Freddie & Sarah Michelle Prinze Welcome Daughter Charlotte Grace

09/22/2009 at 07:30 PM ET
Claire Greenway/Getty

September is shaping up to be an exciting month for Freddie and Sarah Michelle Prinze! The first of the month marked the couple’s seventh wedding anniversary and now they are celebrating yet another milestone: the birth of their first child.

Daughter Charlotte Grace Prinze was born on Saturday, September 19th, a rep for the couple confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. “The family is over the moon,” according to a statement released by the pair.

Sarah Michelle, 32, and Freddie, 33, revealed the pregnancy news in April, and in the months following, the mama-to-be was spotted showing off her growing belly all over town. Next up for Freddie is his role on 24, which premieres in January.

Take a look back at Sarah Michelle’s pregnancy in our new gallery!

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momof3 on

Yay! Love the name–pretty, classic and sensible. Congratulations!

Emma on

Congrats to the new parents!!
LOVE the name!

I wonder if her and Allyson Hannigan still hang out, she wasn’t mention at the baby shower Their little girls could be buddies! 🙂

Tia on

Aww. Great name. So many babies!

lawgirl on

Agreed, momof3! Beautiful, classic name.

mary on

Congrats, love the name!

Megan on

YAY I was waiting for this announcement! I can totally see them with a little girl–and I ADORE that name…it’s beautiful and classic and yet it’s a bit unique in today’s age of names…I bet she’s absolutely gorgeous and cannot wait to see her! Congrats to Sarah and Freddie!

Lynn on

I’m so happy for them! Congratulations. And yay for the normal name.

And I just realized that all the Buffyverse actors had girls this year.

Alyson and Alexis had Satyana in March.

David had Bardot three weeks ago.

And now Charlotte joins the mix!

Michelle on

Most beautiful celebrity baby name!

Tara on

I am so happy for them, I bet their new daughter is so beautiful.

Erin on

Welcome Charlotte Grace, to this crazy and wonderful planet!

sandy on

HOW WONDERFUL! What a beautiful name ! Congrats to the first time parents!

Julianne on

awww… love the name! 🙂 congrats to Sarah and Freddie!

janie on

Congratulations! Love the name! Simple and sweet!

MichelleInFL on

LOVE the name—for once one that I would possibly “steal”!!! Congrats to them!

(I figured her name has long since been Prinze, but that she went by Gellar bc that is who she is know as..hmm)

kmb on

wow, thank you- for once, a beautiful, normal name! so classic and pretty. so happy for them! such a cute couple and i’m sure an adorable baby girl!

Forever Moore on

How sweet…I was just telling my mom the other day that I love the name Charlotte and Grace is beautiful too…can’t wait to see her!

Brooklyn on

Yay! Oh my gosh. I LOVE the name! So pretty! Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie =)

Perigee on

So happy for them! Charlotte Grace….such a gorgeous name for someone who is sure to be a gorgeous girl.

Sarah K. on

MichelleinFL, Sarah changed her name from Gellar to Prinze as a 5th wedding anniversary present to Freddie. But, it’s still her professional name.

Love the name. It’s very classic and beautiful.

B.J. on

Beautiful name!! I’m so happy for “Buffy” ;P

Alycia on

awwwww I can’t wait for pics!

Liliana on

How sweet! Congratulations to Freddie and Sarah on the birth of their little girl. I’m sure she’s a beauty.

Mallory on

Very pretty name! Congrats to them!

Nivea on

Oh such a beautiful name! I love it!
Congrats to them!

Mary-Helen on

Gorgeous name! I love, love, love it! I am guessing she is a beautiful child as well, considering her mother and father are both stunners! Congrats to Sarah and Freddie!

J.D. on

I love the name! It’s so classic and pretty. Congrats to them on their little girl!

Doreen on

Wahoooo!!! I sooo was thinking GIRL for them! 😉 Charlotte Grace is a lovely name!! Thank God she’s not named after fruit!!

Tina. on

OMG! thats such a nice name! 🙂 YAYYY!

starr on

Glad to see their happy!


Congrats to Freddie and Sarah!! A nice normal name also.

katie on

Beautiful name. Congrats to the Prinzes!

