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Gisele Bündchen's Boston Bump

09/27/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Out for a walk while chatting on the phone, Gisele Bündchen was spotted out in Boston on Thursday.

The expectant supermodel, 29, recently revealed that she and husband Tom Brady don’t know the sex of their baby on the way — they want a delivery surprise.

“We will only know when it is born, in December. Until then, it is a surprise. I want the emotion of finding out then if it is a boy or a girl.”

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Showing 50 comments

kaitlyn on

Gosh, she’s so tiny compared to Kendra and Kourtney, who are due the same time!

Angela on

I have a seven-month-old and a two-year-old and my post-baby bump is bigger than hers! She looks amazing as usual. Bet it’s a boy. :)

Melissa on

Wow, for being due in a couple of months, she hardly shows!

crg on

She’s so tiny. Is she really due in December?

Sheilz on

I’m a mom of four boys…by the looks of how she is carrying this babe – I’m guessing it’s a boy, since boys generally appear lower in the tummy area. I know that is considered an old-wives tale, but a lot of the time it’s actually true. When carrying a girl, generally they are higher up and more side-to-side than carrying a boy low and sticking out front like a little basketball. Like I said, I have carried four boys, but my best friend of 27 years has four girls (she did have a boy who was stillborn two weeks before his due date and she did show differently than when she carried her girls) and she definitely carried them different than I carried my own.

I could be wrong of course (I’m not all-knowing or all-seeing, nor psychic, LOL)…I can’t believe how tiny she is! It’s almost October and she’s due in December? I looked like this at about 3-4 months.

Good luck to her and I hope she’s had an easy pregnancy. Having babies is such a wonderful experience! One of my boys is a December baby (6 days before Christmas)…sure makes Christmas more exciting!

isabellasmama on

I’m 5’4″ and didn’t look much bigger than this at 7 months along.

JustMe on

I was very tiny with my first one (I have two boys, now 21 & 16)… I wanted to show off my bump so bad, but didn’t show until about 7 months…! I mean, I definitely could see and feel the difference, but it wasn’t readily noticeable to other people. I would were maternity clothes to prove to the world I had a baby in my belly :)
My baby weighed in @ 6lbs 7 oz.

Sharon on

im not sure she is big enough for their to be guesses about the sex of the baby but i do hope she has a boy anyway

Rye on

I disagree with that old wives tale 100% since I have tried it on FAR too many pregnant friends with ill results to buy into it. That said, I do think she is having a boy. Only because, for some odd reason, I can’t really visualize Tom Brady having a girl. Weird, but I just can’t see it! I do HOPE they have a girl though just to prove that theory of mine wrong though and I think Gisele would be absolutely stunning toting around a mini-Gisele!

She seems to be carrying like Nicole Kidman carried. She didn’t pop till SUPER late into her pregnancy! We’ll see!

Julia on

You guys, there’s a reason it is called an old-wives-tale…
I am also tall as Gisele Bundschen is, my belly was about that size untill 30 weeks, even a day before delivery (42 weeks!) some people didn’t see that I was pregnant. The way you carry has nothing to do with gender of the baby, it is more about length, posture, genes and how much you eat.

Ann on

She is carrying small. I’m not surprised though, it must be those Supermodel genes. Karolina Kurkova is carrying small as well. There are several adorable pictures of Gisele with her stepson John and Tom’s mother Galynn from today on the website if anyone is interested.

cassie on

she’s so tiny for having a baby in a few months

Angelia on

She is small but that is how I was with my first. I was soooo tiny and never had to get maternity clothes. I wasnt any bigger then Gisele when I was 8 months along.

Moore on

She’s tall so its not surprise she’s not showing as much. I thought that about some of these models being pregnant and not showing much but then I realized these girls are tall!

Kate on

Isn’t it a myth that the way a women carries indicates what she is having?

janie on

Gisele is a gorgeous woman! Gisele + Tom = beautiful baby

MZ on

It’s not the height that determines the bump so much as the length of the upper torso. I’m 6′ tall but all legs; my belly stuck out sooo far b/c my ribs overlap my hip bone. All these supermodels have long upper torsoes. She looks great!!!

JMO on

Wow my cousin is due in Feb. and is ALOT bigger then her!!! She’s tiny to be in her 3rd trimester!

JMO on

my cousin is also carrying super low and we all swore it was a boy…but the docs say it’s a girl. So guess that old wives tale isn’t true in her case!

urbanadventurertales on

I agree that she does look small to be in her 3rd trimester. BUT, remember that she’s like 6 feet tall, so that makes a huge difference. There’s much more room for the baby in the stomach!

