Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Shows Off Her Gap-Toothed Grin

09/23/2009 at 12:30 PM ET

She’s missing a tooth! Angelina Jolie steps out with kids Shiloh Nouvel, 3, Zahara Marley, 4 ½, and Pax Thien, 5 ½, on Wednesday in Toulon, France.

The group was taking a trip to Toys ‘R Us.

Angelina and partner Brad Pitt are also parents to Maddox Chivan, 8, and twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 14 months.

Angelina wears a dress and Zahara wears a skirt by Gerard Darel.

Click below for a photo of Angelina, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh.


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Wow, 3 is the youngest I’ve ever heard of a child losing a tooth! Shiloh looks happy, but the others look annoyed, perhaps with the photographer. I know I’d be! 🙂

Jessica on

They’re all the same size!! ;)… And missing a tooth already!!?? Wow! My DD lost her first tooth at 6, which is later then some, I know, but 3!!???

Kristin on

I just think it’s the space between her teeth and the angle of the camera….she is too little to loose teeth!

Elle on

Perhaps Shiloh had a wipe out! My nephew knocked out his two front teeth when he was about 3 1/2 while he was riding his bike. He was without teeth for a LONG time! Haha. But he looked so cute.

Meghan on

My daughter is 3 and is also missing a tooth only bc she fell and hit it on the hardwood floor. Maybe she had a accident or something!!!! Shiloh has a great sense of style! Lol

Hugo on

why do they dress Shiloh like a boy??

Lisa on

She’s not missing a tooth. It looks like she has a gap.

SadieA on

Well for the people who complain about how Angelina dresses Shiloh, I think this picture with Zahara dressed as girly as can be is proof that Shiloh prefers to wear “tomboy” clothes. Kids like what they like! I think the sword is hilarious, no playing princess for her lol

Daisy on

OMG here we go with the Shiloh dressing like a boy comments…what does everyone expect..because she is gorgeous and has these gorgeous parents that shes suppose to dress like Suri Cruise?!

Get a clue, obviously they let her play dress up and just dress how she wants, which is expressing her creativity and imagination! If Shiloh is happy, healthy and having fun..who cares?! Shes a baby…GET OVER IT!!

Sidenote: Zahara looks so pretty, I love her hair!

Chris on

Why are all three children the same height? It’s so funny to me. Shiloh looks just like Jon Voight especially with the way she’s dressed. 🙂

Jess on

Maybe Shiloh likes dressing like that.

nks on

Interesting outfit choice for Shiloh. I know Angelina’s all about not dressing Shiloh girly, but Zahara is in a skirt, so this doesn’t make much sense to me..

Kristen on

All of those children are beautiful, but Zahara literally takes my breath away. She is just so naturally gorgeous! I love her skirt and boots!

Michelle on

They are the cutest ever and Angelina looks so pretty. I think the reason it looks like she lost a tooth is because of the angle of the camera. She has always had a space between her teeth. I think she looks adorable dressed up as a pirate. With her brothers I bet it is fun to dress up. Let them be kids and dress up and do what they want. You are only a kid for so long.

Elisabeth on

My first daughter lost first tooth at 3 and bit. The dentist said it was perfectly normal. She got her 2 front teeth at 2 months so it really just depends on when they get their teeth. My second just lost her 2 front teeth and she just turned 4 but she did not get her first tooth until 4 months.

Chris on

Okay I just noticed that Shiloh has a sword of some type. Maybe she’s playing dress up.

Vagabond on

Zahara looks really funky and chic – I love her look! As far as I know Shiloh herself likes to play with identities so I would assume that she picked that outfit herself

Elizabeth on

If you remember, Shiloh has always had a gap between her two front teeth. Its probably just the angle of the camera making it look bigger.

Re Hugo: Whats wrong with Shiloh dressing like a boy? Is there some sort of unwritten law that girls must wear frou-frou pink dresses and pretty bows in their hair? She looks awful happy dressed exactly as she is. I’m also sure Brad and ANgelina don’t force her to dress like a tomboy, that is just what Shiloh wants. Zahara is girly and wants to wear dresses while SHiloh is not so much and feels more comfortable in neutral colored jeans and t-shirts. You shouldn’t force your kids to be something they aren’t.

Lisa on

Hugo…I’m sure they don’t dress her like a boy on purpose. She’s 3 1/2 she has a mind and style of her own. I’m sure she wants to dress like that, u can’t make a 3 yr old dress how u want them to look. I have a 4 yr old I know first hand. I try to get him to wear polo shirts and he refuses, he wants to wear shirts with skulls, dino’s, car’s, ect. Same for my 2 yr old.

Crystal on

If you click on the link she IS missing a tooth!They are all to cute

JMO on

I doubt Shiloh lost the tooth on her own. She probably had it knocked out or had it taken out for medical reasons. My cousin busted her front teeth out of her mouth at 2. Another little girl I know busted 3 of her top teeth out at 2. And my nephew chipped his two front teeth jumpin in the bathtub at 2 and my cousin’s child chipped the same tooth 3 times that by age 4 1/2 the dentist just went ahead and pulled it out.

I think Z is more the girly girl where Shiloh takes after her brothers and likes to be casual. Nothing wrong with that. It’s nice to see them out and about. I really would love to see what Vivi and knox look like though.

Leah on

Shiloh has never had a gap between her teeth. She lost the tooth last month. She had both teeth from the photos of them at McDonalds and Toys R Us in LA. On that trip she and AJ took to Ajaccio, France late Aug she didn’t have it. As far as her clothes it’s obvious she’s playing at being Peter Pan

Brandi on

She is clearly missing a tooth, not sure what some of these comments are about. I love that Angie lets her dress how she wants to.

Jamie on

What a lovely family. Angelina and Brad do a wonderful job with their children.

june on

My middle child was a tomboy, and didn’t want to dress like a girl and made her own choices to a certain point.
Kids won’t choose something that isn’t made available to them.

I hate the camo pants. Buy some that are for little girls, so they fit better, not her brother’s hand me downs. Save those for knox.

Shaunie on

I love how they’re all different ages but the same height! LOL

It looks to me like the kids pick out there own clothes (or at least have a say in the matter).

Shiloh has a vest with a sword attached too it, and Zahara is wearing rain boots! I think its cute.

Jamie on

OMG, I love it!!!!

Shiloh is unbearably cute in her tomboy getup!! I love how they let their kids dress in everyday clothes (okay, expensive everyday clothes, but not the designer duds that Suri Cruise ends up in!).

They’ve let Z’s hair out from the little pigtails she was wearing! Z looks so girly-girly here!

Shiloh looks sooooo much like Brad Pitt.. and then she looks a lot like Mama too. Gorgeous.

Allie-Rose on

Shiloh is the spitting image of Brad! Especially in the second picture!

Cass on

oh wow i LOVE Shiloh. such a little character! it looks to me like those kids pick out their own outfits, as opposed to the over-styled, unnatural look of Suri Cruise or the Beckham boys. As a result, they are much cuter, funnier and more interesting. i’ll bet Shiloh is kooky and funny and highly individualistic, all fantastic qualities. Go Shi!

Vesna on

Shiloh is the most beauty baby girl in Hollywood. Adorable

Mariel on

I just love when the kids pick out theirs own clothes!!!!!!
I dont see nothing grown sharing clothes, thats a beautiful pic!

