Jillian Barberie Reynolds’ Wedding Wear

09/29/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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What to wear to a Kardashian wedding? Zebra print and sequins! Jillian Barberie Reynolds made a statement as she arrived at Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom‘s nuptials on Sunday evening in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The mom-to-be, who is expecting a baby boy in late January, is having a hard time sleeping! She Tweeted, “Ah yes pregnancy sleep or lack there of. It’s a b-tch. Been up since three.”

Jillian, a Good Day LA co-host, is also mom to daughter Ruby Raven, 2.

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marlee on

I love her! Those are some huge breasts – and she has four more months to go. They’re picking an “R” name – right?

Amandamay on

Jillian’s hair always looks amazing! She’s huge for being due in late January.

french gigi on

great dress!

urbanadventurertales on

Woah boobs! Did she have implants before she got pregnant?

shalay on

Funny you should ask, urbanadventuretales. Jillian just updated her Twitter the other day with this:

“It’s Getting harder to get dressed everyday my belly and boobs getting huge!!! These F’s are out of control! Seriously I don’t get why girls (cont.) Want big boobs!! They r a hassle!!!!!”

So I’d definitely assume she’s just naturally “blessed”. LOL!

urbanadventurertales on

So she is naturally thin and has size F boobs!? Woah!

HeatherR on

I thought she WAS a Kardashian when I first saw this pic! Lol

gianna on

I bet you all my money, those are breast implants. Pics of her years ago, she was very small chested, and speaking from someone whose friends and a few family memembers have them, I can spot implants a mile away. there’s nothing wrong with them, but yea she has them. ruby is super cute, I saw her twitter pics.

MZ on

urbanadventures size F boobs are the worst! mine got that big when my milk came in. after my supply evened out they were still E. i am hoping that now that my son has weaned they’ll go back down to a more reasonable size, like they were before i got preggo. 😉

CelebBabyLover on

gianna- Then why did she say that she doesn’t understand why girls “would want big boobs”? Anyway, I agree with Shalay! Some of us are indeed naturally “blessed”. I am large chested myself, and my poor mother once had “girls” even larger than Jillian’s (she eventually had breast reduction surgery…which she says is one of the best decisions she ever made! She no longer suffers from frequent back problems, for one thing!)!

FormalGirl on

This lady looks really nice. And the breasts are usually getting bigger one or two sizez during pregnancy, that’s nothing unusual. And I am not suprised that she doesn’t love them as much as some guys would do – imagine doing anything with something like that or finding the right clothes? It must be nightmare!

Ann deLourdes on

Some women do have large breasts naturally. I am flat but my friends had them as did my own mother! In this age of cosmetic surgery, we tend to forget that women’s breasts come in all sizes. She looks happy.

Jeanita on

I really love her dress, wonder where its from?

SweetDiva on

That is one fabulous dress!

gianna on

celebabylover because a lot of women dont like to admit they get implants, I don’t know why, if they can admit to stuff like botox, whats the big deal. Those are implants, she was super flat when she started in the industry, than way before pregnancy got much bigger but the rest of her body stood skinny, common sense right there lol. And lots of celebrities get implants, their have been plenty here on CCB to admit to it, in pregnancy interviews. Some women do have big breasts naturally, but for the record when their super high and spread apart those are implants lol.

Mom*of*boys on

Love her! Jill tends to look really big while preggo because she is so tiny normally. I can’t wait to see this gorgeous little one.

Karen on

Love her!! — she looks great, can’t wait to hear what they name their boy.

April on

That’s great- I didn’t know! I’ve been watching her family on house husbands and hers is awesome.

Shalay on

gianna, I know you consider yourself an expert on breast implants, being that you know of people with them. I personally have implants. As does my mom, my aunts, and several of my closest friends. And guess what? Even I can’t spot them a mile away. There have been many times that I’ve wrongly assumed a woman I’ve met had breast implants, only to stand corrected. Yes, some women are naturally busty, even thin women. And changes in hormones and weight can affect a woman’s breast size throughout her life, so the fact that she looked smaller in the past doesn’t mean too much. If Jillian says they’re real, I believe her. After hearing her air all her dirty laundry on Howard Stern a few months ago, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be so modest about her boobs.

MiB on

Breasts grow during pregnancy and some women start gettings boobs before belly. I noticed my cousin was pregnant when her a-cup suddenly turned into a b-cup, and guess what, she stopped nursing six months ago and is still a cup size bigger than before she got pregnant. I don’t know who Jillian is, but from the inteviews I have read on CBB, she doens’t strike mas as a person who would hush down a breast enlargement.

jewlz on

Where did she get this amazing dress?