Rebecca Gayheart Shows Off Her Baby Bump

09/28/2009 at 04:25 PM ET

Out on a stroll in Los Angeles last weekend with husband Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart showed in public what the couple’s close friends have known for some time: that she’s expecting.

In February, Grey’s Anatomy star Eric, 37, told Ellen DeGeneres that he and Rebecca, 38, wanted a baby.

“They’re definitely happy,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They’ve been trying for so long.”

Reps for the pair have not commented.

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Lynn on

Aww. There’s a Grey’s Anatomy baby boom or something.

lauren on

the huffington post posted a pic (i think last week) of her baby bump and she was smoking. i hope she has stopped!!! their baby will be adorable! can’t wait to see him or her

Sanja on

Since Grey’s Anatomy started the only main character NOT to have a baby is Sandra Oh. There must be something in the water over there, lol!

Elle on

I am very happy for Rebecca and Dean. Last week i saw this article ( ) and was wondering if CBB would post about Rebecca. Hopefully she will be able to kick her smoking habit. Still congrats!!!!!!!

Iβ™₯CBB on

Yea! I ♥ Dane and Rebecca! CONGRATS to them!! πŸ™‚

Lis on

oh, Lauren, that’s awful!!!! Especially since they have seemed to have been wanting this for a long time…you would think that she would’ve stopped smoking a LOOONG time ago (if trying to conceive)… 😦

Nonetheless, congrats to them.

Sanja on

I don’t get the smoking thing either. It’s one thing if it was an unplanned pregnancy (since doctors sometimes say that the stress of quitting can be a bigger problem that smoking), but they’ve obviously been trying and planing this baby. So would you quit and make sure to be as healthy as possible before TTC?

mary on

Wow, I hope the picture of her smoking isn’t really her. How selfish would that be? My mom actually smoked with my brother and I while pregnant. While we turned out ok I still think it such a dangerous and selfish act.

Rye on

After seeing (yeah, i caved and watched it! shoot me!) that little naked video they made I have kind of lost all respect for them. Smoking crack in a bathtub and making out with another girl at the same time does not really make her look like a fabulous person to me. Really gross. I don’t judge on people’s decisions in life normally but when it comes to hardcore drugs like crack cocaine I have NO qualms about laying down the law. lol. I hope they have cleaned up there acts…but judging from the preggo shot of her (with her visible bump) smoking, I am not so sure!

Ann on

Hopefully the pregnancy has helped them get their act together, and they start living a healthier and more responsible lifestyle. Smoking cigarettes is the least of their problems. They seemed like a mess to me with the leaked video, which I believe also showed them using drugs…

Lauren on

I’m a big fan of Greys, but they’ve always struck me as a very strange couple, especially in light of their recent “production” (aka sex tape with that former beauty queen). And while everyone makes mistakes, Rebecca’s past charge of vehicular manslaughter due to her trying to illegally pass other cars while talking on her cell phone is hard for me to forget. So while I hope the baby’s healthy, no congrats from me. Seems they both need to grow up a little before bringing a kid into things.

Jessicad on

Where were they smoking crack in the video? I missed that.

Congrats to them though!

Moore on

I saw the pregnant pic as well and my hope is that she’s cutting it down and eventually stopping in order to avoid causing any stress to both her and the baby by stopping cold turkey.
I was reading once about a mom strapped to a fetal monitor while smoking as an experiment and it broke my heart to read that every time she took a puff the baby’s heart would pause.
That said, I haven’t been able to look at her with any sort of respect after what happened with that young boy and now the tape. I can only hope that this child makes them grow up and be a bit more responsible.

Sonya Lacy on

Comments posted on this site concerning this topic are generally much nicer than comments I’ve seen on other sites. Congratulations to CBB readers for having class.

Lacey on

Rebecca doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to child safety. I can’t support and congratulate a woman that took away some else child. I hope she doesn’t plan to talk and drive the same time her child is in the car.