Ronnie on

This is such a cute picture. I can care less about how they dress Shiloh nor Zahara, but I do wish they would do something with Z’s hair. With the texture of hair Z has, it takes alot of maintanence to keep it neat and nice looking. I have a mixed niece who’s mother only washes and throw a headband around her hair and boy does it ever look like she stuck her finger into a light socket lol! But nonetheless these kids are cute and Angie seems to love her kiddies!

Patricia on

I love the shot where they’re all holding hands.

I also love how every kid looks like they’re rocking their own style, they’re letting them be individuals and express themselves. Which I think is great.

I love Shiloh’s little sword 🙂

adora61 on

I think I remember reading somewhere a while back that Brad and Angelina let the kids decide what they want to wear. I don’t see anything wrong with what Shiloh’s wearing at all; I think she’s adorable 🙂

lolita on

WHY Angeline is trying soooooo hard to makes Shiloh to be a ‘tomboy’????
I mean, its ok to were boyish clothes, if she likes it… BUT I NEVER sew her in pink or some other girli things (even as a little baby). its just STRANGE!!!

Bren on

She isn’t missing a tooth, she has a GAP in between her two front teeth lol. Cute kids. Shiloh is quite the tomboy and Zahara looks like a girlie girl. Too cute!

Bren on

Oh wait, I didn’t see the close up! She is missing a tooth.

dede on

Zahara is dressed just like her mother… Shiloh looks just like her father in that fedora…Pax is a cute little guy who doesn’t mind holding his sister’s hand… And that’s just how it is…

Me on

A Shiloh sized version of Brad’s hat… how cute!

Colleen on

Shiloh prob. lost the tooth by falling or some sort of accident. I cannot get over how beautiful Zahara is! She is sooooo gorgeous! I love her hair, and those big, expressive eyes! She looks like she has such a victorian, grown up face…I love it!

Evy Miami on

Cute picture, Zahara is adorable! I love her hair just the way it is so natural. With respect to Shiloh, they can dress her however they want but I can’t wait to see her in a dress. She doesnt have to be Suri Cruise but they can try to make her look like a what she is once in a while, a girl. Just my opinion. The only thing I can think of is that Angelina was a tomboy growing up and does the same with her.

marilyn on

the kids are just happy, happy, happy!

lis on

First the kids are so cute. Pax is growing into a handsome young boy. Second go goggle Shiloh images. You will see she has worn dresses more than pants. Just recently have we see her in more tomboy clothes. So stop saying Angelina wants her to dress like a boy.

Laura on

Shiloh is most definitely missing a tooth. click on the link that CBB provided saying “Missing a tooth” and you can clearly see that she has a tooth missing. From far away it’s hard to tell but the close-up clearly shows it.

My cousin was 4 and hit her mouth and had to have her top two teeth removed. So for 3 years she didn’t have her top 2 teeth and she was adorable lol.

I doubt Shiloh simply lost the tooth naturally. I’ve NEVER seen a child lose a top tooth first (naturally I mean) I’m sure it happens occasionally but most children lose one of the bottom ones first. So if one of her bottom teeth was missing then maybe she just lost it early but most likely she had an accident or it needed to come out for other reasons. Either way it really doesn’t matter. She’ll get the adult tooth eventually.

Chelsea on

I really want to see the twins!

Finnaryn on

lolita, maybe Brad and Angelina don’t like pink. I HATE pink and never dressed my daughter in it when she was little. She wears it now by her own choice, but I never wear pink myself.

cassie on

She is missing the tooth it’s obvious on larger photos .Lolita she also rarely dressed Zahara in girly clothes but obviusly Z is picking out the clothes she wants to wear now . Shiloh likes to dress like that.

Roxanne on

I think it’s pretty obvious that Shiloh probably chose to wear this outfit (ie the swashbuckling sword). Look at Zahara’s girly outfit and Pax’s nonmatching outfit. It’s just her style. Remember how Brad said she made them call her “John” after watching Peter Pan for months? The girl obviously is nonconventional and has a hell of an imagination. She sort of takes after her mother that way. And where do people get the idea Angelina was a total tomboy as a child? Every pic I see of her she dressed pretty girly herself.

I highly doubt Brad or Angelina overly care how their children look as long as they’re not out there naked and dirty. They seem to support expressing individuality, as I do.

I say at three years old, let ’em wear what they want! They have their whole adult life to submit to societal and fashion “rules” as dictated by Vogue,In Style, and whatever the next fashion bible is.

(LOVE- J ) on

Beautiful family.

Jen DC on

Shiloh looks like Brad from “A River Runs Through It” with that bucket hat!

In any event, I remember dressing like this as a three year old. Anything that wouldn’t show that much dirt or be automatically destroyed as I and my dog rolled around in the backyard was a favorite of mine – not my Mom’s. *She* thought I shouldn’t play on the ground and get dirty, so pink and white clothes shouldn’t have been a problem if I would “act like a little girl” instead of the wild animal she was given to bring home with her. Maybe Shiloh’s like that.

And yeah, the kid totally lost a tooth, probably falling on the hilt of that sword she’s knocking about with. I knocked out my two front teeth at 3 years of age “ice skating” in my babysitter’s flooded cement basement. There was that one rough spot on the floor, and wouldn’t you know it, *my* sock gets caught on it, throwing me down to the floor and sending one tooth through my upper lip. Those teeth didn’t return until I was about 8 or 9 years old; a year after that, it was discovered I didn’t have enough room in my mouth for all my teeth anyway and four others were pulled out.

She’s fine. She’s a got two older brothers and one older sister… And Z looks like the bossy type. 😀 Shiloh probably gets to do more of what she wants playing with Mad and Pax rather than with Z, who probably wants Shiloh to “do it *this way*.” Big sisters are kind of like that.

Ashley on

I have a feeling she knocked her tooth out! My son did when he was 3. He knocked out his front top 2 teeth.(plus most kids lose their bottom teeth first!)

My daughter is about 2 weeks older then Shiloh, and has NO loss teeth what so ever.

Summer on

Daisy said it all.

lucy80 on

i think Zahara looks incredably thin here.
maybe it is justher build?
also find it interesting how they have shilo in such boy ish clothes always, i have 2 children,boy and girl, and mostly they have no interest in what i put on them, so i dont think at such a young age it is shilo deciding she wants to look “butch” but rather her parents
they all look happy though

eva on

She looks like baby Indiana Jones.How cool is that? The older kids aren’t as pleased with themselves,probably too aware of the photographers around them.Still,they are all sweet little ones!

babyboopie on

Oh Shi looks so cute in that picture! I can so imagine in their playroom, Zahara is playing with dolls and prams, yelling at Shi ” Don’t do that. Do it like this. There.” And Shiloh’s like ” Pax! Maddox! Can I play Action Man with you?” Or maybe Angie saves her and says ” Shi, want to come and help me dress Knox and Viv?”

Alice on

My twin sister and I didn’t get our first teeth until we were about a year old and we didn’t lose our first teeth until we were about 7 and 1/2 or 8 either. I’d guess Shiloh had her tooth knocked out. Who knows how long it might be though until her permanent tooth comes in.

Sammy-xx on

Shilo has 2 brothers and guessing by the fact she seems pretty tomboyish she might have had a tussel with them and kncked her tooth out.
I think by aged 3 Shiloh wold say if she didn’t want to dress like that. She looks perfectlly happy and smilling Brad and Angie clearly arent making her wear clothes she doesn’t want to wear, and why would they.

Alice on

Just thought of something. Perhaps Shiloh’s tooth is blacked out to make her look like a real swashbuckler!

