Kingston and Zuma Rossdale Roll With It

10/02/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani keeps the pace as her boys, Kingston James McGregor, 3, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 13 months, get their wheels spinning during a hike through Griffith Park in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Louise Barnsley/Max Butterworth/ Pacific Coast News

Kingston rides a LIKEaBIKE Mountain ($315) while Zuma drives a Step2 Push Around Buggy in Red ($45).

Click below for Zuma’s reaction to all that time outside!


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Me on

I just love those push along buggies! We have one for my daughter and she loves it. The only bad thing about them is that the wheels are plastic and they are LOUD when pushing. But fun for the little ones at least!

Rebecka on

They’re so cute, Zuma’s expression in the 2nd pic is adorable 🙂 And I can’t believe that Gwen turns 40 tomorrow, she looks great.

Kristi on

All that fresh air must have worn Zuma out!!! So cute!!!!!!!!

skipsie on

oh my, those two are precious. wow seriously? Gwen is 40!? god i hope i look that good when im her age.

Mariel on

I love that bike, a little bit expensive but really cute

french gigi on

i think zuma looks so much like gwen’s brother.
we have the buggy too and its great. when going for a cruise we put a diaper, a few wipes, and a juice cup under the hood…perfect little storage place. 🙂

Karen on

So cute! — is Zuma’s belly totally showing on the first pic!? Love baby bellies! We have that red car, and yes it is loud!!

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

Cool looking bike….is it made of wood. Don’t know how many can afford a $315 bike that will be outgrown in a couple of years.

JessicaC on

I can’t believe that bike is $315!!! I got the EXACT same bike at Target for $12, yes I did say 12.

Tracy on

You can get the same bike in plastic, it’s a lot cheaper that way (and no, the wheels aren’t plastic, they’re tires just like with the wooden bike).

My nephew’s got one of those bikes (in wood) and it’s the best thing my brother ever bought for him. He’s on it all the time. They learn to keep their balance on this kind of bike. They can go straight to a regular bike after this, with no training wheels.
What’s also great about it is that the child is moving along with you at a pace similar or a little faster than adult walking pace. So it’s great when walking in cities. No two year old who doesn’t want to sit in a stroller but wants to walk but walks ever so slowly and then gets tired. No, you can just walk normally and the kid doesn’t get tired either.

(they should raise the saddle though for Kingston. He’s sitting too low)

dawn on

Holy Smokes she is going to be 40??? YIKES she is rockin she looks great!! If only I will look that good when I hit 4-0….

Luv this family there kids are to damn cute.

Bancie1031 on

Rebecka – WOW are you serious?? Gwen’s really going to be 40 tomorrow???
Kingston and Zuma look great (as does mommy) …. love the second picture of Zuma …. I’ve never seen one of those bikes before …. they’re kewl looking … would love to get one for my nephew.

zeezee on

Ok. I like Gwen Stefani, and I like her family. But…why does wearing all the bad trends from the 80s make her a fashion icon?

Mia on

So cute 🙂 I love Gwen Stefani, she is great. I can’t wait for the new ND album/tour. Hope its a happy birthday for Gwen tomorrow with her, and her 3 boys 🙂 Gavin, Kingston, and Zuma.

sharpmama on

Is it weird that I’m a little excited that my son rides around in the same Step 2 car as Gwen’s? I just loved her when I was a teenager.

NLT on

Funny how no one mentions that Kingston doesn’t have on a helmet. If this was Angelina Jolie, this blog would burn up in flames from all the negative comments. Go figure.

CelebBabyLover on

Baby Carriers Backpacks- Well, when Kingston out grows the bike, it can be saved for Zuma to grow into! 🙂

Sarah on

Kingston’s bike doesn’t even have peddles. Not very much chance of an accident.

That little red car is the best thing EVER. We used it instead of a stroller.

Emma on

Wow, i think Kingston is one of the cutest kid’s ive ever seen, but is his hair dyed?

eternalcanadian on

Hahaha. That is soooo cute! 😀

I do wonder why Kingston isn’t wearing a helmet if he’s on a bike?

Jessicad on

I love that she wears whatever she wants and doesn’t care what people think! I love her and Sarah Jessica Parker for redefining the way women can dress at any age.

Rach on

JessicaC- lol I saw the same bike here on clearance for 20 dollars ! I would have bought it but the bike had no pedals and I thought it was ugly and overpriced.LOL I didn’t know it was going for so much at other places ! I still wouldn’t get it though haha.

Rach on

My son has the push around buggy Zuma is riding in and to anyone with boys, it is so helpful. More fun that being in a stroller for long trips to places like the grocery store and stuff. The first time my son saw his, he was in love.

cassie on

so cute!!!

All Women Stalker on

I can’t stop thinking that at some point, the way Gwen dresses will become ridiculous. When she turns 50 perhaps?


Shannon on

*skakeshead* Well since I was taught if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut about Gwen from now on.

Those boys are freaking adorable though! I love that little car that Zuma’s in. I saw one at the store the other day, and I am seriously thinking that my 1 year old is going to be finding one of those under the Christmas tree this year!

Sheila on

The wooden bike is actually a balance bike that actually is a training bike without the training wheels. Kids that ride these learn how to balance and can graduate directly to a regular bike (no training wheels required). Ugly, yes, but they are great toward acheiving the goal of bike riding at an early age!

meesh on

doesn’t zuma look just like the baby from the incredibles? adorable!

Jen on

haha meesh I was thinking before I read ur comment he looks like someone out of the movies. And YES so much like the baby in the incredible. Kingston is cute I loved his hair when it was a bit longer with out the mohawk cute anyway

sue on

what are those pants!?!?!?