Lynn on

I didn’t see the video, but that was taped over a year ago. I think it’s unfair to judge someone based on their past.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Eric!

Kate on

It may be unfair to judge someone by their past, but thats life. Its how we are all judged, by our prior actions.

Summer on

That’s a shame… Here’s hoping she pulls a Nicole Richie.

Jessica on

Seeing this post so soon after that leaked video absolutely disgusts me. If it is true that they had been “trying for so long”, was this while simultaneously using crack and rolling around naked on tape with another woman? Congratulations to them if the baby is something they feel they are ready, and I hate to judge…but it’s so hard not to after seeing that tape. It seems like a terrible environment to bring a baby into.

Jeannette on

i am confused. wasn’t she using drugs a few months ago in that video fiasco? i sure she discovered she was pregnant or was at that time? i hope baby and mommy are healthy and stay that way!

Jessica on

And I know people mature in different ways and in different stages of their lives…but this woman is 38 years old? You guys should see the video. She frolicks around in some sort of fairy tale Halloween costume before shedding her clothes to smoke and make out naked with that “fallen beauty queen”.

mom to 3 boys on

that is going to be one gorgeous little baby.

gargoylegurl on

I share the same concerns that some of the others readers have posted. The video thing really creeped me out, but to each their own, I guess. However, I have to say, everytime I see Rebecca I think about the little boy that she killed. It’s just a terrible, sad situation. I don’t know how I would live with myself knowing I killed a child…

Jessica on

All babies are miracles but it’s really sad to see people like this having babies, while thousands of women strugle to get pregnant. Rebecca was just photographed smoking while pregnant. And not to mention the whole, she killed a little boy and showed no remorse for it, and smoking crack thing. People like that shouldn’t even be considered “celebrities” They do not deserve to set an example for society. Can you just imagine how the mother of that boy she killed feels. Rebecca killed her son because she was careless and couldn’t follow the law, now she walks around pregnant with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

Lynn on

Jessica, I saw something that said that picture of her smoking was from several months ago. And even if she was smoking, who says she isn’t trying to quit?

em on

fyi, not sure that the pictures on the link were taken at the same time. Her hair is down in the body length photo with the bump, yet the shot in the car has her hair in a bun, clearly these weren’t taken at the same time, so think they need to be taken with a grain of salt.

L on

People on this site can be so hurtful, like your all perfect human beings…while I completely agree with the smoking thing…I am also not one to judge…

I am very happy for them, how about some prayer she can & will quit and less negativity!!

annefan on

So happy for them πŸ™‚ Between Ellen Pompeo’s baby girl Stella, Chyler’s baby girl Aniston, Patrick’s twins, Katherine’s adopted daughter… the greys set is full of babies πŸ™‚

Chicki on

Thanks Summer for bringing up a very valid point — let’s not be too hypocritical or judgey here! In Hollywood, drugged-out moms come a dime a dozen, but people seem to have “selective” short memory when it comes to women with questionable drug/alcohol-addicted pasts once they decide to have children; i.e. Britney (&Kevin), Nicole Ritchie, Angelina Jolie (&Brad), Ashlee Simpson, Kelis (& Nas), etc…in other words, everybody will come around to LOVE this couple’s kid once it’s born — just like we have all done in the past! That said, I really do hope Rebecca can follow Angelina’s and Nicole’s example and lay off drugs and booze – at least while she’s pregnant!

Elle on

I understand where you are coming from Jessica. But at the end of the day it is not illegal to smoke while pregnant. It is Rebecca’s baby, if she wants to smoke can and will. Who are we to judge?

annefan on

@ Jessica : Rebecca had a car accident… it’s not like she did it on purpose, it’s sad to say but it was actually the boy’s fault, he jumped in front of her car, she was driving just like everyone else on the road…

as for the smoking pics, there were taken months ago… period!

