Ellen Pompeo Welcomes Daughter Stella Luna

09/23/2009 at 12:20 PM ET

It’s a girl for Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery! The couple welcomed a daughter, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, on Tuesday, September 15th in Los Angeles, her rep confirms.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress, 39, and Chris, 41, a music producer, announced the pregnancy in April. The pair wed in 2007.

Last month, Ellen celebrated her baby shower. There’s been quite the baby boom on the Grey’s set — costar Katherine Heigl recently adopted a daughter, 10-month-old Naleigh, while Chyler Leigh is also a new mom to daughter Anniston Kae, 4 months.

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steph on

beautiful name! they kept her secret for quite a few days!

Cat on

wow, wasnt she due in October? I really like the name though!

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to Ellen & Chris! Stella isn’t really my style of a name, but I love Luna for the middle name.

daniela on

Yay! I’ve been waiting to hear this news! I bet she’s gorgeous!

And another normal baby name, the second one in two days I can hardly believe it! πŸ™‚ Congrats to the Ellen and Chris!

Karey on

Stellaluna is also the name of a wonderful children’s book – one of our faves.

Shannon on

Man it’s a big day in CBB world! Although I would have sworn both her and SMG were due in Oct!

I love the name! So excited for Ellen and Chris. Can’t wait to see the baby!

Sammy-xx on

I really love the name Stella, so pretty and classic without being old fashioned.
I bet she is just beautiful.

Summer on

Nice name! September 15th is my birthday. πŸ™‚

Crystal on

I’m SHOCKED!!! I thought she wasn’t due for another month or so. Anyways………..CONGRATULATIONS Chris and Ellen!! I ♥ her name. Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery is a WONDERFUL NAME!!! CONGRATS you guys!!! πŸ™‚

Lis on

I really like both names, but I think together they are an odd combo. She sounds like a constellation of stars.

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to them! Nice name pick imo. (I loved the book Stellaluna as well! Not sure if that was done on purpose though)

Harley on

Aw! I love the name Stella πŸ™‚ Congratulations to the very happy family! Kudos to them for being able to get in and out of the hospital and enjoy a weeks peace with their daughter.

Ashley on

Congratulations to them! Love the name. Isn’t Stella Luna from a childrens book?

Sandra on

I really like the name πŸ™‚
Cannot wait to see a picture of her.

Southlyn on

Not a name I would have used, but it could have been much worse.

danda_lion on

Wow – was she a few weeks early or did Ellen pull a fast one on the press with the due date πŸ˜‰

Stellaluna is a lovely book – I wonder if they were inspired by it.

fuzibuni on

yes, stella luna is a lovely childrens book… about a bat.

Mandy on

Love the name! Yay finally some more girls being born!

Wow they kept it a secret for 8 days!!

Erin on

Oh, I’ve loved Ellen ever since “Moonlight Mile” with Jake Gyllenhaal. Anyhow, Congratulations to her and Chris on their baby girl Stella. Love the name!

Kristin on

Just like the book…..too funny…..beautiful book. I bet she is adorable!

Hilda on

Stella is becoming quite popular! The name is o-kay. Congratulations!

tets on

I’m so happy for them!

melissa on

Congrats! I love the name!

Kelly on

Congratulations to the new parents!! Beautiful name!!! Lots of girl babies πŸ™‚

crg on

Yeah, like the book? That’s funny. I think Stella is becoming the new Ella- overused.

Elizabeth on

Another normal, beautiful name! Congratulations Ellen & Chris!

Heather on

I was a Kindergarten teacher that used the book Stellaluna in my classroom every year. While it’s a lovely story, it also makes it way too easy for this child to be picked on in school whenever that book is brought out (and kids will – I have seen first hand many years of what kind of picking on children are capable of).

Congrats to the new family!

Kristen on

Whooo!! Congrats to them! Stella and Luna are both wonderful names, although they kind of run together. Lovely choice, nonetheless.

Also, just a note, the show is Grey’s Anatomy, not Gray’s…..

Daisy on

I personally love the name Stella…and Luna is becoming quite popular too..I bet she is a cutie πŸ™‚

PS: Those people over at Grey’s Anatomy better be building a nursey, with all of these baby arrivals!!

Hallie on

I thought of the book Stellaluna when I first read the headline πŸ™‚ But I love the name, it’s so simple and sweet. Plus Stella Ivory is a great name!

