Keisha Castle-Hughes and Felicity-Amore Work the Runway

09/25/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

Keisha Castle-Hughes and her shy daughter Felicity-Amore, 2, made their runway debut at the Trelise Cooper Kids Show at Air New Zealand Fashion Week on Friday.

“I have waited this long for [Felicity-Amore] to fit the clothes because they are so beautiful, and then it was just a fun idea to have her in the show,” the actress, 19, told

As the youngest model, Felicity-Amore suffered a bit of stage fright, but all was well, Trelise said, explaining that Keisha asked if her daughter could be included.

“I would not have asked because two is very little, but we thought mum could walk with her if she doesn’t want to go on with the other little girls.”

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Kaila on

Felicity-Amore is gorgeous, and those clothes are very cute!

Kimri on

She is beautiful but she doesn’t look biracial at all.

alana on

Look how GORGEOUS that child is! So beautiful! And Keisha looks stunning as well.

Alice on

Felicity is a doll, she’s grown so much since the last picture we saw of her! She was already an adorable baby.
Keisha is a lucky girl.

Mo on

She’s beautiful.

Cassandra on

She is so adorable! I think she looks like her mom with her dad’s coloring. Keisha looks so natural and happy with her daughter, she must be a wonderful mom.

Bb on

Felicity-Amore looks just like Keisha to me! What a gorgeous little girl.

mommaruth on

She makes it look like a breeze – being a mom, nonetheless a teenage mom. Good for her & her beautiful little girl.

Elle on

That is a stunning little girl. What an adorable mother-daughter pair.

pelin on

She’s beautiful!so cute

Y on

She is adorable!

Laurie on

Baby looks just like her father; such a joy to see such a perfect picture of motherhood.

MZ on

Kimri, how is a biracial child supposed to look? Sorry, I mean I know you probably didn’t mean anything by it, but I want to point out that biracial children (like myself) can look very different from each other. I have had people who think I look very white and can’t understand why I identify with my Brasilian culture (as if the color of my skin dictates my culture), and others who think I look “ethnic.” A friend of mine is Black, married to a Caucasian, and one of their children has white skin and red hair and the other child has darker skin and black hair. So, there is no one look for biracial kids. Genetics is just funny ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, Felicity-Amore is gorgeous. I love her curly hair! Does she go by both her first and middle name then, since they’re hyphenated?

Liliana on

She’s so pretty. I love the boots.

lizzie on

She is beautiful but she doesnโ€™t look biracial at all.


Comments like this only perpetuate the myth of what biracial children are ‘supposed’ to look like. It’s very frustrating.

Brooke on

What the heck is wrong with you people on here??? Do you all just hang out here looking for a fight with EVERY SINGLE THREAD??? It never fails…someone makes a statement some mother takes offense to and BAM!!!!

Philippa on

She’s a very beautiful little girl ๐Ÿ˜€
Keisha looks great too!

J.J. on

OMG she’s an exact replica of Keisha! No joke! But she’s one beautiful little girl ๐Ÿ˜€

jlove_taylor on

Listen people… kiesha is biracial and the boyfriend is white. Most of the time the child looks more Caucasian. She’s only a quarter black… Guess most of you believe in the one drop rule(thought we lost that rule during civil rights wrong)

JustMe on

Right on the money, Brooke. I thought the same thing… it seems like any comment is reason for an antagonizing argument to develop…

Lisa B on

Keisha’s mother is Maori and her father is Australian, Keisha was born in New Zealand. Many Maoris are half European and half Maori, but keisha self-identifies as Maori. The Maori are the native people of New Zealand. her beautiful daughter looks like her white father. Obviously, most of you here are not familiar with this actress, she is not American at all.

dee on

@jlove_taylor – Keisha isn’t black, she’s half Maori. And she isn’t even American so I don’t know what the civil rights movement has to do with her in this particular circumstance.

Her daughter is gorgeous!!

Larissa on

1. Felicity is gorgeous, looks loads like Keisha.

2. Keisha isn’t half-black, she’s half-Maori. It’s an ethnic tribe. It’s entirely different from being black. If you want to see how Maori people look, rent Whale Rider. Honestly.

3. Multi ethnic people look different from one another, just as black people don’t all look the same and white people don’t all look the same.

TV on

jlove_taylor, Keisha may be biracial but she isn’t black. If you check out her Wikipedia page she is Maori on her mother’s side and English-Australian on her father’s side. Just in case you don’t know what Maori is they are a Polynesian tribe indigenous to New Zealand.