Amber on

Congratulations! What a beautiful traditional name! I can’t wait to see what she looks like; I’m sure she’ll be gorgeous like her parents!

Christina on

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I would like to extend my congratulations to Sarah Michelle and Freddie on the birth of little Charlotte Grace. I know that with having the two of them for her parents that she is a beautiful baby. Can’t wait to see the first pictures of this little beauty!!!

Crystal on

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I ♥ the name Charlotte Grace!!! BEAUTIFUL!! Can’t wait to see what she looks like. YEA!!! 🙂

Kimber Christian on

I love the name – very classy and feminine! Cool birthday too 9/19/09!

April on

Awesome awesome name! I expected a great name from them and I was not let down 🙂 Charlotte is one of my all time favorite baby girl’s names!

Heather on

I have a 4 year old Charlotte and a 2 year old with the middle name Grace – so I might be biased but…beautiful name 🙂 Congrats to the new parents!

Charlotte on

Oh my goodness!!! Charlotte is my name and my mom’s name is Grace!! 😀

kim on

I have a 4 month old girl that we almost named Charlotte Grace but we ended up with Charlotte Amelia instead. 😀

Julia on

i LOVE the name, very feminine and classy. And I agree, i’m glad she’s not named after a fruit, lol.
With parents like that, she must be GORGEOUS

Dierna on

Love the name! Nice and simple!

Meredith on

I love that name!! What a pretty and traditional name for Hollywood in today’s unique names world! Congrats to Freddie and Sarah Michelle on baby Charlotte Grace Prinze!

michelle on

Hometown Albuquerque boy did good. I must say I was a bit worried what they would name their baby. THANK GOD she has a beautiful name. Cant wait to see her.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

A nice normal name! Think it flows well, I prefer Charli in a way on a girl to Charlotte, but it sounds pretty together and at least it’s a normal, not-cruel name, lol. Congrats to the new parents!

Blondiebear on

My jaw is on the floor, I can’t believe a celebrity couple used such a simple, classic name. Gorgeous! I’m so happy for SMG. I hope Charlotte doesn’t get teased at school by Satyana, Bardot, Zuma, Bronx et al for having such a ‘weird’ name. 😉

actualsize on

I’m thrilled for them! Just knew they would choose a traditional, classy name (Charlotte Grace sounds like she could have been one of the Bronte sisters). They have always seemed like an old-fashioned couple in interviews, and I think they will be terrific parents!

Back in 2002 or abouts, when they first got married, I remember talking with other fans about when the first baby ‘Prellar’ would arrive 🙂 Well, she’s finally here! Congratulations to the happy couple and their daughter, who I’m sure is adorable.

Catherine on

Oh thank god! A nice, classic, beautiful name for a celebrity baby for once! What a fresh choice!

TEDS22 on

Great news, I was just thinking yesterday that she must be due soon.And great to hear Freddie has a part in 24,I wondered where he’d been. I don’t know why,but I had a feeling they would give their child a “normal” name. Congrats to all!!!!

Sarah on

What a lovely name. Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie! 🙂

Laura on

Awwwww congrats to them! I love the name!!! Charlotte isn’t on my list to use for girls but I think it’s a gorgeous name and I adore the name Grace especially as a middle name.

Charlotte on

she has my name 🙂 I’m so glad they chose such a simple, classic name. Yes, I’m baised and no I don’t care! LOL. It’s not a common name these days, but its not ‘weird’ or hard to pronounce. Some people have trouble spelling it — but I just tell them “like the spider in the book!” My grandpa used to call me Charl as a nickname. Most people use Char but I HATE it! Would much rather they use Charlotte. Congrats to SMG & Freddie. Can’t wait to see little Charlotte Grace!

Leah on

Awesome – that’s my daughter’s name!!

Chelsea on

What a beautiful name! Charlotte goes really well with Prinze. I’m so happy for them!

MZ on

Beautiful and classy name! Hope we get to see a picture at some point. (They seem like a low-key couple so I won’t be surprised if they choose not to release one.)

actualsize on

Charlotte, did you ever get ‘Lottie’ as a nickname? I think that’s adorable. ‘Charlotte’ has been in the top five most popular names in Australia for awhile, and I like the name a lot.

shalay on

LOL @Blondiebear! It’s funny to think of how it might be an unusual thing these days for a kid to actually have a normal name!

