Megyn Kelly Welcomes Son Edward Yates

09/26/2009 at 07:00 AM ET
Brendan Hoffman/Getty

A trooper to the very end, FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly delivered a healthy baby boy Friday morning — one day after delivering the news as co-host of America’s Newsroom.

Edward Yates Brunt arrived around 10 a.m., weighing in at 7 lbs., 10 oz. The first child for Megyn, 38, and her husband Doug Brunt, baby boy is named after his two grandfathers and will go by ‘Yates.’

Both mom and baby — who had been due Oct. 6 — are reportedly doing great. The pregnancy was announced in April.

Source: Media Bistro

Thanks to CBB readers Melissa and Alexis.

— Missy

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Katie on

Congrats to Megyn and her husband! I was wondering when she was due. I’m sure the little guy is a cutie. 🙂 on

Congratulations to them! Cute name!

Alex on

I prefer Edward to Yates, although it’s lovely how they came to the names. I don’t get the trend for naming kids one thing, but then using another name for them in everyday life. Not for me, but whatever lol.

Congrats to the family.

Mira on

Oh, I really dislike “misspelled” names and hers just burns my eyes. Congrats on her new baby boy, though.

L on

I was just talking about Megyn the other day wondering when she was due as well!! Congrats Megyn & family!!!

sb on

I just do not understand naming your child Edward Yates if he is going to go by Yates. Name him Yates Edward then.

Valerie on

i love megyn kelly, and i saw her on bill o’reilly a few nights ago and she looked big….congrats to her and her family!!

Lorelei on

Congratulations to Megyn and Doug. I like the name and I bet he is a beautiful baby boy!

Mary on

I love Megyn Kelly too,she’s so smart and I’ll bet she’ll be a great mommy!
I’m not a fan of misspelled names either Mira, but you can’t name yourself, right?

Philippa on

Hmm..I don’t think Yates goes very well witht he last name Brunt. Edward sounds better in my opinion. But it’s nice that they’re honouring his grandfathers 🙂

dee on

Congradulations to the Brunt family. I love her, I’m sure she will bw a great parent.

Kate on

She was on O’Reilly’s show the night before she gave birth! I don’t get how someone can be on TV talking about legal matters and give birth less than 24 hours later. I think it’s great, but I just don’t get how it’s possible. She didn’t seem like she was having contractions or anything.

Melanie on

She announced her pregnancy a day before Julie Chen and she delivered a day after her…funny. I like Megyn…she’s a straight shooter, and I’m sure the baby is beautiful.

Emily on

I love her! I noticed she wasn’t on her show yesterday and I wondered if she was having a baby.

Michelle on

AWWWWW!!! I love Megyn. I was hoping she would deliver on her due date because that is my birthday 😦 Thats ok. I love her and I bet she is beside herself. Congrats. Cant wait to see him. Such a great name.

katie on

Congratulations to Megyn and Doug! Love her and hope everything is going well for them!

Jane on

I don’t know where Megyn is from, but it’s a tradition in some parts of the south for a child to be called by their middle name because the first name is usually after a relative.

Pat on

I wish Megyn and Doug luck and hope they can get some sleep with little Yates. Megyn is my favorite morning news commentator.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

alex/sb ITA, seems odd. Just curious, as haven’t noticed that here downunder – is it more common to do in the US to go by middle names?

Gail Rogers on

I just love Megan. I think that since she is the one who had “Baby Yates, she should be the one to name him. I personally love his name! I am sure she will make a great mom.

anna on

Sam and Freya’s Mum, it’s not common to go by middle names here in the US either. It does seem a little odd to me too, but Edward Yates is a very nice name, regardless of what he goes by.

sam and freya's mum on

cheers Anna, wasn’t sure…Their son, their choice of course. Not a fan of either of his names personally, but they do, which is the only thing that matters anyhow…!

CelebBabyLover on

Kate- She could have had a very fast labor, or she could have had a scheduled C-section. 🙂

Georgina on

Gordon Brown’s younger son goes by his second name, apparently it’s a scottish tradition to call the second son by his second name. So he’s James Fraser but they call him Fraser.

I dont like Yates, its a chain of pubs in England!