Courtney on

congrats to them they deserve a healthy baby like anybody else does

Me on

Annefan, the two cars in front of her stopped to let the boy cross the road. Rebecca, while on her cell phone, drove into the turning lane to pass those cars and hit the little boy. Last I checked, turning lanes were not passing lanes. The courts didn’t side with Rebecca, as she got 3 years probation, a suspended license, community service, and she had to do a PSA. You might want to read up a little before pointing the blame on an innocent little child.

I agree with the others – I hope she stops her partying ways and matures to be a good mother to this baby.

Jessica on

annefan, actually if you look into it it WAS Rebecca’s fault. The boy most certainly did not jump out in front of her! There was a line of cars stopped letting the child cross, Rebecca,yapping on her phone, decided she didn’t have to wait behind the stopped cars and went in the turning lane to go straight and then hit him-abosolutely her fault! No one wlse was driving-they were all stopped letting himm cross! Get your facts straight before you comment.

Mary on

Congrats on the baby! Any woman looking to have a baby should go hang out on the Grey’s Anatomy set for a couple of days and see if it works some magic.

As for all the negative comments, I too was a little shocked to see her smoking while pregnant. However, I know that quitting cold turkey can be very hard and damaging. I’m sure she will quit for the baby. Also, if I am not mistaken, the tape was released a few months ago, but taped a while back (I think a year or a year and a half ago) so it isn’t as if she was doing any of these things while pregnant. I’m not going to judge: What’s in the past is in the past. Lastly, Rebecca did not target that young boy and purposely hit him, nor was it her fault that he got hit. It was an accident, two unfourtunate things happened to align at the same time: he crossed when he shouldn’t have, and she happened to swerve around a car that braked.

Alex on

Congrats on the baby, hope they have both cleaned up their acts. They are not a particularly likable couple really, can’t say I care for them much.

annefan on

and stop being so rude with that woman who made a mistake YEARS ago. She’s happily married, she’s going to have a baby she wanted for a long time, stop starting rumors about her, I check the pics of the greys actors everyday, everytime I see new pics of Rebecca and Eric, she never has a cigarette between her fingers…

Blackrose on

she killed a boy and she didn’t even go to jail! how is that fair?!Rest in Peace little boy:(

Benigna Marko on

She looks beautiful. Great for them.
Benigna Marko

Erin on

I think a lot of people are mad at Rebecca over the accident because she didn’t go to jail. At the time talking on a cell phone wasn’t illegal (should have been, though) and the D.A. decided against pressing more serious charges. She did community service and paid a fine. I believe she also settle civilly with the boy’s family. Take your anger out on the state of California if you wanted her to do time. You have no idea how it’s affected her or not. As for the video, it was taken at least two years ago. (Also, isn’t it a little creepy for moms to be watching such things on the web?! – I swear on my life the only junk I troll on the web is and clips of dogs doing dumb things on YouTube!) The thing I have the most trouble with is the smoking, and I for sure hope she quits or has already quit.

Alex on

annefan – what rumours exactly? That she killed a child crossing a road because she was impatient? That she smoked during pregnancy? That she made a sex tape where she had a threesome and smoked crack?? All of those are proven. No rumours there. Just curious what your rumours are?

Lauren on

I was also curious to find out why she didn’t go to prison for manslaughter, i think it was because the little boy wasn’t in a crosswalk… he was jaywalking… and she didn’t have a stop sign nor did she have a red light, but it is illegal to pass on a turning lane. And im pretty sure talking on the phone while driving in CA wasnt illegal in 2001. But how many of us has talked on the phone in a rush to go somewhere while driving? I certainly have (i’ve stopped now) and so have many others… How many people have done drugs in the US… probably a lot… she’s human just like the rest of us…

Jessica on

annefan, you’re being ridiculous, there were pics of her posted 3 days ago on huffington post smoking and clearly pregnant. You’re just upset because people told you the truth and you don’t like it. Alex, you’re right on the money, all were proven πŸ™‚

dee on

I think it’s more disturbing that people actually watched their two year old naked/drug tape. And I don’t care if she is smoking, my aunt was in the military and when she got pregnant the doctors told her to keep smoking and try to cut back as much as possible over time. My cousin was born big and healthy. I don’t condone it, but each situation is different.