I think she’s pretty, but I honestly don’t see why everyone thinks she’s one of the gorgeous women in the world. I don’t think Tom Brady is that cute either…but just my taste :)

Jessica on

I said she was very tiny the other day. But she is very tall. I looked like that at 4 months. I agree with Rye, she definitely is similar to nicole Kidman, but she’s very tall too. I think December baby’s stink. My daughter was born Christmas Eve, and it’s horrible. Her birthday is totally overshadowed by the holiday, having a party is difficult, and she does tend to get ripped off with gifts (doesn’t matter to me, but it does to a kid)

iluvallbabies on

Jessica, totally agree with the birthday thing, I was born Christmas Eve and felt totally ripped off when I was a kid!

Courtney on

WOW! I love having a birthday on Christmas Eve. My parents always made sure that I had a seperate party. That I never had presents wrapped in christmas paper, etc. When I was little I told everyone that Jesus was born on my birthday. I often got mroe for my birthday than my brother who was born in may. I loved it, and at 33 I still do. My parents were told they would never have children, so it was such a miracle and then to be born at Christmas made it very special. I can’t imagine feeling like the day my child was born sucked or was horrible…

I agree that she looks like Nicole Kidman alot…I wish I carried like that!LOL

mims on

what bump?

Jessica on

Courtney-”I can’t imagine feeling like the day my child was born sucked or was horrible…” way to try and make me feel bad that I said it was sucky to have my daughter on christmas eve. I didn’t say it sucked to have HER. Don’t be so condescending, we can’t all be as perfect as you. What is with this site lately that someone always needs to come out and tell everyone what’s wrong with them or what they said.

iluvallbabies on

Jessica I knew what you meant, and it didnt come across like that’s what you were saying at all. You were saying from your childs perspective it could be overshadwoed by Christmas, and believe me, for the majority of Christmas Eve babies it does feel like that!

Now that Im an adult I dont mind as much, but it certainly mattered when I was growing up.

trish on

I am a Dec. baby, and yes, it sucks to have a Dec. birthday! My bday falls on the 28th. I hated when I was given a present and told it was for both days! I never could ahve a party around that time, all my friends were on Christmas break and everyone had family stuff going on. So, yes I feel for Dec. babies. My son’s bday is Jan. 10. I have made it a point to celebrate his special day!!

Jen on

I think having a delivery surprise is the best and part of the fun is trying to predict if it will be a boy or girl! I absolutely agree that how a woman carries has to do with the shape and size of her body, overall fitness and if she’s been pregnant before. I heard all types of conflicting comments and old-wives tales when I was pregnant and the bottom-line seems to be this: we project our own experiences onto others and that’s all there is to it.

So I’ll throw my name into the hat just for fun – I carried a little basketball during my pregnancy, and I had a girl, so I’m going to say girl for Gisele!

…on a related note, the Chinese Lunar Calendar seems eerily accurate for predicting gender. I polled friends and co-workers and the results were close to 90%…

momof3 on

i also carried 3 boys and that is a boy gisele, no surprise coming. Girls are usually higher up in the chest area and women tend to carry wide, boys have a basketball shape. Just my opinion I could be wrong but I doubt it!

Janet on

I’m a Christmas Eve baby and I don’t hate it at all – get it all over in one go, lol – but then that’s just me and my dislike of being centre of attention.
As for how small she’s carrying, definitely to do with her height. There’s just more room in there!

Shelly on

I have three boys…My six year old the oldest was born on the 17th of December and my youngest nine months was born the DAY after Christmas. He was set to arrive by induction the 23-24 of december ,but My husband talked to my doc for me and said we would rather wait a day to go shopping…I was on bedrest:)!!! Dont let the hubby’s do the talking because I was so upset. I told my doctor I was really frustrated with him…he then told me my hubby had made that decision! I nearly maimed him!:) The day after Christmas everyone is shopping or going back home ect… so that will be a tough one to navigate

martina on

Where is the bump ;)

Rachel-Jane on

I’m a December baby too, although a bit earlier – the 6th. I always have had (and still do have) a lot of difficulty in deciding on two lots of presents! I get asked “What do you want for your birthday?” and then “What do you want for Christmas?” around the same time and it’s difficult! I was always jealous of my summer baby siblings who have their gift-receiving spaced out and could ask for summer-related gifts. I suppose the good thing though about having a birthday near to Christmas is that if you think of two ‘bigger’ presents you want you can get both, rather than having to wait, haha.

Jessica on

Thanks iluvallbabies, I didn’t mean for it to come across “that her birth was sucky” like Courtny said, that really bothered me. There’s always got to be someone acting high and mighty on every thread i guess :) where we live we get a lot of snow, so you know what it’s like for a kid to be all dressed up in their party dress, super excited for their party and then no one shows up because it snows? The doctor almost didn’t make her birth because of snow!