Kresta on

My daughter’s husband has a Maori father and a pakeha(white) mother. He and his 2 brothers look white and his father has darker skin that Keisha. My daughter is very fair-skinned like myself and her father and brothers so if she has children, I am expecting them to be quite pale too but who knows, as someone else said, it’s all to do with the genes.

melania on

Her daughter is gorgeous! And I don’t think people should be taking such offense over the biracial comment. I am Middle Eastern and white and my husband is black, white, and Latino. 3 of our children look like what people would assume “multiracial” children would look like. One looks “white” and people always look surprised especially when they see my husband and some do ask questions, but it’s not ignorance just curiousity. It is surpising when you see someone of Keisha’s and my husband’s complexion with a very fair skinned child. We have many multiracial friends and family members and even they make comments. No offense taken.

Electra on

While Maori’s are there own seperate group of people they originated from a group in south east africa! Just a random fact, well everyone did actually but i digress. The kids cute tho and considering that Keisha is 1/2 white aussie her kid has alleles for fair skin and light eyes.

TV on

Electra, if you actually did research on the Maori people you would note that they originated from South East Asia not South East Africa. Normally I wouldn’t say anything about something like that but I felt it needed to be corrected. The cultures of Polynesians and Pacific Islanders are an interest of mine since my dad’s side of the family comes from Philippines and Hawai’i.

Seraphina on

What the heck is wrong with you people on here??? Do you all just hang out here looking for a fight with EVERY SINGLE THREAD??? It never failsโ€ฆsomeone makes a statement some mother takes offense to and BAM!!!!

I take offense at your comment, Brooke.

Not everyone who comments at CBB is a mother.

Ha ha. ๐Ÿ™‚

NikNak on


I agree. I don’t know why every post of a non-white person has to turn into a discussion about race and ethnicity. And worse, some people feel obligated to correct others who they don’t know, and who will probably continue living their lives just the way they have always been, regardless of said people’s need to “school” everyone on race and ethnicity.

Yes, I do get annoyed when people make ridiculous comments about race, but why the heck can’t people learn to ignore them.

Maddie on

I woke up this morning to this gorgeous twosome in the local paper (as i’m a kiwi), and they did indeed look gorgeous. I thought Keisha’s outfit was beautiful, and Felicity is so cute! We’ve got some good clothes in New Zealand Fashion Week this year ๐Ÿ™‚

Rach on

OMG the comments one her biracial looks are ridiculous. I am Trinidadian and mixed with a whole bunch of things,most people tell me I look native, whereas my brother looks black.Genes are funny things man, it’s awful that people can be so close minded, esp judging her from a side pic alone and just from 1 picture.

My son looks completely white to so many people, he has dirty brown-blond hair and blue eyes and is completely fair.He is not peachy fair like his father and not yellow fair like me, he is more olive fair I would say.

When I take him out alone people can be so ridiculous asking me things like am I his biological mother and am I sure that I am. Its so stupid and rude that people say things like that to a random stranger. When I go out with my white best friend they assume that he is hers,but when they here any of us or my son call me mama, they assume we are lesbians.My mom has this saying, people that assume, tend to be a$$es. It seems harsh,but sometimes it is so true.It’s funny because my son looks nothing like my husbands baby pictures,but he resembles him nowas a grown man, he looks so identical to me and 1 of my brother’s baby pictures and my neice’s baby pictures (her father is the one everyone thinks is black).

Grace on

The baby looks like a typical Kiwi kid — gumboots and all.

Some almost full-Maori kids I knew looked like they’d grown up playing soccer in California, and some with only one Maori grandparent looked right out of the archives of Te Papa. Genetics are strange and mysterious — once on an Air NZ flight I was sitting next to a 6-foot ginger fellow with a full Maori facial tattoo. He was there with his family, all of whom ran the range from pakeha to Maori.

But I never really heard anyone mentioned as “mixed race”. You either had Maori grandparents or you didn’t. Or Samoan, or Indonesian, or whatever. Almost everyone there is part-something, I don’t think it really matters as much as the US at all.

Grace on

What I’m trying to say here is no Kiwi is going to question Keisha about F-A’s parentage based on her looks, and wouldn’t ever think to. Pakeha and Maori and Samoan have intermarried extensively.

Jennifer on

Felicity-Amore certainly is a beautiful little girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

Casey on

Keisha and her daughter are so cute and it is interesting, I always thought the Maori tribe came from Puerto Rico! See, do research and you’re find the truth. Maori people are as far from Puerto Rico as China from the U.S. Folks really should avoid going to wikipedia to research stars because so much information printed there is misleading. Stick to the facts and research more reputable sources. The Aboriginals of Australia are often inter-linked with the Maori of New Zealand but that would be wrong as well. Anyway her daughter is adorable.

