Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Her Belly at the Emmys

09/21/2009 at 09:30 AM ET

Before she revealed that she was pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian expertly hid her growing baby bump with oversized purses and billowy tops.

But at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, the reality star embraced her new curves.

The star of Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, dressed in a flowing BCBG gown, proudly posed sideways to show off her bump as she walked the red carpet with sister Kim Kardashian.

“It’s hard to get dressed when you’re seven months pregnant almost,” Kourtney said on E! “It’s challenging but I still try to be fashionable.”

Kourtney, 30, is due at Christmas.

— Marla Lehner

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Brooklyn on

She looks absolutely stunning! That dress looks amazing on her!

JM on


Mariel on

wow, and i mean it! stunning!!! wow wow she looks really beautiful

Tara on

Why is she at the Emmy’s?

melissa on

She looks beautiful!

Tia on

Tara – she does have a television show (two actually) and the Emmy’s are to recognize achievements in television, even ‘reality’ television. You don’t have to be a nominee or winner to attend.

Lissette on

She looks good! I have a feeling she’ll be having a girl. Cant wait to see pics of her baby shower!

Mariel on

Tara: she just got invited. Do you need more reasons??
haha she is just so cute!! i love her!! i love her dress and her hair!

Patricia on

She’s glowing!

Kourtney looks really beautiful and happy:)

I have a feeling its a girl too, but who knows! Whatever the baby is, I hope he/she is healthy.

Alex on

She looks so beautiful. Pregnancy clearly suits Kourtney.

Jordasche Bledsoe on

Kourtney Kardashian is like Heidi Klum, they even look gorgeous pregnant. Lucky women 🙂

Patrice on

Stunning! I’m not sure why SHE was there, but absolutely beautiful nontheless : )

Melanie on

Well, I hope this puts those naysayers regarding Adriana Lima to sleep…Kourtney looks just about the same size as Adriana…

Daisy on


sil on

I still don’t know who are these Kardashian ladies…I know they do reality shows, but who are they???
Anyway, she looks very pretty.

Gia on

She was on Ellen last week I belive and Ellen gave kourtney a pink onesie and Kourtney said what if its a boy but then quietly said no its a girl so i guess we’ll see. She looks gorgeuos!!!

Gia on


melissa on

She was at the Emmy’s because her and Kim were hosting a pre-show for E!

Jana on

Kourtney looks radiant here! Did Scott escort his pregnant girlfriend to the awards show?

alice jane on

She looks amazing! Absolutely beautiful, and I love that dress!

Samantha on

its funny to compare her and Kendra’s bellies to Gisele’s little bump. They’re all due the same time and Gisele’s is so tiny. The height factor of the moms-to-be really shows.

Bb on

She looks very beautiful.

stella on

Is it me or does that comment mean that she is really due around thanksgiving? if she is nearly 7 months then that would make her due at the end of november, no?

Shannon on

Okay. she looks beautiful there! I think it’s a girl too.

Lacey on

I love the Kardashian sisters! Their full of “Kardashi-antics” and then have such a wonderful family bond, with their mom, brother, Bruce and little sisters, something you don’t see much of these days on reality TV. I think Kourtney is having a girl, and I can’t wait to find out what “K” name, she chose.
Sil- There father is the late Robert Kardashian. He was OJ’s lawyer during the murder trail.

Jess on

She looks great. That dress looks fantastic on her, the color is perfect.

cbbfan on

She looks fantastic! And I thought she specifically said she wasn’t going to be choosing a “K” name?

Ame on

Thought she said she wasn’t doing the whole K name thing, but who knows. She’s gorgeous.

Liliana on

She looks beautiful!

momof3 on

She looks fantastic…and that color is beautiful on her!

jenny on

Stella: There are technically 10 months in a pregnancy!! 40 weeks= 10 months..she is pretty big for having almost 3 months left though

Becky on

Sil – Her father was one of OJ Simpson’s lawyers and her mom is married to Bruce Jenner. Her sister is one of those girls famous for nothing really. She was dating celebrities and that’s how she became known and then the whole family, including Kourtney got a reality show.

Lacey – She made some comment about a K name theme and said she was joking. She was just joking about that.