Hallie on

**Ivery, sorry πŸ™‚

Sandra on

CONGRATULATIONS!! I sure do love to hear what the celebrities are going to name their babies. They keep it a secret to everyone and then once you hear the name it is, Wow, what a silly name or Wow, what a beautiful name! Well in this case, the name that they picked for their daughter is absolutely gorgeous! When I saw what they named her, I thought of the StellaLuna book because I used to read that to my daughter. Best of luck to both of them on their new arrival!!

photoquilty on

They ripped off a children’s book for that name. Congratulations, but couldn’t you have been a bit more original inyour quest for a name?

Benigna Marko on

Congratulations. I love all these little girls. The moon must be on the girls side thus far. Luna Moon – love it.
Benigna Marko

Brandi on

Stella is becoming so popular!! I like the name Luna alot but the two together remind me of the bat in the book also. πŸ™‚ Congrats to Ellen and Chris, I wonder what she weighed and if she was early.

JMO on

Wow lots of babies. Another pregnancy that went really fast!! And I was wondering why Stella Luna sounded so familiar!!!

Julia on

Love the name! I hope we see a picture of her soon!

Alice on

Congrats!! I love the name!

Heather #27, why would she get picked on at school? Do you use middle names a lot in America? Isn’t she supposed to just go by Stella?

Mariel on

WOW parece que la cigueΓ±a ha estado muy ocupada ΓΊltimamente!


J.D. on

Congrats on their new little girl! I think it’s really cute how her name is like the moon and stars.

Allie-Rose on

Congratulations to Ellen and Chris and welcome to baby Stella. I kind of like the name – if you think about it, they called her “Star Moon.” Cute!

Courtney on

middle names are used on school enrollment forms and things of that nature love the name combo congrats to the happy new family though I’ve always been partial to Stella amongst other names including Melissa & Olivia

Daisy on

Oh another normal name. Really like the name. Luna means moon in Latin and the roman goddess of the moon. Also like how she has both of her parents last names. Congrats to them.

Kelly on

this is clearly a sign that there is something in the water at the grey’s anatomy set. congrats ellen

emilyc on

Love that name! Who cares if it was inspired by a book! It’s a beautiful name regardless!

Mandy on

I wonder if McSteamy’s baby will be a boy or girl. He or she will have playmates in Anniston, Naleigh and now Stella!

Lots of girls on set!

So excited to see a picture of the baby!

Katey on

I think that if they used the stella luna book for the name it’s a good thing. Maybe it was accident.

I always loved that book though.

Cat on

the name is “too sweet”?!? would Black Sabbath suffice? lol

Lauren on

LOL Cat! Totally agree. Thank God for people like Ellen and Chris, the Prinzes, etc. They remind the public that the celebs who are actually famous for their work don’t need to use their child’s name to grab more publicity. Love this name-Stella Ivery is stunning. Congrats to them-can’t wait to see her!

Matilda on

oh, I am so happy for them! And what a beautiful name! Stella is nice, but Luna is my absolute favorite! I bet the little girl is a beauty!

janie on

Congratulations! I do not like the name Stella.

noam on

i doubt the girl will be picked on for her name. even though the first and middle names are used on enrollment forms, only the first name is used in class and out loud (unless, of course, they mean for it to be a double first name, like mary anne). so kids won’t connect stella with the book stellaluna…very cute name.

Brianne on

Congratulations, Ellen and Chris! I’m just thrilled for you, and I’m sure Stella is a beautiful little girl! I can’t wait to see a picture of her! Best wishes to you and congratulations again on your new bundle of joy!!!

Ashley on

Awe! It’s a baby girl baby boom! Looks like it’s girls all around for the Grey’s actors AND the Buffy actors this year. πŸ™‚

lizzielui on

Congrats! However, it always amazes me that people insist on believing that celebrities are the only members of society that give their children non traditional, “weird” names. LOL! Has anyone paid attention to the kids’ names in their children’s classes? In my twins’ first grade class there are at least six or seven kids with very unique names that I have never heard of for a child including a Damsel, a Trekk, and a Brim. Yet so far, everyone in the class seems to be doing fine and no one has been sent to the psychologist’s office. Celebs, just like every day people, give kids names that suit them and there is nothing wrong with that. There are PLENTY are quirky, outlandish names out there for the “common folks.” Some you may like, some not.

MZ on

Congrats, both on the baby and fooling the press with the due date πŸ˜‰ I LOVE the name. I bet Stella will love having “her” book read to her, too.

And Heather, you must have also seen that kids get picked on for anything and everything. Are you seriously suggesting her parents shouldn’t have named her Stella on the off-chance the book gets read in class? My name is Maya and when I was in kindergarten the show Maya the Bee was popular, so I got teased for that. My brother was teased b/c his name was Matt and you step on those. To an extent, parents shouldn’t worry about the teasing and instead help their kids be confident enough to handle it.