I’m happy for them.

chloe on

Wasn’t the accident that killed the child a DUI?

Sheri on

I wonder how many of you would like your families, your friends, your coworkers, your acquaintences and even people you do not (and will never) know be privy to the worst thing you have ever done in your life, judge you by that alone, gossip about it, and have the attitude that the worst thing you have ever done or experienced defines who you are for the rest of your life. Before you comment on my post, think first about the worst thing you have ever done and how differently you would be treated if those around you followed your example.

Electra on

These two have always come across reallly really odd to me.

Jessica on

Sheri, I get what you;re saying, but the worst thing I’ve done doesn’t even compare to killing a child and smoking crack and making “nude” tapes. Not everyone does horrible things.I honestly can’t think of anything that I’ve done that Im ashamed of or wouldn’t want anyone to know. It’d be one thing if it was one bad decision-one mistake, but clearly she makes bad decisionsone after another.

Lauren on

Chole – As far as the research i’ve done, it wasnt a DUI and she wasn’t issued any citations so i’m guessing speed was not a factor either.

Sheri – I couldn’t of agreed with you more.

p.s. it wasn’t a sex tape, all though some might consider it one. It was more like a boring nude tape.

Jen on

The sex tape was taped *at least* two years ago, as that is when it was reported to have been stolen from the woman in the video with them. There’s also no way to tell for sure what drugs were or weren’t done in that video.

As for the smoking, until I see a recent photo of her smoking while it’s obvious that she is pregnant, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

As for the car accidents quite a few years ago. Yes, she made a stupid mistake. The case was tried, she was found guilty, and she paid her debt. Honestly, while it was stupid and she should have slowed down and looked as to why all the other cars were stop, it amounts to little more than careless or reckless driving.

Shaunie on

NEVER been a fan of Rebecca’s…

The negligent driving that caused that little boy’s death, the doing crack, the smoking while pregnant… not really endearing qualities.

BUT I hope they’re getting their life together! Congrats on the baby & I wish them the best of luck!

Maybe she will be like Nicole Ritchie and this baby will be the turn around. Inspire her to make some major life improvements.

Madison on

Wow – I can’t believe how this poor woman is being crucified. Seems to me that what’s missing here is a bit of empathy.

I mean really, what are we talking about here? An old video that I’m sure she’s not proud of? So we’ve all got moments in our past that I’m sure we’re embarassed by but ours aren’t spread across the internet. A bad judgement call that resulted in a terrible accident and the death of a child? Absolutely horrifying, and no doubt she punishes herself for it each and every day of her life. We should all be thankful that we can’t relate to that one- that our bad judgement calls behind the wheel have only resulted in fender benders or speeding tickets. And struggling with one of the most addictive substances out there? That’s tough, let’s hope she’s working with her doctor to conquer it once and for all for her health and the baby’s.

What all this means is she’s human, not that she’s a bad person or is going to be a bad mother. Empathy……. And maybe we could also be happy for a couple that were finally successful in starting a family.

Anna on

I can’t believe the people on this website. It has already been proven that that photo of her smoking is old, it was taken before she was pregnant!!! That website should update the article because now this rumour will hang around her forever.

That video was private, and I thought they were just smoking weed. Why do people think it was sooo awful? It’s a private video!

She did not murder that child, she made a mistake by reckless driving and caused the death of that child. She did not set out to kill him as some people are acting like.

Brianne on

Congrats to them. Hope the have a healthy baby! : )

Don’t know why she’s being crucified either. A certain “celebrity” mother on here has been pretty much deemed mother of the year and yet she had been arrested with driving under the influence, is a former meth addict and was attending court mandated classes while pregnant. What’s the difference? People make mistakes and some are forgiven, but seems like Rebecca doesn’t stand a chance.

April on

The smoking photo is OLD.