I LOVE the name Charlotte Grace! Congrats to Sarah and Freddie, they must be bursting with love and happiness right about now. Now here’s hoping they don’t keep her under wraps for the next several months…

Erica on

Damn, I was hoping for Peacock Mango Twilight. 😦 Heh heh, no Charlotte Grace is lovely and timeless. I’m happy for the Prinzes and hope they have a great time with their new daughter.

Stephany on

Oh, I love, love, love this name! I had hoped they wouldn’t use a far-out name and they didn’t! It’s such a pretty, feminine, classic name! And it’s fast becoming one of my favorites!

Congrats to Freddie and Sarah!

Sarah on

My husband and I were also married for 7 years before I had my first child at age 32. And of course, another coincedence…my name is also Sarah!!

Congrats to the family!!

Bella on

What a lovely name!!! I had a feeling they were going to have a girl. Congratulations to the family!

pam on

I was (and still am) a huge fan of Freddie Prinze SR – so I wish he were here to experience the birth of his first grandchild. What a nice beautiful classic name they chose. Freddie Jr and Michelle seem to be low key – so I am sure their daughter will be bought up as close to normal as possible by a celebrity couple. Congrats!!

Electra on

pretty name. I actually know two charlotte graces tho.

Electra on

and sept 19th is my moms birthday!

Sarah on

I LOVE that name 🙂 My husband and I are considering naming our daughter-on-the-way Charlotte. It’s my favorite name 🙂

Martie on

I am so happy for them! Congratulations on your baby’s birth! What a most beautiful name for a little baby girl! Awesome. Enjoy her immensely because those baby years sure do go fast, just ask any Mom and Dad that one! Fantastic news! I was hoping so much and thinking that they were going to have a little girl!

Hilda on

WTH a normal name??? No fruit, bird, nuts, or planet names??? lol
Seriously, congratulations to them on the birth of their baby girl! What a lovely name.

Kaylie on

I absolutely love their name choice! Congrats to them! I can’t wait to see a photo of the cutie!

Elle on

One of my best friend’s has a little girl named Charlotte Grace but they call her Charlie. Congrats to Freddie && Sarah Michelle!!

janine on

love love love the name!

k on

Aww, congrats to them! What a happy announcement!

Lady on

I knew they would go the more traditional route, they are a classy couple!! Congrats to them, I am sure little Charlotte is just gorgeous!

Brooke on

Beautiful, Classic name…….

Paige on

Squee! I couldn’t wait to hear this news.

Congratulations to Freddie and SMG on their baby girl. I’m sure she is beautiful.

And love her name. So pretty, feminine, and normal.

Ella on

I think that is a beautiful name and I’m sure she’s a beautiful little girl. Can’t wait till we see some pictures. Congrats to Freddie and Sarah! 🙂

Ashley on

Yay! I just knew it’d be a girl! LOVE the name!

Brie on

I love that name. it is so pretty.

Sunny on

What a beautiful, feminine name! Congrats to the couple!

CTBmom on

Awww. Congrats to them! I love the name Charlotte Grace!

celeste on

I’m so happy for Sarah and Freddie!! love the name and cant wait to see pics of the family together! I have been checking the site three times a day for the last two weeks waiting for the big news. Sarah is my fav actress and i couldn’t be happier for the three of the!!! hope mom and Charlotte are doing very well!

Jamaicafest on

Congratulations to Sarah Michelle and Freddie.

Donna on

Aww, this is so wonderful!! I’m so pleased for them both, they’ll be great parents. Been a fan of them both for years. What I great name too! I’m so glad they didn’t got for something wacky or to out there. Charlotte Grace is sweet and cute name. Congrats guys!!!

katie on


I am SO excited for them!! I’ve been waiting for this news. Congrats to the family and I love the name! 🙂

Courtney on

congrats to them adore the combo of charolette and grace then again grace works with almost anything can’t wait to see pictures of the precious babe she’s gonna be a stunner like her mother

Jessica on

A beautiful classic name. Sarah was the most beautiful pregnant woman, she had great maternity style.

Erika on

love the name charlotte! its my aunts name too :]

km on

absolutely love the name!!!
my daughter is Charlotte Isabella
can’t believe a celebrity chose such a lovely normal name for their child.