Sara on

I think the name is a bit “excessive”.
Stella and Luna mean star and moon in Italian… would you name your daughter Star Moon?!

Jessicad on

She stole my name! πŸ™‚ Luna will be my next girl, IF I have one. Congrats to them, can’t wait to see her!

eva on

I immediately thought of Stellaluna by Janell Cannon.It’s a sweet book and beautifully illustrated (though not fit for our family). She must really like the little fruit bat!Cute name.

Lynn on

I love the name. I think it’s pretty. Congratulations to Ellen and Chris!

I love that this is the second normal name in two days. Maybe Charlotte Prinze and Stella Pompeo Ivery will meet someday.

Mandy on

Will nothing please you people? You diss the far-out names, you diss the normal names. Its not your child first of all. The parents get to choose and its their decision. I think Stella Luna is beautiful. I like Stella Ivery too. Very pretty ring to it.

ll65 on

Congrats to Ellen and her hubby! Loving all the girl babies being born and adopted!

TV on

Congratulations to Ellen and Chris. I like the name Stella Luna. Never heard of a childrens book by that name before. I wonder if the proud parents realize though that their new daughter’s name can be translated to Star Moon.

Anyways, everybody seems surprised by the recent baby boom of girls over at Grey’s Anatomy. It shouldn’t really be that big of a surprise though when you consider that Shonda Rhimes had a boy and Patrick Dempsey’s wife had twin boys around the same time. It was just time for girls to be born to those on the show.

fay on

something abt white women naming their black (or biracial) children Luna rubs me the wrong way… luna, lunar, the moon, night time, darkness… idk, i KNOW i’m reaching, but it just rubs me the wrong way…

miameows on

Lizzielui, I agree completely! And MZ, I also got called “Maya the Bee”, and my name is MIA!! urgh.

I do love the name, though I have now had the Jason Mraz song “Bella Luna” stuck in my head for a few hours…

Can’t wait to see little Stella!!

Andrea_momof2 on

I couldn’t remember where that name was so familiar but (as others said) it’s the book!

fuzibuni on

i dunno fay… i always think of the moon as glowing and illuminating. guess it’s all in one’s perspective.

Daphne on

Congrats Ellen and Chris! What a beautiful choice on a name for what I’m sure is a beautiful girl.

rhyssa on

maybe she didn’t realize this name is from a book about a bat?

iluvallbabies on

Fay that is probably the strangest comment Ive read on this website to date….

kai on

fay, WHAT? seriously, WHAT?

one of my neighbor’s kid is named luna and it’s such a sweet name, but when her 4-years-old brother keeps yelling it for 10 minutes straight… not so sweet anymore. Lol

congrats! hope all is well.

Mandy on

Wow Fay, that seems a bit….wrong maybe? Just because her middle name is Luna probably has nothing to do with that.

katie on

YAY!!! Congrats!

I adore her name.

Tina. on

fay thats rude. its nothing to do with race! geez. thats a really pretty name, i would never name my baby that but its really cool for them πŸ™‚ i love greys anatomy! πŸ˜€

Stella Bella on

Wow, that name is both completely normal and totally far out all at once! Well done! She could be a banker OR an actress with that one. πŸ™‚

Sam & Freya's Mum on

A real run of girls last few days!

Like both names individually but personally don’t think it flows hugely well…Like name Stella, but a bit much with the two ‘a’-endings IMO. We gave our daughter Freya the middle name isabelle as opposed to isabellA for the same reason (and she can go by Isabelle if she prefers, or Izzy etc, when older!) – but may just be me & it’s certainly a lot more ‘normal’ than a lot of celebrity baby names, lol…Congrats to the new parents on the safe arrival of their baby girl.

Kezzy on


g!na on

aaw! my niece’s name is STELLA PEACE ♥ congrats!!!!

Philippa on

Oh wow I love the names! Especially Luna.
Congrats to Ellen and Chris πŸ˜€

Stephany on

I love the name a lot! It’s very feminine and beautiful. And I agree with previous posters, she could have named her child Ashley and kids would still find a way to tease her. If not for her name then for her too-curly hair or her freckles or being too tall or not being good at sports. The name? I really don’t think so, as most children won’t know her middle name. Stella Ivery? I don’t see how she’d get teased for a name like that!

Hea on

Congratulations to them! I figured she was due soon. I’m sure the baby is adorable.

In the 60’s, she would be Star Moon. πŸ˜‰

Allie on

She named her daughter after a bat?

nettrice on

Ummm…what is “normal”? How about Owusu? Is that normal? It is if you’re Nigeria.

amanda chapman on

Congratulations Ellen I know you will make a great mommy!!! I look foward to watching the season premier of grey’s anatomy tommorrow night. Merideth Rocks!!!!