When we contacted Gayheart’s rep, Gossip Cop was exclusively told that the photo is β€œ100 percent old, she hasn’t smoked in months.”

Lay off.

Bancie1031 on

WELLLL that definitely looks like a baby bump to me πŸ˜€
Congratulations to Rebecca and McSteamy πŸ˜€ Wonder when the baby’s due ….. this is going to be a gorgeous baby

J on

Post 14, it seems that way because a couple of the women here post their nastiness behind fake smiles and the good/bad/good idea of nitpicking while making comments, “I love that dress, although I can’t stand that name because who names their kid that?, but congrats to them, I love their daddy he’s dreamy”;hat kind of crap.

People still find a way to be snide and rude even while holding off on the cursing and wishing people dead like other gossip sites.

Deb on

I really hope she’s not smoking now and…April-people’s rep’s never lie,right?!?

RIP Michael on

I have NEVER said this in a ppost on this site but…

I’m not sure how I feel about this post? I’m kind of scared for that baby. Something about them has always seemed off to me???

RIP Michael on

You know what…regardless of how I feel about them personally I wish them the best of luck and a heathy baby (as soon as she quit’s smoking). πŸ™‚

gargoylegurl on

“Honestly, while it was stupid and she should have slowed down and looked as to why all the other cars were stop, it amounts to little more than careless or reckless driving.”

I bet the parents of the little boy feel it amounts to a little more than careless or reckless driving.

And as for the other celeb mothers that have received DUI’s, speeding tickets, etc…people probably are more forgiving of them since their actions, while obviously very dangerous, didn’t result in the death of a child. It’s just such a horrible sitution, I’m sure Rebecca didn’t set out to kill this boy, but that’s what happened. I’m sure having to live with this every day of her life is hell, but lets not make light of what happened!

Callen on

Some of you are fake. She is human. Smoking is bad!!! YEah. She is human and she might be trying to quit. dont judge unless you are in the same position. Terrible!!!!. I love her, and I am not being biased. But she is human. I wish her the best, like I wish Britney Spears.

Liliana on

I wish the three of them the best.

On a side note, I haven’t seen the video but, in regards to it, I don’t understand how her having a sex tape or kissing another woman is relevant to the other offense committed in the video. The law states that smoking crack cocaine is illegal and has detrimental effects on a person. A sex tape is hardly anything to get up in arms about.

If the video was shot a year or two ago, I hope both she and Eric have put their drug use in the past and are now focused on being the best parents possible to their child. I have no reason to think otherwise.

I had no idea, though, about the tragic accident involving the little boy. A terrible situation anyway you look at it.

Caroline on

While it is very tragic that she killed a little boy, it was an accident and she did what was sentenced to her by the court. I am sure not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of that accident but it has nothing to do with her expecting, nor does the now infamous tape.

Congrats to the two of them!

Claire on

Please remember smoking is an ADDICTION. I was 5 months pregnant when I finally quit and I tried EVERYTHING under the sun. I only smoked 2 per day and felt awful. Cut her some slack people, it is harder to quit than heroin for most people. My mother, her mother, my friend’s mothers all smoked and we all turned out ok. My girl is super smart, no defects, no asthma, etc.. so just tone down the self righteousness a bit.

Mariasha on

Some people should really consider the difference between killing a person and an accident. While the outcome is the same, the intention is not. Car accidents, can happen every time to everyone. Yes, even to those now all high and mighty. You just need to distracted by whatever for a split second and it happens.

As for the video. I find it funny, that people are juding Rebecca and Eric for it, but have clearly watched it from the beginning to the end. This all but screams hypocrite to me. Plus at the end of the day, it is their life and if they decide on having threesomes all day for the rest of your life, none of your business.

CelebBabyLover on

April- Thanks for posting that. I will re-itirate what another poster said…In the photos with the bump (where she is NOT smoking), her hair is lose. In the one of her smoking, when she’s in the car (and it’s impossible to see if she has a bump or not), her hair is in a bun. Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that the bump photos are not from the same time as the smoking photo.