Jennifer on

Yay! I am so happy for them. 🙂

The name is beautiful and I would have expected nothing less from such a classy celeb couple!

Jana on

Charlotte is such a classic, timeless name. I love it. Congrats to the happy couple!

Patricia on

Congrats to Sarah Michelle and Freddie!

I had a feeling they would have a baby girl!!

I love the name Charlotte Grace 🙂

cindi on

love, love, love the name!!!! bet she’s a beauty.

daniela on

So, so glad they named her a normal name! Yay!!! Congrats to the new parents!

Dee on

Awww, I actually teared up a bit when I saw the announcement of the birth of their daughter.

Charlotte Grace is a beautiful name 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

So the rumors about them having a girl were true! 🙂 Love the name, and can’t wait to see her! 🙂

marlee on

Charlotte Grace Prinze. Lovely.

Mandy on

I had almost forgotten about her. Oops! But SOOOOO happy to hear they had a little girl! I love the name too!

Brianne on

Congratulations, Sarah Michelle and Freddie! I’m sure Charlotte is just precious, and I can’t wait to see pictures of her! Best wishes on your new bundle of joy!!!

Elizabeth on

Congratulations to them! I absolutely love the name Charlotte Grace. Very classy.

robinepowell on

Congratulations to Freddie and Sarah. I am so glad they picked “normal” names for their daughter, which I actually like. Nice combonation, I wouldn’t have thought to put together.

Kat on

I just love the name… feminine, classic, yet not too common… Charlie is a great nickname for when she’s a kid… yet Charlotte is a name she’ll grow into… and Grace… I love for a middle name… it’s my daughter’s middle name.

GREAT choice on the name, Freddie and Sarah Michelle!

Sarah on

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful name!! I completely agree with the others – classic and pretty, but still not a totally common name these days! A wonderful choice. It’s funny how excited we are all getting about a ‘normal’ name… do these celebrities realize what they are doing to us?! lol

Again congrats to the new parents!

lele on

i have a charlotte 🙂 …. and constantly get compliments on her name. LOVE the name…

Mel on

Okay forget about the name for one second…they are 33 and 32? I still remember having their posters on my wall! Time flies!

sirechilde on

Congratulations to them! I really like the name. Classy.
It seems like there’s a Buffy Babyboom going on. 🙂

Vanessa on

Congratulations to both Freddie and Sarah on the birth of Charlotte.

Finally…someone has given their child a normal name.

Mariasha on

Wow, I think for the first time ever, no one complained about a name choice here. If that doesn’t say much about. 😀

Congrats on a, most likely gorgeous child and…name choice. 😀

ericka on

awwwwwwww yaya! CONGRATS

I love the name, very classic.

kyotoyoshi on

I was not expecting Charlotte but what an awesome name to have…unlike some of the more colorful names we’ve seen on here.

Congrats to my favorite couple! 🙂

Petra on

Congratulations! Love the name too – feminine, normal and lovely!

Diana on

Congratulations! I am sure she’s one beautiful baby and I love the name – thankfully they bucked the Celebrity trend and chose a normal name.

maggie on

ah great!! a normal name! i like this couple! my partner and i have been together for 7 yrs and we got together just before these 2 got married! i knew straight away he was the one and remember seein their weddin pics and thinkin….’someday that will be us’! congrats to this couple!

Molly on

This is the first post ever where no one fights or critisizes
Congrats to CBB and congrats to the family

freebreeze on


Peacock Mango Twilight!

Thats hysterical! I shall name my next child/dog/cat that name or die trying….

chrissi on

congratulations to my fave couple and more importantly my role model in life sarah. couldnt be more proud as a fan. and such a great name!!!

Freya on

What lovely news! They’re one of my favourite celebrity couples. And what a beautiful name – how refreshing for them to choose something ‘normal’ – it’s gorgeous!

m on

Congratulations!! I bet the baby girl is as beautiful as her name 🙂

Daisy on

Oh, yeah. A nice normal girly name for a girl. I love the name Charlotte, it’s a traditional classic name but does not sound old.