Whitney Sterk on

love the name choice – i’m sure she is beautiful

kellie on

cute name! Wow that felt like the quickest pregnancy ever didnt even realise she was due

Katie on

I absolutely adore this name. Stella Ivery is absolutely gorgeous for a little girl.

And people…it doesn’t matter if it’s Star Moon. It’s meaning. My name means Pure Angel Messenger…that doesn’t mean my mother wanted to name me Pure. Can’t we just be happy for another healthy delivery from a celebrity?

Jane on

Stella is a nice name.

H on

yeah! i’m watching grey’s right now.
Hey, one more mixed race baby in the world! and very soon Seal and Heidi will have their own little girl!!!!THE WORLD IS MAKING SOME PROGRESS!

Lola Marie on

Aw! I thought she was gonna be a Libra!

Jennifer on

I love the name. I especially like Luna..so pretty. Can’t wait to see pics of the little one! I hope they show her soon. πŸ™‚

Alice on

fay, you realise that the moon brings light to the darkness right? Just like the stars.

Anyway. About that book thing, you automatically think of it because most of you are parents I guess but maybe she just doesn’t know about it. And does it matter? If we have to stay clear of all the book names, can you imagine?

Jessicad on

I can’t believe I’m even responding but my curiosity is getting the best of me…fay would it be different if her baby wasn’t biracial? Am I the only one who thinks Luna is more of a “hippie” name anyway, and that luna, lunar has to do with the moon specifically…which is white, and that it shouldn’t matter to you anyway?

Tatyana on

congratulations to chris and ellen. [:

urbanadventurertales on

Congrats to Ellen and Chris! It’s a baby girl bonanza this year! I think it’s a cute name, but I do like Charlotte Grace more πŸ™‚

Josie on

OMG, Fay, thanks for the belly laugh. Seriously. Joke of the week!The funniest thing I’ve read in a while! LMAO.

SouthernBelle on

Fay that comment is just messed up – doesn’t take much to make you angry. Congratulations on baby Stella Luna. It’s not my favorite name, but it’s got a beautiful ring to it and sounds good with Ivery and it’s not too out-there, unless you want to nitpick and say the moon is, technically “out there.” LOL!

Julia on

I am loving the name the more and more I read/hear/say it. It’s really fitting for Ellen’s style and I am loving it. It’s very classic, edgy and simple all at the same time! I can not wait to see a pic of this angel!

Shirese on

Congrats Ellen.

Also- Am I alone in thinking people can name their kids whatever they want? It is what you teach them and not what you name them.

ElenaS on

Busy week. Congrats to all new celebrity parents

Ginger on

She must have really liked the StellaLuna children’s book!

Julia on

And I was wondering why she wasn’t at the Emmy’s ;D
Congratulations! Love the name and I love that they also used Ellen’s last name. People don’t do that a lot anymore. I bet Stella Luna, Anniston Kae and Naleigh are going to be like best friends (hope so);P

holly on

UGh…Stella is just one of those names that rubs me the wrong way. Do not care for it at all. There are so many better options out there. JMHO

Liliana on

Fay, that may be one of the oddest comments I’ve seen on these boards, recently.

Congratulations to Ellen and Chris! I’m sure their daughter’s beautiful.

On a side note, Stellaluna is a wonderful children’s book and whether or not the baby was named after it is their perogative. The names/words Stella and Luna have been around long before the book was published so it’s not as if this fictitious bat sparked a naming trend.

As a poster or two already mentioned, people complain about celebrities using outlandish names for their children but when someone uses something classic, it’s still not good enough.

If Ellen ever has another child, maybe some people can offer a list of names they deem suitable for her to choose from.

Jessica on

Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow night! I don’t know why people are so shocked if her baby was due in October. That’s only 2 weeks away. She could have had her around 36 or 37 weeks.

Sophia on

Stellaluna was one of my favourite picture books as a child πŸ™‚
Stella’s a gorgeous name I think, and I haven’t heard it on enough girls for it to sound overused. I’m sure little Stella Luna is a beautiful baby. Can’t wait to see her!

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to them! Love Stella, love Luna, just not together, it doesn’t sound fab when said out loud. Regardless, it’s their choice and I’m glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Brittany on

Awww congratulations to Ellen and Chris! What a beautiful name!! I absolutely lovee Grey’s Anatomy and have been waiting to hear what Ellen was going to name her daughter!Its such a sweet name! I’m sure she is gorgeous!! Congrats again!! <33

Brooke on

I love the name!
Stellaluna was one of my favorite books as a child, too!!