Anyway, congrats to them. I’m sure that baby will be loved! πŸ™‚

Natasja on

I can’t believe some of the comments i read here.
I don’t think anyone of us knows exactly what drug they used and how often, so unless you know you can’t judge her on that.
The fact someone used drugs (once? twice? a lot?) and had a sexual thing with another woman doesn’t make her a bad mother.
I didn’t know about the car-accident, but it was an accident and although it’s really sad a little child died she deserves happines just like any other person.

Lola on

I love how people make it seem like she went out around 5 cars to strike the child she killed. If you read the article on she passed ONE (yes one,,26334,622308,00.html) car when she hit the little boy. It was an accident, plain and friggen simple. I can bet my life that half of you cutting her up have done something (although not to this degree) accidently that you regret.
Lay off!!

Congrats Rebecca, the baby is going to be beautiful!! And my mom was a smoker and I …woah wait a second…lost my train of thought. Must be from the smoke I endured while in the womb..geeze

Seraphina on

I don’t think there is any crack smoking in the video. I watched it too (but that must be okay because I’m not a Mom and a previous poster said it was only creepy if MOM’S were looking at celeb tapes) and at one point Rebecca said “I have to lie down, I’m so high” but there was no sex, just a bunch of drugged and boring ramblings. As far as I know, that doesn’t disqualify anyone for parenthood.

Smoking while pregnant is proven to be a really bad idea, but a lot of people still do it, so whatever. *shrug* Their kid, their lives.

g!na on

I can’t find anything good! I was so upset when she ran over that boy! I remember when it happened! @ANNEFAN – it was her fault! she rushed around the stopped cars on a cell phone and killed a child! her errands were more important to her than a child! Think about the family who lost their child! She should of gotten a stricter sentence but she didn’t! she has gotten a second chance but that precious child didn’t because of her! Now, she’s having her own child! How would she feel if someone recklessly killed her child? I don’t think she would handle that well!

Kristin on

Contacted her rep?????……she definitely has a baby bump in that photo……it could not have been long ago at all!!!!!!! I really hope she gets her act together for that sweet life in her belly!!

Ashley on


They will make one mcsteamy baby!

elisa on

they are so beautiful together!!!congrats

Lisa on

I didn’t even know they were expecting. Congrats!

Stella on

I don’t like people judge her about this car accident. She has killed her child it’s terrible i know it and she ‘ll live with that of her life. But she has the right to be happy no? I’m just happy for them. Congrats!

Angel on

I don’t know the exact facts on any of her antics; I just know that this couple rubs me the wrong way. Everything I read about them goes against everything I believe in. Their PR team should probably get busy trying to fix their image and turn them into likable people.

Sarah on

I want that dress.

Ashlyn on

She wasn’t seen smoking crack in that recently released naked video. She was seen with a crack pipe in another photo released several years ago where she was naked in a bathtub.

In the naked video she says she has to lie down because she’s “so high”, but the drug or drugs she was taking was never specified.

Just wanted to set the record straight. I concur with many other posters, these two don’t seem like the best bet for parents.

Brianne on

Matthew Broderick killed a mother and daughter while driving recklessly in Ireland. Just curious…but was that brought up when he and SJP had James or the twin girls? Probably not to the extent of Rebecca’s accident, I’m sure.

Jessica on

Ashlyn, thank you for clarifying that for people!There was another pic of her with a crackpipe! And also regarding the HuffPo pic. Yes in the first shot her hair is down and in the second it’s in a sloppy bun–none of you have ever thrown your hair up quick just to get it out of the way? I know I hair a hair tie, in my cupholder and as soon as I get in the car the hair goes up! So your hair up/down theory doesn’t really stand. I know there are people calling other’s “self-riteous” Dont you find it disturbing that people can do WHATEVER they want, and you people think that it should be ok?! It’s not like Rebecca had just the one accident, it was the accident, photo with the crackpipe, nude video(no i did not see it), and smoking wile pregnant. Her reps candeny it all they want, i saw hte pics and you can clearly see the strap of her dress is the same. And besides, reps never lie right?