Courtney on

actually technically 40 weeks is 9 1/2 months not 10 ten would be 42 weeks which is when a pregnancy starts to get medically dangerous for mother and child Kourtney Looks stunning that color works really well on her

Stephany on

Kourtney looks stunning here! I love the color. Her belly is so big! I love it! I hope she has a girl.

Amanda on

Well, she’s 27 weeks pregnant (I’m due at the same time), and 28 weeks is 7 months. Courtney- 4 weeks in a month means 40 weeks=10 months, not 42 weeks, not sure where you got that number. You are 8 months at 32 weeks, 9 months (aka- term) at 36 weeks. Most women have their babies at 9 months, which ranges from 36-40 weeks.
She doesn’t look all that big to me, but I’m due at the same time expecting my 3rd. I’ve noticed the past few weeks were a big growth spurt for me so it’s just that stage of pregnancy. She does look great in that gown though!

Biz on

This isn’t meant to be snotty, but is a pet peeve of mine:

Even though pregnancy is 40 weeks, 40 weeks does NOT equal 10 months. If 4 weeks = a month, then each month would be 28 days long.

My guess is, she is considering 28 weeks to be 7 months, when in fact, she is 6 months pregnant.

She does look beautiful, though. Nothing like expecting your first child 🙂

Layla on

Amanda, technically Courtney is correct. If you only say 4 weeks per month, then that would only be 48 weeks in a year (4×12)when it actuality there are 52 weeks in a year. Some months have more than 4 weeks (13 weeks per quarter). So it does average about 9 1/2 months for pregnancy at 40 weeks.

Kourtney looks absolutely stunning in that photo!!

hesihe on

Correct – 4 weeks does not equal one month.

Divide 52 weeks per year by 4 and 12 months per year by 4 and you get 13 weeks for 3 months. I’ll be 6 months, or 26 weeks next week and I’m having a baby on Dec 30th (one week early).

Many women also like to say that they are ‘in their 6th month’ when they are 5 months pregnant, which while true, is only ever used during pregnancy. I certainly would never say my 6 week old baby was ‘in her second month’.

Doesn’t matter. She looks great!

VHead on


CelebBabyLover on

Amanda is actually somewhat correct also. Although February is the only month of the year that is actually 28 days long (and even that isn’t always the case, as February, as we all know, has 29 days in leap years!), a lot of doctors, from what I read, calculate pregnancy the way that Amanda describes (to make things even more confusing, when doctors calculate your due date from your LMP, you are actually not pregnant until you are about “three weeks” in! Those first weeks were when you were ovulating, concieved, and then when the egg traveled to the uterus.).

That method is often required to as counting pregnancy in “lunar months”. A lunar month is one full cycle of the moon, which is 28 days, or four weeks, long. Amanda is also correct that term is considered to be anywhere from 36 to 40 weeks. Anything earlier is pre-term, and anything later is post-term.

All of that said, I doubt Kourtney is due any earlier than she’s said. As open as she’s been been about this pregnancy and as much as she’s shared, I can’t see her lying about her due date.

Samantha- I agree! Kendra and Kourtney are getting pretty big, while Gisele is Nicole Kidman 2.0. 🙂

Courtney on

I was going by that assumption from when my mother had me nearly 25 years ago as I was supposed to be born Feburary 22nd and was March 5th 12 days late but I agree that Ms Kardashian wouldn’t lie about her due date and she does look fabulous

m-dot on

she looks amazing! love everything about her look here!

FC on

Wow, she looked beautiful at the Emmys! 🙂 Oh, and baby-to-be looked great in the dress, too. 😉

Jess on

She does look beautiful. I know what she means about how hard it is to get dressed at almost 7 mo cause I’m due same time and I was in a wedding party over the weekend.so I got Dressed up like her. I didn’t know if the dress would still fit but it did I just feel like my stomach gets bigger by the day . The way I see it you just figure out how many months you are by going backwards from your due date last month dec. being 9 mo ,nov being 8,and oct being 7 ,but don’t forget were due the week before the months over. so the last week of every month we start a new month and u can’t argue that 🙂 you are a full 9 months pregnant ending at 10 mo

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just re-read the post, and what Kourtney actually said is, “It’s hard to get dressed when your seven months pregnant almost,” the keyword being “almost”. She never said she actually IS seven months pregnant, just that she almost is! 🙂