Shannon on

They are all sooo cute! I love that Brad and Angie clearly have a lot of respect for their children’s individuality and creativity. They let each of the kids be their own person, and do what they can to help them express themselves. Very, very cool of them.

Shi is an absolutel doll! Looks just like Brad, except those lips! Zahara and Pax are growing up so fast. Wish we could see more of the twins!

SadieA on

Lis is right, it looks like when Angelina decided what Shiloh wore, she was in dresses, but when Shiloh could decide for herself its pants and t-shirts. Honestly though, why is it so important to people that Shiloh wear pink and dresses?!

Linda on

Angelina always reminds me of Morticia (sp) on the Adams Family. All the kids are usually dressed like like refugees from a war camp. Sorry, but they don’t have to dress like Surie Cruise to look clean and will taken care of. What is so wrong with dressing nicely?

Andrea_momof2 on

LMAO, I love that outfit, it’s hilarious!

I believe Cruz Beckham also lost a tooth when he was around 3 years old…he’s still gap toothed when he smiles!

Brianne on

Well, what do we have here? A three year old dressing for play? Sounds familiar… Shiloh likes to play with swords, Suri with girly shoes and lipstick. Both are cute in their own way and none of them (Angelina, Katie, Shiloh, or Suri) deserve to be cut to pieces or judged negatively as parents for allowing their children to do what they do best at the age of three, play and be themselves.

Doreen on

They have all the money in the world and they dress Shiloh like THAT?! She’s going to be on worst dressed, needs a new stylist in the future I can see it now!

SY on

Remember, Shiloh is the little girl that wore soccer cleats to her ballet class, I think it’s just her personality. We knows, tons of girls who have older brothers and love to dress up like this, in fact one friend’s little 4 year old girl is dressing up as Darth Vader this year for Halloween. They are just kids going to Toys r Us, they look clean, fed and happy, so does anything else matter?

themomclaire on

How would you like it if people critisized the way that you dressed your child… or yourself? My daughter is 4 and ever since she was able to make decisions she has had imput into what she wears. We have been out in dress up clothes, a bathing suit, tutu and tee shirt… come on! You are only a kid once and parents, expecially parents with a large family, learn very early on to pick your battled! What you wear, as long as not offensive and not reveiling, is not a battle in a parents mind. As long as they are comfortable and happy, that is all that matters.
As for Shiloh’s tooth, think about it, she has 5 brothers and sisters, how crazy it must be during play time. Children get injured no matter if they are playing by themselves or with their siblings. You can hover over them or let them play freely, it happens!
Get over it and just enjoy the sneak peak into someone else’s life!

kobelvr on

I love the Jolie-Pitt clan but I can not act like that I am not upset about what they are doing with Zahara hair. It is nothing to at least put it in two ponytails. (Just my opinion)

Nikiiiiiiiiiii on

Her name is JOHN! its not Shilo, and thats what John would wear!….I think she’s missing a tooth from an accident.

cassie on

They look clean and well taken care of to me obviously they are being raised to be individuals not conformists. I see very little difference and how the kids dress than how Brad dresses. Most of the time his clothes are wrinkled and/ or ill fitting and neither parent wears vibrant colors. That’s just the way they dress

taegan on

Well said Daisy! Power to Shiloh, she’s rocking the Pan/Pirates look!

And where do people get this impression that Angie was a tomboy as a kid? Honestly where?

Most of the pics of her as a child she is in dresses, skirts, lace and frilly things…Even as an adult she is in frilly dresses, skirts and tops; granted they are not colourful but that doesn’t make them boyish! So where does this image of Angie the tomboy come from?

People need to stop projecting their issues onto this woman!

Gaga on

They aren’t going to a wedding. I’m sure the kids dress up when appropriate. There was a tabloid story some months ago that Shiloh would only wear Maddox’ clothes. Looks like it might have been true. That would explain the soccer cleats at dance class too.

nettrice on

I LOVE the sword! She really is Peter Pan. I’m also glad she is able to choose her “personality”. Ten years from now she could be a debutante and Z is the tomboy. You never know. Let them explore.

cassie on

I love Shiloh’s hair beautiful,clean and natural.

jenny on

Is it necessary to compare Shiloh to poor Suri? Suri is not even in this blog, and yet people feel the need to comment about her clothes. Leave the poor girl alone!! Shiloh is always dressed like a boy, however if that is her choice then thats great. I get the feeling that Angelina has hinted that Shiloh wear less feminine things as well. But for gods sake leave Suri out of it

Stephany on

I really don’t understand how anyone could find what the kids are wearing as wrong. I find it much better to see kids dressed in things it looks like THEY wanted to wear, rather than dressing up on what Mom deemed they should wear. It’s obvious Shiloh is a bit of a tomboy and Zahara is a bit of a girly-girl. And Angelina and Brad let their kids dress in clothes they want to dress in. I find it refreshing!

Beautiful pictures.

Philippa on

What’s the big deal? I lost my first tooth when I was 4, which people consider young as well. I lost all my “baby teeth” by the time I was 10 or 11.
On another note, the kids look adorable. Pax is turning into a handsome young boy, Zahara is stunning, and Shiloh looks so cute, and she obviously has fun dressing up.
Adorable family 😀

ritter on

haven’t read ALL the comments, but Lolita I think they generally avoid color period. Angie and Maddoz always wore shades of black and brown and after Brad started dating her he did too. Then as each kid came along they usually wore all white, grey, black, brown, muted tones. I don’t know if it’s their thing or to make photos less interesting for paparazzi or what, but it’s sort of strange. Shiloh did wear a lot of dresses though. Now I assume she picks her clothes and was playing at home when they decided to go out. she probably asked if she could take her sword and they said sure. they aren’t really the most conventional people. side note, LOVE Shiloh’s skirt (see it’s still a muted purple though) and her hair is great. reminds me of a Gap ad.

Sandra on

The Jolie-Pitt children are all gorgeous, but they are ALWAYS dressed for a funeral. They are forever in blacks, greys, whites and camo. I dont understand it.

That said, they are all adorable.

ritter on

^^oops, meant to say as a sidenote that I love Zahara’s skirt and hair in the pics

Stella Bella on

I like this family more and more. Brad and Angie seem to have a strong sense of family while at the same time respecting each person for the individual he/she is. Very admirable.

g!na on

aaw!yes in the close up she definitely lost her tooth! i think it was chipped awhile back! i was a tomboy too! I had so much fun playing with the boys in sports! what a happy childhood! Shiloh loves to be active! it’s very healthy!

NYC_Nona on

My daughter had a slip in the tub when she was 18 mths old…broke her front tooth diagonally…they capped it for esthetics but the cap eventually fell off (2 yrs later we had to pull the tooth)…she’s 5 now and our dentist did tell us it could be a few yrs until her new tooth pops through…it was quite the episode which included root canals and other procedures…I feel for little Shiloh…love this family because they just seem so down to earth…it’s ok people to let your children be who they are, dress they way the like…pick your own battles and fights…as long as you guide them, teach them boundaries/manners/respect, life will be fine…

JMO on

I like a boy to look like a boy and a girl to look like a girl…but let’s face it…that doesn’t always happen. My 4 year old niece is VERY girly but dresses herself. She’s fairly good at matching outfits but oh boy sometimes she comes out in the oddest mixed matched outfits. We just laugh it off and usually say, “you sure you want to wear that?”…or we may try and guide her into a switch but at the end of the day it’s realy not worth the battle. Let them express themselves.

And clearly Shiloh is obsessed with Peter Pan as Brad said on Oprah and she’s just playing dress up which is GREAT for a childs imagination!

