses and since it’s cold this was the alternative. I like how her hair is longer now and she looks less babyish.

Laura on

Kelly, I agree that her hair seems to be growing fast. But part of that is probably because she is so little so even just an inch or two looks like a lot on her hair. Also I’ve known little kids whose hair seems to just grow at really fast rates and it slows down as they age. So it could be that as well.

I think Suri is adorable and I love her outfit. The pink shoes with the green dress just screams cute to me lol.

Brenda on


It was never my intention to offend the sensibilities of some mothers and baby Suri is precious (without discussion)I just think at this time the mother did not guess with this combination

Marissa on

I say this same comment for every Suri pic…. Suri is so beautiful! She is so unique looking~ I would love to hear her little voice and see her personality!

Jenn on

I love that her hair is getting longer, and the dress, cardigan, and pants are too cute! Not too crazy about the shoes with the outfit, but I think they are cute, too 🙂

aurora mia on

She does look like Miranda Kerr! She’s such a fashionista…too cute!

joan on

oh my! Her arms and legs are actually covered up! considering its cool out now on the east coast, it’s amazing to see that!

Lola on

This is such an adorable photo! I love how Suri wears dresses year-round, even when it’s cold out. However, is it me, or does Suri look terrified of the camera in this photo? I could be wrong, but she looks like something is scaring her.

gargoylegurl on

Awww, Suri is so adorable! This outfit is so cute. I bet she picked out the shoes. It seems Tom and Katy let her have a say in what she wears, which is great, even if she ends up getting nit-picked to death!

CelebBabyLover on

Awww, what a cutie! 🙂

eternalcanadian on

Omg, Suri is wearing trousers! Well, sort of, she still has her perpetual dress on, but it still counts! Such a pretty child!

Peach on

She looks cute but it doesn’t look like one of her usual outfits – it certainly doesn’t it look like it came from the $3.6 million wardrobe that was recently reported.

About her hair getting longer – do you think she might have extensions?

CelebBabyLover on

Peach- Extensions? On a THREE year old? Are you serious?

Lola on

Peach- If Suri did have extensions, her hair would be shorter on top, making it look like she had layers. Also, her hair is still a little bit in the “baby” stage, so it would be too thin to cover up the extensions. Just because she is celebrity kid doesn’t automatically mean she does everything at too young of an age. If she were anyone else’s daughter, most people would probably just assume her hair grew. And, as I recall, not too long ago people were accusing her parents of babying her. Anyway, her hair’s not even that long, just a little bit past her shoulders.

Anna on

I know how her hair got longer: it grew! Just like everyone’s hair does. Unbelievable the comments on this post. She look perfectly fine to me.

Peach on

Hi guys (especially #44 and #45) the part about the hair extensions was a JOKE!!! Well kind of – as it wouldn’t surprise me what these overly indulgent parents would do. She’s been photographed wearing heels. Lord knows what those shoes could be doing to her little feet.

Jasmine C. on

Suri gets more beautiful everytime! Oh and who is Miranda Kerr?

freebreeze on

She looks scared to me…

CelebBabyLover on

freebreeze- I’d be pretty freaked out, too, if had several strange men flashing cameras in my face!

Anyway, is it just me, or does Suri’s dress match the purse she’s carrying in this picture from a few days ago:

CelebBabyLover on

Peach- We’ve seen Suri wearing those heels exactly once…and even then, later pictures from the same day showed that she switched to pink tennis shoes at some point. I’m sure that little bit of time in heels didn’t hurt her feet. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Peach- I also meant to say that I apologize for my earlier comment. I didn’t realize you were joking! 🙂

bella mama on

what a gorgeous child..

Tara on

I live in Boston and the weather has been warm during the day the past few days, it only gets chillier at night.

maggie on

Can this child’s parents not afford a decent haircut for her? She always looks like she is on the verge of a tantrum as well. I personally feel sorry for her.