Catca on

I have a son who goes by his middle name (Rainer) in honor of our Austrian heritage) as well. The reason is simply that the first name is after his grandfather, and to reverse the names sounded too sing songy (i.e. Robert Rainer sounded better than Rainer Robert) The first name (Robert) also belongs to his uncle and a cousin so frankly it would have seemed confusing to have so many Roberts at family gatherings. I always felt that if he didn’t like his middle name, he could state he would prefer to go by his first name or vice versa. I know of a few people who didn’t like their given first names and went by their middle names. The name order really wasn’t a big deal to me and I don’t see why it would be to some of the readers.

Lynn on

Catca, I agree with you. Most people have three names anyway (first, middle, last), but don’t go by all three names at once. So I don’t see why people on here have a problem with going by a middle name.

Denise on

Oh what fun!! Congratulations Megan and Doug!!and to your family!
I love the name!!Its wonderful to see that honoring fathers is still in style! Our oldest son goes by his middle name too!! Its good that you didn’t tell people what the name was going to be…. there are always those that will try to take the fun out of it!! Its best to keep it to yourself until the baby arrives!!
God bless all of you!!

Carol Reid on

Congratulations to Megyn and Doug. I wish all three of you health and happiness.

Mrs. Nita Hogg on

Congratulations to Megan,Daddy and son. So happy for you, but seeing how slim and pretty you are on the set, I never would have dreamed you were expecting. I remember how excited I was when my first child, a son, now 48, was born.

By the way, he is an attorney, also.

You have a great experience ahead of you. May God Bless the three of you. Always, an admirer who watches you on FOX NEWS every day. Sincerely, Mrs. Nita Hogg Dothan AL.

Gale on

I always miss Megyn or Bill when they are away. This time I was happy to know Megyn and Doug have their new little boy. Congratulations!

Nevadamtnbear on

Congratulations to Megyn, Doug and Yates. So awesome for the family.

Kate, as for her being on the O’Reilly Factor and then giving birth less than 24 hours later. As an attorney myself, who worked until I gave birth to both my kids, most recently in January, I was at work rendering legal opinions and fighting with opposing counsel, and all the fun of the job on the day before I gave birth to my second child the next morning at 9 am. I didn’t realize I was in labor until 6:45 in the morning and was in the process of getting myself ready for work and getting my husband out the door for a 26 mile training run. So, it really doesn’t seem that impossible to do your job and give birth less than 24 hour later. LOL.

Helen on

Megyn and Doug,
Congrats !!!! I am so happy for both of you !!! I also love his name. I can’t understand why people are having a problem with this name or with your name. I am sure Yates will be just as proud as can be being named after a man as great a Ed and I am sure Yates was a great… hope you and the baby are well! love your cousin Helen

Michael on

Congrats Megyn and Doug!!! Welcome baby Yates! Enjoy every moment you can, and most of all sleep whenever you can! Love, your cuz Michael in FL

Sally Burke on

My father and his father went by their middle names, as do my husband and 2 grandchildren. We’re garden variety Americans of no particular regional or ethnic persuasion, and I think it’s just a matter of which name is preferred. And who wants to have the same name as half the other kids in his or her class?

P. S. Some babies are born really quickly and without much warning. Three of my four were like that.


No wonder I missed Megyn, didn’t know she had the baby but surely will have withdrawal without her on the news. I’m so happy she and her husband have their baby boy to enjoy. I hope she will be able to come back after a reasonable amount of time. I love her insight, feisty attitude and her ability to keep people on topic. Hope she gets to read all her fan mail and know we are praying for good health and happiness for a lifetime.
Megyn you are missed already.

Rebecca Peterson on

So excited to hear Megyn and Doug had a healthy, bouncing, baby boy!!! What wonderful news for this very special couple. Megyn, we will miss you on the morning news and look forward to your return!

Many blessing to all three of you!

Ruth on

Congrats to you all! we in canada love your morning show with Bill and agaln in the evenings on O’Rielly.
enjoy your time with your bundle of joy!!

Ruth on

Congrats to the family from Canada. we are faithful FOX NEWS watchers. I love the names you chose. we send god’s blessings to you and your entire family.

Michelle on

So happy for one of my favorites! It is so nice to hear some good things for a change and this is a blessed event!
Plus, her named is correctly spelled. Megyn is the proper spelling of the name. Check the book of names to name your babies. What is such a a big deal?