Hea on

Shiloh looks like one tough cookie! 🙂 Beautiful kids.

Sandra – Dressed for a funeral? Are we looking at the same photos?

Chris asked; “Why are all three children the same height?”

They are the same height because they are their own individuals, with their own genetic build up, and their growth patterns does not look identical. It’s really quite simple.

Kimmie on

@ sadie I hardley think at the age of 3,that she has a preference..the kids are beautiful,but they look like they dress from the Goodwill!..I’m not knocking the Goodwill,but c’mon,this is bad!

Whitney Sterk on

some kids loves to play dress up—- look at Cruz Beckham…

Jana on

If it wasn’t so soon, I would think Angelina dressed Shiloh and Zahara for trick-or-treating.

Jana on

Stephany, if I dressed my daughter in what she likes to wear, she’s run around in her jammies all day! As parents it is our responsibility to make sure our kids are properly dressed until they are old enough to properly dress themselves.

Mia on

They are all so big! Mad (not pictured), Pax, Z, and Shi are all little men, and little women now, defnitely not babies.

In many interviews Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie have stated they let their kids express themselves however they want, so how they are dressed are by the kids own choice.

And let me just say, Zahara is gorgeous, she is owning that parking lot LOL. Watch out fashion industry, Z is taking over in about 10 years.

I wonder what Knox and Viv look like, 14 months already, wow.

Jessica Williams on

Oh how adorable! I love the fact that she has a toy sword! That reminds me of myself at that age pretending I was She-Ra Princess of Power!

NLT on

Let them wear what they want. They will all have their own style, which may carry them to adulthood. These are not your children.

Amy on

I know people hate Brad and Angelina but attacking the kids for what they wear, their height, and a missing tooth is very extreme. Shiloh isn’t the only tomboy in the world. I don’t know why people are making a federal case of it. The kids are only a year apart. So of course they are going to be very close in height. Also they may be short or tall for their ages. Kids lose teeth all of the time, even at three. Violet Affleck has/had a few teeth missing and nobody made an issue of it. Bottomline, people need to get a grip.

Erika on

As soon as I saw this picture, I knew there were going to be complaints. I knew a girl who had an abcess on her tooth at age two and had to get it pulled, so it’s possible that something like that happened. I know it’s not great for really little kids to loose teeth, but I always thought it looked so cute!!

Amanda on

If the big sword, waistcoat and fedora hat didn’t give it away…lol. I would put my mortgage on the idea that Shiloh was playing dress-up. I’d much rather see her in this than tottering down a street with Mummy whilst wearing high heels.

The argument about Angelina dresing Shiloh like a boy doesn’t really hold weight when you consider a few things. Firstly, Zahara seems to be the most girly girl you could imagine so Angelina clearly isn’t against all things frilly, pink and girly. Secondly, Angelina has 3, yes 3, boys to dress as boyishly as she likes. Thirdly, Shiloh, at 3 and a half, has a mind of her own. If she’s not hurting anyone, why not let her wear whatever she likes while she’s at an age where she couldn’t care less what people think? I say let her enjoy it while it lasts.

But, adorable half of a lovely family. It’s so sweet to see Pax and Zahara holding hands. I’d bet those two are best mates. Pax seems to be have more of a boyish look here, he’s not looking like a toddler/little boy anymore. Very cute indeed as are his sisters.

Mom_2_Three_Babes on

@ NYC_Nona
I agree with your comments. Children are faced with so many issues nowadays. Let kids be kids! They grow too fast as it is. Relax people, they are not your kids. I’m sure Brad and Angelina could care less how anyone feels they are raising their kids. Each to their own.

Beautiful family, enjoying life. Nothing more precious.

cassie on

they probably let them all pick out their own outfits

Terra Colclough on

I remember reading somewhere, perhaps even here, that Shiloh is going through a phase where she only wants to where clothes that Maddox wore before:)

Jane on

I love the way Shiloh dresses. I dressed like that when I was a child. I absolutely hated dresses and skirts. I still hate them to this day. I think they look nice, I’m just not comfortable wearing them. Shiloh looks happy. I think it’s great that Angelina and Brad let Shiloh and the other children wear what they like.

Wendy on

the tooth is painted black in keeping with the pirate costume !!!

Wendy on

and i am talking indiana jones cross new age pirate outfit !!

SadieA on

Kimmie, if she can insist that everyone call her “John” at 2 1/2 yrs (as Brad Pitt explained to Oprah last year), she can refuse to wear dresses at 3 1/2.

Shirese on

All 3 of the kids look healthy and beautiful regardless of what they are wearing.

janie on

Why does she dress Shiloh like a boy?

Very strange and boring clothing!

ElenaS on

Shi probably had an accident. My cousin broke his tooth at 18 mounts and he got new tooth at age of 4 1/2. As for the clothes I really like to see Shiloh in her white dresses she used to wear but If she doesn’t like to wear that’s her decision. Anyway all kids as so beautiful and I really hope that soon we will see the twins again.

To CBB stuff. Could you make some interview with Jolie-Pitt like the one that were here before where readers post questions and latter you ask celebrities the same questions?

CTBmom on

Wendy…the tooth is not blacked out. It’s missing. If you look at the close up picture the tooth is gone. My guess, as others have already suggested, is that she accidentally knocked it out. It happens. As far as how Shiloh is dressed, they obviously let her wear what she wants, which I think is great! What possible harm can come from letting a child pick out their own clothes? I mean, as long as it is appropriate for the weather, who cares? I personally love how each kid has their own style!

andilea on

I love the individuality of their children. They aren’t cookie-cutter at all. About the clothes, didn’t James Wilke Broderick dress only in pajamas for months? What is so different with Shi wearing boy clothes. That’s all I wanted to wear as a kid.

lawgirl on

I would be thrilled if, when I have kids of my own, my little girl would want to dress up as something other than a princess. While it seems quite obvious to me that the little Shiloh is playing dress-up of some sort, would it be so awful if she wasn’t “dressing up” and Angelina simply chose not to dress her in frills (or if Shiloh didn’t want to wear frilly girly things)? We should support the development of different personalities in children and not try to shape them into cookie-cutter molds: princess dresses for girls, swords for boys, etc.

Jessica on

Isn’t 3 a bit young to be losing teeth? Who cares how the kids dresses, I’m just confused because isn’t Angelina a UN ambassador standing for peace and against violence? That doesn’t really seem to mesh with letting your kids walk around with swords (yes i’m aware that it’s not real).

Ratty on

Ah, their parents are actors…they dress up for a living…not a stretch to think that their kids might like to do the same.

Personally, I think its adorable!

Sadie on

I applaud the way this family let their children be who they are. Brad and Angelina aren’t image conscious at all when it comes to their kids, and it’s totally refreshing.
Clothes are a form of expression, and how wonderful that Shiloh can pick out her outfit without mama feeling the need to stick a big pink bow in her hair.
LOL, as for the “gap”, I’d say with 6 kids it gets a bit raucous around the Jolie-Pitt house. Chances are that tooth got knocked out during some rough and tumble of sorts.

Liliana on

Beautiful children!

I don’t understand why Shiloh’s attire bothers people. She’s three! There’s no protocol for how a boy or girl should dress. Brad and Angelina seem to allow their children to run wild with creativity and I don’t see anything wrong with that. She’s happy, healthy, and loved; what more could a person want for a child?

