Gwen, Gavin and Boys: Park Playtime!

09/21/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Say cheese! Gwen Stefani smiles — while Zuma Nesta Rock, 13 months, seems more interested in the ball — as Gavin Rossdale snaps a photo Sunday morning in Beverly Hills. The family, including Kingston James McGregor, 3, were playing at the park. They leave today for Singapore, where No Doubt will be playing a show on the 25th.


Zuma wears sneakers by Creative Rec ($60). In front of Gwen is a Harajuku Lovers Poppin’ Satchel in Techno Pins ($128).

Two more photos of the Stefani-Rossdales below!

Omar Acevedo/BuzzFoto

Kingston wears Minnetonka’s 3-Layer Fringe Boot ($60).

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Mia on

I love them! They are just the cutest family 🙂

Kaila on

I don’t see why a beautiful, elegant and normally well dressed woman would want to be seen with half her bra on display? But apart from that her kids are gorgeous, Kingston looks like Gavin whilst Zuma is bearing more of a likeness to Gwen! 🙂

Nella on

What a beautiful family! The boys are sooo cute and Gwen looks pretty with or without makeup 🙂

Forever Moore on

You can only see her bra from the side, no biggie…not my style, but she rocks it…love this fam!

Maribeth on

Best Hollywood family. Bottom line. Zuma is getting so big!

JMO on

Well to me it looks no different then wearing a bikini top with a cover up. IDK it’s not my style but Gwen pulls it off fine.

Love how Kingston looks to be pointing to the photogs!

Lisa on

Kingston’s smile is so contagious and look at Zuma grow! Can’t believe he is almost walking! He has the cutest chubby legs ever!

Chicki on

I’m glad to *finally* see a picture of Gwen holding Kingston too! Cute pics!!

April on

Chicki if you are insinuating Gwen doesn’t hold Kingston I think you are offbase or maybe have missed a few sets of photos.

Anyhow the boys are just gorgeous, dad included. And I LIKE Gwen’s bra…..great color!

cassie on

zuma is adorable!!

Samantha on

gwen stefani has the cutest babies! the pics are really adorable.

meganatrix on

I love me Some Gwen as much as the next girl. But come one you are at the park with your child. Cover up your bra and no its not like a bikini its lace and its a bra. This was a bad fashion move.

aaawwwww on

Zuma is the cutest baby boy

CelebBabyLover on

I love the last picture, where Kingston appears to be playfully pointing out the paps! 🙂

Aerie on

@ Kalia: I assume you never walk around in a bikini then?

Okay okay, this is not a bikini, but who cares, there’s hardly any difference. Besides, ‘half her bra’ is slightly exaterated, don’t you think?

Patricia on

I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Gwen holding Kingston. She clearly spends equal amounts of time with both her boys. 🙂

As for the bra, ehh I’ve seen a lot lot worse. This doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, and if she’s comfortable, then why not?

Shannon on

Ah well. At least the last pic of her on here she looked decent. Now we’re back to showing off UNDERwear in public. Thank goodness I don’t live in that area and never have to run the chance of my kids seeing her bra in a park.

The boys look adorable as always though! Kingston is such a sweetie!

Lacey on

I live in Portland, Or. Trust me, be thankful she’s wearing a bra at all. 🙂 Keep rockin it,Gwen!

Rachel from Boston on

it’s Gwen’s job to be fashion-forward, she’s not a rural MidWest momma (not that’s there’s any right or wrong, just a TOTALLY different reason for fashion). She has a clothing line, she has a career where she’s always pushing the envelope with personal style:
fur bra & blue hair anyone? hehe

I love that she is who she is with her kids. I plan to do the same, in all my fashion-crazy glory 😀

Victoria on

Just lovely, looks like our typical weekend in the park, with dad taking pics, x

Karen on

I wondered how quickly someone would mention Gwen’s bra being on show! Personally i think she looks great and agree that it’s the same as wearing a bikini and a cover up. Plus its only a bit at the side! Get over it lol! Her boys are looking as cute as ever and im loving Kingston’s fringed boots!! LOVE this family 😀

Karen on

Adorable family!!

Alice on

It is obviously not accidental that her bra is showing due to the lowcut/large arm holes in her top. Hey, at least she wears a bra with that kind of top unlike Lindsay Lohan who would be hanging out all over.

melissa on

I wasn’t going to comment on the bra but i saw other pictures on popsugar and you can definately see more than a bit on the side. You can see a boob sticking out of the side of her top, it may be covered with the bra but it is still hanging out. Also and a lacy bra is a lot different than a bikini.

ritter on

Kaila I never noticed that Gwen was usually elegantly dressed. This outfit is how I normally picture her.