Mary on

Brianne, you are exactly right. Matthew Broderick was driving in Northern Ireland when he swerved into another lane and hit a car head on, killing a mother and daughter and paralyzing the son. No one makes mention of it. Perhaps because he’s never had a naked tape released or perhaps because he didn’t kill a child?
I simply have the feeling that there are women and mothers out there already biased negatively against her for having that “naked tape” and smoking while pregnant. Bringing up what is probably the worst thing in her life and then judging her on how she is going to be a mother by it is really awful. You’ve never met this woman.
Lastly, what she did was swerve around braked cars and it resulted in an accident. I know when I’m driving and late for work or in a hurry and someone starts breaking, I do get into the next lane to pass them. For everyone judging her, just think of it this way: An accident can happen when you’re on the phone, when you glance down to switch the radio station, when you take a split second to glance at the sceneary, when you turn to the person next to you to talk. She was driving recklessly, yes, but it was an accident.

Moore on

Lola, you aren’t seriously trying to justify that are you? It doesn’t matter how many cars she passed. Heck, she could have been the only car on the street going 2 miles an hour when she hit the child. She still killed him. Accident or not you still pay for your actions and will people will continue to judge you based on those especially when the only news they hear about you is when you make dumb decisions.
And if you do anything that reckless regardless of the outcome then your license should be revoked cause you don’t need to be on the road. Turning lanes are for turning and if she did in fact get into one to go around she was in the wrong to start with and should have been cited for that if nothing else.
I also find it rather ridiculous the way you make it sound like smoking while pregnant is no big deal. That’s very sad.
Also, your link isn’t working.

Terri on

The effects of smoking on a fetus may not show up for years. For example, research has shown that daughters of mothers that smoked while pregnant are at much greater risk of infertility. Just because so & so smoked and their baby was born full-term and seemly healthy doesn’t mean damage wasn’t done to the child.

Lola Marie on

I have always loved Eric Dane but never liked Rebecca and I don’t even know why. I think she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Its just something about her?!?!?!

Regardless, that is going to be a gorgeous baby! I hope she can kick the habit for the sake of her baby. You have to give them the best possible chance at a healthy start.

I really wish her and her growing family good luck from this point forward.

CelebBabyLover on

Mariasha and Mary- I agree completely! My mother and I were in an accident nearly two years ago…and it was my mother’s fault. She got distracted for just a split second (by another accident that had just happened, ironicly enough)…and failed to see that the truck in front of us had slowed down (our guess is that the driver of the truck was also distracted by the other accident).

As a result, she smacked into the truck. Luckily, apart from being understandably a bit shook up, no one was hurt (our car, however, was history!). Granted, that’s quite a bit different from Rebecca’s situation, which resulted in the death of a child.

However my point is that, just like with Rebecca, my mom was at fault for our car accident. However, does that make her a bad person? Absolutely not! Nor does Rebecca’s accident make her a bad person.

Yes, she made some poor decisions, but that doesn’t mean she’s a horrible person or will be a horrible mother. Like other posters have said, I’m sure she feels terrible about what what she did, and I’m sure that accident will affect her for the rest of her life.

Bottomline: I think we need to give Rebecca a chance, just like we did with Nicole Richie (who, by the way, was arrested for DUI shortly before becoming pregnant with Harlow. In otherwords, she’s made some bad decisions in the driving department, too.). πŸ™‚

Terri on

Cute dress. Hope she has a healthy pregnancy.

Pear on

Oh Lacey, you are so sad hun! I can’t believe you would bring something up like that. I mean, it was an accident, it is not like she left her house drunk, drugged up and thinking to go out and kill someone! I know you have the right to feel the way you do, but people make mistakes and yes, I know that a child died in the accident but people live and learn and we need to not judge people because whatever out tongue says our ass pays for!