As for Angelina “forcing” her to be a tomboy, I highly doubt that’s the case. A close friend of mine has two daughters, ages six and four. Her eldest loves princesses, ballet, the color pink, and fairies. Her youngest refuses to wear pink or purple, adores Batman, plays football, and often wears t-shirts marketed towards little boys. My friend hasn’t forced either one of her daughters into stereotypical gender roles. They each like what they like and that’s what makes them unique. No harm done.

freebreeze on

Shiloh looks like a pale chubby Brad. I approve of how they let them dress how they wish and I suspect Shiloh hero worships her big brothers and wants to wear their clothes.

Erica on

1) All of the children are fully clothed.
2) Every item of clothing appears clean and intact.
3) Most importantly, the kids look happy and healthy.

Anyone who has a problem with Shiloh’s tomboy style should keep the above in mind, because IMO nothing else matters.

jen on

I have worked in dental for quite a few years. I have never yet had an child that young naturally lose a tooth. Not that it can’t happen, but it is rare and usually the lower teeth are the first to go. My first assumption was that she had an accident and the tooth either came out or was extracted.
I don’t think anything is wrong with her dressing up in public. My daughter (who is the same age as Shiloh) recently wore a unicorn halloween costume to the grocery store with me. So what? She likes the costume, and thinks she looks nice in it. It is not hurting anything or anyone. That is the great thing about the innocence of being young. If you want to go out dressed as a pirate, or whatever, you do it. They are too young to be influenced by peoples harsh judgments. She is a little girl having fun. Get over it!!

geryery on

Some people make very Rude comments! And I usually only see those types of comments when Angelina is the subject. hmmmmm

And people choose to forget that Zahara has been seen in PINK, Angelina has also worn PINK, green, Yellow, prints etc. Yet no one seems to remember.

MommyDuty on

Oh c’mon… she is 3. Let her play dress up and wear a sword to the store. With that many kids, you have to pick your battles!!

Kimberly on

I hate to burst your bubbles guys but Shiloh is indeed missing a thought. Check out the close ups of her @ justjared and you will see.

Kimberly on

Oops meant tooth LMAO!

actualsize on

Why does she dress Shiloh like a boy? Very strange and boring clothing!

It’s not very nice to criticize what Shiloh picked out for herself. If my three year old picked out something unusual, imagine her face crumpling when she’s told “No, you can’t wear that! It’s very strange and boring!”

Kids don’t live by the same rules you and I do when it comes to aesthetics. It’s not hurting anybody, so let her wear what she wants.

kyotoyoshi on

Okay, some you of guys are coming off a little nutty.

I bet these kids have incredible imaginations/personalities and are absolutely hilarious, especially Shiloh.

SuzyQ on

This family rules! I can’t tell you how much these pictures have me laughing over here. Brad and Angie clearly let their kids be individuals and thank God for that. They look like happy and healthy kids who know how to have a good time. How some of you can’t appreciate a pork-pie hat and a swashbuckling sword is beyond me. These pictures seal the deal. They are my favorite Hollywood family.

Jen on

I absolutely love seeing pictures of this family! I especially love that Brad and Angelina seem to allow the kids to express themselves and develop their own personalities. I think it’s so nice to see these kids expressing themselves without any concern for what other people might think. Good for them for not conforming to gender roles, stereotypes or public expectations, but being the people they want to be. These kids are all healthy, happy and clearly loved. I couldn’t care less how they are dressed, but I do love Shiloh’s sword and Zahara’s boots! Really, in the grand scheme of life, what difference does it make what they wear?

kim on

It is very true that Shiloh is frequently dressed masculine and Zahara is dressed more femininely. For those that are offended by this observation, sorry,but it’s true. It’s odd though Shiloh is very cute nonetheless.

Erika on

Dressed for a funeral? I haven’t been to too many, but I’ve yet to see a kid in a peter pan costume at a funeral. And Pax is wearing a normal, casual boys outfit. Zahara’s the only one where I could see it, but that is an everyday outfit and it’s cute. They all look happy and taken care of, so what’s the problem?

lele on

she never had a gap like that! she fell and hit her tooth and it had to be pulled, i’m sure! my little neighbor had that done. 3 year olds do not lose teeth and those front teeth usually come out in 2 or 3rd grade! i would die if my daughter had to get a tooth pulled! wow! guess sh*t happens! as far as how she is dressed – who cares! she’s a child and god forbid we let our kids have fun, dress themselves and pretend. she seems like a vibrant, fun little girl!

gigi on

I’m not a Angelina fan but I think she is being treating unfairly by some when it comes to the clothing issue. It seems like Shiloh is allowed to dress as she chooses and she likes “boyish” clothing. It almost looks like a costume she is wearing with the sword. What’s the big deal? Would it be nice to see her in more feminine clothing, sure but it’s not worth forcing her to do so. Let her wear what she wants, it’s just clothes.

Cara on

it is obvious that the girls picked out their own clothes. zahara has the orange and black rain boots on under her skirt. and shiloh is wearing the camo’s, vest and sword. who knows….those are probably some of her older brother’s old camos. i think it is so very cute. at that age…let them wear what they want. it lets them be creative and feel independent. last winter, my little guy would not go anywhere without his batman outfit on – the hat, cape and everything. and then he would put these huge bright green rain boots on with it. it was crazy – but adorable. i loved it. he has now grown out of that phase and i have to admit it makes me a little sad. i think their kids are so cute – and shiloh is too stinking precious with her missing tooth. i LOVE it! 🙂

Jana on

Some of you are acting like we are singling out Anglelina for dressing Shiloh and Zahara the way she does. I think any mother (regardless of fame) who dressed her children like bums would be open to questions and criticism. Some of you get so defensive over such comments. If anything, those of you getting defensive are acting like these are your children!

Catherine on

Ya know, Shiloh may be dressed like a boy, but sometimes, it just isn’t worth the fight. Its easier just to let ’em wear what they want! LOL

Sarah K. on

Shiloh has her entire adult life to have people judge her clothes. Let her be a kid. It’s totally normal and healthy for toddlers to play dress up, which is clearly what she is doing.

And, why would Angelina push her “tomboy agenda” on Shiloh when she’s fine with her other daughter is in a frilly skirt? That just doesn’t make sense. The kids are clean and in clothes that fit, which is all that matters.

JMO on

I’ll tell you that close up of Shi and the missing tooth is super cute!!!She looks so much like Brad.

Electra on

Zahara is a superstar.

leslie on

OMG my daughter wears Dinosaur outfits all day long and i love it!!! let them be who they want…they are kids!!!!

zeezee on

wow! i’m just amazed how some people can infer such huge meanings into such little things…let alone, a split second of someone’s life..where they have no idea of the context!! must make you feel superior, i guess.

cc on

I have to agree, they should occasionally dress the girls in dresses, and let them look like girls. It seems sometimes like Angie dresses them down, to not stand out or draw attention, almost like they shop at garage sales. Odd indeed.

felsputzer on

Shiloh is already cool enough to wear a sword. Nice!

terri on

i LOVE how shiloh is dressing up. i would not blink twice if my friends’ kids dressed like that in public. i used to love this site b/c it has respectful images of celebrity babies and good information on baby rearing. but lately, people’s comments have gotten OUT OF HAND. ppl jump on everything and give ridiculous opinions (i recognize they are opinions). for anyone to criticize zahara’s hair, shiloh’s missing tooth, the color of their clothes, who dresses like a boy, whether a costume is okay… people take all the fun out of it. it’s ridiculous.

ana on

If you think that kids are dressed from garage sales, why don’t you look at the web site(provided by CBB in this article) of Gerard Darel, designer of Angelina’s dress and Zahara’s skirt. Does not look like a garage sale to me.