MaddKiwi on

I squealed when i heard this. I’ve loved SMG for the last 15 odd years and i knew she’s give her baby a classy name. I love Charlotte Grace and i agree with you all, i’m sure she’s gorgeous like her parents 🙂
Congrats Sarah,Freddie and baby Charlotte 😀

Allie-Rose on

Congratulations to Freddie and Sarah and welcome to baby Charlotte.
Love the name Charlotte Grace.

Jane on

aww! Congrats to Sarah and Freddie! I love the name! I just knew they’d give their child a nice name.

Amy on

Congrats to them both and what a lovely name, I love the old fashion names.

Welome to the world Charlotte Grace. xx

Chloe on

What a gorgeous normal name, congrats to Sarah and Freddie, I bet they will make great parents.

sara on

yaaay, i was waiting for this announcement! like lot of you said, love the name, such classic with all the weird name celebrities name their children today ;D

Stef on

congrats Sarah & Freddie, bet the little girl is a real beauty just like her parents

greatnews on

OMG! I am SO happy for them. Congrats to my favorite couple. Charlotte Grace, what a beautiful and classy name.

H on

right now all i can think about is Freddie’s role in Friends as the crazy male nanny. He was so funny! i hope he’ll be that funny with his little Charlotte Grace.

Tyannah on

Thanks God a normal name!!!!

Rebecca on

Oh how lovely, congrats to them and I’m sure their beautiful daughter. Charlotte Grace is such a gorgeous name too, classic and lovely 🙂

Ella on

Awe, congratulations! I was wondering is she wasn’t due soon 🙂 Love the name, absolutely gorgeous!

eternalcanadian on

Finally a celebrity baby with a “normal” name that is easy to pronounce and spell! Congrats Sarah and Freddie.

Angel on

Congrats to Freddie and Sarah. I LOVE her name!!! Nice and normal, yet classy and elegant. Exactly what I would expect from the two of them.

Stella on

They’re a such cute couple! I’m really happy for them, sure their little Charlotte Grace’ll be a beauty! She’s a lovely name!

Harley on

OMG yay! I’m so excited for the beautiful little family! What a classy and beautiful name. Seems girls were in the mix for the Buffy alum this year 🙂

Lesley on

Congrats to them both! as a buffy fan ive been waiting for this announcement! born on the same date as my daughter to!

Shannon on

LOL at Erica (#57)-that’s awesome!!!!

Many, many congrats to Freddie and Sarah! They are such a great couple, and I know they’ll be wonderful parents to their new baby girl. Charlotte Grace is such a darling name! Classic and feminine, but not too frilly. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see her!

Lyndsey on

Adore this couple! and I love the name Charlotte!! Congrats!!!

Dazzle on

finally:) i am happy for them.congrats to happy couple:))also i love her name..

Benigna Marko on

Beautiful name. Glad to see the happy couple with a new baby girl. Girls bring so much warmth to a family.
Benigna Marko

Kelly on

Congratulations to Freddie & Michelle!!! What a beautiful name!!!

Dawn on

Awww! Congrats to them! Love the name!

Niko on

So glad its not “Tangerine Dream” or some LAME, made-up sounding name that celebrities always come up with. Charlotte is a great name for a girl. Congratulations, Sarah and Freddie!

Shelly Lockhart on

Beautiful name, beautiful family! Congrats!

Lis on

I agree with everyone else: so refreshing to have a ‘normal’ name! It’s beautiful, as I’m sure she is 🙂

Also, did anyone else think she still had at least another month to go??? She carried pretty small, huh? I wonder if the baby was born early? Nonetheless, everyone sounds happy and healthy!!!

kerr on

I am so happy for them. They have been my favorite celebrity couple for years.

ll65 on

Awww! Congratulations and lovely name.

am581 on

A bunch already said this, but that is simply a lovely name.

Maja on

Aww I love the name, great choice and Congrats to Sarah and Freddie 🙂 🙂

Summer on

Great name!!

JMO on

I so forgot she was having a baby! That seemed so fast!! And Charlotte Grace is a BEAUTIFUL name! Congrats to them!!! I bet she’s beautiful.

Sandra on

Lovely name, like the fact they chose a ‘normal’ name.
Grace is one of my favourites!

On another note; has Sarah finally chosen to use Prinze as her stagename as well? I know, she changed it from Gellar to Prinze two years ago, but since they announce it; ‘Freddie and Sarah Michelle Prinze!’ I was just wondering if she uses it both in her private life and as her stagename?