Ellen Smith on

Seems like she has quite a rash on her upper chest area.

Shannon on

I was born Dec 31st, and with all the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s, let me tell you, most of the time, people completely forget my birthday. I haven’t done anything to celebrate it since I was 16. Which means a decade of no birthdays. It does suck. As I get older I don’t care as much, but as a little kid, yeah it really bites when your grandparents forget b/c they were getting ready for a New Year’s Eve party. And yeah I had parties get snowed out too (although my folks always rescheduled for me). It was so bad that I had my 16th birthday party the summer before so that people would be sure to remember we were celebrating it.

My oldest was born Novemeber 25th. so every so often her b-day falls on Thanksgiving. Thankfully it’s not as big of a holiday, so it doesn’t really overshadow it.

JMO on

My b-day is a week before xmas and I always felt jipped and still do.

Here is why. During the holidays everyone is busy. And money is tight. So most people forget, don’t have money to buy you anything or they give you the old, this is a xmas/bday present!

Now that I’m older obviously I don’t get presents but I still like to go out and have drinks. But once again people are too busy or don’t have the money. And everyone’s mind is on xmas that most people forget. I’ve let it go. There is nothing I can do. I’m sure when I’m much older I’ll appreciate the forgetfullness of people as I probably will careless to celebrate anymore birthdays.

Leah on

I am almost 8 months with my first baby, a boy, and people are just starting to recognize that I am pregnant. My OB says that my uterus is just very long but people are always shocked when they find out when my due date is. Although I don’t believe in how you carry AT ALL, my sister is also very tiny (due in December), and is also having a boy.
She looks great!

Lynn on

“You guys, there’s a reason it is called an old-wives-tale…”
Lol, I agree.

And for that matter, why do so many of you say you hope she’s having a boy or you hope she’s having a boy? Why would you have a gender preference for the baby of two strangers? Why does the gender matter so much to you? I hope Gisele has a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. THAT is what matters.

Ann on

Geez Louise Lynn, you make that comment in every single post about Gisele. We get the point already. I think it goes without say that everyone here wishes Gisele to have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby first and foremost. I don’t see the harm at all in anyone speculating about the gender, it’s all in good fun. Why are you taking it so personally?

ErykaWynter on

I’m due at the same time as Gisele and I am HUGE compared to her! Then again, I am 5’2″, so her height probably does help. I would kill to be that tall and thin!

bananafish1 on

My daughter’s birthday is Christmas Day and it is impossible for any of to forget it least of all her. We wrap her stuff in different paper, put up birthday decorations, etc., etc., but there’s no way of escaping it. Her friends are always out of town or spending the day with family and she always feels bad about it. So we’ve been doing a big 1/2 birthday party and that seems to work much better. My birthday is 12/17 which isn’t so bad.

Andrea_momof2 on

Seriously Ann, you were right about this “every thread” thing. I would like them to have a boy simply because Tom’s genes make very cute males! Whether they have a boy or girl is in no way going to change my life so why would it be anything more than good fun? If people say they’d like one gender over another in any other celebrity thread does anyone get all up in arms about it? I don’t seem to notice it.

Jen on

I carried low and had a daughter. A good friend carried high and had a son.

How you carry has only to do with the anatomy and musculature of the mother.

Bancie1031 on

awww she has such a little baby bump ….. boy or girl I’m sure they’re going to have a gorgeous baby :D

Lynn on

Speculating about gender is different from saying you wish they have a boy or wish they have a girl. To me, saying you want some stranger to have a boy or you want them to have a girl just seems sexist and immature.

Andrea_momof2 on

To each her own, I guess.

Jessica on

Lynn, I can care less if they have a boy or a girl, but i think you’re being immature. Is it really necessary to nitpik every little thing other people say? So what if someone wishes they have a boy, does it affect you in any way shape or form? Grow up and quit being so bitter.

CelebBabyLover on

Jessica- I couldn’t agree more! I also want to add that, IMO, saying you hope a celeb will have a boy or you hope they’ll have a girl is harmless, too. For example, if a celeb is expecting their second child, I think people are just naturally curious as to what a child of the opposite gender to the first one would look like, hence they hope the celeb will have the opposite gender of their first child.

For example, when Jennifer Garner was pregnant with Seraphina, a lot of people hoped/guessed she would have a boy. I think that was mostly because people were just plain curious as to what a baby boy Garner-Affleck would look like! :)

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I meant to say that it was probably the same thing about people hoping that little Sparrow Madden would be a boy (which he obviously turned out to be!). People were probably just plain curious about what a baby boy Richie-Madden would look like! :)


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