Kourtney Kardashian: Blackout

10/02/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
TC/HSW/Splash News Online

Expectant mom Kourtney Kardashian was all smiles as she left the hair salon after having her extensions redone on Thursday in West Hollywood, Calif.

The reality star, 30, expects her first child with boyfriend Scott Disick around Christmas.

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Daisy on

She looks so cute!

melissa on

She looks beautiful! She seems so happy.

Summer on

She’s very pretty! Hopefully she’ll be a good mum.

Elle on

She looks great and soo small in her flats. Soo happy for her!

Jordasche Bledsoe on

I’m willing to bet the Kardashian sisters could make dresses made out of plastic bags look stylish.

Ronda on

I love them. They are too funny to me. I think they’re just making the most of their “15 minutes of fame”. I’m happy that Kourt decided to keep the baby. I wish her all the best in the future.

Michelle on

Is it really necessary to get your extensions re-done when you are pregnant?? I dont know what kind of mom she will be, she seems too selfish to think of anyone other than herself.

Tracy on

She’s seven months pregnant and wants to feel good about herself. What’s wrong with that? When I was that pregnant, I probably spent more money on maternity clothes than I should have, but I just wanted to feel good…and not frumpy. I don’t think you should read into what kind of mother she will be based on the fact that she had her hair done.

Becky on

What in the heck is wrong with getting your hair done when you’re pregnant? And why does that mean she is selfish? Wow!! People are so dang critical! I got my hair cut and styled when I was pregnant, am I a selfish mom? Geez….There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good and just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean she should let herself go. At least she didn’t get her hair dyed. Could you imagine the comment thread about that?!

hayley on

Michelle Says:
October 2nd, 2009 at 3:56 pm
Is it really necessary to get your extensions re-done when you are pregnant?? I dont know what kind of mom she will be, she seems too selfish to think of anyone other than herself.

ick! thats what i thought when i read that utter rubbish, guess what i went from brown to blonde while pregnant!! shock horror i must be the words most terrible mother.. *****btw my haidresser who is my best friend said there is no proof hair dye can harm your baby so i’m guessing extensions can’t hurt either*****…. how dare i want to do something for ‘me’ while my body was doing every thing for my baby, how dare a pregnant woman want to feel good about herself…

i expect that crap from men but to hear it come out of womans mouth kinda disgusts me, so much for sticking togther, i so wish people were less catty about people they don’t even no…it takes so much more engery to be negative than it does to just be postive…

Lisa on

Michelle, your comment made me sick!! Shame on you!! I can’t even express my words for how ingnorant u come across!!

Good for her for pampering herself!

urbanadventurertales on

I don’t give a crap whether or not she gets her hair extensions done or not. But I do agree with Michelle that she seems selfish (not b/c of her hair). I think motherhood is going to be a huge wake-up call to her! Hopefully it will be a very good change.

Josie on

She looks beautiful and I think women owe it to themselves to look nice while pregnant. I wonder if the poster, who thinks getting your hair done while pregnant makes you selfish, intends to look like a sack of crap when her time comes around? Will that make you a god mom? What an irrational mindset. If you want to look bad that’s your decision, but don’t knock Kourtney for having higher standards than you. Jealousy is a helluva drug, lol.

sarah on

I think she is gorgeous, and seems really happy with impending motherhood. As far as getting extensions, who really cares? Does that mean after having the baby and getting your hair done makes you a bad,selfish mommy too? I still love looking cute (6months preggers) and I do not love my little girl any less….I also enjoy getting my hair done(which I researched before I did, and it’s fine to get highlights done)

Heather on

Just because she is pregnant doesnt mean she has to look like a frump

Summer on

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing things to make yourself feel beautiful. There are a lot of things about pregnancy that are not beautiful (stretch marks, acne, sweating), what’s the harm in trying to make sure you look and feel your best? Same goes for after the baby is born. Becoming a mother does not mean you have to let yourself go.

Joy on

Kourtney is just glowing! It’s wonderful!

cynthia on

so what if she got her extensions re-done.when my aunt was pregnant,she got her hair done.


I am so glad to see other’s coming to Kourtney’s defense. Michelle, whoever you are, your comment was not well thought out at all. When a woman is pregnant, she is already tired, uncomfortable and feeling vulnerable and self conscious. What is wrong with wanting to look beautiful, get your hair done and take pride in your appearance…you should do that anyway, preggers or not! When I was pregnant, I kept my extensions fresh and immaculately done. Heck, you better, they cost a small fortune! Kudos to Kourtney for realizing that being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy and has nothing to do with what kind of parent you will be. Taking care of yourself means taking care of the baby as well!!