Ratty on

I was going to use Stella until I accidentally used the name for a character in a book I’m writing (don’t ask me how this happened ‘accidentally’ its a long story!). Also love Luna, since the character of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. I think its cool that it means ‘Star Moon’ but it hardly means they should/should not have used the name – my name Tara means hill or rocky crag in Gaelic, but star in punjabi, neither of which anyone calls me!

And, as if she’s gonna get teased…firstly if she goes to school with fellow celebrity children, they’re all gonna be named Bronx, Shiloh, Zuma, Peanut etc, so there’s hardly room for teasing because of an unusual name there. And if she goes to school with non-celebrity children, then she’ll probably be the most popular kid in school cause her mum’s on TV.

fay on

i’m not sure why everyone is getting on my case… i didn’t say i didn’t like the name, i just said it rubbed me the wrong way, i said the same thing when joely fisher named her african american daughter olivia luna… i said why it rubbed me the wrong way, AND i said i know it doesn’t REALLY make a lot of sense… just a feeling… i also don’t like my food to touch and don’t like my spaghetti and sauce to mix until its on my plate… i’m just not sure… whatever, cute name… when constance marie named her daughter luna, it didn’t really bother me… sorry… i’m sure ellen or chris don’t mind, and i’m pretty sure that ellen didn’t subconsiously name her kid luna cuz she’s dark… i’m gonna stop now…but bah, leave me alone… lol

Sarah M. on

Nettrice (#84) – VERY good point. Just because a name is uncommon in the country where you live, doesn’t mean it’s uncommon in EVERY country.

Katie (#88) – Mine would mean princess fighter. But I don’t introduce myself as that, either.

Liliana (#105) – Also, even if different people offer lists, each one would be COMPLETELY different.

Beautiful name and congrats to the whole family!

Kait on

Haha its kinda funny how Chyler and Ellen had their children before Katherine (she got her baby around the 17th?) and yet Naleigh is older than both of the baby girls. They’re gonna have to do Grey’s Anatomy as a soap so the cast’s children can create their second generation of Grey interns.

Cute name, maybe it’s just coincidential that they picked the name Stella Luna and didn’t know it was a book. Congrats! We need pics of all three of those Grey’s babes with their babies πŸ™‚

Lauren on

I think its a darling name! Plus, it’ll go well with her as she grows into being a woman.

Congrats to them!

anna on

congrats ellen and chris and i love her name.

Lex on

I had a feeling she’d already had her baby! Paparazzi had been chasing her like CRAZY and then since last week, she was no where to be seen. Plus she could barely walk. haha.

I think the name is cute and I’m excited to see what she looks like.

Oh and Chris Ivery and Taye Diggs are friends, how adorable would it be to have playdates with Walker and Stella!

Kat on

Comments like Fay’s make me wish we had a way to report comments. I can’t believe that crap was considered appropriate by the moderators. Fay, why don’t you keep your wacked out racial issues to yourself?

BabyBumbleBee on

Congratulations to them! I love her name and can’t wait to see what she looks like. πŸ™‚

Jana on

Congrats to them! Not a fan of the name combination though. It sounds a little strange when said aloud.

Jen on

She is the “Stars” and “Moon” to her parents!

Electra on

Not feelin’ the name, but I hope mom and child are doing well!

Rachel on

She named her daughter after a fruit bat?

izzy on

Cute…Stellaluna is a character from a book…hmmm I wonder if that’s how they got the name?

J on

There are a lot more biracial babies out there in the world than you think H. πŸ™‚

urbanadventurertales on

My children are biracial and we tried to pick out names that were “racially neutral”. Stella Luna is a cute name, but it does sound more like a white girl to me. I don’t mean it in a negative way at all, that’s just the first thing that comes to mind when I hear it.

fay on

alice and jessicad, i know that… and look at it…come out of ur box for a minute… a WHITE woman bringing LIGHT to her DARK (black or biracial) child… it’s just weird to me… now at the end of the day i have no doubt that both ellen and joely love their little dark luna’s more than anything… it (IN MY OPINION, THIS IS A MESSAGE BOARD AND I BELIEVE WE ARE ALLOWED TO RESPOND W/ OUR OPINIONS THAT DON’T HAVE TO BE REPORTED BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO BE APPROVED KAT) is weird and rubs me the wrong way… like when ppl name their kid peanut rubs some of you, or when ppl don’t brush their kids hair in a way that’s pleasing to you, or when some ppl let their sons hair grow long past their shoulders… there are a lot of things that grate on the nerves of each of us… THIS happens to be one of mine… JEEZ… i didn’t even say anything…

CelebBabyLover on

Jessica- I see your point, but the post says Stella was born on September 15th…which was last week, so she was actually born three weeks before October.