Robert and Sonja on

Congratulations Megyn! We miss you in the morning but we’re happy to know your family is doing well and that you have a new and healthy son.

Alesha on

Oh, Megyn & Family congrats, you did hang in like a trouper!! I have been clicking b/f all summer to see that tummy & try to guess the sex & I thought she was due bet Sep-Nov. As summer progresses she can’t cross her cute tiny legs & that bulge us there, making me think boy..she may have been in early labor the later day, pm before Yates was born, some take it easier. As for using middle names 1st, well we generally are given 3names &birth we can flip flop any mix we want, they are our “legal names,legal right “. Except me, my kiddies all have multiple middle & last names , due to that they were named for Very specific people in my life, and we have nicknames for every NAME as well !!!

Stephanie Griffin on

God Bless you and your family.

Janet Williamson on

Congratulations! My husband and I are big fans of yours and Fox News. Cannot wait to get a glimpse of the little guy and are looking to your return!!

Diana Hanshaw on

Congratulations!! I never got to hear about the birth of your baby, but figured when I didn’t see you for a few days that you had given birth. I am very excited for you and your husband. I loved being a mom to boys. It’s great!!! God bless.

Mike St. Louis on

So THAT explains where my favorite morning news person has been. As an avid Fox News viewer, I can’t believe I didn’t know or even notice she was pregnant, especially when others are commenting how big she got. Anyway, I’m relieved to hear she will be back!

anne g. isakson on

great news for megan & her husband, I bet he’s a cute little blond. I like the name, what does it matter whether its the 1st or 2nd name they want to use. Yates is a great name. Remember William Butler Yates the great Irish poet. Hurry up back Megan we miss you. Best regards & Congrats.

Abbie on

Congratulations to Megyn and her her husband, Doug on the birth of their baby boy, Yates. What a wonderful tradition to name their son after his 2 grandfathers. Hope Mom and son are doing well. FNC viewers & fans miss you, Megyn. Looking forwarding to seeing you back in the morning on FNC. Enjoy your time at home with your son and husband. Best Wishes to the 3 of you.

Kay Miller on

Congratulations to Megyn and her husband. Boys are great. Enjoy every minute it really does fly by. God Bless you all.

Nancy on

Congrats to Megyn and her husband on their new arrival. Not understanding why people think they think they should share their opinion of names and the spelling of names of others. You do what you want and everyone else should be allowed to do the same. Just be happy for Megyn why don’t you?
I will be glad to see her back at Fox.

Jack & Rachel Tibbs on

Our congratulations to Megan and Doug. May God bless you both, and that precious little boy. We miss Megan on FNC and look forward to seeing her again when the time comes. Would love for her to show us and the world her little bundle of joy on her Fox News show.

Pat Kennedy on

Congratulations to Megyn and husband!!! I love Megyn and I’m sure she will be a great mom. Love your baby’s name too. Way to go!!

M Denda on

Congratulations to Megyn and Family! All my best to you on the birth of your first child.

Lenore Felix on

Hi Megyn. I can’t wait until you are back. Your stand-ins are fine, but none have your spark nor your beauty. I, like you, gave birth a day after an 8-hour work day and I was your age. However, I had number ten at that age. I wish you and your husband only the best with your new little one.

Juilene & Chuck Schaefer on

Congratulations Megyn & Doug on the birth of your baby boy. We miss seeing you with Bill in the am. You have a much bigger job at this time. Enjoy Edward as he will grow up fast.

chery_t on

I really miss Megyn and hope everything is going well with her new little one. Wonder when she will be back???

Anne Kennedy on

Congratulations on the birth of your wonderful son ,Edwards Yates. My son was named after his grandfather who deceased the day before he was born .He is named after his Grandpa which is wonderful but he is unhappy with his name .I wish that this was his middle name and the change would be easier .I love Megyn and Bill in the morning .Its the best news as a Irish Californian. at 6a.m. I can’t wait for Megyn’s return to Fox news

Evelyn Cadenhead on

Is Megyn coming back to work or has she retired? If coming back, when?

McMurdo on

In the Southern U.S., it’s quite common for people to go by their middle name. In fact, many fathers and sons and grandsons will all have the same first name but different middle names and all go by their middle name. Plenty of women here in the south go by their middle name, too, or a pet nickname.