As for Shiloh, she put a smile on my face today. Anyone who judges a hat and a sword outfit on a 3 year old child should ask themselves if there is something lacking in there lives. Peace.

ma74 on

Shiloh makes me laugh.She’s looks so cool in that outfit.Since when do girls have to dress like girls?Makes no sense to me

Liliana on

Jana, your comment made me laugh.

If you think they look like bums I’d love to see an example of a child who you think is adequately dressed.

skipsie on

there’s nothing wrong with the way shiloh is dressed. she looks cute in anything.
whenever i’m looking after my little cousins (5 year old girls) they love to dress up too. when we’re in a rush, and struggling to get ready in time, they often pick out what they’ll wear. one will come down in a dress and stripey tights, and the other comes down in her brothers superman costume.
i thought we’d come a long way since the 1900’s.

Why all the sexism?

CelebBabyLover on

cc- So they should force Shiloh into a dress she probably doesn’t want to wear just so she can look “girly”? And Zahara looks pretty girly to me in this picture, so it’s hardly accurate to say/imply that the Jolie-Pitts NEVER dress their daughters like girls!

Anyway, the kids are adorable, and I absolutely love their outfits, especially Zahara’s. I love purple, and the skirt looks very similar to some skirts I’ve worn. In fact, I wish they made Zee’s skirt in my size! 🙂 I see nothing wrong with Shiloh being dressed “boyish” either, or with her being dressed in her brothers’ hand-me-downs.

I wore my brother’s hand-me-downs all the time as a kid…and it was because I *gasp* WANTED to, not because my parents forced me to. I also dressed up as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween one year, and I loved playing around with my brother’s Batman costume and gear! Wearing Superman pajamas or a pirate costume is hardly going to harm a little girl (just as playing with dolls will not harm a little boy!)!

All of that said, I definently think that Angie and Brad allow their kids to dress how they want (within reason, obviously! I doubt, for example, that they’d allow the kids to run around naked or in underwear or pajamas in public!). Brad’s recent comment to PEOPLE about how he and Angie try to nurture each kid’s individual personality seems to support that theory.

As far as Shi’s tooth is concerned…she probably knocked it out while playing.

Now if only we could see Knox and Viv! 🙂

pia on

these children are happy and not restricted by gender crap.
i love her outfit; to me it shouts FREEDOM!!!!! cause.. bloody hell.. how restricted are their lives with the constant paparazzi? very, actually.
i think they’re doing great. let them be.
and if she lost a tooth – IF – it’s probably from knocking it out.

Cortney on

This picture of Shiloh’s missing tooth reminds me of the time my brother knocked out the tooth of our friends little 4 year old brother with a bowling ball! His mother was so mad but by the time his tooth started to come in years later she missed the toothless grin he had!

Bancie1031 on

OMG what happened to Shiloh’s TOOTH!!!
Oh and BTW for the ones that don’t know if you click on the blue words missing a tooth they show a close up of Shiloh’s missing tooth.
They look great though and I miss seeing this family so much!

TEDS22 on

I think this family looks happy,healthy and full of life.WHY do some people always look for faults?? Just this year Shi was photographed in a light coloured skirt and light pink T-Shirt.All the kids clothes are neat,tidy and most important-KID”S CLOTHES.
And to say they are dressed like “bums” is silly.
Keep Rocking whatever clothes you like Shi!!

P.S. I am sure that if the family was going some-where important,they would be dressed up,but since they are going to a toystore-they are fine and I bet their clothes are casual but not cheap either.

freebreeze on

This week my 3 yr old son wore flippers EVERYWHERE for 3 days. His little sister (18 months) insisted on a superman top 3 sizes too big for her accessorised with a knitted tea cosy on her head.

And I think they BOTH looked better than Suri Cruise in kitten heels.

Millie on

Shiloh is such a character! I bet she picked the costume herself :). Lovely family and they’re going to ToysRUs.. why should they dress up for a trip like that? I’m glad Angelina lets the kids express their personalities.. I get chills when I look at the Beckhams and their kids.. or even the way Suri is developing into a fashionista at a way too young age, IMHO. Of course it could be her choice too but at this age they should just wear what they want, as long as it’s not a formal occassion where parents should step in to make sure the clothes are appropriate. I get a feeling that much of the criticism directed here stems from the hatred towards Angelina. Sad indeed.

Stella on

I think Shiloh has her caracter like Angelina she has two brother and when I was a child I remember I always want to be dress like my bro…Zahara is a cutie and Pax is adorable!

JM on

i am still constantly amazed at people who are so insecure that a girl in tomboyish clothes really bothers them. seriously? does it make you scared of something?
shiloh is adorable. my youngest daughter refuses to wear skirts and dresses and sometimes gets her brother’s hand me downs. there’s nothing wrong with that. i’d rather my kids feel free to express themselves than feel scared to tell us what they actually want. my daughter is an individual and i love that and is obviously more mature than some people here who are upset if not all little kids conform to gender stereotypes.

eternalcanadian on

okay what is up with letting a child that young play around with swords? society is violent enough without encouraging kids to play-act fighting with swords.

roxteadyy on

shiloh’s so cute

Jess on

well she’s not the first kid to knock a tooth out, it happens.

Terri on

I didn’t think it’s a space and she’s too young to be losing her teeth. Probably lost it rough-housing with her siblings. I lost all of my front teeth after falling on my face trying to learn to ride a bike. Ouch!

Alec on

Brad Pitt said in an interview that Shiloh is going through a Peter Pan phase. He said she will only answer to Peter. When she is called Shaloh she yells out call me Peter. IF you notice, evertime you see her she is dressed like Peter Pan. Some girls little are princesses and others are tomboys. I suspect she will grow out of it.

g!na on

Shiloh is such a beautiful,imaginative healthy girl! She loves to role play and is so funny! i was a tomboy too! who cares if she doesn’t dress like a typical girl! she is way too cool for that! This kid is going to be a huge star! Angie says she loves to go on set! watch out hollywood! Shiloh is heading for the Academy Awards! lol. Go Shiloh Go! Do what makes you happy! ♥

mel on

Just curious as to why we dont see the twins.

Jessica on

Zahara’s hair looks very pretty and very in vogue in this pic and she has a very content look on her face.

Jowi on

Helloooo, all over Europe media are showing these pictures and everyone copies the same information; an innocent example of group-thinking. When did you loose your teeth?! Three year old Shiloh has probably used paint-on tooth color.
Beware: On the next pictures they have real tattoos!

Denise on

Pax is missing the same exact tooth! Isn’t that bizarre! I just looked at

take a look. What are the chances two kids of different ages loses the same tooth! Maybe they were sword fighting!

By the way, I never see a nanny, looks like Angelina takes care of all these little ones on her own, at least when she is out. Would love to see the twins, last pic we saw, they looked a lot like Shiloh.

Alice on

I admit, I sometimes get caught up in thinking that Angelina dresses her children rather shabbily, but the picture of Shiloh really put a smile on my face! I was a tomboy, and I loved swords! I still think wistfully of my little plastic sword with its “jeweled” handle which, unfortunately, two neighbor boys broke as they fought over it. Sigh. I would easily have worn what Shiloh did as a little girl, and thankfully my mother never batted an eyelash. I still am not a very frilly girl, although I do enjoy wearing a lot of pink now. And I admit, despite my childhood freedom, I loved dressing my daughter in the most girlish outfits. And of course, in high school, all she wanted to wear was black rocker t-shirts. So, as long as the children are clean and not neglected, let the little girl have her sword!

blessing on

I remember people calling Angelina a bad mom because they wanted Zahara to have an surgery to straighten her leg.Thank GOD Angelina knows what her kids want Zahara’s leg is straight now.You can call her kids what ever you want she wont hear you,she’s busy enjoying life with her adorable family.

