Julie Chen Welcomes Son Charlie

09/24/2009 at 01:45 PM ET
Byron Purvis/AdMedia

He’s here — a bit early! Julie Chen and Les Moonves welcomed a son, Charlie, at 9:40 a.m. on Thursday, September 24th in Los Angeles.

“Mother and child are doing well,” a CBS rep tells Celebrity Baby Blog.

Julie, 39, announced the pregnancy in April and the sex of the baby in July. The Early Show and Big Brother host would have been due October 4th.

Husband Les, the CBS Corporation President and CEO, also has three children — Adam, Michael and Sara — from a previous marriage.

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Lynn on

Congratulations! The third normal name this week, too. That’s awesome.

This is the week for Celebrity Births annoucements or something.

Can’t wait to see Charlie!

Brooke on

Yeah! The Chen-Bot popped!!!

Lacey on

The baby didn’t come “a bit early”. She was 39 weeks. I hate if celebrities pop before their due dates, it’s termed “early” Early is 28-36 weeks. 37 weeks is considered full term.
Congratulations, Julie and Les!

Ellen Smith on

And dad will be 78 when he graduates from high school.

ann on

Aww, another Charlie. Tiger Woods has a Charlie too. It seems all the celebrity babies are coming fast and furious these last two weeks.

Tina. on

thats a great name! very excited for them!! 🙂

mom to 3 boys on

should it matter how old the parent is when the kid graduates from high school? what ‘should’ matter is the health of mom/baby.

Congratulations to all!

A Noun on

Charlie? How anticlimactic for Hollywood. Welcome BabyBot!

Kirra on

Lacey- Julie was only 38.5 weeks, and 38-39 weeks is now considered full term. It USED to be 37. If the baby is born before the due date, it is early. Seems simple enough to understand.

Meghan on

I agree with Kirra, If you deliver before your due date it’s early or at least earlier then anticipated. I would consider anything Less then 37 to be Premature.

FC on

Their son Charlie is already a go-getter! He doesn’t wait for due dates, he makes his own date…early or however. I think he’ll be gunning for a similar TV position like his mama soon enough. 😉

Congrats to her and Les on little Charlie, too.

Jamaicafest on

Congratulations to Julie Chen.

Micheley on

Charlie is probably my favorite boy name! If their weren’t so many in my family that would have definitely been the name I would have chosen.

Jennifer on

Congrats to them!

Courtney on

congrats to the happy family love the name charlie for a boy

acidstars9 on

Lacey- I think when they said early they were specifying that the baby was born before the actual due date. No where in the description does it say that the baby was premature.

Amber on

She was so cute on Big Brother 11 this season. Congrats!

Stephany on

I agree, Amber. She was ADORABLE on Big Brother. And all the contestants were so sweet to her!

Congrats to them! Charlie is such a great name. I love it!

sinclair on

“Lacey- Julie was only 38.5 weeks, and 38-39 weeks is now considered full term. It USED to be 37. If the baby is born before the due date, it is early. Seems simple enough to understand.”

Kirra, Lacey is right. And, another factor is that pinpointing conception is not an exact science, therefore a due date is not always accurate. 37 weeks is still full term. And many women do not make 40wks anyway.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Nice normal name, as others have commented on too, was first thing th6at came to mind, like names like charlie, harry etc. Congrats to the his parents. I also made it to just over 38 weeks, and as she was full term she weighed just on 7pds anyway. considering our first child was induced over six weeks early due to preeclampsia & weighed under 4 pds, our 2nd bub seemed huge in comparison to her ‘little’ big brother, lol…Main thing’s a healthy bub of course…

Daisy on

I loved her Big Brother maternity style this season!! Looks like the show ended just in time, Congrats Julie!!

Ashley on

@ Sinclair- Sorry, but you are incorrect. I just had my fourth child and 38-39 weeks IS considered full term. I also actually know many women to go to their due date.

sinclair on

Ashley, 37 weeks is still standard; the baby’s lungs are formed and s/he can live on her/his own outside of the body without complications. i know a lot of women who do not go to their due date, so what? it’s all a matter of guesstimating.

eternalcanadian on

Just in time as Big Brother ended not too long ago. I thought Julie was ready to go the last show, and sure enough here’s the baby. Congratulations to Julie and Les!

Jax on

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY– I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!!!! Julie is awesome beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope she has a daughter some day!!!!!

Megan on

Who cares if ‘full term’ is 37 weeks or 38.5 weeks! Since some people seem to have forgotten the purpose of the article, I will attempt to get it back on topic.

Congrats to the happy couple on their healthy baby boy. That’s all that should matter. I still remember when Les Moonves worked for NBC and was one of the few execs who supported the idea to let ER begin production. I also remember him giving interviews when JAG reached its 200th episode. He seems like a funny guy.

CelebBabyLover on

Ashley- Sinclair is correct. Doctors do not consider babies born at 37 weeks to be premature. Also, if a woman goes into labor at 37 weeks, most doctors don’t attempt to stop the process.

CelebBabyLover on

To be more specific, anywhere from 37 to 40 weeks is considered full-term. Anything earlier than that is preterm, anything later is post-term.

Helen says on

Glad to hear that all is well. Charlie was born on my middle daughter’s birthday. Congratulations.

Lokemelie on

Aloha Julie, Les and baby Charlie….CONGRATS to all 3 of you..Glad everyone is healthy and fine! Who cares when Charlie was born, as long as he is healthy and doing GREAT it doesn’t matter! It is after the fact! Love that name Charlie!

denise on

Charlie is my son’s name too!! Congrats! can’t wait to see him

Helen White on

Congratulations Julie, i know Charlie is as beautiful as you are! Take care of you, hubby, and of course little Charlie!! I miss seeing you on the CBS early show.

Take care and be well!!


Chris on

GREAT name! That’s our little boy’s name too… Charlie and Albert for a middle name (my dad’s name)… awesome and good luck!

Patty on

Congrats??? They had an affair – he was married and already had three children. Shame on them both I say.