That said, I love the name, and I really don’t see how Stella is becoming overused, especially if we’re talking about celeb babies only. The only other celeb baby I know of that has the name Stella is Tori Spelling’s little girl.

Oh, and people keep saying Stella is biracial. I feel so stupid for having to ask this, but…Is Chris Ivery black or something?

Liliana on

Fay, I’m sorry but I don’t understand your point at all.

Are you implying that certain names should be reserved for a certain race? A name is a name and out of all of them, Ellen and Chris can call their daughter anything they want, from Pencil to Ashley.

Just out of curiousity, what do you think are appropriate names for Stella and, as you gave as an example, Olivia?

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Hi CelebBabyLover – Gena Lee Nolin’s (Baywatch fame!) youngest is Stella Monroe I think, and there was a post about her suffering from PND but didn’t read it, just skimmed it, and had read about her and her boys before, but I guess she hasn’t such a big celebrity status as the Grey’s crowd anyway though so probably isn’t posted about often…Yes, I’m fairly sure Ellen’s hubby is AA. I haven’t seen that many pics of him esp being in NZ, but from what I recall…

At least with Stella you can picture the name on someone in their 30’s, 40’s and so on, not just a baby/young girl. I can anyhow.

Hea on

You people talk about race and racial differences as if people were dogs. Makes me sick.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- What a sweet way to put it! πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Sam & Freya’s Mom- You’re right. How could I have forgotten about little Stella Monroe?

Kait on

Ooooh, this makes so much more sense now. After Katherine Heigl announced that she was adopting, but before she actually had Naleigh arrive, Shonda Rhimes Twittered something towards the line of “there are so many babies – not just the cast but the writers too” and I’m thinking it was the day after Ellen must’ve had Stella.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to them πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to meet Stella …. oh and btw love the name Stella.

Lucy on

Did she give birth to a baby or a fruit bat?

I like Stella. I like Luna. But the combo? That’s just silly.

Bancie1031 on

WOW seems like all of the celebrities for the last week or so have been having girls ……

dee on

Congrats to Ellen and Chris!!

And by the way, I have a 3 year old niece named Olivia, it doesn’t mean she was named after the pig in the book.

Stella on

Not very objective but I love the name Stella with Luna , it’s so cute for a little girl^^ Congrats to the parents!

TEDS22 on

Fay-I tried to see what you were saying,but just don’t get it.To me the moon is white! And I’m not even American but why would some names only suitable for whites and some for Afican-Americans???
Since Chris is AA,maybe he should’nt have the surname of Ivery?

Anyway I’m in Australia and 2 days ago I was watching a re-run of Friends and up popped Ellen Pompeo playing a high school crush of Ross& Chandler.She was made up in 80’s stuff,it was fun. Congrats to her and Chris.

TEDS22 on

#83 Maybe,like me,Ellen or Chris have never even heard of this book.They probably just liked the name and never considered it was the name of a bat. I like it!!

Sarah M. on

CelebBabyLover – Molly Shannon, Peri Gilpin, Dave Matthews, Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith, Amy Yasbeck & John Ritter, and Elisabeth Shue all have Stella’s, also. I feel like I’m missing a more recent one, though. (The once I mentioned are from 1994 to now.)

Sam & Freya’s mum – Gena Lee Nolin does have a recent post about her having PND (I’m guessing that’s Post Natal Depression. In the US it’s PPD, or Post Partem Depression.)

courtney on

Congratulations to Ellen and Chris.
I like both names, but not togheter: Stella means Star in Latin (and italian) and Luna means Moon (latin and italian): in my country this name would sound odd…
Anyway, in other countries I suppose it sounds pretty and classy.

H on

x17 put some pictures of Ellen visiting Katherine Heigh the day or at least a couple of days after she had Naleigh…when was that? i believe it was about 10 daus ago or so, so if you think about it, theese pictures of Ellen were taken hours before she gave birth, what i’m trying to say is that it’s very sweet of Ellen to be visiting her friend’s baby when she’s about to give birth!

and about the mixedrace thing: Chris is black, ellen is italian and irish with blue eyes so there’s a good chance that this little girl is simply the most gorgeous kid EVER! beware heidi and seal’s baby girl, you have some competition!