FC on

Zuma looks like he might be a natural white-blonde/tow-headed baby. I love the lone spit curl he has on top of his head. He’s adorable. And I love Kingston’s big grin.

Gracie on

Just like that O’henry heiress, ‘bra-less’ wonder on Seinfeld, or when she wore a bra as a top. LOL!! Love it.

Great pics. Gwen is very pretty and her style is her choice-I think she looks good myself. Nice family pics of all.

Jennifer on

Love these little guys! So cute.

Personally I think Gwen Stefani could look chic wearing a paper bag. She rocks everything she wears. Besides, she’s a rock star and lives in Hollywood! It’s not like she’s a working professional in a average USA town. Give the girl a little slack. 🙂

Anna on

It’s not my style and I wouldn’t wear it, but I don’t understand why there are people that think seeing a bra (or a breast for that matter) will harm their children. It’s just a bra, if you don’t make a big deal of it your child won’t even notice it.

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- I couldn’t agree more!

Tams on

What a gorgeous couple these two are with two wonderful. I agree with the above posters who believe that the bra is no big deal. It’s not as if Gwen’s running around in a bra and mini-skirt, she is elegantly covered up. Gwen is beautiful and has the confidence to show off what God gave…how many of us can say that about our own bodies?

JMO on

do people take note to what others wear these days? What Gwen is wearing doesn’t shock, surprise, or bother me. Just go to your local mall, grab a seat on a bench, and take note at what people wear. I sometimes think do they really look in the mirror and say to themselves, “I look good?”

Shannon on

I’ve never seen anyone wear what she has on. Ever. Anywhere. maybe it’s just because I’m a Midwest girl, but I don’t know a single other parent who would say they have no problem with their daughter seeing something like that in a park, and possibly getting the idea in their head that they can dress like that. It’s one thing when she’s in rock star mode, at an event, or a concert. But with the kids, at a park, where other people take their children, no. Just because she has no problem showing it off, doesn’t mean anyone else wants to see it.

Daphne on

After all these years, I’m still In Love with Gwen :). She has a great family, and she’s HOT. Lucky Rossdale boys!

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- Well, Gwen is not responsible for how your girl dresses…YOU are.

Shannon on

Yes I know. And believe me she will never, ever walk out my door dressed like THAT. Thank god I live in an area of the country where people look decent and respectable in public.

jes on

love this family! they seem to absolutely LOVE being parents & they’re kids are so happy!

MsRed on


Did it ever cross your mind that as a busy singer,professional, mom & wife, she just threw something on?? and by the way,I assume you have never had your bra exposed while holding a child- the point is Gwen seems like a very hands on mother who is likely more concerned about her children than if her bra is showing-

I am sure that if cameras were following you around, they would likely take some photos of you that don’t show you in the best light-

Personally when I look at these photos- I notice a family-spending time together.

Marsha on

Really, big deal with the bra thing. Imagine if everytime you walked out the door, people were waiting with cameras to snap a picture of you and then to have that picture picked apart and criticized?! Cut her a break! At least she and her husband aren’t having the nanny take the children to the park. They put them on the swings, sit on the grass with them, etc. And all you can think of to do is complain about her bra! Please, people take their kids to the beach and I for one am sick and tired of seeing women in a piece of dental floss and two bandaids and calling it a bathing suit. I took my 2 year old to the beach that was supposed to be for families and I took her home shortly after because frankly, the females on the beach looked like hookers out for a stroll! So no, what Gwen is wearing is far from sleezy. I think she just looks like a very modern mom. The main thing here is that she is trying to enjoy her time at the playground with her children and husband and trying to be a normal family all while photographers are snapping away. I just think it is really great that this family says to hell with the people staring at them; they are going to have some quality family time and do the things that normal parents do with their children.

Mia on

She is Gwen Stefani, she can wear whatever she wants. And like someone said…she is not from the Midwest, she is from California LOL.

TC on

It is not only that she is from California that she can wear this, and that she is Gwen Stefani, but the picture is taken in Beverly Hills where this is a MORE than respectable outfit.

I think she is respecting the community culture that she is in.

Plus I agree with Marsha and the dental floss comment.