The divorce was 5 years ago hiding behind negitive comments as if you care about Shiloh is laughable.A post with Suri and other kids dressed in pink with heels has no comments,WHY I thought thats what people commenting here wanted to see.

jen on

I guess the people that are criticizing the way Angelina Jolie let Shiloh dress just are very different from Angelina. She will be independent, take flying lessons and take on action movie roles and granted some of her children will inherit that streak from watching her be herself – mostly Maddox and Shiloh, by the looks of it, while for example Zahara is the more feminine daughter and takes ballet classes and wears pink. Any parent that is able to let the light of each child shine through while still being just who she is, is extraordinary.

Luci on

@Nikiiiiiiiiiii Says:
September 23rd, 2009 at 3:25 pm

Her name is JOHN! its not Shilo, and thats what John would wear!….I think she’s missing a tooth from an accident.

I laughed my @$$ off at this comment – SO CUTE and exactly what a kid (I have three) would say. I only wish I’d let my kids be more expressive with how they dressed when they were little. My youngest one used to be “TapeMan” and made bracelets and a head band out of tape and wore a cape – IN PUBLIC and he is the unique kid at times now….

Cyd on

What bothers me, isn’t how Shiloh is dressed (though the hat is too big) but the frequent trips to Toys R Us

How are these kids humble?

aurora mia on

Oh how those Jolie-Pitts get our tongues and opinions waggin’!

bee on

my 3 year old niece knocked 2 front teeth when she rode a laundry basket and let it slid on a three step stairs. Shiloh is not the only child who got her tooth knocked off and it will eventually grow again. i don’t get it why some are over reacting as if it will not grow again.

and about Shiloh’s clothing, i don’t see anything wrong with it. she’s 3 for crying out loud, why would she wear clothes that will make her on the best dressed list? the fact that she looks very happy and uncomfortable with what she’s wearing then i don’t see the reason to complain.

Haylo on

My nephew is 2 and he only wants to wear his sister’s dress up shoes. If you take them off it’s a battle royale. Is it really worth conforming to go through the trauma and fits or is it better to let a kid be a kid? For 1 year my niece would not leave the house without a pair of fairy wings on. Should we have snatched them off her and forced a tantrum just to be “correct”?

I think most of these people censoring AJP are silly. If you have kids, you worry about your own. You’re probably raising mindless little followers who do just what their friends do and dress just like their friends. Kudos to you! I’d rather my kids be individuals then fall into some “norm”.

As far as trips to Toys R Us making kids not humble. Really? I mean seriously? A trip to the toy store once a month (which is about how often we see a picture of them headed there) is too much? We take our kids to the store once a week so that they can pick out something. It’s not always big but it gives them something to look forward to. As they get new things they pass the old things on to thrift stores. I’m pretty sure AJP and family are not hoarding a bunch of toys that no one plays with.

People should really get a grip

JMO on

It’s Brad and Angie….the two most humble people in the world. I highly doubt their children will grow up to be any less then the great humanitarians that their parents are.

A trip to toys r us isn’t going to undo any of that. And besides what parent who doesn’t have loads of money to spend wouldn’t enjoy taking their kids to a toy store and telling them, “okay kids go pick out whatever you want?” PArents love seeing their chidlren happy and in some way or another every parent is guilty of some kind of spoiling…maybe just not the Brad and Angie way of spoiling!

jo on

I don’t think she lost her tooth…it looks like she is dressed like a pirate…maybe they just put that black stuff on her tooth that makes it look like she lost it.

jo on

after looking at the close up it really does look like she lost her tooth….disregard previous post (lol).

blessing on

As we leave the house, we run into Jolie and two of the children. Pitt introduces me, and she smiles. Jolie is wearing a black body stocking and an enormous yellow clown wig. The two little girls with her, Zahara and Shiloh, jump up and down and squeal with delight at seeing their dad. Their hair is DYED BLUE, and they have washable dye stains on their hands. “We’ve been to the party costume store,” Jolie explains. She giggles and fluffs her wig with her hands like a flirtatious Mae West, and we laugh.

From Parade interveiw fortunately noone else saw Zahara and Shiloh’s blue hair.

SweetDiva on

At 3 years old, your children shouldn’t be dressed in what they like. If I’d had my way, I would have been in sundresses at Christmas. My mom avoided most arguments by giving me 2 or 3 choices, and those are the clothes I picked from. It didn’t kill my individuality at all. My taste in clothes is different from my mother’s, yet both of us are usually complimented on our style. There is nothing wrong with providing a little guidance.

And I think they blacked out Shiloh’s tooth for her pirate grin!

grma on

Maybe dad was out of town and Shiloh is wearing his hat because it makes her feel like he’s around. Having raised some kids I find this totally plausible. And the dress-up factor. Creative kids love to dress up. I think they are all adorable and I love the individuality of their clothing. They look like kids and not tiny Paris mannequins.

Mary on

Roxanne # 48 – I totally agree with you.

Especially as I have just seen a photo of Suri Cruise wearing high heels!

Shiloh is obviously playing dress ups (I think the sword gives it away somewhat) and appears to be dressed as a Peter Pan character.

Why all the drama about the tooth? Obviously some people have so little in their own lives. Young kids lose teeth all the time.

FC on

Ha, Shiloh is rocking that outfit. As for the tooth, she may have lost it during a harrowing battles. Peter Pan characters and pirates are quite adventurous and throw caution to the wind quite a bit… 😉

That’s what happened to my nephew. He’s a natural roughneck and lost one while out riding his little scooter.

All the kids and Mama Angie look great.:)

Ashton on

This is my favorite celebrity family (not to mention my favorite actress)! They are all so cute! I love that Angie and Brad let the kids be who they are and who they want to be. This is how I plan on raising my children, too.

About their heights: As someone already said, yes, they all have completely different genetic builds (obviously). Also, though, Pax is barely more than a year older than Zahara, and Zahara is just a little over a year older than Shiloh. So they are all very close in age; it makes sense that they’re currently all about the same height.

Missy on

To everyone asking about how Shiloh could have lost a tooth at her age…well I lost my first tooth when I was three! It was a surprise to my family and everything, but it is possible, and there was nothing abnormal about the experience. So everyone just relax! She’s not some freak of nature or anything. Was it even confirmed that she did in fact loose a tooth?

brannon on

Bums? Butch? Seriously?? My son went to target last night dressed like he wore a pink cashmere sweater. anyway, gorgeous family. Glad they aren’t inhibited by the pink for girls/blue for boys mentality. And honestly – zahara looks fierce! Definitely cutest celebrity kid. Loving her hair!

CelebBabyLover on

SweetDiva- I agree that sundresses at Christmas should be a no-no unless you’re just playing around inside or you live in California or Hawaii.

However, I don’t see a problem with letting kids dress how they want to as long as it’s weather and occasion approprite (for example, you’re probably not going to allow your kid to go to church or school dressed as Peter Pan!). 🙂

Ashton- Good point! I also want to add my own theory about the kids’ heights. First of all, Shiloh appears to be on the tall side for her age (not surprising, since Angie and Brad are both tall people). Pax, by contrast, might very well be on the short side, as, from what I’ve read, Asians tend to be shorter. As for for Miss Zee….she’s probably just average height for her age. 🙂 Therefore, those things would explain why the three siblings seem to be about the same size.