JM on

congrats i hope everyone is happy and healthy. don’t like the name stella at all, although, if it’s good enough for a beatle it’s good enough for anyone i suppose πŸ™‚

eternalcanadian on

every time i see the name stella, i think of two things; marlon brando’s stanley yelling stella in a streetcar named desire and julia louis-dreyfuss’ elaine yelling stella at the retirement home banquet for jerry’s father in florida. ssstteeeelllllaaaaaa!

oh yeah, stellaluna is the name of a bat in a book of the same name. πŸ™‚ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stellaluna

Julia on

My Gosh a few(very few of you) seem to have this race thing as something to talk about…stop it! it’s 2009! But for the poster that asked about Chris, I believe he is half black and half white. I am pretty sure ellen also said he was Italian on one side of his famile…just like Ellen! Which makes Stella a cute little Italian baby!

Anyways, I hope certain posters can leave the race detail alone(not the poster whose question I answered as it was a simple question. This is a happy time for Ellen & Chris…as well as their fans. Welcome baby Stella!

Jessicad on

Fay, of course you’re entitled to that opinion, I was just curious. The comment struck me as interesting for multiple reasons. I just don’t understand the logic behind it because it seems like it would be ok to you if the mother was black and father was white, and that doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe her husband had something to do with the “biracial” (as you put it)naming of his daughter. I gave my daughter a Czechoslovakian name and I have no family history there, so those women should be mad at me. ?

bre on

Actually Julia, I believe Ellen has said that Chris’ mother was Jewish, not Italian.

BritishMUM on

It is always the same person bringing up negative things to provoke a rant and I agree she should be reported. On a lighter note, the name is beautiful and it means Star Moon in Italian. I remmember when Jennifer Lopez named her twins Maxx & Emme and she was heavily ridiculed for naming her children after the Puerto Rican characters in the cartoon Dragon Tales. Stella Luna represents Ellen’s Italian heritage and it fits perfectly.

Julia on

bre…I think you’re right now that I was thinking about it. I had thought she had said that was was italian as well but I would have to go back and look…I definitely recall him being jewish but I could have pulled Italian from her talking about being Italian at some point. lol!

fay on

oh gorsh cbb feel free to erase the comments… obviously all we’re supposed to talk abt is how much we like celebrity baby names and how breastfeeding moms are better than formula feeding moms

i NEVER said that ppl of certain races could only name their children certain names… my daughter has an irish name and she’s liberian american and nigerian american… so jeez

i hate the term “you ppl” and it’s very insensitive, so please don’t refer me as that… but it’s clear that YOU PEOPLE (sarcasm) don’t have any understanding of race relations (at least in america) because there are inequalities in this country… OBVIOUSLY some of you can’t read, because all i did was state MY OPINION on white women who name their daughters luna… constance marie also named her daughter luna and i didn’t feel any way about it… whatever, i don’t have any other option for their daughters names, but i don’t appreciate the VENOM, so many ppl say she named her kid after a fruit bat, where is that venom… i mean JEEZ

i’m not gonna make cbb a dissertation on race disparities in america, i have stated SEVERAL times that i’m sure, VERY SURE that ellen loves her daughter, that joely loves HER daughter… but damn posters come on here and berate ppl because of the names THEY choose for THEIR babies and EYE get all THIS flack because i say EYE feel some kind of way… GTFOOHWTBS!!!!!

and for those of you who feel like i need to be reported, YOU CAN, just email the cbb staff @ CBBTips@gmail.com and tell them you don’t like the way they do their jobs because the comments ARE moderated and have to be approved…


Kasee on

Jen, your comment is totally what I thought of when I heard the name. I have a friend whose mom used to say “love you more than the moon and the stars” so maybe that’s why it popped into my head. I’ve never heard of the book Stella Luna and I’m guessing that Ellen did not choose to name her precious daughter after what is apparently an animated bat.

Anis on

It is an Italian name and it means Star Moon. Beautiful.

Kristi on

We don’t even know for sure that Stella is “DARK child”. Did you see the pictures of adorable Walker Diggs? He is very light skinned and Taye Diggs is a lot darker then Chris Ivery. I like the name Stella Luna…it’s cute and I kinda hope they call her by her full name πŸ™‚

jackie on

i like that name it resembles a book i used to read called stella luna when i was little anyway congrats to ellen and her husband.

Rachel-Jane on

Sarah M, there’s also Stella Doreen McDermott – Tori Spelling’s daughter.

I don’t particularly like the name Stella myself (like eternalcanadian I think of Elaine in Seinfeld), but I do think that Stella Luna Ivery flows really well.

Jessi on


On another site I frequent they were saying how much they hated her name and everything, but I love her name! πŸ™‚

Jessi on

I love the name combination by the way. I love Luna. I would have maybe liked it better if it were Luna Stella, but it still is beautiful!