MixtryMama on

I have always know that keisha was Maori, with a touch of Samoan as well. A great many Maori people have European ancestry in New Zealand. My boyfriend is both Maori and Samoan, though at first I thought he was Hawaiian. It’s true, there has been a great deal of inter-marriage amongst the Maori and the whites of New Zealand. They are a beautiful mother and daughter duo.

gigi on

She’s beautiful and no she doesn’t look like her Mom from what I can see. I do understand curiosity in cases where the parent and child don’t resemble each other. It’s not meant to be hurtful, people are just curious. Not EVERYTHING is racist. Geez!

Erika on

Felicity is a cutie!! And I LOVE her name!!

I don’t understand the comments about her being biracial. First off, if you look at her skin next to Keishia, she’s really not that much lighter. Keishia doesn’t have really dark skin. It’s more the hair because Keishia has black hair, and Felicity’s is so light. But genes are weird- I know people who have children who don’t even really look anything like them, and nobody chooses what their child looks like, so I don’t understand these ‘she’s so light’ comments.

urbanadventurertales on

My husband is biracial (black/white) and I am white. We have fraternal twins- one with darker skin and curly hair, the other with lighter skin and straight hair. You can see pictures on my site of them (just click on my name and it will direct you to the site).
Genetics is an amazing thing!

Laura Coller on

Trace everyone’s ancestry far enough back and we’re ALL mutts. Everyone has a mix of something- but no matter what, we’re all beautiful. Get over it.

Electra on

Actually my research is correct. Everyone on earth decended from one group of south east africans that left Africa. However Moari originate from the first wave of these africans.They dispearsed themselves most notably throught india, indonesia, austraila and asia. Studies have been done and maori, aboriginies(Sp) and some southern indians all share the same Y chromosome(look up m168 which is unchanging- for thousands of years. Because these africans took the journey to austrailia through these places.So my research goes farther than your own. I study genetics and anthropology on an academic level so i’m not going to just pull info out of my butt.

Jessica on

Who the F cares what color her skin is? Do you people have nothing better to do than spend a day debating whether or not you think her skin is the correct color considering her parents. I feel sorry for you! They are both beautiful and I bet Keisha is a great mother, she looks angelic in this photo.

BeckyPeabody on

What a heartbrakingly, beautiful little girl. Ethereal, comes to mind.

Jessi on

I’ve been wanting to see a picture of her! And Felicity-Amore is adorable!

Lynn on

Haha, Jessica! I never would have even thought to bring up her skin color . . . some of the people on this site are just so ridiculous.

Harley on

Dude, drop the freakin’ racial thread. This isn’t about race. This is about a gorgeous little girl with her beautiful mom on a runway. Felicity is so big its making me feel old lol.

Kasee on

Rach your post totally made me laugh. Although it would be terribly rude, at least it would make sense if someone asked if you knew for sure who the father was. But to ask if you are sure that you are the biological mother? That’s hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rach on

Hahah Kasee, you have no idea !! It seems my family is cursed with this lol

I remember one time an aunt was breastfeeding while we were out and these old ladies actually followed us to her house, knocked on the door and told her white husband that “the babysitter is trying to breastfeed you child !!” and to fire her. What her husband said cannot be repeated here but he did say that it was well within his coloured wife’s rights to bf her own child lol and slammed the door on their bewildered faces lol.

My mom’s friend went into the nursery at the hospital to see her white looking baby being breastfed by someone else. The baby had appar wriggled out of the tags and the woman was a crackhead recovering from a stillborn or miscarriage i think it was. The hospital and the staff got into so much crap.

MiB on

Well Electra, in the end, were all from south east Africa!

By the way, I love Keishas wings and Felicity-Amores rubber boots and tutu combo

brandi on

Aww that picture is adorable. She had stage fright aww.

Summer on

Rach – Everyone always says that my daughter looks exactly like my husband because she’s fairer complected, like him. I’m Greek, he’s Irish. Lily has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. But, for people who have seen me as a baby, she looks just like me (apart from coloring, because I was darker). I just think it’s funny when strangers tell you who your kid looks like.

Janessa on

I went into the nursery to get my son and the nurses looked at me and were surprised. The nurse came up to me and said oh he does not look like you well duh his father is white. i also had people say he looks Mexican, native ect not black well how is my son supposed to look like when he has one white and one negro parent.