Anyway, I forgot to say last night that I can’t wait to see what Viv’s style is as she gets older. Will she be more girly like Zahara, or more of a tomboy like Shiloh?

Oh, and as far as Shi’s tooth is concerned, if you click on where it says “lost a tooth” it takes you to a picture where it’s evident that Shi’s tooth is gone, and not blacked out.

As I said last night, I agree with the theory that she knocked it out while she was playing. My brother knocked a tooth out while playing when he was around Shi’s age. Also, when I was in First Grade, I knocked out my two front teeth by accidentally bumping my mouth on my mother’s knee while I was playing around….and I hadn’t even been aware that those teeth were loose (given my age at the time, they very well could have been, though)!

Like other posters have said, becoming lose isn’t the only reason teeth get lost! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

brannon- I love Zee’s hair, too! And those big, expressive eyes…absolutely adorable! 🙂

MiB on

Oooo freebreeze! I love your daughters style, I can just picture her in her teacosy! But this off course comes from someine who let her charge walk around in public, dressed in a pink princess dress for several days until he got tired of strangers calling him a girl 🙂 After that he only wore it at home. He is now 17 years old and does not display any cross dressing tendencies. There are children who are very opinionated and I don’t really see the point in fighting them over every little thing, some kids need to feel that they are in charge of something in their lives. As long as the clothes are weather appropriate and they’re not on their way to somewhere, where a pink princess dress, a tea cosy, a party dress or a pirate costume is really unsuitable, and even then it’s sometimes better to compromize; a princess dress over a snow suite, check, a flower girl with fairy wings, check, a dress vith trousers and hoodie, check, tried it out and it worked. I have even seen a little girl in a turqoise at her mothers funeral, her mother wouldn’t have minded the least, but boy did some bystanders grumble!

Anyway, my point is: let kids be kids, if they have an opinion as to what to wear and it’s not totally unsuitable, let them wear it, sooner or later they will learn that sometimes dress up clothes have their time and place. Or they will develop an uniqu style!

Carrie Jo on

I can’t believe how weird people are being about how the kids are dressed! Kids usually like to dress themselves and will insist upon being dressed in what THEY want to wear. It’s really not a big deal.

I think they’re all very cute!

kate on

Shilo is who she is. And whoever that may be, is none of our buisness, nor is it something to critisize or pick apart

Sophie on

Oh dear! Shiloh is gorgeous but that outfit really makes her look like a boy 😦

dee on

awwwww.. they’re holding hands… OMG. so cute and adorable.

natalie on

Okay, for starters, she’s CLEARLY missing a tooth, it’s not the angle of the camera, come on..! Secondly – the kid is THREE years old, she didn’t loose that tooth “naturally”, she must’ve lost it playing and banging into something.
Thirdly – I’m pretty sure the kids tell their folks what they want to wear, I can’t see why A & B would dress Zahara in skirts while dressing Shiloh up like a boy.
Oh, and they should do something about that crazy hair of Zahara’s. Braid it or something, she would look really pretty with some structure in that wild hair of hers.

clairenat1984 on

what beautiful children and i love that Zahara is wearing wellies she reminds me so much of my lil girl who puts her wellies on wiv most outfits

Alec on

Girl, all the jolie-pitt kids hair is combed down but it flyes up. Shilohs hair is as much a mess as Z’s. I read last year that Z takes her barrets out all the time. I think she should because it was beginning to looki like she was going to have hair loss on the edges. I just think they should keep it oiled an massaged so it can grow down her back and not break off. Whe she is 5 or 6 her hair will look heavy and long like Sidney Pottier’s girls hair. Wavy and brown. I don’t think she needs braids.

CelebBabyLover on

natalie- I agree that Shi probably lost her tooth by bumping into something while playing. However, some children that young DO lose teeth naturally. It’s rare, but it DOES happen! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Alec- I agree. I think Zee’s hair is fine just the way it is. Nothing wrong with letting her wear it au natural! Oh, and Miss Zee is already very pretty! 🙂

Jenn on

For those who say a three year old doesn’t have an opinion, when my nephew was only 2, and my sister would try to put his overall’s on him, he would say “not those pants Mom, not those pants!”

Lezli on

I can’t understand why they do not dress Shilo better. At that age a child does not have any fashion since – which is fine…but it’s up to the parents to give them hand.

smile on

Below is the interesting article about Shiloh’s pirate movie ~~

After watching Pirates Of The Caribbean more than 10 times, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wants to star in her own pirate movie. She would like her character’s name to be Peter Pirate, and she goes around the house calling her siblings “matey” all the time. A source says: “She’s got Brad wrapped around her little finger. And if she wants to star in a pirate film, he very well might make it happen.” Shiloh told Brad the film must have “absolutely no ghosts or skeletons” because they scare her too much!

carol on

I think Shiloh will be one of the most beautiful grown up children we’ve ever seen. From her baby pictures to her natural beauty, the camera already loves her.
She’ll have Brad’s looks and Angie’s personality. I hope she fullfills her acting desires, I hear she’s quite the drama queen too!

fashionista on

Why is Shiloh always dressed up like a boy? I know she likes her dad’s hats, but her outfits and toys could be better

Elizabeth on

As to those who say they let her choose how to dress, they very well may. But they’ve dressed her like a boy since birth. Very rare was there a picture of her in truely girly clothes. The one picture we have was taken when Brad’s parents were visiting asnd Angie was out of town. It’s her Mom’s style. And to say you can’t “make” a 3 year old dress a certain way is ridiculous. You buy the clothes at that age. Whatever is in their closet is what they choose to wear. If you don’t buy boyish clothes they won’t wear them. Even her newborn picture has her wearing a gray T-Shirt. She certainly didn’t pick that out. She has been trained from birth to like grays and blacks. Just like my little girls all adore pink because that’s what I’ve dressed them in from birth. It’s not wrong either way. I just think it’s ridiculous how people say, “Isn’t it wonderful how they let her choose what to wear?” She does choose, I’m sure but the whole family obviously has closets full of blacks, grays, and whites. Not much colors. I actually have a feeling that Zahara is finally old enough to beg her mom for more girly clothes but most of the time, even what she wears is only borderline girly. I would bet she would love to leave the house in a pink princess type dress, but I doubt they have those types of clothes because Angie is the one doing the shopping and that is just not her style. Just like it wouldn’t be my style to dress my girls in gray and black. Everyone’s different.

SiervaMaría on

Elizabeth, I just want to correct something for you. Brads mother didn’t dress Shiloh in a dress. The child was dressed for the scene she shared with her father in TCCOBB. The facts are there for the reading should you decide to seek it. Your Angelina dislike shouldn’t trump the truth, and the truth is that you’re assumptions are just that, assumptions, and ones that sadly accuse a mother of basically rearing her children subparly simply because you have AJ issues. Btw, they also have a father who seems to never have negativity heaped on his head by some of you even though we know without a doubt, Brad Pitt is as handson as a father as one can get.

Christine on

Shiloh had her tooth knocked out because of all the rough play the kids do. The dentist let it go because she will eventually get her adult tooth. She’s a doll, but I wish she dressed like a girl!

jen on

Jana – way to go. “It is our responsibility tgo dress our kids till they’re old enough to dress themselves.” The clothes show a lack of structure and discipline that healthy families have.