FC on

Cute! I always wondered if she’d have a girl. I’m happy for her and Chris, and I hope they show a photo of her. Would love to see little miss Stella Luna πŸ™‚

Electra on

You raced obsessed people disturb me.

mcarla on

congratulations,welcome STELLA LUNA!!!!

mcarla on

Ciao Stella Luna, benvenuta.

BeckyPeabody on

At what point do these parents get to decide how to “preface” their daughter? Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery may not want to frame their daughter racially. It’s a free country as that is allowed, you know. She may want to frame her ethnically, nationally, religiously, or just as her little pumpkin. She would be genetically mostly white—as many decendants of a half white/full white union. Not necessarily bi-racial–unless the parents want to hang tough with an historical based moniker.

Those of you who have already decided that she is to be framed as bi-racial, are taking great liberties in “identiy assignment” that have not been granted. These parents may just decide that this child is their little Bostonian beauty. Or, their little American beauty. Period.

Stacy on

Stella Luna? Like the children’s book? Really?!?!? Come on!

Sarah M. on

JM – I can’t believe I forgot Paul McCartney’s Stella. Maybe I was thinking younger Stella’s. I don’t know…

Rachel-Jane – A commentator before me mentioned Stella McDermott, that’s why I didn’t include her. But thanks for reminding me, though.

brooke on

omg its a name it doesnt need to be critized what chris and ellen chose it what they chose no one should go against that. congrats!!! i love the name. πŸ™‚ ❀ (:

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- Thanks! I guess when I think of celebrity babies, I tend to think of the 10 and under crowd. πŸ™‚

Jessicad- I LOVE that you gave your daughter a Czech name. I’m not Czech either, but I am very interested in Czech history and culture! πŸ™‚

Sarah M. on

CelebBabyLover – If I recall correctly, the majority of the ones I mentioned are 10 and under. The oldest was only 15. But, I know what you mean. I tend to think of the younger ones, myself. πŸ™‚

Charlotte on

Stella Luna is a great book and a great name for a little girl! It means Star Moon, so perhaps she will be a very magical, celestial girl πŸ™‚ Congrats to Ellen & Chris! (Haha I almost said Mer & Der!!)

Jessicad on

Thanks CelebBabyLover!!

Laura on

congrats! i am sure she will be one of those lucky ladies whose body returns within a month of deliery. She looked great pregnant-all boobs and belly

Gek on

MZ – where are you from, i can never find anything Maya Bee in the States, she was very popular in Germany in the 70’s/80’s. My daughter’s name is Mya (hubby didn’t like the Maya spelling) and we call her Mya Bee because i liked that show when i was a kid; my son’s name is Mattias because hubby wanted a Matt. Agree 100 % with you on the confidence part. Kids will be teased no matter what, if it’s not the name its the freckles or the crooked tooth or whatever else.

Did anybody else ever make a comment on JLo’s kid’s names? Max & Emme is totally from Dragontales……….

CelebBabyLover on

Gek- Actually, I don’t think J-Lo and Mark Anthony got their twins’ names from the Dragon Tales, especially since Max’s full first name is actually Maximillian (plus name of the girl on Dragontales is actually spelled Emmy, but I digress!). It’s probably a lot more likely that the names came from J-Lo and Mark’s latino heritage (both Maximillian and Emme sound like Latino names to me). πŸ™‚

Sarah M. on

I just realized it, but Nahla (Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry) is from The Lion King. She’s the main female lion. (I doubt Ellen got it from the book. Stella Luna is her first child, so unless she know’s many people with kids -more than just recently- that she has hung out with often, I would wonder if she’s even heard of the book. We may never know!

Tina on

I wonder if anyone told Ellen Pompeo that “Stella Luna” is a bat. Weird. In any event, I guess it’s better than “Apple”.

Candace on

Stella Luna is a beautiful name, and neither is uncommon if you are of Greek or Italian heritage…stars and the moon are beautiful celestial bodies, it’s a magical name for a little girl in any language.

The book, Stellaluna, is about a little bat who tries to fit in w/birds when she gets separated from her mom. The moms “freak out” abt. their kids being friends, but the baby birds and Stellaluna figure out that even tho they are different, they have a lot in common.

It’s a book abt. acceptance and friendship across societal and cultural barriers…an appropriate name for a little girl of African and European heritage, I think.

amb on

I don’t see why it matters if they named her after a book.
Wow. You guys just HAVE to find a reason to hate a name don’t you.
You can’t just say it’s nice or okay…

Winnie the Pooh!! on

Congratulations Ellen & Chris!! Stella Luna Pompeo very is a beautiful name. I am sure Stella is as beautiful as you Ellen, if not more. God Bless her and bring her all the happiness in the world. Congratulations once again.