Rebecca Gayheart: Lunch Date!

10/01/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Caught leaving a lunch date with a pal, Rebecca Gayheart smiled — but kept mum about pregnancy! — while out and about in Los Angeles.

The expectant actress, 38, then headed to Bristol Farms to pick up a few groceries before heading home.

Rebecca and husband Eric Dane expect their new arrival in 2010.

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Ava on

Those jeans again….I honestly don’t get why those are in style. Thats a style that will definately not be returning to my closet! That is going to be one beautiful child…

iluvallbabies on

They just look like normal jeans to me? Are you meaning the skinny leg style?

mommaruthsays on

Did anyone else see those pictures of her smoking a few days ago? She had the full bump, so she was obviously pregnant. Then she got in her car & smoked as she drove away? I keep waiting for CBB to post something about it, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Ava on

Iluvallbabies, No it’s the ankle part that bugs me. lol I can’t get past it…haha

Mommaruth, I haven’t seen thise pics yet, But I have been hearing about them

Kristi on

There was a pic of her posted on Sept 28th (not the pics in question) and about 90 comments going back and forth about her smoking, nude video, car accident, etc.

Kelley on

Mmm. Ava I wasn’t aware that it was your concern what kind of jeans other people wore. Sounds like your’e a little jealous you can’t pull it off?……

JessicaC on

Wow, Kelley, it it really necessary to be so catty? Just because someone doesn’t like something or someone doesn’t mean they’re jealous. Personally I hate the color orange, am I jealous of it, I think not. Why does there ALWAYS have to be some obnoxious poster who tries to start trouble?

JessicaC on

Oh and I took a good look at that picture and Ava’s right those jeans DO look terrible on her. Rebecca can’t pull them off, in fact, most people can’t. They’re all bunched up and she has major cameltoe. Not my idea of something to be jealous of.

Kelley on

Umm JessicaC, I think you are complaining about me complaining!!! Lol. Anyhow, I was NOT trying to start trouble, I just don’t see why you would need to point out the fact that you don’t care for someone’s clothes. Don’t look if you don’t like!

Ava on

Umm Kelley last time I checked this was a blog and people are allowed to state their opinion good or bad..btw you weren’t trying to start trouble yet you say… Sounds like your’e a little jealous you can’t pull it off?……Not even close!!! Those jeans in my opinion are UGLY again thats my opinion.To damn bad if you don’t like it!!!!

JessicaC The cameltoe thing was hysterical!!!

Lauren on

Well the smoking photo was a rumor… her rep confirmed those pictures were pretty old and she quit smoking months ago.

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- You are correct. Also, there was some debate on whether the “bump” pictures and the photo of her smoking in the car are from the same time, as her hair is lose in the bump photos, but in a bun in the car.

Personally, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if some tabloid or something tried to pass of the pictures as being from the same time just to stir up trouble!

Ava- Well, Kelley’s comment about possibly being jealouse because you can’t pull them off was HER opinion! Isn’t she allowed to share her opinion, too?

Ava on

CelebBaby Lover, She clearly said she wasn’t trying to start trouble yet she stated that I can’t pull off those jeans. Thats not starting trouble???? I never said Rebecca looked ugly in the pants, I simply stated I don’t like them. There was no reason to put me down when I wasn’t putting anyone else down. She can have her opinion all she wants but she doesn’t have to be rude to people because they stated they don’t like something…She doesn’t know me so who the hell is she to say that???????

bhc on

Rebecca looks beautiful, as always!

Kelley on

Oh Ava, if my comment bothered you that much, I am sorry, but I cannot help myself from saying, Is that because it is true?? Lol!!!! Anyway, CelebBabyLover is right, we are all entitled to our opinions, and if you want to be rude and worry about what other people do or wear, I will let you have at it. I just don’t see why you have to come on here and then say something critical about the picture. Have you ever heard of If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything???? By the way, you don’t know Rebecca, so who are you to say you don’t like her jeans? Lol. I also thought it was funny how you were complaining about me being rude, but you are too. Hmm….. Hope the rest of your day gets better.

JessicaC on

O my gosh ladies, can we growup please? Arguing over a strangers jeans…Kelley, you’re no better, and you WERE being catty. Ava said she didn’t like the jeans (so what) and you felt the need to insult her personally, where I come from that’s catty high school nonsense, and isn’t tolerated from adults. Both of you have the right to your opinion, but you personally insulting her is just plain obnoxious. And so what is she doesn’t know Rebecca, you can not know someone and not like what they’re wearing. Im sure you’re such a saint that you’re never walked past a stranger and thought, “Man I’d never wear that!”, or you’ve never looked at celeb fashion police articles? Get over yourself. And Ava move on, I’m sure someone else is going to be picking fights left and right on these boards today-as always! lol

Kelley on

Oh Jessica, I would love to meet you! Maybe with you being perfect and all, you can come help me figure out how NOT to be “catty” and immature!!!

cbbfan on

I didn’t realize Rebecca was 38! She doesn’t look it. Hopefully she is having a healthy pregnancy.

Ava on

Jessica you are absolutely correct this is my last post on this thread…Sorry but I am definately going to respond to that

Kelley I am allset trying to “pull off” those jeans as I stated earlier I don’t like them. And last time I checked people that are size 5 can “pull them off” thank you. How was I critical about the picture? Was I personally insulting her?? NO I was not. Btw It was jeans like that that I don’t like, not specifically HER jeans. She was wearing them and I made a comment not toward her…So was there really a need to be rude? Did I offend you that much?? and as for your comment about Jessica, She never claimed she was perfect and apparently she doesn’t verbally attack people about disliking a pair of jeans. and honestly I highly doubt she could help you not be catty and immature. I think your beyond help..

Tee on

As a general rule, I don’t get involved in debates like this but I’m going to this time. Kelley, I’m sorry, but you were really rude to Ava. Her original comment was not rude in any way. It’s not like she made an ugly comment towards Rebecca Gayheart. She simply said that she didn’t care for the style of jeans. It does sound like you’re trying to start trouble. While I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don’t agree that you or anybody else has the right to be rude and insulting.

CelebBabyLover on

JessicaC- I couldn’t agree more! To echo a poster on another recent thread…can’t we all just get along?

Summer on

I agree with Tee. Kelley turned it personal when it wasn’t.