Not sure, but her rep asked that Prinze be used in the announcement.

– CBB Staff

Alex on

Love the name! So glad they didn’t go with a trendy variant like Charli(e) or Lotti. They look so cheap as official names and not nicknames. Charlotte Grace is such a beautiful choice! Congrats Sarah and Freddie.

Allie on

OMG! I cannot believe what I am hearing, a celebrity couple that actually named their offspring a normal name. Congrats to both of them, they are a great couple.

marciafan on

I SOOOOOOO predicted a girl! I adore the name, its actually what I’d like to name a girl if I ever have one. [now my mom will forever think i copied buffy! haha]
I can’t WAIT to see a family pic, I think she’ll be Sarah’s double. ❤

Leslie on

Just love these two – such exciting news! Agree, a really timeless, beautiful name 🙂

Mia on

Very exciting! I thought it was going to be a boy, but I bet that little girl is adorable, beautiful name.

Terri on

Love love love, the name!

babyboopie on

Congratulations to Freddie and Sarah on their little girl Charlotte Grace! She will be as gorgeous as her name and parents!

Jessi on


shevon on

AW Sarah had a little slayer. We love you sarah and Freddie.

Dannie on

I love the name and congrats to Sarah and Freddie on little Charlotte.

Monika on

I am a huge Buffy fan and now Baby Charlotte was born on my Birthday. Plus I love the name, it has a nice “flow” to it. Congrats Freddie and Sarah!…….Now Sarah and Alyson Hannigan can have “Buffy” baby playdates, lol.

Jess from Ohio on

Yay! I am such a big fan of SMG and have been waiting around for this announcement. I had a feeling it was a girl 🙂 And the name is beautiful and classic, just as I suspected. Congrats to the new parents!

Alice on

Wow I didn’t expect this so soon… many congrats to the happy family! I still remember their wedding pictures… 7 years?? Time flies!
Welcome, Charlotte Grace!!! You have a beautiful name!

Southlyn on

I love love love the name!!!

sage on

Love Freddie and Sarah and grew up with them. SO its going to be exciting to see them be parents. I LOVE their daughter’s name, Charlotte Grace is just so Beautiful. So congrats to them can’t wait to see her bet she is just darling!

melissa on

Congrats! I love SMG! I love the name Charlotte Grace, it’s a nice normal name 🙂

Brandi on

Beautiful name for what I’m sure is a beautiful girl.

Jennifer on

Wonderful news! Congrats to all of them!

pinayhekmi on

can anyone tell me whether allyson hannigan and SMG remained friends?

Mommyof3 on

Congratulations to Freddie and Michelle!!!!!! I am sure that this little girl will be as beautiful as her name!

K on

Lovely name from a lovely couple. Congrats!

rhyssa on

ugh, I am 6 months pregnant and this was going to be my baby’s name! darn it! now everyone is gonna think I copied them!

Daphne on

This news is perhaps too exciting for me! I’ve always adored this couple, they’ve been going strong for nearly 10 years now after being so young in the beginning. They’re an inspiration to me in my relationship :op. I’m sure Charlotte is just as adorable as her parents are.

Congratulations Sarah and Freddie.

Denise on

Awwwwwwww congratulations! Beautiful name. =]

Dana on

One of my favorite names of all time!

Kristin on

Pinayhekmi- no, they did not remain friends, unfortunately. Anyway, I love the name. I wonder if Charlotte came from Charlotte’s Web, since Sarah collects children’s books. Looking forward to seeing if DB Woodside and Golden Brooks continue the Buffy baby girl streak!

Alice on

Ah… and I guess she didn’t remain frends with David Boreanaz either… since they dated during Buffy it’s unlikely they did. Too bad, the three of them had little girls at the same time!!

gargoylegurl on

My name is Charlotte Emma, so I’m very excited she’s named her daughter Charlotte. ☺

Growing up I didn’t like the name too much, but now I love it because it’s pretty and classical sounding. Plus, it’s not too common. Some friends and family call me Char, or Charlie, but for the most part they go by, and I refer to myself as Charlotte.

Anyway, congrats to the family. Can’t wait to see a pic of the new baby. I’m kinda doubting they’ll do an official shoot with her, they seem very private. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Jenny on

Im so exited for the new couple on their new bundle of joy. I thought it was a girl. The name is so pretty.

SouthernBelle on

I’ve been waiting for this announcement! Beautiful, beatiful name!!! LOVE IT! Congratulations, Freddie and Sarah!

LB on

YAY!!!!!! Congrats to the happy family! What a sweet name for their daughter too.

Charlotte on

OMG!! I’ve been waiting for this moment forever. I loved Sarah in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ on tv lol. And I remember having a crush on Freddie. I can’t believe they named their baby Charlotte. I LOVE IT. Because my name is Charlotte Lynn. I would never of considered it for a baby of my own because it’s my name. I have a son named Malachi Ryder Latrell <3. Anywho congrats them on there beautiful bundle of joy! 🙂 ❤

Kim on

Congrats to Sarah and Freddie! Like everyone else has said, I love that they chose a classy name for their daughter. I doubt they’ll release any photos of little Charlotte Grace since they appear to be such a low-key couple. 🙂

JamieShell on

Yayz! I was a HUGE Buffy fan and ever since I’ve loved Sarah Michelle Gellar (or Prinze now!). I must say everytime I saw a pregnancy post on her I was thinking boy though. What a beautiful name, timeless, elegant and classic. Congrats to the parents, she’ll be a beauty.

alice jane on

I was so excited to see this announcement!! Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie, I bet she is a stunner!! And Charlotte Grace is such a beautiful name!

Bancie1031 on

YAY!!! Congratulations!!! Oh and just for the record I was right!!! She had a girl …. and I love the name!
All of these celebrities having girls …… seems like all of them for the last week or so have been girls …. am I right or wrong”??

Dee on

Everyone keeps commenting on how “normal” the name is that they chose. WHat is “normal?”

“Normal” doesn’t exist. Other celebrities may get a lil overzealous and try to be different when naming their kids but who says their names aren’t “normal” in another part of the world.

Funny the things we make a big deal out of.

That aside, I am extremely happy for Sarah and Freddie, they have been a favourite celebrity couple of mine for a long time and even if they had named their baby “BBQ” they would still be. Congrats to them both 🙂

J.J. on

Congrats to Freddie and Sarah!! I felt it was a girl and it is!! Charlotte Grace is beautiful name and I bet the baby will be just as beautiful!!!

Patrice on

Congrats to Sarah Michelle and Freddie! I’m sure little Charlote is quite a beauty with a head full of jet black hair like her parents : ) (Srah Michelle’s natural color). And thank GOD for normal names all around: Charlotte,Sophie,Stella… Maybe the Hollywood baby name game is finally turning over a new leaf?

Patrice on

Dee: I’m pretty sure that names like “Pilot Inspektor”, “Moxie Crimefighter”, and “Radiowave” aren’t usual on ANY parts of our planet!!

FC on

Such a pretty name! Congrats to Freddie and Sarah on their baby girl. 🙂

Dee on

LOL@Patrice, girl these days you just never know. I mean I know some celebrity parents are so overzealous I think maybe they forget that these little people will have to grow up with the names they have and in tose moments I dont think they think the long term effect is a big issue.

We all know things change in school with other kids etc. But at the end of the day I think “normal” doesn’t exist when it comes to names….or anything else…especially in Lalahood, if you know what I mean. 🙂

sazzy on

awwww i am SO happy for them, the name is beautiful.. and id exspect her to have used sarah michelle prinze for this as having a baby is personal not stage…

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- Almost! Julie Chen just welcomed a little boy! 🙂

Katya on

Yay! Congrats! I’ve been waiting forever for them to have a baby, lol. Love the name. Maybe Charlotte, Satyana and Bardot can hang out one day. 🙂

Edwina46 on

Thank goodness, a proper name…kudos to Sarah and Freddie for their choice…delightful.

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – LOL I noticed that …. but in all fairness she had her baby after I made the statement hahahaha ….. Julie’s little guy evens out the balance of things 😀

Jaedyn on

I knew she would have a girl 🙂 Had expected a more unique name, but it is kind of cute 🙂 Can’t wait to see a picture! Maybe one of Satyana Denisof, Bardot Vita Boreanaz and Charlotte Grace Prinze? 🙂